Smooth, soft and silky hair is every woman’s dream.Irrespective of the length and type of hair (short or long and curly or straight), silky and shiny hair always looks good. Healthy hair has an outer layer that contains natural moisture and oil that is reflected as the shine of hair. When the outer layer gets damaged, the hair starts to look unhealthy, dull, and dry.

It takes a little effort to make the hair soft and shiny. It is proper hair care that can make your silky, smooth, and shiny.

Causes of Dull Hair

Dull hair occurs due to lack of sufficient moisture. This reduces the shine while making it appear lifeless, frizzy, and dull. Dry and dull hair can occur at any age. However, more commonly it develops with growing age. Some other causes that contribute to dull and dry hair are:


Weather is the prime factor responsible for bad hair conditions. While summer comes with overexposure to the sun and heat, winter is accompanied by extreme cold and thus overheated indoors. Both these conditions can make your hair dry and parched.

Wrong Choice of Shampoo

It is not necessary for all branded shampoos to be good for your hair or to suit your hair. Therefore, choose your shampoo carefully and wisely to suit your hair type and texture. You can take advice from an expert to choose the appropriate shampoo.

Smoothening Treatments

Excessive exposure to chemicals for treatments like rebounding and smoothening can leave the hair super dry. Although these treatments are quite effective to make the hair smooth and make them look dreamy and luscious, excessive application can make the hair brittle with prolonged buildup of protein on the outer layer.

Brushing Wet Hair

It is important to note that wet hair is more at risk of breakage. Brushing wet hair would not dry it, but only leave the ends brittle. It can cause breakage down the entire length of the strand. So, rather than using a brush on the wet hair, it is better to use a comb with some leave-in conditioner on it.

Overexposure to Heat Styling

Daily styling that involves the use of heat treatments, like hair dryers and hair straighteners can strip off the natural moisture from your hair. This further leads to an unnecessary damage that can be avoided. If it is really urgent to heat style your hair, make sure to maintain the temperature below 400 degrees.

Make your Hair Soft & Silky in a Week

Sot and silky hair helps to intensify the beauty. Girls with frizzy and curly hair are simply obsessed to get smooth and silky tresses. Many of them turn to harsh chemical treatments for the purpose.At present, curling and straightening are the only available options to change the look of your hair. However, these treatments can impose numerous side effects on your hair.

The following tips can help you get soft and silky hair in just a week’s time. These tips are easy to follow at home and completely safe for your hair with no side effects.

Check the Hair Type

Before you start to follow any home remedy or treatment for better hair, it is important to know your hair type. Check whether it is oily, dry, with dandruff, or normal. It is also important to check for any other type of scalp infection that can affect the hair conditions.

Choose your Shampoo Wisely

It is very important to make a wise and careful choice when it comes to shampoo and conditioners. Go for ones that do not contain sulfate and silicone. Both these chemicals make the hair dry and brittle and also hinder hair growth.

It is better to go for herbal brands. Herbal shampoos are laden with high natural extracts and lesser chemicals. Chemical shampoos only result in rough hair instead of making them smoother.

As an alternative, you can also prepare your own natural shampoo with ingredients like Amla, reetha, and shikakai. Boil the three ingredients together till the solution turns soapy. Use this natural shampoo at least twice a week to wash your hair and get smooth and shiny hair.

Avoid Heat Styling

Curling irons, hair straighteners, and blow dryers can appear as a good solution to give a smooth finish to your hair instantly. However, regular use of these tools can pose serious harm to the hair. The heat released from these tools can damage the hair while making it frizzy and coarse. They also strip off the natural moisture of the hair. If it is, in any case, very necessary to use these styling tools, make sure to use deep conditioning the next day to retain the natural moisture of your hair.

Use a Heat Protector

If you need to go through a heat styling for a party or hang out, make sure to use a hair protecting serum before using any hair styling tool. This would also help to reduce the damaging effect on the hair.

Comb Carefully

For your hair to be strong, smooth, and shiny, it is important to go easy on combing. Excessive brushing or combing might increase the breakage while simultaneously reducing the shine. Also, make sure to detangle your hair with a wide toothed comb before combing to style.

Cold water Rinse

If you want your hair to be soft and silky, make it a point to rinse it with cold water to seal the hair shaft’s upper layer thus making it shinier and smoother. Use of hot or warm water can result in lifted cuticles this making the hair look frizzy. However, for winters, you can use the bend-and-wash method to shampoo and condition your hair with cold water and take a hot shower afterwards.

Condition Properly

Proper conditioning can work wonders for your hair to make it soft and silky. It is important to condition the hair at least once a week. You can also leave a little conditioner on the hair ends for a smooth appearance.

This is completely safe unless the conditioner comes in contact with the scalp. Another option is to use leave-in serums and conditioners.

They are quite helpful to get a frizz-free and smooth look. Leave in conditioners are highly beneficial for curly hair types.

Blow Drying Method

It is always good to let your hair dry naturally. But, if in a hurry, you can use a blow dryer for the purpose. Make sure to use a good quality round brush featuring a ceramic base. Also, use the blow dryer at cool settings to reduce the extent of damage. It is also important to note that there should be a distance of at least 15 centimeters from the hair and keep it moving constantly to avoid the prolonged effect of heat on a particular section.

Avoid use of Hair Dyes

Hair coloring is another major cause of roughness and dryness in hair. It can also cause heavy hair fall as well as premature graying of hair. Therefore, avoid hair colors if you want your hair to be soft and silky. However, if you cannot avoid hair colors, make sure to use a good shampoo made for colored hair.

Get Soft & Silky Hair with Hot Oil Treatment

Oiling is extremely important if you want to have soft and silky hair. It is quite easy to massage the scalp with any hot oil to enhance the hair texture naturally while simultaneously healing the damage. For hot oil massage treatment at home,

  • Grab some essential oils of your choice. You can go for castor oil, almond oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. Take 2-3 oils of your choice.
  • Heat the oils in a pan. Allow them to cool down for some time. Make sure that they are just lukewarm and not too hot to touch.
  • Apply the oil onto the scalp to follow till ends. Follow the application by wrapping your head with a warm towel. This would create conditions for the oil to penetrate deeply into the roots and scalp. Use of hot towel will provide you a treatment and results similar to a spa.
  • Allow it to stay for 15-20 minutes.
  • Conclude the procedure with shampoo and conditioner.

For best results, try to keep the oil overnight for softer and silkier hair.

In addition to the above mentioned tips and tricks for soft and silky hair, it is also important to take a healthy diet for good hair health. Nutritional deficiencies can also contribute to dry and frizzy hair. Try to include more of proteins along with vitamins A and E in your diet for healthy hair.

Also, try to stay away from stress and anxiety. Stress is one of the major causes for hair fall and dry frizzy hair. Most importantly, do not ignore any sort of scalp conditions or infections. Try to get them treated at the earliest to maintain good hair health and keep them soft and silky.