Women Feet Tattoos – Feet Tattoo Designs & Ideas For Women For Inspiration:  Getting yourself inked is not a joke! You should be very sure about the design you are going to etch, because it will a part of your body thereafter. Permanent inks cannot be easily removed because of the pain and the cost involved in the removal surgery. So tattoo images should be opted after considering various factors and the meaning behind the pictures you choose. Foot tattoos are gaining importance in this era amongst women.

Inking your feet with cool tattoos is a way to enhance the beauty of your nicely pedicured feet. There are several tattoo designs available for carving your feet. Women love to sport smaller tattoo motifs on their feet. From simple symbolic tattoos to the intricate tribal pieces look fab on the feet. You may go for unique designs with deep elaborate meanings or settle for some generalized designs for an amusing appeal.

Whether we like it or not, the younger generation follows the steps of celebrities. Even the art of tattooing can come from star-inspirations; the design, color and even the spot of tats can be copied for a crazy look. Jennifer anniston, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna are a few stars that influence the fashionista of todays era. What can be the added benefit of sporting tattoos on your foot? Apart from looking pretty these can be hidden with a pair of shoes whenever need arises.

Take a ride through various tattoo designs for women feet in the post to get what’s best for you.

Named Feet Tattoo Design For Everlasting Appeal

Remember the two most important and wonderful people in your life – your mom and dad with this beautiful piece of art on both feet. The graceful design sports some wonderful insignia like diamonds, scroll, anchor, bird cage, heart, flowers, etc. to showcase your love for your parents. This everlasting tattoo will never fade with time, only the memories of your childhood progressing to adulthood will keep flourishing every moment. The toes are inked in the words ‘Have Hope’ to inspire every girl on Earth.


Trail Of Flying Birds Tattoo On Foot For Amazing Look

Flying birds make to the top of the list in foot tattoo designs. They look cute, wondrous, unique, beautiful, impressive and amazing on the foot. Silhouettes of birds soaring high in the sky can represent many things from freedom to pinnacle of life and everything that the wearer can imagine. The story of sporting a particular tattoo design lies with her experiences and love for that art form. Such unique tattoo designs are what you call as cliché tattoo art.


Beautiful Mandala Foot Sole Tattoo Design

The bottom of your foot has a generous amount of nerve endings and sensors. Getting a tattoo at the sole of your foot can be very painful indeed. This is why women should be sure about placing a tattoo at the foot sole and surer about the type of tattoo you’ll etch thereon. The beautiful traditional mandala flower piece is worth all the pain you can withstand. The incredible design is linked with spiritual aura and elegance. The design is split into half flower on each foot for a gorgeous look.


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Cute Cartoon Inspired Tattoo Arts For Young Women

If you are in search of some fun loving tattoo designs for your foot, this one will surely end your search. The fiery Growlithe Arcanine tattoo is a stunning design on your foot. Cartoon tattoos have never gone out of style ever since women have started flaunting tattoos on their skin. Putting your favorite cartoon character can make you feel young at heart and fill your life with fun and energy. Arcanine is a fiction character associated with fire, thus flaunting Arcanine tattoos can reflect your strong, fierce and bold nature.


Bold Withered Feather Tattoo Art In Black Ink

Feather tattoos have become a fad amongst women in the recent era. The delicacy and light-weightiness of the feather is an attractive feature that makes you seek such beautiful tattoo designs including feathers. Feathers get their attributes from parent birds. Select a bird feather that can describe your nature. The foot is carved with a unique design where the tip of the feather scatters away into silhouettes of flying birds. The beaded anklet makes the tattoo an ornament for life.


Foot tattoos for women

Butterfly And Purple Lotus Flower Foot Tattoo For Girls

The vine of lotus flowers over the foot spreads up to the ankle. A cute and pretty butterfly appears fluttering by the flower.

How irresistible the fragrance from the beautiful flowers could be? The purple and yellow color scheme adds a punch of feminine aura and it’s also close to the natural color of the flower. The spirituality and sense of transformation in life is depicted through this amazing foot tattoo art. In a nutshell, this tattoo work brings in pure serenity.


