Your hair makes ninety percent of your selfie. You make hair contact before eye contact. Hair occupies your personality. The better your hair, the better seems your look. You are never dressed up fully until you have made your hair. Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be. While a good hair day makes you feel that you can rule the world, a bad hair day makes you feel sick.  Your mood depends on how your hair looks. Life is too short to have boring hair.

From all the varied hairstyles, cornrows are the most attention grabbing and at the same time they are time consuming and a work of art. Cornrows are a traditional African braided hairstyle that today is a hit all across the globe.

Go for these cornrow hairstyles that you can try for getting stylish looks and let your hair do all the talking

The Classic Cornrow Braids Hairstyle

The classic cornrow braids are the most common type of cornrow hairstyle that has been spotted since ages. Hair is twisted quite close to the scalp to produce raised rows of hair. Thought it is the most time consuming one but this hairstyle has the ability to change your appearance. This goes well on long hair. The plus point is when you open it you get the most fantastic wavy hair.

Latest Cornrow Braids Hairstyles Women

The Bob Cornrow Hairstyle

Are you the one who believes cornrows are not for short hair? Spotting a bob cut and dreaming of cornrow hairstyles. Check this one out. Try this for any occasion in any part of the day. Be it your office or a date. This gives a feminine touch to your looks.

 Cornrow Braids Hairstyle

The Miniature Cornrows

Partition your hair, the way you like and start making twists from the roots of hair. Be gentle and don’t pull your hair as this may damage your hair and cause permanent hair loss. End in half the length of your hair and curl the rest of your hair. Do not add any hair accessory.

Modern Cornrow Braids Hairstyles

Cornrows for Wedge Cut

Cornrows are not alone for different lengths but also for different hairstyle as well. Though wedge cut looks great in itself but when you add braids it adds the much envious oomph. This hairstyle is exciting to make and attractive to look at. Primarily make a side parting. Then make scores of endless plaits. Wear this hairstyle with anything, be it modern, be it traditional.

Latest Cornrow Hairstyle

The Combination Cornrow Hairstyles

Confused between which braid style to pick ? The bigger twists or the smaller ones. Go for both. This hairstyle is a mixture of one kind of pigtail followed by another, bigger pigtails and a smaller pigtails. Do not make jumbo braids, as they will draw all attention to themselves and the smaller braids would become unnoticeable.

Cornrow Braids Women

The Cornrow Bun Hairstyle

Make braids for the entire length of your hair, from the starting of the hair to the endpoint. Do not go for wider pigtails. After you are done with this, take the ends of these braids and pull them into a tidy bun. This is summer friendly hair do.

cornrow bun hairstyle women

The Crochet Cornrow Hairstyle

Colors make life beautiful. So it’s time to experiment with colors. Make giant twists all over your head with the colored hair. In case you don’t wish to color your hair, wrap your twisted hair with colored wool to achieve the same effect. It’s all about your creativity. Apply a lipstick that matches your hair for that ultimate fashion diva look. Go for a dress that synchronizes with your hair color. To pop up your eyes brush in some contrasting eye shadows.

colorful cornrow braids hairstyles

The Crazy Turquoise Cornrows Hairstyle

Turquoise is the funkiest, crazy and fresh color to jazz up your hair. All you have to do it is for centre partition and make braids of all the hair around, till you form numerous braids. You can rock the look with a cat eyes liner. You are sure to turns some eye balls on you, everywhere you go.

crazy cornrow braid hairstyles women

The Bright Side Cornrow Braids

This side swept bright burgundy cornrows are sure to raise some eyebrows. Just pick up all your hair and keep it on either side, left or right. Take the major chunk of hair that is colored burgundy and make an enormous braid. BIG IS BEAUTIFUL. After that make few smaller braids from the side you choose.

