Vaginal Boils : Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies to Treat Vaginal Boils Easily: The vaginal and skin surrounding the vagina is very delicate. It is a moist and pubic area which is highly prone to skin infections. Women should be aware about several infections and the most effective ways to deal with the infections and thus, today, let’s explore Vaginal Boils.

Vaginal Boils : Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies to Treat Vaginal Boils Easily

Vaginal Boils : Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies to Treat Vaginal Boils Easily

So what are Vaginal Boils?

Boils are the pus-filled painful bumps which form under the skin and similarly, the boils formed under the vaginal skin are known as vaginal boils. The vaginal boils can develop under the vaginal skin surrounding the pubic area or the vaginal lip. Vaginal boil is a common infection among women which occurs due to infections in hair follicles. The boils can develop as a small red infection and turns into a pus filled painful swollen boil.

How Damaging Can Vaginal Boils Be?

Generally, vaginal boils is a common infection which is caused due to infected skin, hair follicles infections and such minor issues. Though, you must treat the boils on correct time to prevent any intense condition as the skin infections expand easily.

So let’s not worry, and know more about the causes, treatment options and home remedies for vaginal boils!

Causes of Vaginal Boils:

Vaginal boils can be caused due to different reasons. Here are some of the prominent causes of vaginal boils:

1. Ingrown hair

Hair follicles are one of the most common causes of vaginal boils.  Especially, when the skin pores are injured due to shaving, the area gets infected and causes boils. The pores shut before healing and thus, the small hair follicles and bacteria also get trapped under the skin which then emerges as boils. The bacteria affect the skin and develop small boils which then turn into puss filled huge lumps.

2. Cuts and wounds

One of the prominent reasons of vaginal boils is cuts or wounds. Cuts, bruises and constant scrapping of the delicate vaginal skin can result into painful boils. While shaving if you get cuts or wounds, the bacteria can cause boils. Even wearing tight underwear can make the area infected and can cause boils. In most of the cases, this result into small and large pus filled boils which are pain full.

3. Excess Sebum Production

In our body, we have some oil producing glands which produces sebum. This element maintains the oil production levels in our skin but whenever this element is produced in excess, it can cause skin issues. Thus, excess sebum causes painful vaginal boils.

4. Harmful Toxins

Our body can sometimes get filled with harmful toxins. There are several contributing factors like pollution, dirt, foods we eat which can toxify our body and can cause boils. The harmful toxins can vitally affect our skin and can burst out as boils.

5. Other causes

There are a lot of factors which directly or indirectly contribute in damaging our skin. Sometimes a little injuries, unhygienic lifestyle, oily and unhealthy diet, toxic body, tight under garments, sweatiness, urinary tract infections and hormonal imbalance can result into vaginal boils.  In some cases, sexually transmitted infections, piercings and cysts in the bartholin gland can also cause vaginal boils.

Thus, these are the very common causes of boils. Skin is a reflection of what is happening inside our body and if something goes wrong, it is displayed through the skin. This is the reason why bodily changes or infections in the vaginal area cause boils.

Treatment Options for Vaginal Boils:

There are some effective treatment options for vaginal boils you can try. If the pain does not go away naturally, you must consult your doctor for proper guidance and treatment. The natural treatments include warm compresses and sitz bath option.

1. Warm Compresses

Warm compresses are very well known for the relief it provides. Warm compresses allow blood flow in the affected area and soothe the boils. If the boils are very painful and itchy, get a heating pad and apply warm compress on the affected area. Make sure that the heat packs are moderately heated. Within some time, you will feel less painful. This technique is widely used in reducing pain and discomfort and will also help you to recover quickly.

2. Sitz bath

This is one of the most relieving and soothing techniques for vaginal issues. For preparing a sitz bath, you will need a bath tub. Pour 2 spoons table salt into the luke warm water and sit inside the tub. Let the saline water clean the vaginal boils. Elaborate the vaginal area using your fingers so that the water can reach till the boils. Sit in the water for 10-15 minutes. This saline water will kill the bacteria and clean the boils which will soon get healed.

3. Medications, Gels and Powders

If you want to heal the boils quickly, you will need to consult your physician or skin specialist for the prescriptions. There are plenty of medications/ pills which can relieve pain and repair the boils. Also there are gels and powders available in the market which you can apply on the boils to relieve pain. Make sure you purchase the gels, medications or powders after consulting the doctor as not all would drugs suit your skin.

These are the most effective treatments which you can try. Apart from these treatment options, there are several home remedies which provide promising results. These home remedies are slow but natural and effective.

Home Remedies for Treating Vaginal Boils:

1. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the most beneficial anti bacterial ingredients we have. It is an herb with ample of healing properties. it fights the bacteria and reduces painfulness. The anti oxidants  in this herb will help you recover soon from the painful boils. You can use turmeric powder in 4 different ways for healing the vaginal boils. Here are the three remedies:

  • Milk and Turmeric paste

For making this paste, take 1 spoon milk, add half spoon turmeric powder, pinch of salt and few drops of vinegar. Mix all these ingredients and prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste on the boils and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Clean the skin thoroughly with water.

