Tips And Tricks For Growing Long, Strong and Healthy Hair: Hair is considered as the most important feature when it comes to girls since it makes them look more attractive. Every girl craves for long, luscious, strong and a healthy hair like Rapunzel but many forget that achieving that feat requires a dedicated hair care regimen. Many girls have been blessed with healthy and gorgeous hair due to genetics while others are not so fortunate to be blessed with such gorgeous hair. Just like how our body reacts negatively to stress, it plays a major role when it concerns the healthiness of your hair.

Tips And Tricks For Growing Long, Strong and Healthy Hair

Tips And Tricks For Growing Long, Strong and Healthy Hair

The stress due to our personal and work life, pollution, sleep, nutrition,and products play a major role in determining the health of our hair. Furthermore, achieving the much coveted dream hair is a hard task which needs consistent and a dedicated regimen. Moreover, one must be patient to observe the changes rather than relying on harmful products loaded with chemicals for a short term fix. These products available in the market will cause more harm than good in the long run.


On an average, the human hair grows about six inches every year. Before we proceed to provide tips and tricks for your hair care regimen, we have to understand what goes on in our body when it concerns hair growth. Hair growth comprises of three stages – Anagen, Catagen,andTelogen. During the first phase that is the Anagen phase lasts between two to six years, where new strands of hair are formed in the follicle.

Secondly, the Catagen phase is a phase of renewal and transition, where two thirds of our hair get destroyed. Finally, the Telogen phase also known as the resting phase, where our hair stops growing and the new strand is formed in its place.

Nowadays due to our hectic lifestyle, for a majority of the people, the hair growth skips directly to the Telogen phase, resulting in excessive hair loss and thinning of hair.

As we have provided you with a little insight on the hair growth phase, it is now time for you to sit back and read further, as we are going to provide useful tips and tricks for growing long, strong and healthy hair.

1. Concentrate on a Healthy Balanced Diet

The first step to ensure hair growth is to fuel our body with necessary nutrients. Remember to incorporate green leafy vegetables, protein rich foods, legumes,and nuts to enrich your hair growth. These healthy foods will ensure that our body gets the required nutrients to ensure our locks are lustrous. Keep away from junk food or foods that are unhealthy, since they will hamper our hair growth. It becomes insignificant if you splurge on costly hair products in the market to pamper your hair rather than addressing the root cause.

2. Get Frequent Trims

Make sure to book an appointment with your hair stylist and get frequent hair trims atleast once in three months. You may be wondering why we are recommending going for a hair trim but trust us as this is a crucial step to eliminate split ends. Using styling tools often and pollution will dry out the moisture from hair ends and make them prone to split ends. By getting frequent trims, you can keep split ends from occurring since they are responsible for hair breakage and hampers your hair growth.

3. Give Yourself an Oil Massage

Give yourself a head massage to stimulate hair growth and increase blood circulation to your scalp. Make sure to warm some pure coconut oil and apply some warm oil to your scalp. Give yourself a massage frequently to ensure smooth and healthy hair growth. You can also choose other oils such as almond oil, castor oil or any essential oil of your choice. Since these natural oils are packed with fatty acids and nutrients, they act as a natural conditioner, strengthen your hair follicles from the outside and also prevent your hair from drying out.

4. Don’t Wash Your Hair Frequently

Though you might have the urge to wash your hair often due to sweat and pollution, we advise you not to wash your hair every day. Washing your hair regularly strips the natural oil from your scalp. The natural oils present on your scalp are responsible for protecting your hair follicles without which your hair will become dry. We recommend that you wash your hair two to three times a week with a mild shampoo rather than opting for a harsh shampoo.

5. Shampoo Your Hair in a Right Manner

It is essential to remember to incorporate the right techniques while shampooing your hair. Make sure to massage your scalp and hair gently while shampooing to remove the dirt. Opt for shampoos that are free of chemicals, parabens,and sulphates to protect your hair. Chemical free shampoos act as mild agents and ensure that your hair is luscious and grows in a normal manner. Remember to brush your hair before shampooing to remove the tangles from your hair and also invert your hair while shampooing, this method ensures hair growth and improves circulation.

