Ways to make him Stick to you Like Glue – We all know that getting into a relationship is easy but when it comes to maintaining the relationship, it takes time and efforts. To make the relationship last, you don’t have to use tactics but simply have to be a true partner to your S.O. a lot of women wonder how they can make their men stick to them for life and well, the answer is not so complicated.

If you desperately want your man to be with you forever, make him feel loved and appreciated. Praise him, love him and make him feel highly esteemed. If you are thinking how to do it, here are certain ways you can get him glued to you without complicating things.


Give him his Space

Being a loving and caring partner doesn’t mean you have to circle your life around him. If you’ll keep niggling him through calls and messages whenever you are apart, he will feel suffocated. If you don’t want your man to take you for granted and love you the same way, let him enjoy his time without you. Of course, you need to spend a lot of time with your S.O to strengthen your bond but that doesn’t mean that you can’t leave him alone.

In fact, once a while it is important for you and him to take some time off and embrace your tie without each other. Let him pursue his hobbies, let him hang out with his friends and do things he love. This will make him appreciate you more and he will surely miss you more than ever. A little distance will surely create a spark and will make him stick to you for sure.

Be confident and realize your worth

Men always like women who are confident and independent. This is one of the top female virtues that drag men towards them and why not? A confident and independent being is worthy and it’s a personality trait that’s extremely attractive. Seeing a woman who stands on her feet, is capable of taking care of herself and others and knows her worth is hard to get and when such men get such women, they don’t leave them.

To make him a part of your life and make him glue to you, work on yourself first. Don’t change yourself and be playful, flirty and sassy. Confidence and autonomy are the qualities men won’t be able to resist and thus, also if you are lacking these qualities, work on it and you won’t have to do much to make him love you.

Be Cheery and Optimistic

When women are cheery, fun and humorous, men simply cannot resist them. Every guy wants a girl who can make him laugh and take difficult situations lightly. Be his partner in crime and share his hobbies. If he loves playing games, play along with him. If he loves going to karaoke clubs, go along and sing with him. Try to get involved in those activities and make it more exciting for him.

Don’t annoy and nag about the things he likes because it will end up into hatred and fights. The best way to make him to stick you is to make him feel that way. Make him feel loved and happy and so he won’t go anywhere because he won’t have any reasons to do so.

Praise and Appreciate Him

A lot of men might not admit it, but they love complements. Women always tend to be a centrepiece of any relationship when it comes to compliments and praises. Women always want to affectionate words and compliments about the way they look, about the way she takes care of him and much more. On the other hand, men are always less complimented when compared to women.

Ditch this habit and find the reasons to compliment him. He wants to know what you think of him and how you perceive him. Whenever he does something for you, when he dresses up, whenever he performs good at work or does something special, compliment him and tell him that he is the best. Men need affection as much as women and when you’ll do that, he will surely stick to you.

Pay Attention to Physical proximity

Physical proximity and closeness plays a very important role in enriching any relationship. Making love and being physically close creates a feeling of love and belongingness which is very important in a relationship. Keep hugging him, kissing him and cuddling whenever you get some time and space. Don’t refrain from little PDA because it is the ultimate way to make him feel special and close.

Be creative and kinky in bed and share your fantasies. Even when you are not in mood or when you are exhausted, take some time off to build the physical intimacy and closeness with him. Men are sexual beings and being experimental and fun in bed will surely make him fall in love with you. Remember, it’s not only about sex, but it’s all about being close, showing some love through gentle kisses, warm embraces and hearty hugs.

Be his Ultimate Support System

Everyone needs a strong support system and men are too looking for a great support system in their SO. For becoming his ultimate support system, you’ll have to believe him and understand him. Assist him in his decisions and guide whenever he is wrong. Even though if he doesn’t ask for your support, be the one to help him out. Encourage him when he is about to take an important decision; cheer him up if he had a bad day.

These are the simple things you can do to make him feel better. Everyone needs some time and encouragement to be better in life and with your small actions; he will be able to do it effortlessly. Who doesn’t want a partner that stays by his side no matter what? Be true to your words, help him take better decisions and he’ll get glued to you for life.