A baby is a blessing; it is an incomparable gift, from heaven above. The baby is a previous angel, to cherish, to care for and to love. Sometimes the little things take the most room in your heart. With so much to do around for the arrival of the little one you barely get time to sit down and decide your dress for the baby shower moment you are invited to.

With so much responsibility levied on your shoulder being an aunt, a neighbor, a best friend or a colleague of the mummy to be, we are here to unburden you a little and let you know what outfits to wear when you are invited to a baby shower.

What Outfits to Wear to a Baby Shower

Rusty Rose Backless Dress

This rusty rose backless pleated dress can spark up any baby shower. The color is very soothing and lady like. The plunging key hole neckline adds a taste of sensuality to the outfit. Its pleated appearance makes it a timeless classic outfit. It gives shape, due to its fit at waistline. Make a centre parting to your hair and tie it into a low pony tail.

Go for a matching rubber band or hair clip. Do not forget to scrub and moisturize your back and your sultry shoulders. Apply a rose pink or rosy rust lipstick to match the dress. Add some kohl to those beautiful eyes of yours. Ditch any accessory, as you barely need anything.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

Wear white or cream kitten heels with this rusty rose backless dress. The benefit of the dress is that you can wear a body shaper underneath to hide your flaws and you are good to go.

The Lovely Lavender Dress

Nothing can beat this beautiful lavender net dress that is sure to make you centre of attraction of the baby shower. It is knee length that makes it congenial. It is feminine, refined and modest. Though made of net, it is not transparent.

Style this lovely lavender color dress with a silver pair of stilettos, to make your beautiful happy feet draw some attention. Color your lips fuchsia. Tie your hair in a bun. Go for lavender color studs for your ears.

Baby Shower Dress Ideas

This dress makes you look enthusiastic and lively. Apply some baby oil or moisturiser on your legs to make them shine out. Let no one dim your shine.

The One Shoulder Gown

A baby is on its way and you are invited to a baby shower? Perplexed, what to wear? This full skirted one shoulder chiffon gown is an apt wear to a baby shower. In beautiful and lovable cyan color, this gown looks elegant. It adds vivacity. This color is great for baby showers scheduled in noon time.

Baby Shower Outfit Styles

It has some stone work around the waist that is eye catching. It is delicate and exotic, tripped to fit any body shape. Wear this gown with a formal pair of pumps or ballet heels in white, cream or beige color. Leave your hair open and put them on the without shoulder side.

A nude pink lipstick will serve the purpose. Apply a generous coat of volume enhancing black mascara on your eye lashes to add to your enchanting beauty. And off you go to bless the mommy to be.

Halter Neck Maxi Dress

Halter neck maxi dress in maroon color is a great option when you are to attend a baby shower. Its halter neck makes it appealing. It is beautiful cascading maxi dress. This halter neck maroon maxi dress is floor touching that is its full length, which makes it an ideal wear for an occasion like baby shower.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas Designs

Leave your hair open and curl them towards the ends. Wear a comfortable pair of kitten heels with this maroon halter neck maxi dress. Go for a light maroon lipstick for your lips and add a little pink blush on your cheeks. You do not need to wear any accessory as the dress itself casts a spell.

Maroon color goes well with all skin colors and so it is a must have dress. It will add to the oomph if you have a voluptuous body shape. So go for it ladies. Mummy to be is waiting for you……….

The Teal Short Dress

This semi formal, simple, cotton, teal cocktail dress can be your choice of the day for the baby shower dinner or lunch. Accompanied with a two hook belt, it is a comfortable wear for those baby showers for which you do not wish to come in lime light. It is a light leisure wear.

What to wear to a baby shower

Wear some regular make up. Tie your hair in a messy bun, pulling all your hair backwards. A black kitten heels can go great with this teal cocktail dress.

Do not forget to wear your boy shorts or cycling shorts underneath this short cocktail dress. It is summer friendly. The fabric is made of cotton that lets you breathe happily.

The Orange Candy

Orange is the color of joy, sunshine, fun and creativity.  Pick a stimulating orange mid length pencil skirt and pair it with an orange, white and black stripes crop top for a baby shower party. Choose a top that has small sleeves. The orange pencil skirt is slim fit and narrow but is made up of stretchable material.

This dress is very comfortable and you can easily move around in it. It has versatility and functionality. WHAT MORE CAN A DRESS OFFER? Pop some color to your lips by applying a candy orange lipstick that will brighten your complexion, instantly and thus makes you look fresh and chirpy.

Baby Shower Looks

Straighten your hair. Since you already have so much of color, go for cream colored tip toed bellies. This dress represents freedom and happiness.

Emerald Shirt Dress

Shirts are for men, that was what we all believed till shirt dresses revolutionarized the face of fashion. Emerald is a color that is worn to bring prosperity. It symbolises good fortune. This emerald shirt dress not only makes you look beautiful but is also good for the expecting mother.

