The trend of wearing palazzo has taken over the sense of fashion of many women and why would not it be? They are extremely comfortable, easy going and most importantly goes with all kinds of casual occasions. Now the major confusion that pops up in every woman’s mind, who wants to wear palazzo is to choose the right kind of top for it. So to ease the work for you, here are some of the best tops you can wear with palazzo.

Free Arm Black Top

This option might fascinate all the women out there who want to keep it smooth. Matching the palazzo’s fit, this top gives a uniform appearance to your body which makes it a great choice for you. The top is suggested to be in black which complements colors like red, white or maroon. The design of the top is plain to moderate the look and make it more likeable for regular use.

Full Sleeved V Neck Top

A sleek look is always admired, is not it? This top when sported with a palazzo gives you just the same. The full sleeved top completes your appearance into something much more elegant.

You can wear it to places like the movies or casual parties to tar the night. The color of the top depends upon the overall combination. However, the design of the top needed to be plain or simple to add up to the elegance.

Cape with Crop Top

Undoubtedly one of the best options for turning a casual palazzo into a party wear outfit is going for this combination. The cape with a crop top looks absolutely elegant. This makes the whole look appear differently.

You can match the color of the cape and your palazzo in order to have a coordinated appearance. While the crop top can do the job by contrasting with the other color involved. You can go for simple prints on the crop top or the cape to enhance your appearance.

Martina Top

To be honest the name would not describe the look of this top. However, this is a common option for most of the women while dressing up casually. But this can turn out to be a great choice to sport with a palazzo. The design of the top would look the best when it is plain.

You can go for a wise color combination to make the most out of this look. Wear this to casual outings or hangouts with the squad. The style of the Martina top can vary according to your need.

Indian Kurta

Now for a traditional touch to your trendy look, this kurta is an absolutely non-conventional option for you among the list of tops.This might be unusual as well, wearing a kurta with a palazzo but this is a beautiful combination that would not fail to satisfy you. You can wear it to shopping or at the movies.

The design of the kurta depends completely upon your choice and the design of the palazzo in order to make your look appear uniform.

Sleeveless Crop Top

Much similar to the style of a caped crop top, but this one gives you a more casual look which you can sport on a daily basis. The design of the top can be plain or mildly printed according to your choice. The palazzo pants look great when they are sleek which complements your entire look. You can also go for various colors of this top if it fits your requirements. On top of everything else, this is pretty comfortable as well.

Tank Top

This has to be one of the most popular dressing style with palazzo pants. The tank top lets you dress up in a casual manner and yet keep your appearance sharp. Best use of this look can be at the weekend outings or at the movies. The color of the top should be limited to dark shades for better results.

Tank tops look the best when they are plain and without any prints, so make sure you pick the right colors. Lastly, the fit matters a lot while sporting a tank top, so make sure you are choosing something that fits your body perfectly.

V Neck Short Top

A great design for your casual outings that will not only keep you comfortable throughout the day, but would also keep the fashion on point for you. The design of the top has top flares and the neck design is short, which is different from the general V neck tops.

This top looks the best in cotton fabrics that matches with most of the palazzo designs. You would not be disappointed in sporting this to casual hangouts or weekend getaways.

Sleeveless Top with Blazer

It is one of the most trend oriented fashion styles which would give your casual appearance a very glamorous look. The color combination of the top and the blazer is one of the most important things that you need to consider while dressing up.

Secondly, the fit of the top needs to be sleek and the design of the top and blazer needs to be subtle. The blazer/jacket looks the best when the sleeves are folded wisely. This can be your next best look at the movies with palazzo pants.

Striped Low Neck Top

The striped print is a popular design that grew into fashion in the recent years. You can fuse this design with your palazzo pants to get the best out of it. It can be sported while you are out at shopping or at the movies. The low neck style allows you to wear lockets and ornaments if you wish to.

The color combination of the stripes design plays a vital role in making your top look good. So wisely pick colors which would contrast each other and go well with the color of the pants.

Tucked in Box Pleat Top

This is another great look that you can acquire for weekend outings and getaways which would make up for your comfort. You can choose playful colors for the palazzo pants which can accommodate a dark color for the top. The box pleat design being pretty popular keeps you cool and your fashion on point.

Hit the sun with this top along with your palazzo pants to make the most out of the day. You can also go for a sleeveless design but the best results would be with mid length designs. So, this can be in your list of considerations for the next getaways outfit.

Deep Neck Full Sleeved Top

This is a bold look with palazzo pants that would definitely fascinate a lot of women out there. The palazzo pants are usually taken to be a really casual outfit but this way of dressing up proves how elegant it can be as well. The colors black and white look absolutely stunning with this style.

You can also go for other contrasting colors as well. Avoid prints on your outfit to keep up the boldness of the style on point. This look can be sported at all kinds of casual gatherings or parties.

Spaghetti Tops

This is a common idea that comes up to anyone’s mind when they plan to wear palazzo. However, usually people mistake it for something that would only be your bedtime outfit but it can be largely proven wrong if sported in the right way.

The spaghetti top looks the best when it is picked with the right colors. Usually, the darker shades are much more elegant than the lighter ones.

You can fuse with your palazzo pants to have a great casual outfit that you can wear while you go out for shopping. Take care of the fit of the top as it needs to be in coordination with your pants.

Vest Top

Similar to a tank top this top is also a great option for the palazzo pants. You can go for these tops when you are out for movies or at shopping. These are going to keep you comfortable throughout the day and also make you look glamorous.

The fit of the top is lighter and lose as compared to a tank top which is the major difference. Make sure the fit goes well with your pants as well.

Dolman Sleeve Top

This design is for the people who absolutely hate to wear anything that are body fit. This is definitely going to be the best option for you to try out.

The neck design is unique and does not need any additional ornament as filler. The dolman sleeve is of ¾ length which keeps you comfortable. Finally, make sure you are choosing the right kind of colors to coordinate your overall appearance.

You can enhance their looks by choosing better colors and prints and most importantly, make sure that the top’s fit complement your look.

Keeping these factors considered, you would not be disappointed with your palazzo pants look.