Selecting a tattoo design can seem to be an easy task. Any tattoo design will look beautiful on any body part unless you know what they mean and what size they can be etched on the piece of canvas selected. Tattoos are carved to convey what you believe, or what you desire or something what you want to convey to others. Wrist tattoos are cute and appealing. Tattooing your wrist can be a little painful but it’s worth the fashionable look that they impart.

Girls choose bows, quotes, hearts, infinity symbols, flowers, keys and much more to sport a wrist tattoo art. You can attain a funky appeal with out of the box tattoo ideas like sugar skulls, barcodes, dinosaurs, world maps and similar stuffs. Let us look at some meaningful and gorgeous wrist tattoo ideas for women.

Beautiful World Map Outline Tattoo On Wrist

How ironical it is to place the entire world on the small wrist! It looks so beautiful. The black outline can be made using different colors of your choice. The travel lovers will definitely admire this unique tattoo idea. It looks just as adorable as the flower tattoos. You can also get a more detailed and intricately patterned world map for an awe-worthy appeal.


Classic Quoted Bird Tattoo For Women

You can select from the number of quotes and proverbs you have learned since you were, say 5. You can write a message for your loved ones or convey your desires and belief through beautifully stringed words. This classic tattoo with birds flying free put across the message of freedom and independence. One may even depict the birds flying from a cage as a variant tattoo conveying the same meaning.


Pretty Butterfly And Heart

You may have seen loads of butterfly tattoos and this one is still an eye-catching piece of art. Why? The pretty tattoo is inked with attractive colors and the artistic lines that curve into the heart are just magical. You need a fine hand to get this beautiful artwork etched upon your delicate wrist. The colors of the butterfly can be varied while the heart can be filled with a popping red ink.


Funky Tattoo On Wrist For Girls

In your teens such tattoo design may seem punk and attractive. A love potion or alcohol; what’s that can make you mad about? This stunning tattoo adds a funny angle to your character and brings out the element of experimentation and style in the tattoo world.


Wrist Key Tattoo Design With Ornate Details

Though this key tattoo is black, it gives an ornate appeal to the viewers.

Key tattoos indicate mystery as we don’t know what it is about to unlock. Key tattoos are thus very interesting and meaningful. Other variants of a key tattoo can be a colorful bejeweled key with precious stone, a key with a lock and more.


Heartbeat Tattoo Work On The Wrist

A heartbeat tattoo with the words ‘faith, hope and love’ carved below is fantastic and chic. The heartbeat is carved with a cross and heart on either sides of the beat. Women are wonderful creations of God who instill these beautiful thoughts in our minds. Apart from the big message the wrist tattoo has to offer it looks amazing and attractive.


Tiny Owl Tattoo Design On The Wrist

Owls are tiny creatures with a cute tattoo appearance. However, they are not one of the most popular birds amongst women. After the famous series of Harry Potter more and more girls have chosen to sport the brawny creatures on their bodies. The little bird is known for its predator instincts as well as wisdom.


Amazing Wrist Band Tattoo Art With Dot Work

The wrist band tattoo art is a stylish way to showcase your inner fashionista permanently. Create a geometric pattern for the base while the triangles at the top resemble differently sized mountains. The dot work tattooing technique adds a creative and striking appeal to the wearer. Some feminine band patterns would look beautiful but the bolder look is awesome.


Popular Wrist Arrow Tattoo Art For Women

Arrow tattoos on the wrist look exciting. They impart a sense of direction and positive attitude to the wearer’s persona.

Wrist arrow tattoo designed with four arrows pointing in the same direction with differently patterned heads and tails look pretty. Arrow tattoos look brilliant when inked in black tones. Solitary arrows mean war so refrain from the negative impact of such tattoo arts.


Delicate Sailboat Tattoo Art For Sailors

If you love the sea this can be a perfect tattoo design for you. The small tattoo is best if you are inking for the first time. The delicate sailboat can also be carved on your wrist in remembrance of your man who is sailing far across the globe. Sailboat tattoos inspire you to lead life positively.


Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

Cherry blossoms are really beautiful depiction of nature and life. When spring is around blossoms create a beautiful, stylish and refreshing transformation in your life. In Japan they consider the cherry blossom as a representation of beauty and fragility.


Tawny Fox Tattoo On Wrist For Ladies

Fox tattoo represent slyness and cunning attitude. Fox tattoos have importance in different cultures from Europe, Native America and Asia. The fox tattoos in red or orange are very popular amongst women. Fox tattoo designs also relate to malicious and sexy nature of women. The red fox symbolizes vitality and energy too. If such is your character, fox tattoo is best for you.


Pencil Shaded Conch Shell Tattoo

A conch shell is considered to be sacred in Buddhism.

It is carved onto one’s body as a symbol of strength and protection from the outer or evil forces. Although everyone has a personal sentiment attached to the tattoo design they own, seashell tattoos look outstanding on the wrist. A simple pencil shaded conch to nautilus seashells all look marvelous.


Dandelion Into Bird Tattoo For Women

Most dandelion tattoos are depicted with birds flying away from the withering ends. It’s an awesome piece of art with tiny details of the flower withering away in the wind. The flower reminds us of its delicateness and the short life we live while the birds teach us to soar high independently.


Simple Text Wrist Tattoo For Young Girls

The symbol of the deathly hollows is another popular tattoo designed inspired from the fantasy novel series of J.K. Rowling. The text always written alongside the symbol represents life and an everlasting hope and faith in the Almighty. If you are not a great fan of novels opt this wrist tattoo for fun.


Paw Print Tattoo Art For Chic Appeal

Paw prints memorialize your pets and so can have a personal meaning to every individual sporting the paw tattoo. Paw prints can be from any animal like the cat, dog or even a bird. They lend aesthetic elegance to the tattoo design. Paw prints can be ink in a variety of ways. Would you like to name your pet Chance after you have seen this one below?


Cool Couple Dinosaur Tattoo On Wrist

Dino tattoos are fascinating, isn’t it?

Dinosaurs are awe-inspiring with their potent nature, massive size, strength, ferocious looks, and their perilous repute. Here the lady has got herself inked in a black herbivore but your may try a T-Rex for a fiery and fascinating tattoo on wrist.


Lovely Dreamcatcher Tattoo On The Wrist

The tiny dreamcatcher sitting right up your wrist is creative, fun, and charming. Adding the colored beaded string makes the design impactful. The ring of the dreamchatcher creates the letter ‘D’ for the inscribed word ‘Dreamer’. What a creative tattoo work is this! The more your dream the dreamcatcher will filter out the bad ones and let you sleep sound.


Cute Hi Tattoo For Stylish Appeal

Sometimes simple tattoos can be more appealing and catchy than the complex ones. The bold ‘Hi’ inscribed on the wearer’s wrist with a lovely red heart besides looks pretty and highlighted. The woman wants to make a simple statement of style with a tattoo art. Love it? They place one soon.


Feather Bracelet Tattoo For Feminine Approach

Charm your friends with this permanent bracelet tattoo on your wrist. A beautiful feather placed horizontally, hooked to the strings, forming a bracelet is an incredible idea for women wrist tattoos. Feathers are light and have the spirit of bird linked to them. A peacock feather would have looked equally pretty with a colored punch.


Small and tiny messages engraved on your wrist are the coolest thing you can ever have. You might face space constraints but the smaller tattoos on the inner and outer wrist will look captivating. Try them as soon as you’re ready for your next inking adventure.