6. Avoid hot water

Be careful to avoid hot water while shampooing your hair as it dries out your hair and strips its moisture. Always remember to wash your hair either with warm water or cold water to avoid drying of hair. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, make sure to have a final cold water wash to lock the moisture in your hair to keep it shiny and healthy.

7. Avoid brushing when your hair is wet

Never ever make the mistake of brushing your hair when it is wet. Though you might be tempted to brush through your wet hair, we advise you from doing it since it leads to hair breakage. Let your hair dry in a natural manner or use a hair dryer on low heat settings before you brush through your hair.

8. Avoid Touching your Hair Frequently

We travel through public transports or touch various items which may be thriving with bacteria or micro-organisms. If you have the habit of touching your hair frequently, this will lead to the transfer of those micro-organisms from your hand to your hair which will affect your scalp and hair health. Make sure to refrain from doing this and always make sure to wash your hand properly before touching your hair.

9. Gulp Down the Water

Water is considered as the elixir of life, as it is responsible for flushing out the harmful toxins from our body. It is essential to keep ourselves hydrated by drinking atleast eight glasses of water per day. Sipping water regularly ensures that our hair is hydrated and regulates our body temperature to prevent hair loss due to excessive body heat.

10. Address Your Scalp Conditions

Though we have been providing you with tips and tricks to enhance your hair growth, it is very important to address our scalp conditions. Scalp conditions such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea,and eczema affect our scalp and detriments hair growth. Make sure to use kitchen products such as lemon, vinegar, curd or peppermint oil to address mild dandruff issues, if your symptoms persist then it is important to consult a dermatologist. Using products containing Zinc pyrithione, coal tar, and ketoconazole will help fight against microbial infection while promoting healthy hair and its growth.

11. Opt for Natural Products to Color Your Hair

Keeping up with current hair trends such as hair coloring, streaking and highlights might look cool on our hair, but it might do more harm than good. Hair coloring products contain peroxides and ammonia which is very harmful to your hair as well as for your body. If you want to color your hair, opt for natural products such as henna, which cools your scalp and eliminates dandruff.

12. Minimize Exposure to Styling Tools

Styling our hair with tools such as hair dryers, heat curlers,and hair straightener makes us look attractive and appealing but causes immense damage to hair if used often. Remember to apply products that protect your hair from heat before you use styling tools to minimize hair damage. Instead of using heat curlers, you can leave normal curlers overnight on your hair to achieve gorgeous healthy curls. You can also allow your hair to cool naturally rather than using a hair dryer.

13. Avoid Tying your Hair Tightly

We have seen celebrities sport tight and sleek ponytails or hairstyles and try to imitate their style. Though these hairstyles look good, tying your hair tightly leads to pulling of hair and damages the follicles. Avoid tying your hair tightly into ponytails or braiding your hair too tight. Avoid using rubber bands for tying your hair, as they tend to pull your hair from its roots and causes hair breakage. Instead of using rubber bands, you can opt for cloth bands, open end hair ribbons or catch clips to tie your hair instead.

14. Remove Residue Build-Up

Due to the usage of hair products over time, the residue starts to build on the scalp. This blocks the products from being absorbed on the scalp and also weighs down your hair. It is necessary to remove the build-up on your scalp to promote hair growth. Remember to cleanse your scalp with white vinegar, since it is effective for removing residue build-up or you can opt to use a clear shampoo to remove the residue and enable efficient usage of products.

15. Don’t Forget The Conditioner

Using a good conditioner ensures to seal your hair shafts and imparts a healthy shine to it. A good conditioner enables your hair to restore the lipids lost due to shampooing and repairs the hair cuticles. Deep conditioning your hair once in a while with coconut oil enables it to maintain its lustre and replenishes your hair’s moisture while eliminating frizz.

