Tight Colors With Black Dress : Every girl has plenty of black dresses in her wardrobe. Long or short, satin or silk, net or laces; black dresses come in varied designs, cuts, lengths and shapes. There is always a black dress for every woman. Be it board room meeting, a family dinner, a romantic date or a prom night; black dresses are every girl’s first choice. Black is the new pink for girls.

However loved are the black dresses, they are shuddered in cupboards in winters due to the chilly cold. The only way to wear these black dresses is with tights.

Sometimes you are tired of your usual black dress and wish to give it a new look. Then too, tights come for your rescue.  We will help you decide what color tight looks great with a black dress.

Black Dress And Maroon Tights

Choosing a dark color with a dark color makes you look more in shape and complements any body type. You can opt for maroon tights with a black short dress.

You can choose a shirt dress or an A shape dress as per your choice.  Go for black cage sandals which are heeled.

Match your lipstick with your tights and apply a maroon lipstick. Wear a statement watch. You can go for maroon belt and scarf. In case you do not wish to go all maroon, opt for brown scarf and brown belt. This combination is a great choice for night occasions.


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Turquoise Tights With Black Dress

If you have a black dress that is old but is still your favorite you can accessorize it well to make it look new. Wear your black dress with turquoise color tights as it will brighten up your entire look. To add some diva like look, add some chunky golden pieces to your neck that can grab all the attention.

A statement ring that has inlay of black stone can work wonders with this dress. Turquoise and black make a great contrasting pair of colors. Wear black open toe bellies.

You can also wear black and golden anklets over your tights to jazz up your looks. To lit up your complexion apply a tomato red lipstick and nail paint.


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Purple Tights With Black Dress

Purple is a color that is associated with royalty. For that Victorian charm, go for purple tights with a black dress. Black heeled belles look great with this combination. A peach lipstick looks bubbly with this attire. You can apply purple eye liner to your eyes. This is a must try look for parties.


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Hot Pink Tights With Black Dress

You are hot, why should not be your tights hot!!! Pick a hot pink legging with a black dress that is fitted at the waist for the Barbie doll look.

A cut sleeved black dress is a great option with hot pink colored tights. You can choose a statement necklace to wear with hot pink tights with black dress. Color your lips in hot pink to accentuate your entire look.

You can apply little pink eye shadows to have that pinky pinky look. You can tie your hair into a tight bun, which is neatly placed high on your head.


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Blue Color Tights With Black Dress

Blue is the color of life. It represents the sky and the sea. If you are wearing a little black dress, you can pick blue tights to pair it up.

Choose a blue that stands out with black, like a brighter shade of blue. Go for indigo blue, neon blue or violet. All these colors look great with black color. To add some more color you can add a scarf in light shades to this dress. Tie the scarf around your neck.

You can make various knots with scarf or simply place it neatly across the shoulder. Wear black buckled oxford shoes or bellies. Give your lips a bright color like blood red or cherry red. You can also add a little blush for that dewy finish glow to your cheeks.


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The Floral Print Tights With Black Dress

Floral prints add charm and happiness to life. It is a delight to the onlooker as much as to the wearer. Floral prints make you look chirpy and young. It can lit up anybody’s mood. If you have a real short black dress or a long t- shirt to wear, plum it up with a floral legging in any shade of beautiful flowers like oranges, pinks and reds.

Choose floral tights in black base as they will match well with your little black dress. You can opt to wear it for any party; from beach party to office party these floral print tights with black dress can jazz up any occasion.

Wear a pink lipstick with this look. You can keep your hair open; straighten them or twist them towards the end.


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Green Tights With Black Dress

When you are all confused how to style your black dress, go green. A pair of green tights looks amazing with a black dress. It is a rare combination but worth a try. Go for black ballerinas or black boots with this dress.  Go for natural pink lips.


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Grey Colored Tights with Black Dress

Grey and black are the best color duos, be it men, be it women. Nothing can be more sophisticated than wearing grey tights with black dress. Choose a loose fit black dress. It is an ideal combination for winters. You can pull your hair back and tie them in a low bun.

This dress looks great with high leg boots in black color. For your lips go for baby pink color as pink will make you look girly and sweet. You can also add a simple chain with this attire. This is an ideal wear for office or an evening out with friends and family.


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Black Tights With Black Dress

If you are the mysterious mistress, and love black go for the black o’ black lock. Ditch all colors and wear black tights with a black dress.

Black boots can further compliment uniquely with this black tights with black dress combination. To add some colors carry a maroon sling bag. You can match your lipstick with your sling bag and go for maroon lips or else coffee colored lips go well with black tights with black dress.


Image Source : bmodish.com

Mauve Color Tights With Black Dress

Mauve and black look magnificent together. Adorn a black dress with mauve color tights to look as beautiful as a lavender flower. Mauve can make you look beautiful and fresh like a spring flowers in winters. Choose a black shift dress to pair up with your tights.

You can pull mauve or white belt and complement it with matching shoes. If you are wearing mauve belt wear mauve ballerinas, and in case you are wearing white belt wear white ballerinas. If you still feel cold, add a green sweeter to this look to get all the warmth.

For your hair, pull them back and tie them in a side pony loosely. You can also carry a small bright color side back to put all your essential goodies. Choose an orange bag and apply orange lipstick to pop up your entire look. An orange lipstick an instantly brighten up your looks.


Image Source : chictopia.com

Yellow Tights With Black Dress

Yellow mellow is a jazzy color that represents fire and sunshine. It stands for freshness, positivity, happiness and energy. Black and yellow is a combination you will love and can wear over and over again. If you have a cute black dress with white laces, opt for yellow tights to wear with it.

Yellow looks great with brown color as well. So wear a brown belt and brown boots or sandals with black dress and yellow tights. To add some colors go for pink lipstick for that rosy effect. Charm up with pink blusher on your cheeks and be the glowing rose amidst winters.


Orange Color tights With Black Dress

Orange and black is a very interesting combination that can liven up every occasion. Orange is a fierce color, but it is playful and joyous at the same time. If you have a bold black dress that has some embellishments and a noodle strap pair it up with orange tights.

Wear black boots with this combination. Add a gold string to this look. Apply a nude brown lipstick and under play. Add some mascara to your eyes and dab a thick line of eye liner to your upper eyelid. Wear a cream hair band to cut the cute look.


Black is a versatile color that works great with a lot of colors. You can try matching your black dress with any color of tights by just being a little more creative and thinking out of box.  There is no beauty without colors. Colors speak louder than words. Life gets more colorful by adding these beautiful colors to your wardrobe.  The best color is the one that suits you the most. Keep looking, there is always a rainbow waiting for you. Life is a box of colors. Live in colors.