Temporary Bridal Wear Henna Tattoo Designs On Foot

Are you scared of getting inked for a lifetime? Or your work commitment doesn’t allow you to carve your skin with inks and patterns? Here is something you’ll adore. Tattoos that can be temporary will satisfy your fashion instincts and fade of in a matter of time. Henna tattoo designs are traditional and popular amongst women. You also have an opportunity to switch up henna designs whenever you feel like. The artistic design on the foot is worth marveling. Put a dazzling zest to your foot with these cute bridal henna designs.


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Delicate Vineyard Foot Tattoo Work For Women

Vine tattoos are not included in the main tattoo class but they grace the female foot in style. They are feminine methods to enhance the beauty packed look of the tattoo wearer. Vine tattoos can be etched in lovely leaf pattern, or can be amalgamated with roses, butterflies, grapes, and more for an elegant look. The vines are naturally delicate as they graciously arches up the ankle. The bold blank ink on the foot is sure to win many wows!


Bright Bleeding Rose Tattoo Art On Foot

Rose tattoos are timeless pieces that can be etched with a new look, a new style on every body part. Roses are beautiful, gorgeous, delicate and yes, dangerous too. The thorns on the rose plant remind us of the pricks of life, the hardships and shortcomings that we all have to face. Conversely, roses can be symbols of romance, love and friendship. The bleeding rose may indicate failure in love or a hurt heart. Women with rose tattoo on the foot look awesome.


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Island Inspired Hibiscus Tattoo Design In Tribal Print

Hawaiian tattoo remind us of the Pacific shores and so does this pretty hibiscus tattoo art. This woman was on a trip to the incredible islands and got herself inked in this gorgeous tribal print. Emanating the scent of love, freshness, purity and charm this flower tattoo looks fantabulous on the foot. The design gently curves along the ankle and the foot line. The cute design can mark lots of inspiring moments with the generous punch of colors and pattern.


Awesome Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo For Japanese Women

Cherry blossoms have deep rooted cultural heritage from Japan. Women there seek the blossom tattoos as a mark of fertility, vitality, femininity and spirituality.

The pink and purple tones colored blooming flowers etched on the foot add a striking aura to your personality. Cherry blossoms are also associated with an ode to spring and the arrival of festive season throughout the land. Floral tattoos are forever considered as fashion statements for women. So sport them in style!


Trendy Direction Tattoo Design For Feminist Approach

Compass tattoos, as the meaning suggests, are worn as a symbol that stops you from getting lost in the crowd and finding the right direction in the journey of life. The placement of compass or North Star tattoo on the foot is apt as the feet walk us to the correct direction. Isn’t the idea too cool to ignore. As far as the tattoo design is concerned it’s fancy, flirty and artistic. It depicts only the north direction for a unique touch.


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Stay Grounded Tattoo Anchor For Fashionable Look

Anchor tattoos are another sought after tattoo designs for women and men alike. If you have a down to earth attitude and like staying rooted to the ground, sport this beautiful anchor tat on your foot. Anchors can be tied with ropes or chains; or can be a part of larger designs; or can be clubbed with roses and sails and wheels; or can be carved in colors or black sketch for a fashionable look. The 3D tattoos give a vibrant realistic look.


Colorful Koi Tattoo Artwork For Attractive Appeal

This is another inspiration from the Japanese beliefs and cultures – Koi tattoo or carp tattoos are pretty, brilliant and vibrant creatures that add awe of spark to the wearer’s foot. Japanese women have, for years, worn the Koi tattoos as a symbol of adversity. Koi fishes are determined to flow against the strong water currents in the waterfalls and the success stories are forever told. Apart from the symbolic and cultural significance, Koi tattoo are very attractive due to the spurt of colors they are designed in.


