Attractive Wrist Tattoo Designs For Women : Tattooing is an art that has taken up most women by its enthralling charisma! Tattoo which represented the royal decree in the ancient era now are fashion statements for everyone looking for an attractive updo to their skin. The bare skin is a wonderful canvas for inking various amazing designs and injecting an array full of colors. The question that stands is where you want to place the tattoo and what design you like to choose to gratify your fashion instincts.

Wrist is a delicate and prominent part of human body where tattoos can be etched with style and place permanent ornaments for lifelike looks. Wrist tattoos are such ornate design that you’ll never want it covered by bangles or bracelets.

Choose carefully the tattoo you want for your wrist as it will be readily visible with every greeting of the day. Small tattoo designs are in demand for wrists as they fit elegantly over the small area. Smaller the tattoo design lesser the pain it causes, while carving your skin at the sensitive wrist area.

The ever beautiful flowers, birds, animals, simple words or quotes, bracelets, Celtic or tribal artworks, music symbols, heart, bow, and similar other cute insignia make their place on the wrist for trendy appearance.

Inspire yourself instantly with this virtual bulletin of attractive wrist tattoos for your next excursion to the artsy world of designs and colors.

Colorful Superman Hope Tattoo On The Wrist For Women

The flying man of steel, Superman is the most loved and popular superhero of the time. Show how much superman influence your character or how inspired are you by his ideology by sporting a chic superman symbol tat on your wrist. From 3D superman tattoo designs to full arm superman character tats, these tattoos have pierced our hearts with craze and passion. The great thing about superman tattoos is the variety of posses that can be customized to your taste and etched over the skin.


Withered Dandelion Sketch Spans Over Both Wrist

Dandelion flower tattoo looks really stylish and beautiful whether they stand tall or shatter away with the winds. The flower reminds us of uncertainty of life and its short span. Convey the message to enjoy life to the fullest with dandelion tattoos over the wrist. Most dandelion tattoos are traditionally black in color, but you may add traces of color too. The seedlings of the flower turn majestically into graceful birds for an artsy appeal.


Women With Minimalistic Lotus Tattoo On Wrist

The lotus flower holds great symbolic and religious meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism. The flower is associated with Lord Brahma and Vishnu according to Hindu mythology. The lotus tattoos is timeless pieces of art etch on bare skin for graceful, recognizable and serene appearance. Universally the flower represents divinity and ultimate perfection and thus has gained prominence around the world in form of tattoo art. Whether etched minimalistic or detailed lotus tattoo is an eye-catching piece of artwork.


Splendiferous Flying Bird Silhouette Wrist Tattoo Idea For Women

The silhouette of the birds in flight embellished over the wrist and spanning up the forearm looks splendiferous. Flying birds are a symbol of freedom, thus in demand amongst women. Women who want to depict their liberation and independence should opt for this beautiful tattoo design. Birds tattoo is a secret way to part from cacophony of life and overcome its crisis.


Colored Lightning Bolt Tattoo For Girls Wrist

Get your wrist carved with a flash in colored inks for an awe-worthy appeal. Lightning bolt symbol evokes a sense of sheer power, admiration and unmixed reverence. If this is the way you like it – simple, minimalistic and yet attractive – go with this girls tattoo art on the wrist. You and the colored bolt will pair up trendy looks.


Attractive Aries Tattoo On Wrist In Red Black Ink

Aries symbol is the first sign in the zodiac wheel and it signifies many cool and structured attributes of an individual. Females proud to be an Aries love to sport this tattoo on the wrist. There are many ways this symbol can be engraved in the skin; in this case, the minimalist red and black symbol graces her wrist artistically. This sign provides immense femininity and magnetism to any girls inking landscape.


Infinity Heart And Dogs Paw Tattoo

If you are in love with your furry friends, sporting this tattoo design is an awesome pick for you. The idea is to combine the heart that denotes love, the paw prints that indicates the pet, and finally the linkage with infinity symbol that shows your endless love and relationship with the cutie! You may replace the paws with the animal head or entire animal of your choice to give a personalized touch to the tattoo art.

