Two toned hair colors for medium length hair : Hair coloring is an art and a fashion statement that adds zeal to your character. Dual toned hair coloring styles have captivated many hearts and are revolutionizing hair color trends for this season. The dual toned or two-color hairstyle is equally popular among women of all ages; the young teens, the middle-aged, and those over 50s.

When the sun shines leave out the winter blues and step into the vibrant, sexy, rebellious, and sophisticated warm look of the summers with hilarious two toned hair coloring techniques. If you are moving towards the chilly days of winter’s pastel toned hair colors look wondrous and subtle.

20 Two Toned Hair Color Ideas For Medium Length Hair

Dual toned hairstyle can be sported in a variety of ways – dip dyed ends, half parted two colored tresses, bayalage coloring, two toned highlights, colored fringes and bangs, two toned ombre dying and many more styles can be experimented. The recent hair trends are dozed with a complex array of colors and cuts styled in various ways to make you look beautiful and modern. Pronounce your attitude with accent hair colors and a trendy hairstyle for a gorgeous sexy look.

Platinum Blonde And Rich Black Dual Toned Hairstyle

The contrasting dual toned hair color and the choppy cuts are bound to annoy your parents, but in reality it’s a very interesting combination of platinum blonde hue with the highly contrasting black hair color. It’s a look that’s desired by modern girls willing to go to the extreme edge of fashion and styling.


Amazing Blonde Bayalage For Darker Hairline

Achieve this organic and natural look with the bayalage hair coloring technique. The two toned hair coloring idea usually highlights your natural hair color in a subtle elegance. The blonde bayalage for darker hair adds depth to your looks.


Steel Grey Medium Length Bob Hairstyle With Taupe Lowlights

The angle bob hairstyle with fabulous two-toned hair color is up-to-date. The thick and disconnected frontal layers give a unique dimension to your hair and improve your aesthetics in a classic way. The strong shades of grey with tinge of brown lowlights look trendy and sophisticated.


Fiery Red And Brown Hair Coloring Idea For Trendy Twist

What’s wrong is you want to a little off the beat look or a little unconventional hair color this summer? The fiery reddish orange tones leave the audience mesmerized and ablaze with its striking hue. The asymmetric layers and side swept bangs in the red brown dual tone hairstyles looks trendy.


Dual Toned Turquoise And White Back Swept Curls

The back swept hairstyle brings out the features of your heart shaped facial cut. The voluminous hair is styled and textured in this extremely stylish hair color idea – turquoise and white. The light tone transcends to the bright turquoise for an attractive look.


Burgundy Black Hair Color For Medium Length Straight Hair

Sprinkle some extra spice to your beautiful hairstyle with this dual toned sleek and straight hairstyle. This is ideal for formal events and at work. The brunette has literally styled with contrasting bright burgundy for a striking yet elegant appeal. You may want to deck up your look with a red lip color and gentle makeup.


Brunette Hair With Dual Toned Highlights For Classic Look

Dual toned hair coloring technique can mean the difference in both colors literally. The classic look can be achieved with honey blonde and purple highlighting. The two deviant hair colors pair to create a cute and stylish hairstyle for fashionista. Blending the lighter shade with purple tones is what you have to do for this amazing look.


Curly Hairstyles With Gold And Chocolate Hair Color

Returning from the salon happy with the color you wanted for your hair is something great. The curly tresses have the roots colored with a glamorous gold overtone blending subtly into chocolate brown hair. This is the hair color you should choose if you want the distinction in colors!


Electrifying Two Toned Hairdo In Purple And Neon Green

If you are in for a trendy and electrifying hair color scene, get prepped with striking hair color choices! Bright neon hair color tones lend you a killer two-toned look for daring personality. These attractive colors are so appealing to the color-affectionate eyes that their placement don’t matter much.


Delicate Pink Tips On Blonde Hair For Pretty Look

If you cannot dare to cut short your long flowing tresses but still want to get a change in your looks, try coloring the tip of your hair in a different tone. Colored tips add a flare to your hairstyle and give you a subtle makeover with a splash of color and magnetism.


Half Grey Half Burgundy Dyed Tresses

This dual tones hairstyle is worth sharing as it lends a beautiful and edgy look to your personality. The stunning jet of color showcases the essence of your bold personality, urbane style and brings life to your dull and boring monotone haircut. Be ready to move on with this trendy half burgundy half grey dual tone hair color for a captivating look.


Warm Copper Highlights For Straight Black Hair

If you have a dusky complexion and are dark haired, this hair color technique is best suitable for you. The hair is ironed sleek and straight with highlights of the copper shade to give a warm look in winters. The intensity of the two colors gives a perfect hair color with a fresh look.


Funky Yellow Blonde Two Tone Hair Color For Young Girls

Getting whimsical with colors can leave others awe-struck. You need not feel the pressure to wear the traditional hair colors of blonde, browns, reds, or gold. Dressing your wavy tresses in the unconventional yellow ends can be as addicting as the funky tattoo ideas. Such hairstyles may require more time and work, but it’s worth the overall effect.


Peek-A-Boo Pink Bangs For Medium Length Angled Bob Hairstyle

Many women have work restrictions and thus cannot opt for high contrast or funky hair colors. Try putting on some unnatural streaks of pink over your pretty blonde hair peeking out to wave a hello to turn many heads around. The subtle angled bob hairstyle is ideal for thick medium length hair.


Lauren Conrad In Dual Colored Dip Dyed Ponytail

Fashionista get inspired from the celebrity charts and their appearances. Look how wonderful is Lauren Conrad’s dip dyed ponytail in attractive shade of pink. Dip dying technique is in trend while we speak of dual tone hair coloring ideas. You may consider popping up your favorite color at the ends for a perfectly gorgeous look.


High Contract Blonde And Black Two Tone Hairdo

This is another hair coloring style with just the tips dyed in contrasting hue that make you look smarter and up-to-date. Formulating your own mix of bright and subtle colors can be very gratifying and little addictive in a good fashion-picked way.


Pastel Toned Hair Colors For Smart Looks In Winters

Using pastel shades from the color palette can be very welcoming and appealing for the upcoming winter season. The mermaid look with soft green and purple hair color is rocking for the fair complexioned lady.


Pink Fringed Hairstyle For Blonde Women

If you are looking for a quick hair color service at home this colored fringe look is most suitable. It’s less time consuming, fascinating and fabulous. Accenting the fringes can lend you a head turning appearance. All you need is desired hair color, weave, comb and couple of foils.


Black And Violet Curly Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

The curly side-parted hairdo suits oval, heart or round shaped faces. The upkeep for this curled hairdo is more, but you’ll be willing to die for this stunning celeb-inspired look. Katy Perry with dark black roots and striking purple curls for her medium hair length looks interesting and beautiful.


Awesome Bright Red Ombre Hair Color

With the change in season give yourself a chic hair color makeover and grab many praises. The red to orange ombre hair color adds warmth to you persona this summer. The freehand technique cuts down a lot of time you would have to spend at the salon.


After having going through these chic and sensational hair color trends you can decide which hair color and style captures your vision and suits you best. Hair coloring has no rules ever, experiment and explore fashion to its limits to look lovely, look crazy and look sexy.

Whether you’re a brunette, a blonde or a redhead you get absolute freedom for self-expression. From the fiery tones of red to the glamorous copper highlights, the chic pastel undertones to catchy neon hues, the whimsical color combination to very subtle natural tone highlights can be injected into your new hair makeover and take the look a notch higher in style and fashion.