Ways to use Glycerin and Rose Water for Beautiful Skin – Rose water and glycerin is a perfect combination of ingredients is used for treating ample of skin related issues. These natural and skin polishing ingredients are filled with goodness of minerals and natural ingredients that can make your skin look youthful and glowing.

Glycerin is natural humectant that works as a very effective moisturizing agent. Not only it hydrates your skin, but also it keeps your skin smooth and supple. On the other hand, rose water is a natural cleaning and toning agent. The anti inflammatory property of rose water moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

The combination of these two reviving ingredients is antibacterial, has hydrating properties, consists of antioxidants and also has anti inflammatory properties and thus, it can work as an efficient exfoliator, moisturizer and regenerator.


1. Rose Water and Glycerin for Toning the Tired Skin

The aroma of rose water is naturally refreshing and soothing. Throughout the day when you step out of your house, your skin gets exposed to harmful sun rays, dust and skin pollutants which can make your skin look tired and dull. To revive your skin before you go to bed, use glycerin and rose water as a toner.

The astringent properties of rose water and deep cleansing agents in glycerin will clean the pores and will increase your skin suppleness. Mix half spoon glycerin with 2 spoons rose water and apply this toner on your skin. You can either wash it off or can sleep with this mild toner on your skin overnight.

2. Aloe vera Gel, Rose Water and Glycerin for Moisturizing Skin

Both, rose water and glycerin consist of moisturizing properties. These nourishing ingredients can repair your damaged or rough skin, heal cracks, and regenerate the skin cells and tissues. If your skin has become dry and rough, you can revive your skin using the combination of these 2 ingredients.

In a bowl, add 2 spoons rose water, 1 ¼ spoon glycerin and half spoon aloe vera gel. Mix these ingredients well and apply this paste on your skin. This moisturizer will maintain the pH balance of your skin and will nurture your skin. Apply this moisturizer everyday to your skin for best results.

3. Homemade Cleanser with Glycerin, Rose Water and Essential Oils

Your skin gets irritated and clogged due to dust particles and pollutants and thus, it is extremely important to cleanse the skin thoroughly in the morning and before going to bed. Rose water and glycerin are the best ingredients that can clean the clogged pores and balance oiliness.

Treat your skin with a natural homemade cleanser with this quick cleanser. Add 100ml rose water, 15ml glycerin, 8-10 drops of lavender essential oil and 1-2 drops of ylang ylang oil in a bowl. Mix these ingredients and pour it in a bottle. Let this mixture rest in the bottle for 24 hours and use every day.

4. Neem Powder, Glycerin and Rose Water for Treating Acne

Glycerin being sticky can be applied to your skin for effectively removing the dust and germs that cause acne. When used along with rose water, glycerin works as miraculous ingredients for treating acne. The anti bacterial properties of these ingredients will help you remove the acne quickly.

To achieve acne free skin, in a bowl add 3 spoons of neem powder, 1 spoon glycerin and 2 spoons rose water. Prepare a thick mask and add more neem powder if needed. Apply this paste on your entire face and let it dry. After 25-30 minutes, rinse your face. Regular use of this mask will make your skin free from acne.

5. Rose Water, Lemon Juice, Sugar, and Glycerin for Exfoliating Skin

Exfoliating skin on timely basis is extremely important as there are ample of bacteria and dust particles that get clogged under the layers if the skin causing blemishes, acne and such skin issues. To reduce such skin issues and to get supple smooth skin, it is important to exfoliate the skin once to twice a week.

If you want t o prepare a promising and high quality exfoliating scrub for your skin, try this recipe. In a bowl, add 2 spoons of brown sugar, half spoon lemon juice, 1 spoon rose water and half spoon glycerin. Scrub your skin with this mixture for 10-15 minutes gently and moisturize after rinsing.

6. Hydrating and Nourishing Glycerin, Honey and Rose Water Face Mask

If your skin has become completely dry, it’s time to use a hydrating and reviving mask for your dry skin. Glycerin and rose water consists of humectants and maintains the water balance of your skin. For healthy looking skin and super supple texture, you can use some hydrating agents.

In a bowl, add half spoon glycerin, half spoon honey and 2 spoons of rose water. Mix these ingredients and apply this nourishing mask on your skin. Let this mask sit on your skin for 30 minutes. This amazing mask will make your skin smooth, healed and hydrated.

7. Oil Balancing mask Using Rose Water, Cucumber, Glycerin, Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood powder is one of the most effective oil balancing and rejuvenating ingredients. Especially, if you have oily and sticky skin, use of this amazing mask is recommended. Sandalwood powder and rose water will naturally create oil control and will leave your skin with a smooth and shiny splash.

To prepare an oil balancing mask, in a bowl mix half spoon glycerin, 3 spoons rose water, 2 spoons of cucumber juice and 3 spoons sandalwood powder. Mix these ingredients and prepare a thick mask. Apply this mask on your face and relax. Also put 2 slices of cucumber on your eyes while you relax and let the mask work on your skin. Rinse after 30-35 minutes and moisturize your skin.