  • Mustard oil turmeric

Mustard oil is one of the best healing agents which can be used for treating the vaginal boils along with turmeric powder. Mix 1 spoon mustard oil and half spoon turmeric powder. Prepare paste and apply it on the boils directly. Let this paste work on your skin for few minutes and rinse. Apply this paste 2 times a day and you will notice results within few days

  • Olive Oil and Turmeric Wheat Flour

Olive oil is a soothing oil while wheat flour absorbs all the heat and bacteria while leaving your skin bacteria free. Especially when you are infected with puss filled boils, this is the best remedy which will remove all the puss and will soon clear the boils. Thus, mix some olive oil, wheat flour and turmeric flour and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the boils and leave it for half an hour. This paste will absorb and clean all the bacteria and within few days, the boil will be gone.

  • Honey and Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder can be used along with honey which can quickly make the boil drain and heal. Mix some honey and turmeric powder equally and apply it on the boil. Let it work on the boil for few minutes and rinse. Twice apply this paste on the boils and within a week or 10 days, the boil will heal.

2. Castor oil

Castor oil is a perfect option when the boil gets inflamed and pus filled. The anti bacterial and anti biotic properties of castor oil would help the boil drain out easily. For this, take some castor oil and apply it over the boils. You need to perform this 5-6 times a day. Every 2 hours, you can apply few drops of castor oil on the boils and the boil will start draining quickly. This will ultimately lead to quick healing.

3. Onion Juice

Onions are considered as highly anti septic and anti bacterial. The juice extracted from onions would easily fight the infection. Thus, get some onion juice and apply it directly on the boil. You can also use cotton balls to apply the juice smoothly on the boil. Applying onion juice will give a soothing effect while fighting pain and burning sensation.

4. Cucumber

Here is an ingredient with a lot of water which will sooth and calm the boils. Boils are quite discomforting and can accelerate the burning sensation. For soothing this burning sensation and pain, apply some cucumber juice or place a small cucumber slice over the boils. It will soothe the boils and will prevent aching. Keep the slices for 15-20 minutes and 2-3 times a day.

5. Garlic

Garlic is filled with numerous bacteria fighting properties. it is an amazing anti septic and anti bacterial ingredient which can fight the bacteria and get your skin free from deep infections. It is an organic food you can apply on the boils and get relaxation. You can include garlic in your diet or can apply some crushed garlic on the boil. Make sure you apply it just for not more than 10 minutes and rinse. Eating garlic on regular basis will heal the boils sooner.

6. Ginger

Apart from garlic and onion, ginger is a super food which can heal the boils and skin issues quickly. Filled with natural healing properties, ginger would simply fight the boils and will drain the boils. You can include ginger in your diet which is the most effective way. You can also apply ginger powder with honey and little turmeric powder to the boils and this will reduce the pain, achiness pr inflammation quickly.

7. Corn flour or cornmeal

The vaginal boils can get very achy and painful when the pus gets filled in. to remove or drain the puss, cornmeal can be used. Get some corn meal and apply it directly on the boils. Applying it several times a day on the boils will quickly drain the boils and will fight bacteria. This is a very effective method which will cleanse the area and will reduce discomfort soon.

8. Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds are widely used for treating skin infections and for fighting bacteria. It is a very beneficial ingredient which is readily available in the kitchens and can be effectively used for fighting boils. Grind some cumin seeds and prepare a powder. Apply this powder on the boils and clean it after 20 minutes. You can also make some paste using cumin powder and water and apply this paste over the boils. This will quickly drain the pus and will heal your skin.

9. Lavender oil and Almond oil

Lavender and almond oil are filled with amazing benefits for the skin. People use these oils for treating wounds, cuts and painful skin infections. Take some diluted lavender oil and some almond oil. Mix these oils and apply the mixture on the affected area. You can use cotton balls for applying this mixture on the boils. This will help reducing pain and will heal the boils soon.

10. Apple Cider Vinegar Wash

Apple cider vinegar is a multipurpose cleansing ingredient which is widely used for fighting skin issues. It is an anti bacterial and anti septic ingredient which nourishes the skin while fighting off the bacteria from the deep layers of skin. Twice a day, cleanse your vagina and affected area with apple cider vinegar. You can also apply apple cider vinegar on the boils using cotton. This is a very effective treatment and will cleanse the infection effectively.

Vaginal boils are extremely painful. When these boils occur, it is extremely painful to walk and perform the regular activities. Why suffer when we can take some steps to prevent such conditions? There are changes you can make in your lifestyle which will prevent these painful boils. Have a look:

  • Always wash and exfoliate your vagina to keep it clean, hygienic and fresh
  • Always make sure to wipe out the foam and soap once you are done with bathing
  • Always wear underwear prepared from cotton or skin friendly fabrics
  • Do not carry tight underwear as roughness and sweat can also cause boils
  • Don’t try to pop the boils as they are not simple pimples and will cause extreme pain and will also spread the infection
  • Consult your doctor and take some pain killers
  • Eat foods rich with vitamin C. Vitamin C is considered as a powerful element towards infections and skin issues
  • Workout regularly to detoxify your body and release the toxins in a natural way. This will bloom up your skin and prevent such infections
  • Never share your razors with anyone and change your shaving blades frequently
  • Apply moisturizing gels and pH balancing lotions on the pubic area to keep it clean, dry and fresh

Choosing and adapting a healthy lifestyle will keep you away from such skin issues. Change your eating habits, go for some workouts, maintain hygiene and these habits will prevent boils and skin infections. You can try these home remedies but in case the boil expands, doesn’t heal and continues with fever and other conditions, you must seek help from your doctor.