Yoga Pant Outfit Ideas – How To Wear Yoga Pants And Style Them- What do you wear at your gym or while working out? You definitely can choose from active wear, tracksuits, polo t-shirts etc but what if you need a stylish and flexible sportswear which allows you to move freely while working out?

Yoga pant is a perfect invention which surpasses the flexibility level of sportswear and provides an extraordinary fit! So let’s know more about this amazing and stylish sports clothing option for your workout routine.

What are Yoga Pants?

A lot of people misunderstand yoga pants as leggings though; yoga pants are quite advanced and more flexible than leggings. Yoga pants are beautifully fitted pants originally designed for yoga practice sessions. Yoga pants are prepared using high quality fabrics which offer a beautiful fit and a trendy look.

Yoga pants are well known for their flexibility and durability. These pants can be carried while performing Yoga, martial arts, dance, aerobics, stretching, pilates and such different workouts. These pants are highly stretchable and thus, are carried while performing the exercises which require immense movements and stretching. These pants are generally made from cotton, lycra, nylon, stretchy synthetic materials, polyester etc.

If you are a fitness freak and love to look fabulous during your workout sessions, here is a simple guide that will help you choose the correct yoga pants and carry them in a right way!

How to Wear Yoga Pants

Now that you know about the most flexible and stunning sportswear, it’s important to know the correct way to wear the yoga pants. There are several dos and don’ts to consider while wearing the yoga pants. You can simply look fabulous during your workout sessions if you carry the yoga pants in the correct way.

So here’s how you should carry the yoga pants!

1. Choose Yoga Pants With the Perfect Fit

Remember watching the ‘fat girl carrying yoga pants’ memes? Do not repeat that and choose the correct fit for your body. There you go 1 size wrong with the yoga pants and the annoying muffin top, belly fat, thigh fat will bugle out from your yoga pants.

Avoid this embarrassing situation by choosing the perfect yoga pants for your size. Do not wear extremely skin tight yoga pants and allow your skin to breathe by carrying flexible yoga pants. While purchasing the pants, go for a trial and check the pants from top to bottom, make sure it doesn’t showcase your flab and gives you a comfortable fit!

2. Choose the Tops Carefully

Yoga pants are ideally made for women to carry during Yoga sessions and while  performing  workouts. Thus, you must accompany the pants with suitable tops. T-shirts are the best and common tops you can carry with yoga pants. You can try well fitted sweatshirts, hoodies, full sleeve t-shirts etc.

If you have a super toned belly portion, you can also try waist length fitted tops, bra tops and such stylish variations. Make sure you wear tops with regular fit and not those loose and baggy tops.

3. Bring on Some Interesting Footwear

Accessorizing will make the effect of yoga pants more sporty and cool. You can choose athletic shoes, running shoes, sports shoes etc if you are carrying the yoga pants for workouts. If you are carrying the yoga pants with pretty dresses or with buttoned shirts/jackets, you can also choose flats, boots and heels for a perfect look.

You can also choose neon, pink, blue, green and such interesting shoe shades and match them with your stylish yoga pants for a refreshing look everyday!

4. Stay Away from See Through Yoga Pants

In case you don’t want to be the attention seeker, stay away from the see through yoga pants. When you carry the see through yoga pants as a casual wear or also for gymming session, you will get some unnecessary and distracting attention. Test your yoga pants in day light and make sure these pants are completely opaque.

5. Try Unique and Interesting Prints

It is not necessary to stick to the traditional black and grey yoga pants. There are beautiful designs and prints available in the yoga pants. Animal prints, loud shades, camo prints, graphic prints, floral prints etc are the most beautiful and catchy options you can try.  You can fill your wardrobe with such uniquely printed yoga pants and blend them with interesting tops.

6. Choose your Undies Carefully

Unless you like people pointing towards your floral underwear, choose your yoga pants and what you wear underneath very carefully. Choose thongs, plain underwear to carry under your yoga pants. Especially if your yoga pants are little transparent, make sure you choose your undies smartly. If you are carrying nude or white shaded pants, select the underwear color which doesn’t get highlighted through the pants.

7. Ensure Comfort and Flexibility of the Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are made o be comfortable and super flexible. If you are looking forward to work out or perform the stretchy yoga poses in those pants, you need to get the comfortable and stretchy pants. while purchasing the pants, go for a smart trial.

Try some yoga poses in those pants, stretch your body and test the flexibility of the pants. If you feel even a little discomfort, try another size. Tight and uncomfortable yoga pants will not only make your body look weird but will also torn out fast due to unwanted stretching.

8. Do Not Wear Yoga Pants at Work

Yoga pants are strictly made for sports activities, Yoga, workouts and for gymming. These pants are not ideal for office or formal wear. You can carry the yoga pants during casual occasions but avoid carrying these pants at work.

Don’t ever replace your work leggings with yoga pants as these are specially designed for flexible and smooth workouts! If you love the flexibility of yoga pants, choose extremely thick yoga pants and accompany the pants with long tops or layers.

These are the tips you can follow for carrying the yoga pants at the right place, with the right accessories and in a right way. The yoga pants are carried in different ways for sports, workouts and as a casual wear too.

So let’s find out some other interesting outfits that you can blend with yoga pants and look awesome.

