Winter fashion style will definitely win in a poll of the most popular fashion trends, which includes women of all age group. However, the styles are usually meant for casual wear or exclusively for vacations which is not a good thing for the office goers. The winter style for the working women need to be formal and at the same time be comfortable throughout the day. If you are working and you have some similar queries, here are some of the best winter fashion styles for you.

Woolen Skirt with Pink Blazer

This style is highly dependent upon what kind of design you are choosing for the skirt and the blazer. You need something simple or in stripes if it is for formal use. The skirt can be of traditional stripes or even plain. You can wear a sleep pink blazer on top of a light colored shirt. This is a fine outfit that you can carry all day as well.

Sleek Trousers with Sweater and Beige Blazer

Another sharp look to make your casual day at office really special. This outfit includes a sleek pair of trousers, a sweater with a beige blazer. It is idea for office wear and most of the women can carry this style as well. The most important thing to remember is the color coordination of the sweater and trousers. It is suggested that you contrast light colors with dark ones. For the footwear you can go for formal high neck boots.

Black Skinnies with Shearling Coat

A modern day office going woman also needs a bit of a style in the formal dressing section and winter offers just the same. This outfit is basically directed towards a light colored shearling coat which is worn with a pair of skinnies of dark shade. This is a perfect combination of style and neatness in dressing up at office hours. Try going for plain sneakers of high ankle boots for a complete look. You would not be disappointed with all the attention you are about to get.

Classic Collared Leather Jacket with Formal Skirt

This might be highly unusual for you, but this is definitely something you would want to try out this winter. The components in this look include a formal skirt with skinnies, a collared leather jacket and a sleek top.

All of which is suggested to be in black. This style is definitely going to make you stand out of the general crowd. However, this fashion style is not for everyone so be very sure if you would be able to carry this throughout the day.

Woolen Coat with Formal Pants

This is one of the fashion styles which is pretty common but always missed out while trying out new things. Like any other day at the office, wear a formal pant with a sleek shirt and add a woolen coat to this look. You can also go for a scarf if you want, but it can be optional. For the footwear go for half shoes of matching color for the best appearance. This is bound to keep you comfortable throughout the day as well.

Trousers and Top with Maxi Coat

Now for the people who want to show to work with some funky formals can choose to go for this style. The outfit includes trousers and top which is accompanied by a maxi coat which looks absolutely elegant. You can wear this to the office on the extra working days or at the weekends. Wear a pair of plain sneakers along with this outfit to uplift the style of your appearance. You would also love how it holds up throughout the day, both, in context of style and comfort.

Sweater, Overcoat and Beanie

This has got to be one of the cutest looks you can try out for going to office this winter. There might be confusions over wearing a beanie to work place but it is definitely okay as long as it is neat.

Pick a matching beanie which has a plain design along with a light colored sweater and contrasting overcoat. Wear them with a pair of trousers and high neck boots to your work place. This is for the places where the temperature falls really low, so be assured that you will be warm and stylish throughout the day.

Chinos and Formal Shirt with a Long Jacket

A bold look for the work place which is definitely going to fascinate a lot of people. This is one of the most updated trends that is currently going on. Colors like deep blue, maroon, indigo etc. would look good with this style. Sport a pair of chinos along with a matching formal shirt and wear a long jacket on top of it. This look is pretty simple to carry all day as well. Wear a pair of loafers for the best appearance.

Women’s Business Suits

Winter or not, suits never go out of fashion. However, do not be alarmed that you would feel cold with this outfit. Sport a thin sweater inside of your suit to keep yourself warm and cozy. You would not need to worry about elegance at workplace if you are wearing a suit of nice color. Wear kitten heels or bellies for footwear which whichever suits you the best.

Winter Coat and Boots

Yet again, for the love of semi-formal outfits this is a great option for you to consider. Pick a good looking, sleek dress for office wear and a pair of matching stockings with it. Wear a winter coat along with the dress.

This is one of the easiest means of dressing up that takes very less amount of time as well. So you would not have to be late to your work place in winters. Sport a pair of black boots to complete your look. A beanie can also be sported depending upon your use.

Black Velvet Formal Coat with Skinnies

To get this look the first thing you would need to do is to get yourself a sleek dress to wear within the velvet coat. A pair of matching skinnies would help in keeping yourself warm while working. The fashion style looks elegant and it is well appreciated as well. Also, the appearance is subtle so you would not need to worry about being too catchy. It is neat and keeps you comfortable all day at work wear high neck boots or pencil heels for the best appearance. This might be one of the fashion styles that you would want to acquire on your next day at work.

Long Skirt, Skinnies and Formal Top

This is a popular style that is acquired a lot by many working women during winters. This trend is great for corporate houses where you regularly engage in meetings and you need something elegant yet comfortable. Pick a formal top and wear it with a long formal skirt. Wear dark colored skinnies for keeping yourself warm. This look can be completed with a pair of bellies or pencil heels whichever suits you the best. Keep it in mind to keep the designs of the outfits moderated.

Formal Trousers with Velvet Blazer

This is inspired from the very famous women’s business suits which are needless to say one of the best outfits in winter for working women. The outfit includes a velvet blazer, matching to the trousers you would be wearing which would keep you warm.

Wear a plain white top along with it to contrast the colors. To complete your look wear kitten bellies, loafers or pencil heels along with this outfit. The colors of the blazer and trousers can be altered according to your choice, but it is suggested that you go for dark colors only.

Tucked Out Shirt with Sweater

Women who are not into corporate or anything similar do not need stereotypical formal wears on all days. So here is something simpler than that which would hold up throughout your working hours. Simply pick a decent design of shirt and sweater and wear them with dark colored trousers. You can wear sandals, kitten heels, bellies etc. to complete your look.

White Sweater and Black Plaid Pencil Skirt

A sweater with flip looks neat, and when it is of white color then you can definitely consider it for your office wear. Wear it along with a black plaid or stripes design pencil skirt which would look contrasting. You can contrast the colors with different combinations according to your choice.

However, do not use pick fancy colors as they would not be easy to carry during work hours. To complete the look, wear kitten heels or pencil heels whichever you find more comfortable. The sleeves of the sweater depends upon your choice too.

Lastly, always go for dresses which you believe suits you the best. The fit, color combination and design of the outfits are certain things that you need to keep in mind before wearing them to your work place.