Modern Tribal Tattoo Art For Female Foot

As the tattoo art transitioned from ancient times to the modern culture, tribal motifs have been gaining immense popularity amongst many women and men. Tribal tattoo works start from tiny clichés on the skin to vast masterpieces of the larger canvases of the body. Doing a tribal piece on the foot is also quite alluring. The linear pattern is so delightful and artsy. This modern tribal art can extend from the foot right up to the calf or thigh for a sexy womanly look.


Butterfly Skull And Shiny Star Tattoo For Foot

The butterfly skull tattoo surrounded by a number of stars and shade work is an awesome sketch on the foot.

If you are looking for the hidden meanings as to why amalgamate skull with butterfly wings? The answer is right here. The tattoo design seems to get its origin from the death’s head hawk which is a moth having skull-like pattern in the center.

The skull represents death while the butterfly represents transformation and rebirth; thus making a pretty and meaningful tat for your foot.


Tiny Star Specks Tattoo Worth Commenting

If you are not the one looking for the floral patches on your skin, the next alternative you can consider is the stars. For first time inkers stars are best insignias due to their simplistic model and great meaning. The girl has carved a trail of three stars decreasing in size, and solid block black in color for a modest look. Add your imaginations and experiment with different styles of star tattoos like the nautical star, shooting stars, 3D star, star with swirls, and colorful cluster of stars to pep up your looks.


Lobster Love Tattoo Art For Seafood Lovers

If you happen to be a die-hard fan of crustaceans, this foot tattoo has loads to offer – beauty and fun. Aquatic tattoos are traditional favorites for women as they look beautiful. Colored or black, lobster tattoos are rare, unique and quirky for women fashionista. If you like it quirky, then go for this amazing foodie tattoo on the foot. Lobster tattoo symbolizes discovery, rejuvenation, emotional growth, and transformation. Declare your love for the aquatics with etching sea creatures around your skin.

Lobster Love Tattoo Art For Seafood Lovers

Signature Symbolic Tattoo Ideas For Personalized Affair

This symbol represents ‘fall down seven times and stand up eight times’. The symbolic tattoos are cute little ones that have personalized meanings to the wearers. There are many such symbolized tattoo designs in the tattoo world that look amazing and creative prints on the skin. Chinese characters, or symbols in other languages are also popular amongst women. The side of the foot is best place to flaunt such small tattoo designs.

Signature Symbolic Tattoo Ideas For Personalized Affair

Chinese Scripted Tattoos On Foot For Girls

As mentioned above, the Chinese characters have specific personalized meanings to the wearer. Once you have decided to ink a foreign script on the leg make sure you check the correct translation for the symbol else it may cost you a scar for lifetime. Whether is a vague symbol or a specific scene that depicts your style, foot tattoos are marvelous. The tattoo art below is clear and crisp, though you may not know the meaning of the design.

Chinese Scripted Tattoos On Foot For Girls

Multicolored Chinese Elephant Tattoo Art For Attractive Look

Animal tattoos are also most sought tattoos in the fashion world. The foot is graced with the greatest animal on Earth – the elephant.

The elephant on the foot designed with flowers in tones of pink, blue and purple looks great and sexy. Elephants are considered as most dominant creatures and sporting elephant tattoos with feminist touch is a great idea. So get a head start and rush towards getting these cute animal tattoos.

Elephant Tattoo Art For Attractive Look

Traditional Aztec Tattoo Art Form For Fascinating Touch

When women want to sport some stylized and chic forms of traditional tattoo art, Aztec tattoos are the most ancient. The Aztec empire dominated during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The Aztec era has many gorgeous and fame bound artifacts like the Aztec pyramids, and the renowned Aztec art. The art form is very diverse and was often influenced by designs including geometric patterns and shapes, Gods, animals and natural elements. The Aztec tribal tattoo looks fascinating.

Traditional Aztec Tattoo Art

Remarkable Wave Tattoo Artwork In Blue Ink

Wave tattoos make a perfect beach accessory for women. Waves may be a part of the oceanic scene tattoo or sported as a standalone tats. Waves are beautiful and gracious depiction of the oceanic beauty. The brightly lit wave is the favorite for tattoo enthusiasts globally due to its deep symbolic meaning and the beauty-packed appearance. The pacific islanders are believed to be the ancient beholders of these simple wave tattoos elaborated scenic and amazing totems.