Outfits to Wear with Yoga Pants

A Perfect Pair of Black Yoga Pants with Black Crop Top for Yoga Sessions

If you are looking for a stylish and completely flattering pair of yoga pants, choose the black yoga pants and blend these pants with black crop top. Pair up your running or sport shoes and that’s it! your beautiful and super comfy Yoga look is ready.

You can carry this look for your sports session, yoga or stretching session and feel flexible with this amazing pair! Black will never go wrong and will give you a refreshing chic look for your workout routine.

Yoga Pants with Asymmetric Long Sleeves Top for Dazzling Casual Look

This is a classic look for the fitness enthusiasts who love to dress with yoga pants for casual occasions. For a casual bright look, you can pair your full length or knee length yoga pans with a stylish asymmetric long sleeve top and look flawless.

Complete the look with the best pair of shoes you have. This is a smooth and casual look you can try and feel comfortable. The tops with long sleeves enhance the beauty of yoga pants and thus, you must try this twisted casual look if want to carry the yoga pants.

Yoga Pant Outfit Ideas - How To Wear Yoga Pants And Style Them

Yoga Pants with T-shirt and Denim Jacket

The stress look should be funky, cool and comfortable. If you love your yoga pants and want to pair them up with something funky yet simply, try a pair of t-shirt and denim jacket with your yoga pants. This is a very cheerful and fresh street look.

If you are off for shopping or a casual meet, carry your yoga pants, choose the white or any other t-shirt and layer it up with denim jacket. Don’t forget to add on your casual shoes to make the look more appealing and bright.

Yoga Pant Outfit Ideas - How To Wear Yoga Pants And Style Them

Yoga Pants with Regular Fit Sweater/Hoodie and Flats

The most decent and elegant way to carry the yoga pants for formal meetings or work is to pair the pants up with long sleeved t-shirts, hoodies or sweaters. You can also carry your favorite pair of ballerina flats and get the look ready! this is one of the simple and comforting pair which will make you feel light and flexible throughout the day. Add on some accessories such as a tiny neckpiece and your handbag to add perfection to this look.

Yoga Pant Outfit Ideas - How To Wear Yoga Pants And Style Them

Straight Grey Yoga Pants with A Blouse and Blazer

This is such an inspiring and glorious look you can try this season. If you are looking for formal yoga pants, Instead of tight fitted yoga pants, get the straight yoga pants. Pair the straight yoga pants with a glorious satin or cotton peach blouse and a stylish blazer.

This is one of the hottest and professional look which will make you look outstanding. Pair this look with a stunning pair of heels. You can add some elegant neckpieces and a hand bag for a completely mesmerizing look!

Yoga Pant Outfit Ideas - How To Wear Yoga Pants And Style Them

Powerful Printed Yoga Pants with a Matching Vest

One of the most trending and glorious ways to carry yoga pants, is choosing printed and multi-colored yoga pants. Instead of pairing different tops with your yoga pants, you can get a set of printed yoga pants and a matching vest.

Show off your perfectly toned belly with this waist length vest and gain your beautiful chic look during workouts. This is a very simple and comfy look you can try for your Yoga workout sessions.

Yoga Pant Outfit Ideas - How To Wear Yoga Pants And Style Them

Yoga Pants With a Plaid Shirt and Ankle Boots

If you are running out of time and want a simply subtle and classy look for an outing, this is the style you can choose. Plaid shirts are the best shirts women can carry with plain black yoga pants. Along with the shirt, carry pair of ankle boots and enhance the Yoga pants look.

Carry some accessories like handbags and pair of glasses for a random formal look. black yoga pants are the most suitable pants with plaid shirts and thus, will give you a comfortable fit.

Yoga Pant Outfit Ideas - How To Wear Yoga Pants And Style Them

Yoga Pants with High Leather Boots, Top and Cardigan

Cardigans are simply flawless and if you are looking for a comfortable chic style and trendy look with your yoga pants, this is the decent way you can dress yourself. Cover the bottom yoga pants with high boots, carry long top and layer it with a cosy and super stylish cardigan.

This is a flattering and trendy look you can experiment with. You can also choose some mild accessories and give a rich finishing touch to this look!

Yoga Pant Outfit Ideas - How To Wear Yoga Pants And Style Them

Yoga Pants with Simple Long Sleeved T-shirts

One of the most inspiring and coolest ways to dress up with your yoga pants is pairing the pants with long sleeve t-shirts. If you are off for running, for yoga, for stretching or any workout, you will need a super comfy pair of clothes and this will make you feel awesome.

Choose the most flexible and light pair of yoga pants and carry a stunning plain full sleeve t-shirt. You can also enhance the look with a cool cap and your perfect running shoes. This is all you will need for an excellent and refreshing workout session.

Yoga Pant Outfit Ideas - How To Wear Yoga Pants And Style Them

These are the best ways to pair different outfits with your favorite yoga pants without losing the elegance of casual and formal wear.

Yoga pants are ideally made for workouts but its comfort can make you carry the pants at work too. Thus, for work, choose thick and opaque yoga pants and pair it up with stylish tops and trendy accessories.

Enjoy the comfort of yoga pants while carrying them with the flawlessly trendy tops and rock your style!