Ways to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home, Apartment or Office: There is a lot of chaos on the discussion of removing negative energy from home or office. Not many people are aware of the different methods of removing these uncomfortable vibes from the house or their workplace. It feels sick to feel something strange and realize those ill feelings keep distracting you from your routine life. This article has well researched methods shared by top vaastu gurus and purohits; the methods will help you in eliminating the unwanted energies from your heavenly place.

“The more positive energy you are surrounded with, the better your life will be.”

Before you begin to perform either of these steps, it is essential to confirm whether these energies are really negative.

Excellent Ways to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home, Apartment or Office

Remove Negative Energy from Your Home, Apartment or Office

The below tips will help you to detect what kind of energy is trying to settle in your house or work:

1) Feeling of Sadness:

Do you feel sad or low the moment you step inside your home? If you have something strange in your house, you will not feel like going home. The feeling of visiting a friend’s place or staying at a hotel keeps alluring you.

2. Low Energy Levels:

Negative energies make you feel sick and low all the time whenever these surround you. The feeling of stress and anxiety keeps pestering in the house. Low energy levels in you and in the area confirm that you have negative energy around.

3. Glass Method:

Glass method is one of the most widely followed techniques to confirm negative energies at home or workplace. Fill some portion of sea salt in an empty glass. Add some ounces of white vinegar and then fill it with clear tap water. Do not mix any contents.

Place a glass of water in the room or space where you suspect negative energy. Try to place it in the area where you feel it is most powerful and cannot be located easily. Leave the glass untouched with no finger prints for next 24 hours.

In case the glass is clear, it means no negative energies reside in your place. However, if the contents turn pale yellow or greenish in color, it confirms negative energies. Repeat the process in other corners of your house or office.

4. Take Support:

Take support from a vaastu expert or a knowledgeableperson who is well-versed in detecting negative energies in the house.You may talk to your friends and relatives about it but share only with those whom you trust the most. Some people may either laugh it off and others may take advantage of the situation to increase your fear.

5. Arguments and Fights:

Have you noticed quarreling with your spouse for no reason or feeling irritable at your children? Frequent fights, unnecessary frustration, and arguments confirm negativity in your surroundings. It is time that you need to find the cause and get rid of it asap.

‘Positive energy is contagious; the more you spread it the more you are surrounded with it.’

6. Feeling of Clutter:

Do you feel suffocated and cluttered after entering your office space or apartment? It becomes difficult to sit in such space for long. The cluttered feeling and the clutter in the surrounding is a sure sign of negative energy around you.

Effective ways to remove negative energy from home, apartment or office:

1. Open the Windows:

One of the most important things to do is to open all the windows of your house or office and let the bad energies along with the smell of clutter go out. Let your space breathe with fresh air and new vibes. Fresh air is highly essential to spread positive energies inside your house or office space. Along with the windows, also dry all the stored blankets, pillows, carpets, and any such thing that has stayed inside for long.

2. Use Incense Sticks:

Indian has an ancient relation with incense sticks. Even the ancient people of China and Egypt strongly believed in the magical powers of incense sticks. The fragrance of these thin sticks leaves a strong impact in your house. Its properties create a calm and peaceful ambience throughout the day and you feel energetic to work. For offices where smoke alarms are installed, you may use perfumed incense sticks to avoid fire detectors. There are oodles of varieties and types available in incense sticks and every fragrance holds some positive purpose once you burn these.

3. Repair the Damaged:

Do not leave any broken furniture at work or home. You may be longing to fix that broken arm chair or replace batteries in that wall clock. Broken things often bring sad thoughts and do not let you feel fresh whenever you step into that space. Most FengShui experts will suggest you to fix all the damages in your house or work.Check for any leakages or fixes that need your attention.

4. Sprinkle/Spray the oil:

Orange oil is known to spread fresh vibes and kill the sad feelings from the house. The smell of fresh oranges reminds you of fresh opportunities, happy smiles, and beautifulsunshine. Sprinklingor spraying orange oil improves the mood and takes away the dull or boring atmosphere. Try buying organic orange oil from the store. You may either diffuse it by pouring few drops in water or spray it directly in all the areas of house, especially the affected space.

5. Big Farewell to the Clutter:

You not only have to remove the bad odor but also clear all the clutter from the house. Objects that have been lying since ages such as the broken toys of your childhood, past memories of the deceased, broken furniture, and any such thing that has remained unattended and unused.

Garbage or clutter takes away all the good mood and positive energies from the house or office. If your office space has chunks of old files lying as a waste, it is time to clear them up.

These old and ragged stuff blocks your mind and body making you feel sick all the time. It is highly important to even set your cupboard and arrange the clothes properly.

‘Everything around us is made up of energy. To attract positive things in your life, you must start giving positive energy from your end.’

6. Make use of Crystals:

This is one place where you need some guidance from a good FengShui expert or Vaastuguru. You cannot pick any random color from the crystals based on its beauty or looks and place it in your apartment. Mostly, Black Tourmaline crystal is known for dissolving negative energies. People who own an office or shop can make use of it after confirming with the Vaastu expert. Many FengShui professionals suggest placing these crystals next to electronic devices.

7. Ring a Bell:

Does that sound good to the ears already? Who doesn’t like the sweet sound of a bell?Early mornings when you get up and perform your pooja, ring a bell in every room and corner. The sound waves generated from the bell keeps away the bad energies and energize the positive energies in the house.

Different types of bells are available these days at the spiritual stores. Our grandparents and ancestors used to roam around in the house ringing the bell and chanting mantras every morning. They surely knew the purpose and deep meaning behind these bells.

