Ways to Love Yourself Again After a Breakup – Breakups are extremely draining emotionally. Especially, when you realize that there’ll be no one with whom you will share those sweet messages, romantic dates, and hearty love letters, you’ll become more vulnerable. This is a feeling of losing someone forever and you’ll have no clue about what to do. The most common thing you’ll feel is that the whole breakup is a bad dream and everything will get to normal tomorrow.

No matter how much you deny it, the truth is that nothing is going to be normal again and that you have to get over it. The best thing to do to recover from a breakup is to distract your thoughts and try to be more positive and healthy again. If you are coping with a breakup, here are some of the best ways to love yourself and get over a breakup.


Reduce Stress by Thinking Positive

It’s not easy at all to think positively about a breakup but in the long run, you’ll realize that the breakup happened for good. There’s always something good on the other side of a bad event. If the relationship was meant to be, it would but now that it didn’t work, there is a strong reason behind it.

Maybe the relationship was not satisfying, maybe he was not the right person for you and maybe you both were not compatible with each other. No matter how much it hurts, you have to believe that the relationship was not meant for you and it’s time to move on. So think of it as a positive event and try to live your life to the fullest.

Focus on Yourself

When you are in a relationship, sometimes, you don’t get enough time to focus on yourself. You have to share your time and your interests with someone else, as a team. But now, it’s all about you and you have all the time to be more independent and self-sufficient.

Focus on the hobbies that you always wanted to pursue but did not. Plan some goals and focus on accomplishing those goals. Stop thinking about the goals and plans you made with them and start working on yourself to get better. Focus on your career or education; get a makeover, go shopping and you’ll be able to cope with the breakup smoothly.

Don’t Give up on Love

It’s very natural to give up on love and start restraining from relationships and love after a breakup but don’t let this thought consume you. Remember that if you were not able to make the relationship work, it’s because both of you were not compatible and also that everyone is not the same.

A lot of people have to go through a lot of relationships to find the correct person for them and this is what you should think. If you’ve got your heartbroken, it’s time to be open for someone better now. Don’t regret your breakup. It happened because it wasn’t for you and you deserve better. In fact, now you are more precise about what you want and what you don’t want in a relationship so it’s going to be better anyways. Be open for love but don’t rush into it.

Take Some Time and let the Negativity Vanish

It’s impossible to recover from a breakup overnight and thus, it’s better to accept the fact that you have broken up and let yourself loosen up. If you feel hurtful and like you are in so much pain, you can’t stop it but you can cry after it. There’s nothing bad in crying so cry out loud and free yourself from that pain.

Don’t let the bad things make you feel vulnerable for more time. Once you are done with crying and grieving, shut the chapter and don’t let those bad things make you feel miserable for more time. Think about what would happen if you got married to the person and then things would turn bad. Just remember that even if the breakup was delayed, it would cause even more pain to you.

Feeling Emotional is OK but Don’t Let the Breakup Consume You

When you don’t let yourself out of it, the breakup will consume you. Grieving about it, you won’t be able to move on and will keep feeling bad. Getting consumed in a breakup will only cause you more pain. You’ll think negatively of the person you broke up with and you’ll think negatively for relationships in general.

You might think about revenge and hurting the other person. This can affect your mental well being so just don’t let the breakup consume you. It’s good to let it all out and free yourself. Get detached from the person and all the memories and go for a fresh start.

Don’t Blame Yourself for it

It’s important to understand that it’s not your fault. If that relationship did not work, it’s not your fault. You might feel like you should have done something to make it work or it’s because of you that the relation dint work. A lot of people even feel that you could have done more to make it work; this is not the time to think about that.

When you don’t feel the same about the person, it’s time to give up on the relationship because love is very natural and you can’t force yourself to love someone. It doesn’t matter whether he/she or you broke up; the thing is that you broke up because of a reason and now you have to respect your decision. Don’t blame yourself for anything and go for a new beginning.

Spend Time with People you Love

When you share your thoughts and emotions with someone, it becomes easy to recover from anything. So instead of investing your time and thoughts into a person who doesn’t matter anymore, be with the people who encourage and motivate you. Clearly, there’s no better way than sharing your feelings with your best friend, a close family member or with anyone you feel comfortable with.

Spend more time with your family and friends and you’ll start valuing yourself and other people more. Be with people who inspire you, help you cope with difficult times and to become a better version of yourself. Not only you’ll start loving yourself, but you’ll also feel positive and enthusiastic about your journey ahead.

Pursue a Hobby

When you are coping with a breakup, you might struggle to think straight. You’ll keep trying to get him/her back; you’ll try to get back to them which are not the right thing to do. These trials are not worth it and you should just stop doing it. Instead of going back to him, it’s time to look for something more exciting.

If you have a hobby that you always wanted to pursue but couldn’t, now is the time to do it. Choose anything you like; skating, singing, dancing, cooking or anything that makes you happy. Pursuing your hobby post-breakup will help you distract those negative thoughts. Not only will you move on, but you’ll also become happier and stronger.

Practice Mindfulness and Accept a Healthy Lifestyle

Nothing will help you cope with a breakup more than mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle. Switch your attention from all those thoughts to better sleeping, and eating habits. Start a yoga class, go for meditation, join a gym and accept a healthy lifestyle.

Eat healthy foods, keep exercising regularly and you’ll feel way more relaxed and happy than ever before. Meditating on a daily basis will help you flush out the negative thoughts and will bring more positivity. Creating a healthy mind and body connection will make you a stronger person, physically as well as mentally.

Celebrate your Uniqueness

What’s better to cope with a breakup than celebrating your uniqueness? It is always recommended to embrace your uniqueness and be special. Join a marathon, connect with your girlfriends/ friends, join a self-defense class, party hard with your squad and you’ll feel energetic again.

There are plentiful of things you can do and feel better. If you are good at decorating, restructure your home; if you are good at dancing, join a dancing class; if you love messages and spa, go for an aromatherapy and spa session. Doing the things you love will naturally make you love yourself more. Be compassionate and nurturing to yourself and celebrate your uniqueness.

Forgive them

If the reason for the breakup was your ex, it’s time to forgive them. If they cheated on you or if they turned it into a toxic relationship, you need to understand that getting out of that relationship was good for you. Forgive them for their mistakes and move on with it. The more you’ll keep blaming them for it, the more you’ll too suffer from pain.

Forgiveness allows you to get over things and make a fresh start. Holding grudges and thinking ill for that person will not let you live peacefully. It’s hard to forgive someone but remember that you’re doing that for your well being. To stay safe and peaceful after a breakup, you’ll have to forgive them.