Glowing and beautiful skin is a dream of every woman. No cosmetic product can provide glow as permanent as provided by water therapy. Water therapy is a natural, healthy contributor to the body system. Life without water is not possible. Same is the case with our skin. Just think of all the amazing benefits provided by water. It is highly important to replenish your body daily with water for effective functioning of the body.

Along with other health benefits, water therapy is also crucial for healthy and glowing skin.

What is Water Therapy?

Water therapy can give you a radiant and glowing skin without spending money like those on expensive facials and creams. Although the term sounds a bit technical, it is very simple to use and follow. It involves water sufficient water intake to improve skin glow and radiance.

It focuses on the drinking water consistently throughout the day. This water reflects on your skin in a few days. Water therapy can even bring back your skin’s lost glow.

As is well suggested by name, water therapy requires you to drink a minimum of 10-15 glasses of water daily. Water is a major constituent of the body. It helps to maintain health by keeping you free from ailments. Drinking water immediately after you wake up in the morning can provide amazing health benefits.

There are people who make it a point to consume at least 4-5 liters of water per day. This water is held out from the body in the form of sweat or urine. Both these processes help open the pores, thus proving a radiant skin.

Water Therapy Benefits for Skin

Of all the health benefits provided by water therapy, the most important one is glowing skin and natural beauty. This therapy provides radiant and bright skin through detoxification of the blood. In addition, it also aids thorough cleansing of the colon thus leading to better nutrient absorption from the food eaten.

Drinking sufficient water early in the morning boosts the production of fresh blood cells and muscles. In addition to keeping your body healthy and free from toxins, water therapy also prevents the skin from getting soggy by improving the body’s metabolism rate.

Here is how water therapy benefits the skin and makes it glowing and beautiful.

Removal of Toxins

The human body is made up of 70% water. However, it is still important to drink sufficient water daily to keep the body in good health and shape. Water helps to flush out the toxins from the body in the form of stool and urine. Besides, sufficient water intake also supports proper functioning of kidneys.

Also, it prevents the occurrence of stomach disorders by providing proper bowel movement every day. When the impurities are removed from the body, formation of fresh blood takes place in the body.

Impure blood is the root cause of various skin problems. Drinking sufficient water provides pure blood formation, thus making your skin glow in beauty.

Hydrates Body and Skin

Since water therapy involves drinking a lot of water, it keeps your body and skin well hydrated. Proper hydration keeps the body free from illnesses besides providing a shine to the skin.

Reduces Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines become visible at an early age due to dryness of skin and lack of nutrition. Frequent intake of water makes the skin soft and supple, thus preventing the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles at an early age. Also, lack of water can cause dark circles. So, drink ample water to keep your skin young and bright as ever.

Reduces cellulite

Frequent intake of water controls the overall body functioning. Appropriate amount of water in the body loosens the cellulite hidden beneath the skin.

For more effective results and get rid of cellulite more quickly, drink water combined with lemon juice and vinegar. Removal of cellulite =s provides radiant and smooth skin.

Permanent Glow

Water therapy is a great way to get a permanent glow on skin. This is an age old tried and tested method. The therapy keeps the skin young, fresh, and glowing. It is a common that many people start with a therapy, follow it for some time, and then leave it.

But, if you follow this remedy regularly and for a long time, best and longest lasting results are assured. In fact, the therapy provides amazing relief from numerous different diseases.

Improves Blood Circulation

Akin to physical exercise, water intake also helps to improve blood circulation. Drinking a minimum of 6-7 glasses of water a day boosts the metabolism to ensure good flow of oxygenated blood in the body. Besides, better metabolism also helps transportation of nutrients throughout the body, thus improving skin health.

Clear Skin

Increased intake of water helps to flush out toxins from the body, thus providing a clear skin. Accumulation of dirt can be a root cause for the occurrence of pimples and acne. Constant water supply to the body causes perspiration thus preventing acne and pimples. So, begin with 7-8 glasses a day and gradually increase this count to 10-12 glasses a day for more effective results.

Makes the Skin More Elastic and Supple

Water therapy makes your skin more supple and elastic while preventing it from getting saggy. This is because of the improved metabolism in the body. Increased intake of water results in increased sweating (perspiration).

This further removes dead cells, dirt, and dust particles from the skin pores thus making your skin supple. Also, it revives the tissues in the skin, thus increasing the elasticity.

The Process

Drink at least 6-7 glasses of water (approximately one and a half liter) on an empty stomach, without even brushing your teeth. After drinking water, make sure that you don’t eat or drink anything to avoid any sort of interference with the therapy. Also, avoid drinking beverages with alcohol content the previous night.

Useful Tips to follow Water Therapy

Once you get used to drinking water on an empty stomach, try to increase the amount by drinking additional water through the day. Some useful tips to follow water therapy through the day and related health benefits include:

  • Drinking a glass of water just after you wake up in the morning not only provides beautiful and glowing skin, but also helps to regulate the blood pressure. Also, it refills the dehydration that occurs due to the night’s sleep.
  • Drinking a glass of water prior to your meals aids proper digestion. This further helps to maintain a healthy pH balance required for glowing skin.
  • A glass of water preceding a shower is good to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. It also prevents fatigue in the body. A healthy and glowing skin reflects a fit body.
  • Well, water therapy is not confined to drinking lots of water. Another effective way to use water therapy for glowing skin is to wash the face with hot water followed by an immediate cold water wash. This would help to reduce the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines while keeping the skin taut. This therapy can be followed easily on a daily basis.
  • Another good technique for water therapy is to prepare detox water by adding lemon and choicest fruits depending upon your taste. You can also add cinnamon. Freeze the prepared water overnight and consume on the following day. This tasty water works as a super cleanser. Moreover, it reopens all the skin pores to provide a glowing and beautiful skin besides providing effective detoxification.
  • Drinking a glass of water before getting into the bed woks as an effective anti-oxidant. This technique of water therapy is also good for dark circles. Adding further, it also reduces the danger of heart strokes. Usually, maximum heart attacks occur during the night, after sleep.

It might be a little difficult to drink 1.5 liters of water in the beginning of the process. However, gradually and steadily the body gets used to and adjust to the protocol. Another good way to make it easy is to start with 4 glasses of water and increase the number slowly. After this, make sure to drink a glass of water every hour, throughout the day. This is also easy to remember.

Also, you might feel a bit uncomfortable to go to the washroom too frequently, specifically for those working outside. But, if you want to get serious benefits and long term results that are simply amazing, you will get adjusted to the routine easily. After all, it is better to retort to a natural therapy rather than running after expensive chemical laden products in the market.

So, just start to gulp down water to get surprising results and get a clear, radiant and glowing skin in no time. Additionally, the water breaks down inside the body to produce a good amount of oxygen required essentially for the brain and the respiratory system as well. Water is like an elixir that contains amazing benefits not only for the skin, but also for overall body health.