Top Signs You Are The Woman Of His Dreams –  Relationships are quite unpredictable and knotty. Some of them work while some of the relationships could not stand the test of time. Amidst of these changing relationships, every woman hopes to be the best girlfriend and most probably, the dream woman of her man. Although all relationships don’t get converted into the ones with happily ever after, you wish that at least you weren’t the worst girlfriend to the boys you have ever dated.

If you are currently in a strong and committed relationship and if you are still in doubt if you are your man’s dream woman, we have amassed some signs that’ll help you know if you are his dream woman.

Signs You Are The Woman Of His Dreams

When a man comes to know that the girl he is dating is his dream woman, he will possibly express it through his words, his gestures and actions. So if you are willing to know if you are his dream woman, you’ll simply have to be aware and spot the correct signs. If your man shows these amazing signs, you can become sure that you’re the one for him!


He Seems Deeply Committed Towards You

When a guy accepts you as his dream woman, he’ll naturally get committed to you and that too more than ever before. If he is serious about you, he will give away all the signs of being committed to you such as doing things that make you feel special, giving extra attention to you, and will also treat you in the most reverential way.

If he hasn’t yet accepted it in front of you, you can be sure by his way of treating you that he is head over heels in love with you and that you are his dream woman. He’ll become more responsible, caring, respectful and specific about you and it is a clear and direct sign.

He Talks about his Future with you

When men date a woman and are not quite serious about the relationship, they completely refrain from talking about their future with the girl. The reason is the uncertainty of the relationship. If he is not so confident that the relationship will work long and he himself if sceptical about his commitment towards the relationship, he will never talk about the future.

If he has started to talk and discuss about his future with you, it’s a great sign! He shares everything with you because he has already accepted you as his dream woman and has also started dreaming about his future with you. Now that he has fallen for you, he wants to build a future with you, want to go on a vacation with you, want to get married to you or want to grow with you. These are the clear signs that you are his dream girl.

He is Indirectly Telling it to you

What does he say to you while you are with him? If he tells you that he wants to see you every morning in his bed, if he kisses you when he looks at an old couple together, if he accepts that you are probably the best person he has ever met, it means that you are the one.

He isn’t saying it directly as he might want to surprise you but you’ll know by his words that he thinks of you as his dream woman. If he can’t stop telling you how hard he wants you to be with him all the time and in future, he’s totally in love with you and you don’t need to wonder any more.

He Makes you Meet his Parents and Friends

Men surely tell their best friends about their affairs and dates but probably they won’t make every woman in his life meet his closed ones. Most of the guys don’t take every girl to their friends and family and thus, if he is making you meet his friends and family and that too frequently, it’s clear that you’re the woman of his dreams.

If you are constantly going on outings with his friends, meeting his family during special events and occasions and already feel like a part of his family, you are probably his family and he desperately wants you to be. Every man wants his dream woman to also gel up with his friends and family and if that’s happening, you need no more signs.

He is not Interested in Other Women

Obviously, a man would stop his search for his dream woman if he has already found the one. Most guys are quite flirty and keep their options open when they are not sure about their relationships. If your relationship is no longer a summer romance or a fling, you’ll know it. He will seem satisfied and happy to be with you and instead will avoid all the other options happily.

When your man is satisfied by you and wants t be with you, you’ll probably know. You’ll no longer find him lurking around any random woman, he’ll possibly avoid all the flirty women around and he’ll act deeply committed to you. This is quite natural to happen to a man who has found true love and if you are witnessing all these signs in your man, you’re his dream woman.

He Always wants to be Connected with you

When you care about someone, you want to be in contact with the person and also want to make sure that the person is alright. Now that he is dating you since quite long and that you’ve developed a strong bond, he gets extremely vigilant about you and wants to be in touch with you.

If he calls you to ensure that you’ve reached at work safely, if you have had your food, if you have reached home safely or during any random time throughout the day, this means that he is concerned about you and wants you to be safe. His regular texts and calls reflect that he is so in love with you and sees you as his dream woman.

He Looks Happy when he is Around you

A sparkling chemistry can’t remain hidden and if your man loves you truly, he won’t be able to hide it either. If you notice him smiling genuinely when you are together, if you can witness a spark in his eyes, if you can notice that he is always happy when he is with you, why would you need more signs?

These are the clear signs that he is totally in love with you and thinks of you as his dream woman. Your presence makes him feel amazing and being with you makes him feel powerful and confident. If your presence is the cause of his happiness, it’s adorable and you are surely the woman of his dreams.

He makes Important Decisions of his Life after Discussing things with you

When you become an inseparable part of someone’s life, he’ll probably want to indulge you into all his important decisions of life. If he talks to you about any of his investments, his future plans, his plans for work/career etc, it’s because you are important to him and he wants to share everything with you. Not all men discuss such important things with every girl they meet.

If you have become an important part of his life lately and he always welcomes your suggestions and your say in the important things in his life, it’s because he has accepted you as his dream woman. Only his better half deserves this special place in his life and if you’ve already got there, there’s no looking back.

He Gets Involved with your Family and Friends

When a guy finds his lady love, he too wants to know her well and wants to get along with her family. If he is making all the efforts to make your family feel good, make your family like him and spends time with your loved ones, it’s because he wants to make you happy.

He wants to know everyone you’re close with and wants to know more about you because he is dreaming of a future which involves you and this shows that you are his dream woman.

You’ll Simply Know It

Nothing is more powerful than the gut feeling. When a man does all the efforts to make his girl feel special, the girl is the first person to know. His actions, his sweet gestures and his polished words will make you feel on the top of the world and you’ll know that he loves you selflessly and unconditionally. Your intuition will make you understand everything that your mind wont.

If he thinks of you as his dream woman, you’ll be able to feel his how much he respects you, how he praises you, how he takes care of you and how he admires you! When he is making you feel this way and when you are feeling it all right, it’s because you’re the one for him. Don’t worry if he hasn’t told you yet, maybe he is waiting for the right time!