Infinity Heart And Dogs Paw Tattoo

Feel Blessed With The Ornate 3D Rosary Tattoo

Rosary tattoo flaunt commonly over women’s wrists and ankles. They make a popular accessory for girls who believe in Catholic religion. A rosary tattoo is a tool for prayer and can be wrapped around you as a reminder of faith and spirituality. Rosary tattoos have spurting colors and ornate designs which make them attractive. You may team a rosary with praying hands, roses, hearts, and more.

3D Rosary Tattoo-Wrist

Mystical Raven Wrist Tattoo For Women For Dramatic Appeal

Raven tattoos might sound a bit wired at the first instant, however, they are quite popular in the tattooing world. Fashionista crave for such unusual tattoo insignias. Take a pause and carefully gawk at this err raven or crow tattoo work on the wrist, isn’t it wonderful? The bird is perched on dry branches and exudes a sense of scavenge and suave fascination on the wrist. Oh so mystical it looks!


Geeky Downsized Keyhole Tattoo On Wrist

Keyhole tattoo may seem geeky, but for the body art connoisseurs these tiny tats might prove to be seductive masterworks. Reveal the hidden secrets behind your heart with this tiny little tattoo on your wrist. Keyhole tattoos implies to a reserved personality, sly ambience, deep wisdom and unrivaled rates of inscrutable wit. The tattoo art is so much fun and so realistic that the skin looks like an alluring treasure box with this keyhole.

Keyhole Tattoo On Wrist

Cute Quotation Mark Tattoo On Wrist For Stylish Look

The quotation marks span across both the wrists of the tattoo wearer. Not to mention how chic and mysterious it looks. Quotation marks emphasize something important, something said and done, and something special. Quote your fashion statement in style and indulgence with these cute quotation mark tattoos on your wrist. Women also choose to add text between the marks so as to flaunt what’s special to them. You may choose from various other punctuation marks for creative small wrist tattoos.

Quotation Mark Tattoo On Wrist

Ingenious Black Key Tattoo Art On Wrist

Most people are fond of tattoos that have meanings or just because they are very popular amongst other gals. Key tattoos are ingenious; a keys job is to unlock the hidden treasures and secrets. The key is tattoo is a cliché, a metaphor and an added symbol of mystery. You never know what the key is about to unlock. The key can be carved along with a chest of treasure or heart or lock for beautiful appeal.

Black Key Tattoo Art On Wrist

Girl Wrist Tattoo With Simple Rooster Design

The choice of chicken or rooster tattoos might seem unique and odd, but some of these lifelike animals have strong ties with the Eastern cultures, sailing symbolism, and Norse and Celtic mythology. Rooster is a Chinese symbol of honesty, physical and moral resilience. It quite reminds you of the hen farm and family trips in the villages in your young age.

Girl Wrist Tattoo With Simple Rooster Design

Floral Stalk Tattoo With Burst Of Colors And Beauty

The versatility of flower tattoos is the reason why they are the choice for most women. Flower tattoo suit perfectly on any body part. The wrist can be carved with floral bands or stalks standing tall at the wrist. The multitude of colors added to the flowers adds immense spark and life to the tattoo. You can do various things with flowers – make them a part of a picturesque design or flaunt particular species as standalone tattoos.

Floral Stalk Tattoo

Dreamer Wrist Tattoo For Gals For Creative Appeal

Dreamer wrist tattoos are meant for girls who dream high, live high, and pursue high. The unique tattoo with word ‘Dreamer’ is carved with a half dreamcatcher design to form the ‘D’. The beads and feathers attached to the webbed ring grab onto positive and good dreams for the wearer. The design looks creative enough for you to sport.

Dreamer Wrist Tattoo For Gals

Infinity Cross Tattoo On Women’s Wrist For Religious Appeal

Infinity tattoos are gradually on the rise with many women flaunting them in form or the other. The interlocked infinity symbols forms a pretty cross design to reflect your faith in religion. The ever-lasting faith can be self-motivating and inspirational to others as well. Sport the infinity cross tattoos in Celtic forms for more intricacy and style.

Infinity Cross Tattoo On Women’s Wrist

Never Give Up Script Tattoo Etched On Wrist

Even if you are not an adept at inspirational tattoos, there might be some quote that might have drawn strings towards it at least once. Inspirational quotes are one of the most wanted, appreciated and beautiful tattoos not only for the wearer but for the audience as well. ‘Never Give Up’ is one such stunning tattoo design that will spice up your looks.