In case you do not wish to go for a hair color, then make this hairstyle first, then after you finish spray some temporary hair color on the bigger braid. All said and done, you are ready to flaunt your hair.

cornrow braid ponytail hairstyle women

The Simplistic Cornrow Braid Hairstyle

Simplicity never goes out of trend. Try this simplistic cornrow. All you need to do is part your hair in centre and make as many braids as your hair can afford. Make the braids close to each other. Do not let them loose. Tighten them. Though it’s simple yet you are sure to stand out in the crowd.

simple cornrow braids hairstyle women

The Minimalistic Spunky Cornrow Hairstyle

If you have hair that are always charged up and flying here and there, then this cornrow hairstyle is for you. Go on making braids, twisting turning, tightening and fastening them. Endless of them, on your head. You do not need to partition your hair. Once the braids are done, let your hair sway in the winds. This goes upbeat when you have colored hair, but you can go for it with natural hair as well.


The Zig Zag Cornrow Bun

Play around with Cornrow. Try the zig zag cornrow bun. Initially go for zig zag braids till half the length of your hair. Next tie the loose ends of your hair in a neat high bun. And it’s done. It is great to escape the hot weather. Make way for all the admiration you shall receive because of this hair style.

zig zag cornrow hairstyle women girls

The Micro Cornrows

It’s not always when you wish to grab all the attention. For the days when you don’t wish to get bold, try these micro braids.They are ideal for short hair. Be cautious to make neat and distinct braids. Keep the look minimalistic, because SIMPLE IS BEAUTIFUL.

very short cornrows hair

The Effortless Cornrows

All cornrow hairstyle take a lot of effort. It’s a big myth. There are some cornrows that do not need an investment of your time. Like this effortless cornrows. Curly hair beauties can spot this.

All you need to do it pull some hair that is near your forehead backwards. Form neat braids till you reach three inches of your hair. Repeat the same with hair on sides. And you have finished off.

How to style cornrows

The Structured Cornrow

This is also one of the easiest cornrow hairstyle but with a minute difference. Unlike earlier cornrows where wider and thicker plaits were made, this hairstyle requires structured braids. You need to be over cautious as braids need to be very tidy and neat. To work easily on your hair, you can apply a little oil or a conditioner after you wash your hair. Take small quantity of hair for every pigtail. This is great for females who have bigger faces. It leans your looks and provides the much needed structure to the face and neck area.

structured cornrow hairstyles

The Sided Loose and Tied Cornrow

This works well for the ones who have a lot of hair. Going ahead with the structured cornrow where one stops after finishing off with all the braids, this hairstyle adds a step further. Pick some hair that are braided and tie them in form of a bun on one side, leaving the rest of the braids as they are. This not only controls your heavy hair but also keeps the hair away from the face.

loose and tied cornrow braids hairstyles women styles

The Ponytail Cornrow Hairstyle

Pony tails are quite in vogue. Rather than regular ponytail, spot a ponytail cornrow. You can skip a rubber band to tie your hair, instead use one braid or cover your rubber band with a braid. Go for a high ponytail as it will make you look taller. Choose round big ear ring to complete your look. It is great hairstyle for college going girls. Wear a black t-shirt and regular denims and you need nothing better than this.

different cornrow hairstyles

Star Cornrow Braid Hairstyle Women

Star cornrow hairstyle is catchy but a difficult hairstyle. Try taking the help of a professional hairstylist. You can keep it for special occasions. Wear simple studs for your ears and nude lipstick. Line up your eyes with some mascara and eye liner.

Cornrow Braids Hairstyles Women Style

So invest in some good hairstyle because it’s the crown you never take off.  They bring out the beauty in you. NEVER… NEVER….NEVER… Give Up on your Hair. Do not let anyone dull your cornrows. Great hairstyles do not happen by chance. So keep trying until you succeed.

Good hair is sure to speak louder than your words. So keep calm and flaunt these cornrow hairstyles and make your hair famous before you get famous. So fall in love with your hair and the world will fall for you. Remember, in the end, it’s your hair, do whatever you want.