The fancy trend of having a well-designed bathroom has been quite a rage and honestly, there would not be anyone who would not love to have a gorgeous bathroom. Talking about interior designing, one of the most important parts of the house other than the very obvious living room is the bathroom. It needs special attention because it is the only place in the house where the theme is distinguished from the rest. There are several themes that people adopt to makeover their bathroom into something completely new.

If you are planning for a makeover, here are 10 amazing ways to decorate your bathroom beautifully.

Cute Games Theme Bathroom Decor

This is a unique makeover for your dull bathroom and usually most of the bathrooms can easily have this makeover with ease. The reason being, the colors that are being used in this bathroom decoration style are quite common.


Colors like, white, beige and cream are quite common for bathrooms and also increases the elegance of the bathroom by manifolds. The colors are further assisted by bathroom furniture that are shaped as a rolling dice that is used in board games while the pool can have a customizable tap that creates waves in it.

If you have a small bathroom that cannot accommodate all these elements, then you can simply stick to bathroom wall designs that depict some popular board games that are generally associated with you. It is suggested that you remain stuck to your old bathroom layout and try to improve it to have the makeover efficiently.

Wise Use of Granite and Glass

A simple survey would tell you that people having a beautiful granite design have more elegance in their bathroom. There is a frequent use of granite tiles in the vintage and classic themes of bathrooms which we all know for their boldness.

They appear luxurious and light up the bathroom properly as well. In addition to that the use of glass at also helps you decorate your bathroom beautifully.


Beginning with the large bathrooms, the shower area can be modified with an enclosed area of transparent glass for a classic appearance. Also, the mirrors can be arranged spaciously with glass divisions between then.

Now, the small bathrooms also get benefited with the use of glass as the glass design makes any small bathroom appear relatively bigger. It is certified informally that the look of your bathroom multiplies with the right use of tiles, granite and glass in your bathroom.

Change Lighting of the Bathroom

Changing the lights of the bathroom affects the overall design and appearance in a lot of different ways. This is because the reflections and the amount of colors used are completely dependent upon the lighting of the bathroom. You can go for various different designs of lights for your bathroom.


There are wall mounted lights which look absolutely elegant and they also come on various color options as well. These lights are usually applied where the lights are supposed to be dim and darker than usual. More appropriately, if you have a deep toned bathroom, then these lights would definitely help you get the best results.

Further, there are bright LED lights which tone your bathroom into very bright. You can use these lights if you have a bathroom with light color accent. You can also go for simple hanging lights which light up the bathroom adequately.

Color Accent of the Bathroom

The color accent of the bathroom plays a vital role in shaping up the appearance in the primary manner. The color of the walls and the fittings are something that is absolutely catchy and also help you build up any particular theme on it as well. The color of the walls are one of the first things that is noticeable in a bathroom.


There are three broad categories in which people choose the color of their bathroom. Some people like it dark and dense, using colors with high contrast which enhances the boldness of the room altogether. Then there are some other people who like light accented colors for their bathroom because it increases the elegance of the bathroom.

Light accent colors also reflect more light and keep the room brighter than usual. The last category involves all the people who like multi colored bathrooms or colorful accent in their bathrooms. You can change your bathroom color accent to any of these to decorate it beautifully. You can also alter the colors of the bathroom fittings to make some minor but noticeable changes.

Fancy Bathroom Vanities

It is quite unusual to have vanities in the bathroom, but it helps you in a lot of ways and eases the task of storing in the bathroom easier as well. If you do not have vanities in your bathroom already, you can simply choose the right colors for yourself that would match the color accent of the bathroom and build vanities in your bathroom.


They can be placed right above the bath tub or the shower area for easy access. You can also place then at the lower part of the wash basin to store your regular use and stock bathroom essentials. If you already have vanities then one great way to decorate your bathroom would be changing the color of the vanities.

You can opt for using decals on them to renovate their looks too. You would not be disappointed of how much the vanity can affect the look of the bathroom.

Designer Sink Modification

Now this has to be one of the most popular means of decorating the bathroom without making any prominent changes in it.

The designer sinks are quite popular and an integral part of remodeling the bathroom. There are plenty of sinks available for you to try out, ranging from the differentiation in the material and the size of the sink to the color and design of it.

You need to be very sure about the kind of sink you would want in your bathroom. One of the first criteria to categorize is the size of your bathroom. The size of the sink is dependent on the size of the bathroom to make it look proportionate.


Then the existing theme and how well it would fit in the bathroom. Keeping these points in mind, you can choose among a wide range of designer sinks that would revamp the look of your bathroom. It is a great way of decorating your bathroom if you are using fancy sinks that are extremely catchy.

Glass Fittings in the Bathroom

Want to decorate your bathroom with the modern age design and styles? Then this decoration idea might fascinate you a lot. This idea is a central attraction to a lot of themes that are being used these days.

You can adopt the glass design near your shower area and around the bath tub for a better bathing experience and to enhance the look of your bathroom. You can also go for using glass fittings near the sink that would also change the overall appearance of your bathroom. You can use transparent or tinted glass according your choice.

Use of Wall Murals

The use of wall murals have been in trend since quite a time now and the reasons are pretty obvious for their popularity. A wall mural covers most of the area of the bathroom wall and modifies them into artistic backgrounds. You can use high quality graphics that can make you feel lively of the wall mural.


If you do not prefer paintings, you can also go for abstract designs on it as well. The best wall murals are not quite expensive either, so you can experiment on them as much as you want.

Ceiling Designs

The true essence of luxury can be defined with this idea of decoration for your old bathroom. You can revamp the look of the bathroom by decorating the ceiling with gorgeous designs. The people who have vintage or classic themes in their bathrooms but lack the creativity at the ceiling, can be benefited a lot by decorating with this idea.You can use decals on the ceiling if you have a dull looking bathroom or any witty design to enhance the look.


Curtain Makeover

Now this can be a great decoration idea for all the people who want some prominent changes in their bathroom without actually making any. The bathroom curtains can be accommodated at the small window openings and can also be hanged near the shower area.


Either way, it is going to uplift the appearance of the bathroom by a large margin. You can choose from a wide range of designs and colors for the curtains according to your choice. The size of the curtains depends upon the dimensions of your bathroom. You can make minor changes in the selection of the curtain rods as well.

All these ideas take very less time and work, and affect the appearance significantly. Enhance the look of your bathroom with whichever idea that fascinates you.