What does friend zone mean? Signs you are Friendzoned – You might have heard about the term friendzoning and if you are unaware about what it means, friendzone is being in a state where you are merely a friend to the person you like or love. When you love someone and want to commence a romantic relationship with someone but they in turn, don’t love you back and consider you only as a friend, it means you are friend zoned.

While you might think it’s very easy to know if you are like a friend or a more for someone, it might get bit tricky sometimes. If you are head over heels in love with someone and they don’t reciprocate your feelings, it’s time to dig in deeper and know if you are friend zoned. Here are certain signs that’ll help you find out if you are friend-zoned. Consider these signs and take your decisions wisely.


She is Excessively Comfortable with you

Of course, in a relationship, two people are very comfortable around and when with each other but when she gets too comfortable with you, there’s something off about it. If she is extremely straight forward in front of you, chooses you as her ultimate shopping companion, it might be because she thinks of you as a friend.

Generally, girls are very shy or preserved in front of their crush or boyfriend and they feel awkward to take them to their shopping sprees all the time. It’s good that she is comfortable around you but when she doesn’t act mysterious at all, is because you are not the boyfriend material for her.

She Speaks to you about her Crushes, dates and the Boys she likes

When a girl likes, someone, she won’t him about her other dates and crushes because she is into him. But if she often talks about her dates, her crushes or the random guys she likes, you are already in the friendzone. Also if she takes advices about how to impress guys on date and informs you about the date she went to, it’s pretty obvious that shadiest like you in a romantic way.

If she’s into you, she won’t talk to you about her other days and in fact, will try to not have any relationship to be with you. You don’t want to raise your hopes if she’s constantly thinking and getting along with other men when you are there for her.

She keeps Setting you up with other Girls

 Remember, a girl can never set you up on a date with someone when she is in love with you. If she’s constantly pushing you to go on date with other women and is rather keen about it, it’s because she doesn’t want any romantic relationship with you. It clearly means that she is not afraid about losing you to someone else.

This is a very clear indication that she sees you only as a friend and wants you to find the right girl. This is a friendly bond where two friends hope well for each other and make their best efforts to find their friend a loving person. This is caring my dear, not love!

She Refers to you as her Best Friend

Only if she is very accurate about what she says, best friend means best friend for her. If she refers to you as her best friend and tells this to you ample of times, it’s probably because she genuinely thinks of you as her best friend and not as a love interest. If this is the scenario, watch out because you don’t want to be friendzoned by someone you love.

Just keep in mind that if your girl makes an extra effort and makes you feel that you are a great friend to her, it’s her way of stating that you are just a friend and there’s nothing more than friendship that can happen between you two.

She Introduces you as  Friend to Someone

Nothing can be more of a clear indication that you are friend zones than this one. A woman won’t ever introduce her crush or loved person as a friend to anyone because women are proud of showing off their partners. If she introduces you as a friend to her family or friend or someone she is interested in, you are already friendzoned!

Women always brag about their boyfriends and crushes and take proud in it so if she is very openly and happily announcing you as a friend, it’s time to shuffle your feelings because you don’t want to be in the friendzone anymore.

There’s no Physical Contact or Sexual Tension between you

If a man and a woman like each other even a little bit, there’ll be some physical contact or sexual tension between them. When there are no traces of such contact between you and her, it’s because she doesn’t think of you in that way.

Try to remember the time when you were alone and had a perfect opportunity to hit on her but she chose to sleep or do something else instead of spending time with you, it’s because she doesn’t think of you as her love interest. If even in the most delicate situations she behaves like a friend with you, it means that she thinks of you as no more than a friend. You don’t want to go ahead and keep trying if there’s no basic spark between you two.

Your Friends are Constantly Warning you

If you constantly catch your friends teasing, warning and telling you that you are friendzoned, it’s because they can see and feel it. If all your friends are very sure about it, it’s a clear sign that you should not hope for more. Especially if some or any of her friends tell you the same thing, it’s because she might be afraid of hurting you and that she wants her friends to tell you.

If your close friend tells you that you don’t have any chance with her, is because he/she has been noticing such signs and has analyzed the situations well. If you too feel that internally, it’s time to accept that she is not into you.

She Doesn’t Dress up for you

When a girl is in love with someone or even if she likes someone, she’ll make all the efforts to look good in front of him. She’d wear some beautiful clothes, even go shopping for dates and would do everything to look pretty. If your girl has never done this for you, it’s because she doesn’t see you in that way and is not bothered about impressing you.

If she doesn’t dress differently, doesn’t bother to brush her hair or isn’t concerned about how she looks in front of you, it’s because she doesn’t like you in a romantic way. She doesn’t have any reason to impress you or to grab your attention. So if this is the case with you and you can clearly feel that she doesn’t want to look special, you are friendzoned.

She doesn’t Hesitate when she Touches or Hugs you

There’s a huge difference in a friendly touch and a romantic touch.  You might want to hug her romantically but if she hugs and touches you in the friendliest manner without hesitating, it’s because she thinks of you as a friend and nothing more. She doesn’t feel awkward because she cares the least about what that touch would mean to you; and also that it doesn’t mean anything to her.

When a girl touches or hugs a man who she likes or loves, she’d get electrified by the touch and you can simply see it on her face and if your touch doesn’t excite or exhilarate her at all, it’s because she considers it as a friendly touch and you, are probably friendzoned!

Your Feelings are Simply not Reciprocated

When you are being friendzoned, you’ll probably know it.  It’s not that hard to understand but yes, it can definitely be hard to accept it. if you know and feel it internally that she is friendzoning you but ignore the fact just because you are in a hope that one day, she will have the same feelings for you, you are wrong. In this situation, you’ll feel drained and dreaded because your feelings aren’t countered.

You won’t feel satisfied and happy in this relationship because it doesn’t bring you the satisfaction and happiness it’s supposed to bring. When you are friendzoned, you won’t be happy and the situations that friendzoning brings are not appealing at all. So when you start to feel this way, withdraw this relationship because this friendzoning will leave you wounded and upset.

She doesn’t feel Awkward while Dressing in front of you

It is not possible to get dressed in front of someone you like or love, without feeling awkward and uncomfortable. If she is not even slightest hesitated to change in front of you, to wear a bikini in front of you and hang out, it’s because she isn’t self-conscious about her body in front of you.

She doesn’t feel hesitated when you look at her body and this is the biggest sign that she has already friendzoned you and doesn’t have any romantic feelings for you. If she can get dressed in your presence without any malice, you are nothing more than a friend to her.