8. Egg, Glycerin and Rose Water for Skin Brightening

If you are tired of trying different remedies for the patchiness and dark skin tone, here is a quick and impactful mask to regenerate your skin cells. Egg is an effective ingredient that can repair your damaged skin and offer natural even toned glow. For the best results, use eggs with glycerin and rose water while preparing a skin brightening mask.

In a bowl, add egg yolk and whisk it properly. Add 1 spoon glycerin and 2 spoons rose water to the bowl and again stir properly. Apply this mixture on your skin thoroughly and let it dry. After 25 minutes, when the mask becomes dry, peel it off or rinse with water. This mask will make your skin mesmerizingly smooth and even toned.

9. Multi Ingredient Soothing Mask with Rose Water and Glycerin

Glycerin and rose water are considered as the soothing and nourishing ingredients. These calming agents can make your skin feel relaxed and look supple. You can add certain ingredients and prepare a mask for stimulating and energizing your skin. If your skin has become red or irritated, is acne prone or if you simply want your skin to feel refreshing, here is the mask you should be using.

In a bowl, add 2 spoons of multani mitti, 2 spoons rose water, half spoon glycerin and 1 spoon aloe vera gel. Mix these ingredients and apply this soothing mask on your skin. If you want a chilled mask, after preparing the mask keep it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and then apply. This is a highly calming mask for relaxed and enlivening skin.

10. Glycerin, Rose water and Lemon Juice to De Tan your Skin

Who doesn’t love getting a quick sun bathe on the beaches? However, the sun rays can simply make your skin extremely tanned and dark. To remove extreme sun tan and to make your skin look even toned and bright, it’s important to apply this bracing mask. Glycerin and rose water are highly effective in restoring the color and texture of your skin and thus, the combination of these ingredients will repair your skin soon.

To fight tan, in a bowl add 1 spoon lemon juice, 1 spoon rose water and half spoon glycerin. Mix the ingredients and apply it on the affected area.  This tan removal cream or mask will work well within 30 minutes and will give you awesome results. Make sure you use this mask for 7-10 days regularly to completely remove tan and restore your skin color.

11. Banana, Rose Water, Glycerin and Honey For Treating Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs some extra care and glycerin being one of the finest natural ingredients that can handle the sensitive skin in the best way is perfect for preparing a mask. For sensitive skin issues like blemishes, acne, dryness, fine lines and pigmentation, you can use glycerin and rose water.

In a bowl, add half mashed ripe banana, 3 spoons rose water, half spoon glycerin and half spoon honey. Mix these ingredients to prepare a thick and fine paste. Apply this paste on your skin and let it set. Rinse the mask after 30 minutes with cold water ad tap dry. Use this hydrating and healing mask twice a week for best results. This mask is prepared with all natural and hydrating ingredients and is thus safe and compatible for sensitive skin.

12. Overnight Glycerin, Rose Water and Vitamin E oil Mask for Younger Looking Skin

Vitamin E oil plays a very important role in rejuvenating and regenerating your skin. If your skin has started to show aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, patchiness etc, you can use vitamin E oil to nourish your skin. This overnight mask will simply make your skin supple and fluffy while leaving it untouched and beautiful for days. This overnight mask will heal your dry and polluted skin and will make it super smooth overnight.

In a bowl, add 1 spoon vitamin E oil (you can use the vitamin E oil Capsules), half spoon glycerin and 2 spoons rose water. Mix these ingredients and apply this mask on your face. Leave this mask on your skin overnight to work on your skin cells. Next morning, wash your skin and you’ll find it smooth and supple then before.

13. Glycerin, Rose Water and Beetroot Juice for Nourishing Lips

Lips are the integral part of our body and beautiful fluffy pink lips are desired by every girl. To make your lips look beautiful and pink, you can use this combination of effective ingredients. You can create a moisturizer cum tint for your gorgeous lips and make them look plumper. Beetroot juice will not only make your lips pink but also plump and chiseled.

Add 1 spoon glycerin in a bowl; add 1 spoon beetroot juice and 1 spoon rose water. Mix these ingredients and prepare a thick paste. Store it in a small container and apply it throughout the day whenever you feel that your lips are getting dry. This nourishing and moist mixture will keep your lips plump and pink throughout the day.

14. Glycerin and Rose Water and Rose Petals for a Reviving Facial Mist

Facial mists are highly refreshing and hydrating. If your skin gets sticky and patchy due to dust particles and oil imbalance, you can try using facial mists to make your skin look fresh and hydrated throughout the day. Keep a paper towel and the bottle of this facial mist in your purse to use it multiple times a day.

For making this mist, you will need distilled water, lavender oil, glycerin and rose water. In a bowl, add 1 cup water, 2 spoons glycerin, half cup rose water and 8 drops lavender oil. You can also add rose petals in this mist for best results. Mix these ingredients and pour it in a bottle. Let this mist settle for 24 hours and use it. You can use this mist cum spray to wash and moisturize your skin at the same time. When you are in the office or outside, spray the mist on your face and wipe it with a paper towel and before going to bed, spray this mist on your face and let it sit overnight.

It is highly recommended to take a patch test before applying any of these masks on your skin to ensure safety and to protect your skin from any allergies.