Hot Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

Emerald shall bring in positive vibes for the mother that shall travel to the ‘would be born’. Shirt dresses are easy to wear and can be carried by any body type. Pair up your emerald shirt dress with brown heel strappy sandals and you are all decked up to bless the preggy mommy.

Line up your eyes with emerald pencil eye liner. You can also cry the liquid eyeliner if you are good at one. Apply a bobby brown lipstick. Open your hair and let them play around. BE FREE SPIRITED. BE HAPPY

The Versatile Separates

Coco Chanel is the pioneer of matching separates but today they have entered every big or small fashion label, across the world. Matching separates are multifaceted, resourceful and protean. They can be worn together and when you are bored up of wearing them, wear then separately.

This piece of matching separates is classy and fancy. This is a dress that lends the wearer an air of confidence and intelligence. This beautiful blue color striped shirt paired with a calf length striped skirt can make any one envious. Wear some catchy tie up sandals and you are there to keep the world under your little finger.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas Trends

RULE, because you are born for it. Carry some statement hand bag with hint of blue. You do not need to go for high end bag, try something trendy yet in budget.

The Elegant Trench Coat Dress

Trench coats have occupied the fashion streets for quite a long. If trench coats are what you love, try this summer friendly, dark blue, trench coat dress. It has short sleeves and is slim fit in shape. It also has a belt that helps the wearer to fit in better.

What to wear to baby shower

You can also try other solid color options in trench coat dresses. Leave your hair open. Opt for sky blue flat sandals with buckles. This dress is an ideal option for summer baby shower functions. You can carry a big neon bag to break the color code and jazz up your outfit. All said and done, rush and add joy to the baby shower party.

The Creative Florals

Florals prints make a good baby shower choice. They spark color to dull environment and make the mood merry. Where flowers bloom, there blooms hope. Flowers are a great sight to look on. They remind of spring and fill the heart of the onlooker with joy.

Nothing can be equated to a floral print skirt that reminds you of flowers. You must have a floral dress, always and forever. A floral skirt paired with a white top is sure to win all hearts when you arrive at the baby shower.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas - What To Wear To Baby Shower

A beautiful pink floral skirt goes so well with beautiful pink stilettos. They are perfect for any season. The look is trendy yet comfortable, easy to carry yet stylish. This adds romance to the whole environment.

The Polka Dot Top

 Started as a dress for working class in Italy, today, jeans can be worn to every place, be it a baby shower. All you need is, to style it the right way. Must be confused, as to, how to style your favourite pair of jeans. We are here to guide you out of the misery and open to you the multipurpose world of jeans.

Baby Shower Polka Dot Outfit

A  combination of white base peplum top with black polka dots with your age old faded jeans folded up to ankle is striking fresh. For the adorable look carry a mint green tote handbag and wear mint green three inch sandal heels. Apply mint color nail paint.

This combination is super wearable. It is crazy cute and insanely stylish. Wear white pearl stud earrings and keep your hair open. Let your lips be baby pink because a baby is coming soon.

Side Slit Maxi Skirt

Side slit black maxi skirts teamed up with white, full sleeves, v neck, woven crop top/ blouse is a wonderful option to try for baby shower. Leave your hair open with centre partition. Twist them a little towards the end. Style your skirt with a big brown leather belt.

Wear a comfortable, brown leather flat gladiator tie up sandals. It helps you to show a little, without being too over the top. This look is simple yet chic for the baby shower.

Baby shower dress ideas

Before you step out for the baby shower ensure that there is no hair growth on your legs , your back and your tummy. Grab this style and make the ultimate statement.

The Denim Dress

When in doubt, wear denim. It has been the everyday symbol of style. Denim dresses are ideal for the days when wish to mingle leisure with trend. Denim dresses are casual wear but can be styled for any occasion, even for a baby shower. Throw a brown belt across your waist and match with an open toed heels. Open some buttons of your denim dress and let some colorful spaghetti/noodle strip t-shirt pop out. Choose a contrasting color; green or orange. Denim is a way of life. Celebrate the coming new life with denim.

Baby Shower Outfit dress Ideas

A baby makes love stronger, nights longer, days shorter, savings smaller but a home happier. A baby is so tiny and small, and is loved by all. Ten little fingers, ten little toes, two beautiful eyes and a button nose, what can be more charming than having a baby.

And this journey of nine months is the best journey that ends into a beautiful destination. It is not only special to the parents but to all near and dear ones. Make the best of this journey. Enjoy the baby shower. It’s the most memorable moment, the memories of which, will last with you for quite a time.

Have fun and enjoy your little bundle of joy. Wishing the baby love, laughter, sunshine and happiness.