Wave Tattoo Artwork Feet Women

Unlock Yourself With Stylish Key Foot Tattoo

Tattoo artists strive to leave a mark of their own signature style on the skin, expressing the innermost feelings and desires of their client. Key tattoos are one such perfect tattoo works depicting distinct and known symbols of secrecy, mystery, and unlocked treasures. The design is worked out will precision and intricacy. The shadows around the project lend a very realist look to the tat.

Key tattoo on feet for women

Unique Fish Maori Tattoo Design With Bold Statement

Maori tattoos are impressive form of tribal art from Zealand. The Maori tattoos are indigenous to those people who live on the Pacific coasts or people who have etched these tattoos as a mark of cheerful memories from the diaries of their vacation. Sporting fish or shark tattoos in the tribal form is a definite eye-catcher. The fiery mammal with the tribal aspect looks swoon-worthy on the women’s foot. The bold dark lines and offset swirls in the pattern arches down the foot for a breathtaking look.

Fish tattoo women feet

Intertwining Heart Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Girls

The intertwining heart dreamcatcher designs impart a chic romantic spin to the beautiful tattoo design. It’s something unique to the traditional dreamcatcher tattoo works.

Utterly remarkable and lovable! The interwoven hearts webbed into stylish stringed and feathered dreamcatchers represent the linkage of two hearts in the dreams. Either way the tattoo adds a gentle feminine touch to the girls character.

Heart Dreamcatcher Tattoo For Girls

Brazen Phoenix Foot Tattoo In Red Orange Tone

If you are wondering what design to choose for your next body art, halt here and take a look at the lovely phoenix tattoo. Phoenix tattoos are linked with symbols of prosperity, honor, prestige, fire, and wisdom. The phoenix are mystical birds believed to arise from the ashes thus it also symbolizes rebirth. A phoenix on your skin may be a symbol to show that you prevailed out of the hard times.

Phoenix Foot Tattoo

Dainty Dragonfly Tattoos On Foot For Captivating Look

Dragonflies are ancient insects that share a feminist aura to the tattoo wearer. They look cute on the foot as well as have rich symbolic meaning. The dragonfly tattoos are an epitome of style and cultural elegance. These dainty creatures represent fertility, femininity, transformation and gaiety. In the Native Americans dragonflies are believed to hold on to the souls of people who have passes away.

Dainty Dragonfly Tattoos On Foot

Pleasant Looking Floral Tattoo Work On Foot

Here again comes a cute floral piece that sits neat on the foot. From amongst the many flower foot tattoos this small one will captivate you with its pleasant and minimalistic appearance. Flower tattoos are always good to go tattoos for girls. Add a pop of color to the flowers for a rejuvenating appeal. In any way, these tattoos look quaint on the foot.

Floral Tattoo Work On Foot

Stylish Cheetah Print Tattoo Art On Her Foot

The art of tattoo making has moved on far beyond the realms of sheer tribal mark or a group stamp. People sporting cheetah print tattoos portray various emotional traits. The ferocious wild animal is known for its print and earthshaking speed. As the beast resides on the mountain top it reflects its majestic aura across through tattoos also. Explore the unknown cheetah tattoo dimensions on foot with style.

Stylish Cheetah Print Tattoo Art On Her Foot

Having taken inspirations from the cutest ever feet tattoos you cannot do further ado to choose one design thats best for your feet. The picturesque floral patchworks, the delicate butterflies, the religious rosary, the fiery dragon, the pretty sugar skulls, the enchanting animal prints, the classic mandala, the bold tribal patterns, the cute paws, the precious stones, the crown, the lovable heart, the bright sun and stars and the list continues endlessly for tattoo designs that you can flaunt on your feet in style.

Foot tattoos have a charming effect on your fashion looks, keeps you up-to-date, and lifelike. Snatch your favorite flip flop foot tattoo and tap your feet to a tantalizing beat and conquer the fashion era with style and magnetism.