Tips to Have a Long-Lasting Marriage- Love at first site, a thought of growing old together or getting down on the knees to propose someone; everything leads to marriage and the promise of staying together. But it is also an undeniable fact that we sometimes also wonder if the relationship will last forever. If that thought has crossed your mind too, it’s not because you doubt your relationship. It’s probably because we are all surrounded some people for whom marriage dint work.

Especially when you know a couple that’s so much in love with each other, getting divorced or separated after few years, it might affect your perception about getting married. However, if you are having second thoughts about getting married or are already married and often worry if you’d be able pull it off, you are at the right place.

We have some helpful tips that’ll help you nourish and enhance your relationship with your partner. These tips are very simple and will help you make your marriage healthy and lasting.


Do Not Compare your Relationship with Other Couples

This is one of the most important tips that’ll help you save your marriage. surely you’ll have an encounter with couples that seem more romantic and in-love with each other but you don’t know what’s going inside their relationship so don’t compare your relationship with them. Be grateful for your partner and the bond that you share with them. If you see other couples doing things that you don’t do or your partner doesn’t do, don’t get jealous and fight about it with your partner.

In fact, you should feel inspired and happy to see other couples happy. Rather than being jealous, try to pursue good habits from the couples you find adorable. Remember, if your partner isn’t doing something special for you, you can take the initiative and do something for them. Once you’ll start making them feel special, they’ll reciprocate for sure.  This is the way to make even the most disturbed relationships work.

Remain Honest to your Partner and Fulfill the Marital Responsibilities

One of the best tips to make your marriage work like magic is to remain honest and faithful to your partner. Transparency can make a relationship stronger than you think. If your partner knows everything about you and you don’t have anything to hide from them, no one or nothing will be able to break your relationship. Honesty and loyalty are the building blocks of any relationship so stay true to your partner and you’ll become more confident than ever.

Also, when you get into a relationship, especially marriage, you’ll get some responsibilities and obligations. Support each other, be faithful to each other, if you have kids, share their responsibilities and make decisions as a couple. Don’t let the responsibilities become a burden and communicate about things that might bother you. For example, you can divide duties and tasks at home equally so you can save time and distribute the load equally. A marriage sometimes becomes fragile when one person has to bear the entire load of responsibilities so don’t let that happen to your marriage by sharing everything.

 Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Believe us or not, a healthy lifestyle can sort a lot of problems and fitness is a motivation that brings people together.  If you haven’t started it still, great! Start your fitness journey together. Workout together, eat and prepare healthy meals together whenever you get time and get enough sleep. Not only you’ll feel healthy, confident and fit but you’ll also motivate each other.

Did you know that exercising together can boost romance and strengthen your relationship than ever before? Marriage is all about team work so taking some fitness challenges together will take your relationship to a furious new level! Not only you’ll spend more time together, but you’ll also be able to reduce stress and communicate easily about various things.

Build a Fearless and Trustworthy Relationship

Chronic insecurity is one of the leading reasons of marriage failure. This means that if you don’t have enough trust on your partner and are always insecure, it can probably ruin your relationship. Insecurity is a silent killer so try to be more fearless and confident about your relationship. Also here, we are not talking only about insecurities related to both of you but also about personal insecurities. If you think that you lack something important and that your spouse will not love you, it won’t help your relationship.

Relationship is all about partnership and you’ll have to appreciate and respect each other’s flaws and imperfections. Rather than being insecure about the flaws, respect each other’s issues and you’ll feel more peaceful than ever. Build your self esteem; feel good about yourself and your partner and your relationship will turn into a trust worthy relationship.

Be Selfless in a Relationship

The best tip for couples out there, remove the “I” from the relationship. When you get married, it’s no more I and its WE. It may require you to step out of your comfort zone and do something different, but trust us, it’s just worth it.  When you’ll start adoring and honoring the decisions and wishes of your partner without being selfish, your marriage will start to become stronger automatically.

Think about the things that makes your partner happy and do it for them. Sometimes, if you are not in mood or are exhausted, try to push yourself and do the things your partner wants to do. Also respect if your partner doesn’t want the same things as you as talk it out. Your marriage won’t work if you’ll only think selfishly about your goals and your wishes. You and your partner, both have to appreciate each other’s choices and become selfless to make it work.

Show your Genuine Love to Them

Now that you have decided to commit your entire life to the marriage, it’s time to show your genuine love and care to your partner. When the love is true, you’ll always want to show your partner how much you care for them but as a relationship progresses, sometimes it becomes difficult. Sometimes, you become so busy in your lives that you unintentionally forget to show them some love and care. If you want your relationship to work, rejuvenate your relationship again and again and show how much you love them.

Tell them that you are proud of them, tell how much you’ve loved them for years and how much you still feel for them, surprise them with something they want, plan romantic dates and make dinner for them, complement them every now and then, thank them for the things they do for you and these simple gestures will fill your relationship with love and bliss. The best part is that you don’t have to try hard; you love them so you just have to express it to them!

Don’t Sleep Without Resolving a Fight or Argument

Often when couples fight, they’ll go to bed angry and sometimes this little gap of communication can turn into never ending fights and holding grudges. The real meaning behind this tip is to communicate with your partner. No quarrel or arguments gets resolved without proper communication so it is important to communicate to your partner. When you sleep without solving things, you are holding back the negative feelings towards your partner and it can get even bitter.

If you had a bad fight during the day, take some time, rethink about how important is the fight and compare it with your relationship. Is the argument worth it? Is it important than your relationship? If no, then forgive your partner and talk about it to your partner. After all, it’s just a fight and it’s not important than your partner.

Remember your Journey and History

Romantic memories are miraculous. Even when you are upset with your partner, if you’ll look at a memorable picture of you, you’ll end up blushing and remembering the story behind the picture. So the greatest tip to make a relationship last long is that remember your journey and your history with your partner whenever you feel like it’s not working out.

Remember how you fell in love with each other; remember how special you felt for them and how much you care for them. Remember that the beginning stories of any relationship have a magical power to heal the most damaged relationships!

Turn your Relationship into Friendship

If your spouse is also your best friend, things will become easier. Though friendship can be described in many ways, there are certain aspects like trust, admiration, respect and selfless love that shape a friendship. If your spouse is your best friend who’s always there, who won’t judge you no matter what and who’ll love you regardless of situations and problems, you won’t have more issues in your marriage.

Build your friendship, be there for each other, spend plentiful of time with each other and do everything that friends do together and you’ll watch your relationship progress at a greater speed!