Warning Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You – Is it hard to love someone who cheated on you? When husbands were asked this in a survey, many of them said in a sad voice ‘no,’ but there were some who were kind-hearted enough to say yes they might depending on the situation.

If you have never been cheated on before, you might have at least experience people not being loyal to you or friends not keeping your secrets or maybe even your friends talking behind your back. The pain and anger felt when someone you trust and love betrays you is heartbreaking and takes a lot of strength to come back from. It is one of the hardest trials we humans might ever face in this earth.

When you are in a relationship or a marriage, there might be signs you may have missed that could show that your partner or wife is indeed cheating on you. Instead of catching them in the act and get heartbroken, it is a great deal if you could understand the reason or the signs that she is indeed cheating on you beforehand. Luckily from the experience of victims of cheaters, we can realize some signs that she is indeed cheating on you.


What can you gain from this?

Well to be honest, nobody wants their partner to cheat on them ever. However, it could also be your fault that she is cheating on you. You might have shown less interest in her; you could not make time for her as you are busy at work, whatever may be the reason it doesn’t justify the act of adultery.

When you are married, you are bound to share the secrets, times of happiness, and sadness with each other, not just run off to another guy who likes her. It can partly be your fault, but the choice of cheating on you falls on her alone, and she is accountable for her actions.

If you are keen enough, you would have noticed some changes in her schedule; she might dress differently and always going out. To clarify some doubts here are the signs that your wife is cheating on you.

She Spends Less Time with You

This is pretty obvious she will spend less time with you if she is cheating on you. Everyone has a consciousness in us, which makes them feel guilty about their adverse actions. So if she is cheating on you because of the guilt in her, she is unable to be with you. She is uncomfortable around you and is all the time alert of your actions. This is the first sign that you must look for if you are suspicious of her activities.

She Blames You for Petty Problems and Issues

Unlike the woman, you married who was kind and loving. The cheating wife will find ways to hate you more and more. She will blame you for small problems like not closing the door or something as petty as your friends and co-workers. This is a sign that she is cheating on you and tries to blame you even on her affair.

She will not be very if you question her instead. She feels guilty and to get rid of the guilt she is trying to blame her husband for not being there for her, for being distant or whatever excuse she wants to make to feel better.

She Starts Dressing Better and Spends More Time in the Mirror

Well, if she is beginning to look better than before and wear better. She is doing this for one reason she is going to meet her boyfriend or to impress others. She will not be doing this for you.

If she is going out with her friends before she might upgrade her looks, but if she is not out with her friends, it means something is fishy. This could mean that she is onto something new and exciting.

She is Uninterested in S$x, Even If You Ask She Will Reject

What happens when your wife is not interested in having s$x with you anymore? If you have been having s$x on a routine basis and she is not having any of it, then this could be a sign that she is onto something new. Your s$x life is everything for young married couples if both are satisfied, the marriage is happy.

On the other hand, if she is not satisfied, there could be different ways in which she might convince herself. This is a bad sign which you have to discuss with each other immediately.

She is on Her Phone all the Time as a Teenager

Teenagers are always on the phone, talking to their friends and or boyfriends. This could happen as well with adults; an adult who is still on the phone means that she has discovered something interesting and exciting. If she gets a phone call when she is with you, and she leaves the room to answer it, there might be something wrong with the call.

If she has long called with a male friend, this is also a bad sign. Watch out for long phone calls late at night; it is not too late to maintain the place you have in her heart if indeed you still have some.

Also, like a teenager who is afraid of showing who she is speaking to, your wife might hide her contacts and phone logs like a teenager. If she is treating her phone like a top-secret object, she is cheating on you. Hiding DMs and inbox messages are possible these days, and you must try to get a glimpse of her secret without being too obvious.

Her Friends Started to Ghost You

You might get the idea that her friends will be with her all the time and if they are keeping a secret together. They will be distant themselves from you. Even the ones that you are friendly with have started to speak with you less and avoid you in public.

This could also mean that they are protecting their friend, and they know about the situation too. It is always a good approach to discuss with her closest friend and try to get a gist of the situation. Focus on rekindling the flame, and it is never late, which is burning low now.

Future Becomes a Blur to Her

Talk of all future goals and commitments with her seems to have no meaning to her. She starts to talk less and less of future commitments, and she is not interested in the future at all. The date night, which you planned every Saturday may not mean a thing to her anymore, and she will try to avoid the night with excuses and other plans.

Before she wanted to hang out with you and have fantastic date nights, now she is just avoiding the talk of any hangouts and plans. This is a severe case, and you should immediately meet a counselor on marriage or a close friend who could help with the situation.

She Does Not Look Forward or is Excited About Meeting Your Parents/Friends

One of the vital signs that she is cheating on you is that she does not appreciate meeting your friends and family. She would rather stay home or go out with her girlfriends a big reason could be that she feels guilty meeting your parents because she is cheating on you or that she is unhappy with her relationship with you.

At one time, she used to be nervous and excited to meet your parents, but now she is not even worried or shows no sign of interest anymore. This could refer to one outcome of your relationship, or your married life is on its deathbed.

New Clothes Aka New Underwear

If you ever see underwear that is a bit sexier than the one she wears around you boy are you in big trouble. Her having a new set of sexy lingerie means only one thing, and that is she is trying to impress someone else who is NOT YOU!

If you have any doubts that she is cheating on you then witnessing this is where you draw the line because she is cheating on you.Be bold and voice out your doubts. It may be the time to confront her one on one and ask her what is going on.


No matter how you sugarcoat it with words, cheating is cheating, and that’s that. Also, a divorce is always a better choice than being in a marriage with someone who will not hesitate to let you down. Surely there might be some part of you which still loves and adores her. But do not hesitate to broach the matter. Talk and try to resolve matters. If you think she will be happier, let her go, and if it’s a mistake, she will come back to you. If you genuinely love her, you would do the same too.