Let us just admit it, winter has been one of the most special time of the year. Not just because of the cozy feeling of the Christmas and New Year eve approaching, but also the amazing fashion trend that takes over as well. You get to experiment with a lot of casual and formal outfits. And most importantly, all the outfits turn out to be extremely comfortable. For all the fashion buffs, here are some of the best styles that you can try out this winter.

Keep it Cool with Sweater and Denim Jeans

Keep it classy with a pair medium dark denim jeans and a light colored sweater. Preferably, the white color goes with it beautifully. You can add up a beanie to this style to enhance your looks.

Lastly, flaunt your look with a pair of sandals and black aviators to rock your casual look.

All about Scarfs and Overcoats

Winter fashion would go out of its charm if the scarf is not a part of it. Along with a cool retro design scarf you can wear a mid-length overcoat with your dress.

This style is perfect for weekend outings where you need the fashion on point but you got to be safe from the chilly winds as well. You can carry accessories and wear shoes/sandals that would match the color tone of your outfit.

Hipster Style Outfit

This might not be your conventional everyday outfit, but it is definitely going to fascinate you if you want something unique. The outfit comprises of dark colored clothes which have a loose fit than your regular.

You can wear stockings for the cold along with a casual skirt for this look. A beanie would also look good if matched with the outfit’s color accent.

For accessories, you can go for dark colored handbags and which would match with your style. This look can accommodate winter boots which would be a great option for you to try out.

Printed Skirt with Winter Stockings

Quite generic, but definitely strikes the right chords in winters when sported casually or at the movies. The outfit comprises up with a full sleeved woolen top with a printed short skirt that is worn with winter stockings.

This is a classic style for keeping you warm and yet keeping the fashion on point. You can carry matching accessories and wear a pair of pencil heels to complete the look.

The design of the skirt and top depends upon your choice. However, do take care of the color combination.

Flaunt the Leather

All the winter fashion associated with leather jackets and boots are widely adored by a lot of women around the world. This style includes the use of a black leather jacket on top of a trendy short dress. You can keep the color combination to black only for the best results.

Sport a pair of black stockings/leggings along with contrasting colored footwear to complete the look. You may or may not carry an accessory along with this look. Make sure that your make up is not too bright to take away the charm of your dark outfit.

Leopard Print Overcoat with Trousers

The fashion of leopard print grew in the middle part of 90s when this style was very popular. However, the style died at the early 2000s and made its comeback as a retro fashion in the current time.

For the chilly weekends, you can go for this overcoat along with dark colored trousers and a contrasting casual top. You can combine this outfit with a small handbag and kitten heel shoes for the best results. You might want to try out this style this winter.

Navy Blue Fur Coat

This fashion style is definitely something that would fascinate you for a vacation look or a casual look. The fur coat is itself pretty catchy but this particular design has furs only at the collar part.

You can wear it with denim jeans, yoga pants or leggings and tank top that would match the color coordination. The navy blue color would be the best option for you so stick to that if you think it would suit you.

For completing your look, go for high ankle boots or sneakers and a small accessory bag to rock your vacation look this winter.

Blazer with Jazz Skirt

For all the semi-formal outfit lovers this is something that would help you get a very desirable look for winters. The outfit comprises of a black jazz skirt and a black blazer along with a contrasting colored top. It is also accompanied by dark colored stockings which add up to the look.

You can sport this look to dates, casual gatherings and even to work on the casual days. For the footwear stick to kitten heels or pencil heels according to your choice. A medium sized handbag would work well as an accessory.

Animal Print Blazer with Casual Shirt and Jeans

This look is strictly for your road trips and weekend getaways where the temperature does not fall very low. It would keep you comfortable throughout the time and would also keep your fashion on point.

The animal print blazer is unique and adds up a different kind of charm to your look. You can sport it with denim shirts and black jeans. For footwear, stick to sneakers or ankle boots for the utmost comfort.

Cool Cape Shawl

The cape shawl is a latest trend that is still growing in the current fashion segment which is definitely being adored by a lot of women. The most important part of this style is to make sure that the colors used are contrasting to each other.

The red and black color combination is definitely pretty good which makes sure your casual look does not lacks elegance. Other than that, the look can be assisted with dark colored jeans and boots with a medium sized handbag that would complete your look.

Formal Long Overcoat with Scarf

For all the office goers out there, this formal fashion style is meant for you to try out on your working days. The outfit comprises of your usual office wear along with a long, formal overcoat that would look elegant. Along with it, you can also sport a scarf that would complement your color combination of the outfit.

For footwear, you can go for knee length boots or formal boots. This is a look that is meant for places where the temperature falls really low.

Semi-Formal Winter Street Look

Yet another option for the people who work at corporate, however this style can also be carried out as a semi-formal outfit. The look you would be getting is pretty simple and works well with most of the occasions. It comprises of an overcoat with a matching jeans along with a contrasting top.

The design is also accompanied by a pair of ankle length boots and a medium sized handbag as accessory. You can make your own personal modifications of this outfit by sporting colors that would suit your look. You would definitely want to try this out this winter.

Grey Duster Coat with Sneakers

One of the most interesting and unique design listed here, that fuses the formal and casual look, beautifully. The look comprises of a duster coat on top of your regular casual outfit that can have trousers/jeans or tops/shirts.

The color grey suits the best in this regard and the design is completely dependent upon your choice. You can carry a large hand bag which would also work for your benefit. For completing the look, go for a pair of fresh sneakers that would match the color combination of the whole look. This is also an extremely comfortable outfit to sport this winter.

Floral Print Skirt with Blazer

A rather decent look for a casual gathering where you will definitely adore this outfit. It includes a knee length floral skirt along with a black blazer and a winter hat. The overall look of this style is for weekends and casual gatherings where you can confidently wear this.

Stick to kitten heels for the footwear and go for a no accessory look with this. You can also use matching pair of winter gloves and long socks according to your need.

Leather Jacket and Denim Jeans

This has to be the most popular look in the whole list. You might have thought of this before but you can try out with your own style as well. The look include denim jeans, a black leather jacket and a retro shirt. The color combination can be independent of your choice.

You can wear this outfit to movies or outing at places where the temperature does not fall very low. For the footwear, go for short heel boots. Sport a cool pair of aviator sunglasses to rock your look.

All the outfits are highly dependent upon how well you carry them and how good they suit on you. Keep the necessary factors for compatibility in mind before going for any of these outfits.