8. Color the Town:

Your wall colors of the office and house makes a big difference in bringing positive or negative energy. Many professional interior designers recommend that you use yellow color often for painting your walls. The color yellow helps in neutralizing and balancing the energies in places where you spend most time. Moreover, this color also adds good mood and spreads a cozy feeling in the room.

9. Place Salt in Nook and Corner:

Salt has a remarkable ancient existence to absorb negative energies. Pour salt in all the four corners of your rooms and let it settle down for 24to 48 hours.On the completion of its purpose, you may either sweep it off or vacuum the salt and dust it in the trash bin. Some religious people believe in throwing the salt under running water of the tap. Different people have different beliefs but the purpose of the salt remains the same in relation to negative energies.

10. Get rid of Sharp Corners:

Feng Shui experts suggest that you remove all the sharp corners, angels, and edges from your home as soon as possible. Even the sharp edged vases and decorative objects throw negative feelings in the house. Switch to round tables, vases, and other furniture in your house that adds to more comfort than gothic looks.Many people have a habit of bringing home scary paintings and sculptures. These stuff maybe good as per your interest and views, but it won’t do any good to the guest visiting your place or kids living in your house.

‘Positive energy in every house can heal the entire Universe.’

11. Throw The Dead and Dried Flowers:

Throw dead and fried flowers from your vases right away! Anything that is dead or any memory of the deceased is not good to be kept in the house. You may have noticed people performing rituals, moving incense sticks, and offering flowers to the elder people’s pictures who have died in their house. This is acceptable as everyday you are paying your tribute to your loved one who passed away. However, other dead things like animals, insects, and flowers need to be taken away far from your home and office.

12. Purify Your House with Holy Water:

Different traditions have different names for holy water. Hindus sprinkle gangajal in every corner of their house to keep negative energies away. But, the entrance of your house and office also needs protection from bad vibes. The process to welcome positive energy in the house is simple to follow.

Fill a bucket of water and pour lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar. Mix the ingredients well. Now wipe the window glasses and panes, door with this solution from the outside and inside. You may also sprinkle salt at the entrance of your door and cover it with a doormat. All these steps together will drive away the negative energies that will try to peep inside your house.

Apart from the above negative energy healing methods for your house and office, you need to also focus on bringing a positive approach in you. Unless you are positive in life, you cannot make your home or office environment positive.

The following are some of the simplest ways to stay positive and spread positive energies always:

1. Follow the Color Green:

Buy green plants and spread positive energy. Gift green plants and fresh flowers to your friends, colleagues, and loved ones. A simple gesture of love like this shows your positive approach towards others and attracts positive feelings in return. Big or small, any green plant is necessary to be placed in the house. Check out the different types of indoor plants and outdoor plants that can be placed at your kitchen table or near your balcony. Refrain from bringing plants with thorns like cactus.

2. Follow Yoga:

The practice of yoga has a strong positive approach since ancient times. It cannot be denied that some of the most prominent and skilled yogis survived for many years with the help of yoga. Yoga keeps your body, soul, and mind calm and brings a positive approach towards your lifestyle. You don’t have to be a yogi wandering on the mountains in search of peace and positivity; yoga can be performed anywhere at home or office too.Regular yoga practice not only heals you but also heals your environment.

3. Learn Meditation:

Learn the art of meditation and spread positive vibes from your brain to the entire room. The more you chant and meditate, the better your house or office environment will be. We understand it is difficult to perform meditation at work space but, you may take a few minutes break and do it on your chair in your cabin. Meditation is like talking to your mind and instructing it to spread positive vibes around. There are innumerable videos on guided meditation related to positive energy on various social channels like YouTube. Download a few and start practicing from today!

4. Avoid Watching Negative:

One of the major concerns these days is the addiction of watching negative stuff on web and TV. Even the children are prone to playing violent video games. Stop listening to negative news and watching such stupid stuff; it adds to more negativity in the house and your mind. Avoid sitting with people who have a habit of complaining about their health,life, job, and every damn thing. Such people block your mind from thinking positive and you bring the same sad feelings at home too. As a result, quarrels arise with your loved ones at home bringing more negative moods around.

5. Rise early:

‘Early to bed and early to rise’is one of the oldest sayings. It really works! Make a habit of taking a walk or watering the plants early morning and greet the sunshine with love. The morning sunshine is very healthy and full of positive energy.You will feel a different flow of energy inside you that you will carry home too.

6. Stop Cribbing:

Stop cribbing about everything you have in life. Be blessed that you are surviving in this beautiful world for a purpose. Find that purpose instead of sulking in your own negative thoughts. Continuous complaining about life will take you away from the company of good people with a positive approach towards life.

7. Eat Healthy:

Last but not the least, the most important thing to do is to eat healthy food always. Chew more of green colors and drink colorful stuff like fresh fruit juices. It really helps in staying energetic and positive throughout the day. Due to lack of healthy lifestyle, we often feel dull and that keeps us away from doing the daily chores of home. The feeling of low energy refrain us from cleaning the house, performing pooja, getting up early, exercising regularly, and more… As a result you see more of negativity roaming around the corners of your house.

8. Rearrange the House:

Make a habit of moving the furniture for cleaning and changing the looks of your room often. It really works to feel positive! A simple change in the house or room brings a lot of difference in your approach towards life and home.Try changing the furniture, shift the couch, change flowers often, eat in different crockeries, and do anything that makes you feel good.

Hope this article helps you in removing all the unwanted negative energies from your house and life forever. Share your experience with us on how helpful this article was for you. We would love to hear your comments and suggestions on it.