What to wear to date night: Date is always full of excitement and nervousness at the same time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first date or you have been dating for years, you will be under immense pressure to impress someone on the date night. But first date is always the most excited and most difficult to set up the game. It raises panic in both men and women who find it hard to look for ways to impress their date. From dress to attitude, they have to work on several things.

Whenever a date is brought up, it makes a person start thinking in a different way. They start spending time in deciding what to wear, how to make the first impression noticeable and how to break the ice by picking the right topics to talk.

Although all of them are difficult to decide, choosing a dress for date night is always a daunting task, especially for women. Unlike men, women have to keep several things in their mind while deciding a dress for date night. They have to match the dress with their personality, the kind of jewelry they are wearing, footwear and hairstyle.

All these things make it confusing for a woman to pick the perfect dress. Sometime in the nervousness, they commit some mistakes which spoil their plans or lead to uncomfortable experience.

If you are also making plans for your date night, and couldn’t yet decide what could be the perfect dress for the occasion, here we have some cool dress ideas for you to try and impress your date:

Color-Blocked Dress

Whether you are a young woman or a career-oriented lady, this dress will be a fantastic option to wear on a date night. This dress makes a combination of a dark- or light-colored top with a classic cut skirt.

Although some consider it a choice of a career oriented woman, it could be a great dress option when it is combined with a cool cardigan. One of the best things about this date-night dress is that it is easy to wear and comfortable which means you will be able to focus on other things to impress your date while looking beautiful all the time.

Such a dress is always useful when it’s your workday and you don’t have time to go back to your place and get ready for the date.

Outfit Ideas For Date Night For Women

Off-shoulder Dress

Have you ever noticed that there are always women around you wearing off-shoulder dress in various types of events? Off-shoulder dresses are an apt option to consider in all kinds of events. These dresses are in fashion since the 1800s, allowing ladies to feel comfortable and confident.

Several fashion trends came and went, but off-shoulder dresses continued to lure women of all communities. The reason behind their popularity is that they let women reveal their skin, but without making it appear odd to others.

Even today, you can impress someone with your gorgeous off-shoulder dress. To make your dress show your flirty without revealing much skin, choose an off-shoulder dress in a color matching your personality.

Outfit Ideas For Date Night For Women-2

Classic Cut Dress

If you don’t find yourself comfortable carrying a very heavy dress on a date night, you can choose this dress option which is not just easy to wear, but easy to handle too. Choose a classic cut dress which is modest and appealing at the same time.

A long list of good things about the dress includes comfort and attractiveness. In addition, you don’t have to worry about any kind of sudden skin expose at the date.

While choosing a classic cut dress, ensure that it fits you well and goes with your personality. In addition, it should have modern appeal breaking the traditional classic cut dress patterns.

Outfit Ideas For Date Night For Women-3

Leather Dress

Whether it’s a dinner date, going out for a dinner or walk with the date after a meeting, a leather dress is a comfortable and classy option to choose. To make your dress look more appealing and sexy, pair it with pointy heels and an overcoat.

Here, you won’t be revealing too much skin, but getting an appealing look. This combination will make you feel confident and comfortable in front of your date, and give you a look of high-style city girl.

Outfit Ideas For Date Night For Women-4

Crop-Top And Skirt

If you are among those ladies who love to keep it simple and casual, yet in impressive style, a crop-top and a skirt is a fantastic pick to wear on date night. All you need to do is match the right crop-top with a comfortable skirt.

To make you feel confident wearing this dress, it is necessary to tell you that even renowned celebs choose this dress to wear on a date night.

So, if you are also planning to wear such a dress on date night but feeling nervous, don’t think too much and wear a crop-top and skirt confidently.

Outfit Ideas For Date Night For Women-5


There could be several kinds of dress idea for a date night, but wearing jumpsuit is an easy and effortless hack to choose and impress your date without much effort.

It doesn’t matter what kind of date it is, jumpsuit will just work in your favor. In addition, jumpsuits are high in trend and there are lots of options in this category to choose from. It means you can easily get a jumpsuit matching your choice and personality for a perfect date night.

Outfit Ideas For Date Night For Women-6

Little Black Dress

The LBD or the Little Black Dress is a statement piece of clothing that is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. It is for times like these when you are getting ready to go for your first date but cannot decide what to wear while rejecting every piece of clothing in your wardrobe that an LBD comes to the rescue.

Since you can never go wrong with a black dress, choose it as your outfit for the night and complete the look with subtle jewelry, contrasting or colored heels, and well-done hair.


Skirt and Blouse

A great stylish, prim, yet cute outfit is a full skirt paired with a chic blouse. Tuck a crisp white shirt into a blue midi, knee, or ankle-length skirt and you are good to go. In such an outfit, a patterned or embellished flowly skirt goes complements a monochrome shirt.

You can also choose a tight leather skirt which is another classy option to be worn with a blouse as it gives a quite fierce and stylish look. It is important that you accessories this pretty outfit accordingly.

Tie your hair back and wear a clutch, watch, and pointy-toed or ankle strap sandals to complete the look. This is a great outfit for a casual dinner date as well as a luncheon and would make an impressive first impression on your date.


Jeans and Shirt

The more casual girls who don’t wish to put on dressy attire and would rather prefer going out in a more relaxed outfit can pair a jeans and top as well. The idea is to dress casual along with a touch of style.

For such an outfit, you can pair your best pair of skinny jeans with a shirt tucked inside the jeans. You can go for a conventional plain crisp shirt or choose a more sensational sheer shirt. Floral shirts are great as well for a daytime date. Complete this look with a smart pair of heels and a sling bag.


Casual Dress

If your first date is in the daytime either for a coffee, brunch, or a movie, a casual, flow-y, yet cute dress is the option to go for. Thus, instead of trying too hard and attempting to fit into skinny clothes and jeans, why not just go casual with a summery dress.

A floral dress is the go-to outfit in this case which gives a relaxed yet very pretty and girly look. If you are not a fan of heels as well, you can pair up this dress with boots as well and get a boho look.

Long lace-up boots look stylish as well with a short sundress. You can convert such a vibrant sundress into nighttime attire as well by just adding a denim jacket and boots along with it.


These are some of the top ideas one can choose from while dressing up for their first date. While you can go shop for new attire, a smarter and viable choice is to take your best clothes and style it in a fresh style. While there are a number of options available, you can layer up different elements to get a unique new look.

Accessories play another helpful role here. It is also important to dress according to your personal style and choose the clothing that best suits your body type as well as your personality. Thus, make sure you are comfortable in your attire and wear something that reflects your true individuality to ensure a confident and relaxed time on your first date.