25 Unique Hair Colors For Bold Women- Hair coloring styles change with every passing season and every passing year. New trends keep emerging out of fashionista’s creative minds or celebrity inspirations. Bright warm hues like red, copper, orange, etc are ideal for summers they make you look stylish and hot. As fall arrives this trend changes to cater softer hair colors like blonde, chocolate, strawberry gold, and many more. The arrival of winter marks the chill in the air with hair coloring ideas transforming to violet, pink, deep blue and similar colors to blend with the coolness around you.

Rainbow colored hair give you a wild and funky appeal while shades of red, magenta, wine, copper or yellow give you a bright and stunning makeover. Dual tone hair colors are awesome and can lend a subtle change to your looks. Look through the article to find out more dramatic and psychedelic hair coloring trends to follow.

Sleek Long Hair Colored In Blue And Pink For Electrifying Appeal

Make a bold statement with this exotic hair coloring idea. The stunning bright shade of blue with the underlying sweetness of pink hue looks electrifying. The sleek and long hair with long frontal bangs trimming the eyebrows imparts style and beauty to your looks. Pair this hair color with nude or light pink lip color for a fashionable appearance.

Dramatic Hair Coloring Idea For Fair Complexioned Women

If you are bothered with the graying of your hair, going granny’s trend is a cool style statement. The platinum blonde hue adds a remarkably dramatic effect with the deep touches of cinnamon brown tone. The color combinations of this lovely hairdo bring warmth to your personality. The women with fair complexion are known to sport this dramatic hair color in a stylish way. The short casual crop adds charm to the hairstyle.

Fiery Orange Short Wavy Tresses For Unique Appeal

If you want a drastic makeover from the boring natural hair, try this unique and punk hair color. The bright orange hair color reflects your bold attitude in life and acceptance of a challenging look. You can also calm the fiery look by giving an ombre effect towards the root or tips with light peach undertones.

Messy Short Bob Hairstyle With Purple Color For Gorgeous Appeal

There are various hairstyles obtained from bob haircut. The below hairdo is a short bob hairstyle with asymmetrical trim and longer frontal bangs. The bangs are kept slightly tousled for a messy look. Start coloring your hair with a soft pastel purple at the roots and dye the tips with darker tint of violet for a classy makeover. The pastel tone imparts an icy look while the deeper tips add warmth to the facial features.

Turquoise And Purple Split-Dyed Hair For Funky Appeal

Let your winter bring along a new hair hashtag style in your life. The split-dyed hair lends you a funky and super cool effect. All fashion beauties recently are hitting their cool pictures on social media with this kickass spilt hairdos. The turquoise and purple mix gives you a wild look. This coloring hairstyle lets you choose two attractive colors for a daring personality.

Turquoise Ultra Short Bald Hairstyle For Stylish Appeal

African women are well known to sort daring hairstyles with a spark of bold attitude and glamorous style. Here again you see a black women in ultra short bald hair look with stunning turquoise hair color. She paired her hair color with a stylish grayish blue framed glasses and red hot lipstick. The colored hair becomes the focal point on the chic white dress worn.

Vivacious And Bright Red Hair Color For Bold Look

Bright red hues from the color palette add a vibrant appeal to the wearer. Red headed women look vivacious and bold. Choose the shade of red that complements your skin tone and enhances your aesthetic beauty. Bring a serious change to your life with this outstanding spark of color for your hair.  The vivacious red hair color will set the stage on fashion fire and envy all.

Classic Brown Tresses With Light Blonde Highlights

This hairdo is not just another dual colored hairstyle; this is a sun-kissed chocolate and blonde mix lends a wonderful look to the wearer. This hair color looks great on women with long or short hair, sleek or messy hair, and layered or curled hair. However, this colored effect looks awesome on women with longer hair. The dark chocolate hue in combination with golden blonde imparts a classic delighted aura.

Ash Blonde And Grey Hair Color For Long Wavy Tresses

The dusky skin complexion is enhanced with this new in-trend hair color idea. The ash blonde hair color is fascinating on its own. When you mix this subtle color with the more underrated grey ends the effect is more special. This blend of color is apt for medium and long hairstyles. Adding waves, bangs and braids to the hairstyle gives you a happening makeover.

Mahogany Brown And Red Blend For Short Straight Hair

The deep mahogany look with tint of burnished brown hue creates a chic and bold fashion statement. The mahogany wood tone suits most women as it has a unique intermingle of violet and earthy red colors. The fashionista has allowed a split of deep red hair color for an exotic look. The trendy hair color gives a metallic sheen to the hair which creates warmth and cozy appeal.

EmeraldGreen Hair Color For A Dynamically Different Look

The face framing emerald green hairs are designed to attract every passerby. The striking green hair color makes you look bold yet simplistic. The color makes everyone wonder and wow!

The green wash with black roots lends a dynamically affectionate look to the hazel-eyed lady. Couple the green colored hair with subtle makeup and smoky eyes for a gorgeous appeal.