Never Give Up Script Tattoo Etched On Wrist

Minimalistic Space Tattoo Design For Women

Ellie Goulding, Frances Bean Cobain, Vanessa Martinez and some other celebs have tattoos inspired from the universe or the outer space. Taking inspiration from planets, stars and galaxies, this tattoo creates a feel that isn’t too real or literal. Women who study the planets or aspire to become astronauts choose to sport space tattoo on their wrists. Artists have added geometric aspects to space tattoos to make them fancier.

Space Tattoo Design For Women Wrist

Artistic Red Tulip Flower Tattoo On Wrist For Delightful Look

Tulips are wildly admired flowers for centuries; with their vibrant colors, gorgeous looks, and beauty-clad display they have become a source of tattoo inspiration for many gals. The tulip has long ago known for its prosperity and fame. The beautiful blend of red, creams and specks of black for the bloom looks attractive and delightful. Tulips have contracted some chic pieces of tattoo designs to captivate all.

Tulip Flower Tattoo On Wrist

Mesmerizing Stippling Half Mandala Tattoo For Females

Stippling tattoo has taken us by awe. The artwork is loaded with intricacy, perfection, art, and alluring designs for women’s wrist tattoos. The traditional mandala tattoos have great significance in the tattoo world. These are floral designs with spiritual importance which separate them from the rest. The classic dot work and shading in the sketch adds a mesmerizing aura to your fresh tattoo experience.

Half Mandala Tattoo For Females

Voyage-Inspired Compass Tattoo Idea On Women’s Wrist

The compass tattoos have been inspired from water voyages. Compass tattoo make a skillful guide for the wearer through the journey of life. Its complex design, skillful design potential, and awesome symmetry is what makes the compass tattoo a tempting choice for women. The 8-point compass on the wrist is too beautiful to miss out. Compass tattoo can be clubbed with globe, maps, roses and clocks for interesting tattoo designs.

Compass Tattoo Idea On Women’s Wrist

Blue Feather Tattoo Art For Awe-Striking Appeal

The symbolic representation of feather tattoos makes them appealing for both the sexes. Feather tattoos have been popular and desired from the past realms of life and are still one of most wanted tattoos around. With deep rooted meanings feather tattoos have been objects of imagination and fascination. Feathers are associated with the bird they belong to and share the same attributes as that of the bird. The blue feather tat on the wrist is just too awe-striking!

Blue Feather Tattoo Wrist

Pinky Swear Wrist Tattoo Design For Best Friends

Only God knows why people swear with crossed pinkies!  A pinky swear tattoo is perfect for best friends who promise for an endless friendship. Pinky swear tattoo aka the pinky promise tattoos are famous forms of gesture tattoos admired by girls. They can be engraved in a number of cool styles, making great filler for floral tattoo designs, heart tattoos, quote tattoos, etc.


Geometric Paper Bird Tattoos For Origami Lovers

Origami is the beautiful and traditional Japanese-inspired paper art which involves folding and refolding of paper. If you do not have the patience to learn this recreational art form, just enjoy the masterpieces etched on your skin. Origami bird tattoos have naturally found its way into the minds of tattoo lovers and artists. The paper bird design offers great geometric angle to the design. Placed on inner wrist it looks classic for gals.


Delicate Wrist Bracelet Tattoo For Ornamental Appeal

Are you planning to settle with a permanent bracelet ink on your wrist? Think twice before you choose a design. It’s going to remain with you forever. Many tattoo designs can be etched as wrist bands or bracelets to look classic and charming. The delicate danglers on the girl’s wrist lend an ornamental facade to the wearer. The beaded string makes it more realistic and adorable.


Classic Diagonal Fern Tattoo Design For Women’s Wrist

The convoluted vegetal is fascinating and gracious for women since centuries ago. Fern tattoo represents you as a person. It tells us whether you are a person who moves on with the winds, accepts life and its challenges to move on and forth. The fern or leaf tattoos relate your instincts to adaptation and determination. The diagonal fern is all what you’ll want to express your nature-love and bond with mother Earth.