16. Ditch the Chemicals and Opt for Natural Products

Many of the hair products available in the market are loaded with harsh chemicals, sulphates,and parabens which are harmful to the body. It is better to opt for organic and natural products since they are gentle on our hair rather. You can opt for organic hair washing reetha powder with soap nuts and use that mixture to wash your hair. This herbal mixture cools and conditions your scalp, fights dandruff and makes your hair healthy. Instead of using hair serums you can use a little bit of Shea butter or coconut oil to detangle your hair and to impart a healthy shine.

17. Deep Condition Your Hair

Just like our skin, hair needs extra attention for it to appear healthy and youthful. Opt for deep conditioning hair treatment or a mask once a week to moisturize your hair. You can go for hair spa treatments and massages to pamper your hair and to deep condition your tresses to make them soft and shiny.

18. Protect Your Tresses from the Sun and Pollution

When your hair is exposed to the harsh UV rays of the sun and pollution, it damages the hair. Every time you head out of your home, you expose your hair to dust and sweat. This deadly combination accumulates on your scalp leading to scalp infections and hair loss. So next time when you head out, remember to cover your hair with a hat or a scarf to protect your hair from the sun and pollution.

19. Avoid Brushing Your Hair Excessively

There is a strong belief among woman that brushing your hair often leads to blood circulation on your scalp but this belief is a myth. Brushing your hair often leads to breakage and hair fall. Remember to brush your hair for five to ten minutes, twice a day to release your hair’s natural oil. Invest in a wide tooth comb to make sure that your does not get tangled easily and makes combing easier.

20. Dry your Hair Gently

Wrapping our hair in towel soaks up the excess moisture in the hair but can break the hair since it is very fragile when wet. Instead of rubbing your hair roughly, make sure to just pat your hair gently with a soft cotton towel or use an old t-shirt to soak up the excess moisture. Letting your hair dry naturally is the best way to maintain it rather than blow drying your hair.

21. Invest in a Silk Pillow Case

The cotton pillow covers which we use are harmful to hair because they create more friction and leads to breakage of hair. If you are concerned about maintaining your hair health, invest in a good quality pillow cover made of silk. Silk is a smooth material, which reduces friction and protects your hair from damage. Also, don’t forget to tie your hair into a loose braid to prevent tangles.

22. Catch up on your sleep

Sleep is a very crucial time where the cells and organs in our body are refreshed. However, current lifestyle changes and higher stress levels affect our sleep cycle, which in turn affects our body adversely. Remember to go to bed early and sleep for atleast eight hours each night to rejuvenate your hair and your body.

23. Take your supplements

Many of the essential nutrients in food are destroyed when exposed to heat. You can take supplements recommended by your dermatologist to ensure that your body gets those essential nutrients. Artificial supplements such as biotin and multivitamin tablets provide the necessary nutrients to make our hair strong and healthy.

24. Relieve your Stress

Stress if not released can create havoc in our life by affecting out physical and mental health. Excessive stress leads to loss of hair, makes your hair brittle and weak. Make sure to relieve your stress by exercising because during exercise our body releases endorphins also known as the feel good hormones. You can also practice yoga and meditation to relieve your stress and practice mindfulness.

25. Be patient

Getting hair like Rapunzel is not an easy task and takes time. You must be consistent in your routine and also be dedicated to seeing the results. Don’t feel disheartened, if you fail to notice any changes and remember to follow the dedicated routine for atleast three months to notice the changes. Remember that the rate of hair growth depends on various factors such as genetics, climate, body type and other factors. The hair growth rate varies according to each individual and the routine followed by them. Whatever may be the result, always remember to maintain a positive outlook.

We have recommended various tips and tricks that you can follow to make your hair grow fast and to give you a healthy hair. Always remember to be consistent and dedicated while following a hair care regimen. It is crucial to check if you are allergic to natural products and always remember to carry out a patch test before proceeding. If you are still losing your hair even after following these tips, it is advisable to consult your doctor to assess you for any underlying condition which may affect your hair.