Luscious Magenta For A Fire Packed Appearance For Women

Shades of pink make a women look more feminine and adorable. So does this pretty deep pink hair tone. For ladies who love it pink, this is an ideal hair color idea for a sexy, stylish and bold fashion statement. Pastel hues of pink might not be your kind as you want more striking and dynamic appeal at the prom. This winter, fall in love with magenta hair color trend.

Eye-Catching Hair Streaks With Platinum, Yellow And Red

If you are looking for bold hair coloring ideas, this amazing and dramatic hairdo will definitely catch your eye. Bleach all your hair and color them in pale platinum shade. Now add stunning streaks of vibrant red and burning yellow to the frontal bangs. This colorful choppy hairstyle will rock your appearance. Look stunning; look gorgeous with the awe-worthy hair dye.

Trendy Pale Blonde Hair Color For Straight Layered Hair

Hair coloring can look bold with sober touches also. If bold means a monochromatic hue for you, it’s nothing wrong or out of fashion. Get your brunette or black hair dyed to light blonde hair color; give them sleek and straight finish with a deep layered cut for trendy appeal. This radical change to your hair will transform your looks with subtle boldness.

Striking Yellow Hairdo For Remarkable Appearance

This is another messy haircut with side swept hairstyle in a remarkable yellow tone. The roots of hair are paler while the yellow tint deepens at the tips. The grey-eyed women with baby pink lip color looks bold and charming. To enhance your look all you need to do is dress up in minimal accents and let your hair catch up all the attention. The fiery yellow will spruce up your summers in style.

Riley Keough With Vibrant Copper Tresses

Many celebrities are known to flaunt the red carpets with coppery hair colors. From the many shades of red this mix of copper hue lends you an exuberant look.

You can follow the gorgeous Riley Keough and her stylish coppery curled tresses for a beautiful appearance. A radical change in hair color can give you a vivid and fashionable appearance.

Metallic Golden Brown Hair Color For Retro Short Hairdo

We have seen different shades of brown hair which lend different appeal to women across the globe. Here is a stylish twist to the dark brown hues. The softer brown hair with shiny metallic finish wins our heart. The hair color has a delicate hint of golden in it that gives rise to a sophisticated retro-styled hairstyle.

Hottest Hair Coloring Idea With Pale Violet Hue

The fashionista’s around the world are seen spotting various radical changes in hair color trends this fall. The colors from the violet section of the color palette are cool and attractive. They give you a stunning yet calm appeal. Make your friends fond of your fashion sense with this outstanding pale violet color for your thick wavy locks. The twist here are the grey dip-dyed ends giving you a distinguished appearance.

Pretty Two-Toned Hair Color Trend For Women

Getting your hair highlighted in contrasting hue is in-trend recently. The contrasting shades lend a bold transformation to your style. Add spark to your attitude with classic rust brown lowlights on pale blonde hair. Women with fair skin tones can go blonde with tints of their favorite color to inspire those seeking serious fashion advices.

Espresso Shaded Dual Color Scheme For Especial Look

Variations to dual toned hairstyles are endless. This is so because the color choice is limitless. The espresso and light blonde combinations looks sexy. The hair coloring technique and style using two colors vary in every different hairstyle. The hair may be split-dyed vertically or horizontally, dip-dyed ends, highlights or lowlights and many more.

Unique Burgundy And Orange Ombre Hair Color Effect

Going to a part and want to look sizzling beauty adapt this lovely hair color. The long, flowing curls down your shoulder with a unique twist of burgundy and orange colors mixing in ombre effect looks marvelous. Captivate your date with this bold hair color that extends a drama-packed aura around you.

Two-Tone Magenta And Hazel Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Whether you want to taste the dramatic hair colors or sober natural blends, there is nothing more stylish than getting your hair dyed. The long sleek tresses are plaited in a classic fishtail dip-dyed in magenta. The hazel brown hair colored in spectacular pink hue is a showstopper. The longer your hair the better this hairdo looks.

Beautiful Choco Mauve Hair Color For Short Hair

How could a brunette lady not wish to have sumptuous looking hairdos? The chocolate mauve hair color is a polished, glowing hair color with sweetness of chocolate and gentleness of mauve mixed for a beautiful appeal. Try this trendy hair color for upcoming fall and you’ll get a perfect rockers look.

Colorful Ombre Hair Color For Whimsical Effect

Whimsical is what you’ll name this stunning hair color idea. The neon hued hair color trend is going mainstream this year. If you have wanted to go neon since ages, this is the perfect time to tone your hair into a mix of ash grey, aqua blue and neon green color. These colors give an instant edge to your looks.

Psychedelic Purple Fringes Color With Turquoise Hair

Are you ready to dye your hair? Sport the vivid shades of purple and turquoise to look bold and beautiful. This vivid hair color takes guts but it is sure to leave friends jealous.  The combination of such fascinating hair colors can be inspired from Barbie-tales. This dramatic hair color is truly psychedelic and scrumptious.

Women fashionista recently have tried various unique shades for their hair to showcase their bold personality. Enhance your fashion sense with out of the box hair coloring ideas. The above hair coloring ideas are unique, hot, trendy and super bold for you fashionista’s. Remember to mix the right shades that suit your skin tone. You may change hair color as often as you blink!