Quirky Quote Tattoo Work On Wrist For Trendy Appeal

Here is another script or quote tattoo idea for girl’s wrists. Though not inspirational this quote tattoo is worth a gaze. Its quirky, its fancy, its bold and its daring! The girl considers everyone around her mad. The other wrist is poised with a corked vial tagged ‘Drink Me’; this can be medication, love potion or simply anything that you may want to relate to. Rack your imaginations to get such unique and unavoidable trendy tattoo designs.


Radio Button Silhouette Wrist Tattoo For Striking Appeal

Radio button tattoos are seen as having the power to control your lives. Except from the fast forwarding switch, you can play your today, rewind the beautiful memories of past, pause sweet and dear moments, shuffle the days, stop the pain and so much more. These tattoos can also stand as a tribute to your love for music.


Impressive Tribal Patch On Wrist In Black Ink

Tribal tattoo always come in with a punch of style, extravagance, drama, ink, and complex designs. If you’re in love with messy tribal tattoos, this design is from the latest basket of tattoo industry. It’s an amalgamation of a tree with tree-pointed star. The design has a beautiful symmetry and the black hue introduces a bold effect. Tribal tattoos have deeper meanings according to the cultures of their origin. Maori and Polynesian tattoos are other forms of stylized tribal patterns that enhance your beauty.

Tribal Patch On Wrist In Black Ink

Pretty Diamond Tattoo On Side Wrist For Sophisticated Look

Diamond tattoos are treasures for your, carrying attitude wrapped in style and luxury. Diamond tattoos are dearly associated with prestige, royalty, wealth, and purity. From cute outlined diamonds to 3D tantalizing diamond tattoos; all have an entrancing appeal on your skin.

According to Greek translation diamond symbolizes invincibility. You may also find some cool broken diamond tattoos to depict failure in love or faith.

Diamond Tattoo On Side Wrist

Small Pi Women’s Wrist Tattoo For Geek Math Lovers

There are people who love math and live to solving its equation on paper and skin too. Though many of us find it daunting to comprehend math symbols, women who love them consider such tattoos as their religion. Small Pi tattoo on the wrist looks neat, simple and attractive. Pi is a mathematical symbol representing the number 3.14 and it represents the unique nature’s complexities. It’s definitely worth a gaze!

Pi Women’s Wrist Tattoo

Eye-Catching Jesus Wrist Tattoos Design For Christians

The followers of Jesus Christ opt for this beautiful named tattoo art. Carve your wrist with the name Jesus, Christ or Jesus Christ as one for showcasing your belief in Him and religion. Jesus tattoos can be teamed with cross, rosary, Mother Mary, praying hands, flowers, crucifixion and similar insignias. Jesus tattoo will also remind us of his sufferings and pain.

 Jesus Wrist Tattoos Design

Miniature Airplane Tattoo Art On Wrist For Girls

Before the era of air travel, all people did was to imagine how to fly high beyond the clouds and back to the earth. Is it a bird tattoo? No it’s an airplane designed on the women’s wrist to lend an eye-catching appeal. Airplane tattoo anytime evoke senses of restlessness and nostalgia. Airplane tattoos on the wrist grab hundreds of compliments for the wanderlust women.

Airplane Tattoo Art On Wrist For Girls

Nautilus Spiral Tattoo Design Inspired By Fibonacci Sequence

Fibonacci sequence is a numerical sequence used in many works of art and architecture. The spiral shell formation of the nautilus is an epic example of Fibonacci sequence in nature. You can wear this alluring design in a number of different geometric ways, add a jet of colors to it or leave it black as the design below. Remarkable indeed!

Spiral Tattoo Design

Tattoos on the wrist helps to beautify your looks by being the attraction-grabbing spot of your body. Girls from all age groups prefer a cute and chic tiny tattoo over the wrist. The wrist tattoos need no showing off as they are on the visible part of the body unless you wear full sleeve outfits.

Wrist tattoos convey deep meaning and portray you passion and desires to the world easily. Wrist band tattoos are also used by many couples to flaunt their everlasting relationships; getting popular as the ring tattoos. Female celebs namely, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry, and other have their wrists carved in meaningful, gracious and attractive tattoos.