Things You Should Never Say to a Lady-  Sometimes, we speak our mind out without thinking and within moments, we realize that we have made a huge mistake. In the heat of the moment, we often say offensive things that can hurt people really bad. This is something that happens very frequently with women. The everyday life isn’t that smooth for women and they have to face a lot of verbal rudeness and slur. They are constantly reminded of how they are not enough or capable compared to men.

They definitely need to be treated in a very respectful way regardless of situations and one of the ways to be a gentleman is to avoid saying horrible things to a woman. To be a better man in today’s society, you’ll simply have to start respecting women and don’t make them feel any less. If you truly want to be a respectful and humble lad, control your words and don’t say several things to a lady. Here are certain things that you should never tell a woman.


You Have Too Many Guy Friends

If you are in a relationship or are giving a general advice to a female, never say that she has too many male friends. Just as men can have as many girl-friends as he wants, a girl can also have many guy friends. A lot of people judge a woman on the number of male friends she has which is completely inappropriate.

Having male friends doesn’t define the character and personality of any woman and a true man should never tell a woman to check her limits. You’ll look insecure, tacky and literally narrow minded when you’ll say this to nay lady!

Are You Really going to Eat it all?

This comes to a true and straight insult to women who love food. Even women are human beings and foodies and they too can love food the way you do. We have a weird stereotype that women are tend to look lean and beautiful and to maintain her toned body, she has to eat less! This is so not fair as women have the right to eat as much as she wants and you’re no body to question it.

When you ask her straightforwardly that is she going to eat everything, she’ll instantly feel uncomfortable and insecure about her food. She might think she’s eating too much or that she eats abnormally more. Don’t make her uncomfortable while giving such nasty and inappropriate statements!

Oh, It’s that time of month, isn’t it?

This is such a disgusting assumption and statement that women hear all the time. When a woman gets angry or mad about something or needs something desperately, men have a reason to blame it all on that time of the month! Men need to understand that women have their reasons to get mad and if you listen to her without making such assumptions, you’ll probably know about it.

Women don’t act crazy all the time during periods and when she does, there’s a reason. Also if it is that time of the month, you simply cannot push your thoughts ask for justification. Women done need to justify their behavior especially when you think it’s because of her periods!

When Will You Get Married or Have Children

Trust us, this statement or rather question will simply freak out any woman. No matter how successful a woman becomes, she always gets bombarded with a common question that when will she get married or have kids. Getting marries and having babies is a choice and if some women have other goals, simply respect it!

A lot of women these days want to remain independent and they don’t need a marriage. While on the other hand, married women often get targeted with a question about having kids. May be a woman is struggling with fertility issues or might be she doesn’t even wants kids. Asking a woman when she will get married or have kids is simply a personal attack on her which can make her feel uncomfortable.

You are Not Like Other Girls

This might sound as a compliment at first but literally it is a weird statement. This statement literally means that almost all the girls are lame but you are not. You are simply saying that the entire gender she belongs to is lame which doesn’t sound as a compliment anymore! Women are stronger and united these days and they don’t want to put other women down. When you say such things, they’ll easily get offended and hurt.

If you want to make any lady or woman feel special, you can say “I have never met anyone like you before” instead of a directly offending statement and she’ll feel good about it. Just don’t put the entire gender down with your insensitive and wounding statements.

I dint Knew You Were That Smart

Women are always compared to men and rather put down when it comes to smartness and intellect. A lot of people still judge a woman on the basis of her looks and don’t think there’s anything more to them. Acting surprised when you see a woman making smart decisions and performing excellently, is such a lame idea. While making such statements, you are directly claiming that women are not that smart which is tactless!

If you want to praise the smartness or intelligence of any woman, you can say “you are very smart” because that’s how it is said. Acting surprised on a woman’s intelligence will make you look stupid and arrogant instead!

Don’t Lie, I know You Love Shopping

Again, we have a stereotype that all women love shopping and wasting their hard earned money. This by the way isn’t true because a lot of women don’t like shopping at all. It’s exhausting, it’s expensive and it requires a lot of free time which today’s women might not have. It’s demoralizing to state that all the women love shopping and wasting money.

Assuming that all women like shopping is not appropriate. Also if women like shopping, nobody’s got the right to judge them on the basis of their hobbies! Don’t act like a weirdo also if a woman around you likes shopping and stop giving stereotypical comments.

That’s Pretty Good for a Woman

This is a purely sexist comment and not a statement. Women get this a lot, especially at workplace. In this male dominated society, a lot of men have a misconception that women are less capable of achieving anything and they do stunned to see a woman achieve things. Saying this to any woman is so offensive and hurtful and only use this statement if you want to look like a fool.

This statement clearly shows that men have set standards and they think women can never achieve! Nobody favors sexist comments these days and if you really want to appreciate a girl, mince your words and say genuinely meaningful stuff. This way, you’ll not only compliment a woman but will also prevent yourself from looking like a fool.

How Are You Still Single?

A girl doesn’t have to be taken if she is smart, beautiful and intelligent all together because she gets committed when she finds the person she needs. Being in a relationship is not about being the best but it’s about finding the person with whom you can get along and if you are single, it isn’t because there’s some problem with you.

Once again, this is a sexist comment that if a girl is single, it’s because no man wants her. When you act surprised to see a talented and beautiful girl be single, it’ll definitely make her feel uncomfortable. She’s single because she’s picky, she has choices; it’s as simple as that! If you really want to compliment her on her achievements or beauty, use better phrases instead of choosing sexist statements.

You don’t Look Good

Literally any ill comment on a girl’s look will make her feel insecure and unconfident. Women are expected to look stunning and pretty all the time and due to such stereotypes, a lot of women struggle with body image issues already. It takes a lot of guts for average looking women to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin and when make absurd comments about their looks, they feel shattered and hurt.

Just because a woman doesn’t match the beauty standards that you have set in your mind doesn’t mean that you have the right to say this to a woman. Women don’t feel same everyday and sometimes, when they want to relax and don’t want to dress up, so don’t make them feel bad about it. you have no right to make her feel bad about the way she looks so also if you don’t like the way she looks or dresses up, don’t comment on it. Women definitely take this personally and your comments might hurt her to a greater extend.