Things to Know When Dating an Independent Woman – Men have these days broken the stereotypes and are now open to date independent women who have their own careers and priorities. However, dating an independent and strong woman is not every man’s cup of tea. There are some personality traits of an independent woman that men are still not prepared to accept.

It is important to date a woman who is a great fit for you because if you’ll fall for an independent woman but are not willing to accept the way she is, it will never work out for both of you. The thing about independent women is that their independence is non-negotiable and they won’t give it up for anything. So if you are really into independent women, here are the things you should know.


Her World wouldn’t be Centered Around You

An independent woman won’t make you their entire world because they have a lot of important things to do rather than allotting all of her time to you. Your plans of setting a date with her might get cancelled many times as just because their schedules are full; she might have to attend a meeting or already has plans with her family or friends.

This doesn’t mean that she is not interested in spending time with you but she also has other people in her life for whom she needs more time. Don’t expect them to put you first and meet you anytime you want. They are also busy beings who live their lives in a full circle. So if you are okay with being an addition to her world, go ahead and date her.

Independent Women are Capable of Taking Care of Themselves

Men are protective creatures and they are often referred to as the beings that protect women. This protective instinct can sometimes ruin a relationship because independent women can take care of themselves and they might find it restrictive if men try to be too protective. Independent women work hard, pay their bills and are self sufficient.

You won’t be able to restrict her for doing the things she wants and make decisions on her behalf. They don’t need a man who controls their life. If you find it intimidating, step back and think again about your decision.

She is Financially Independent and Self Reliant

There are men who get intimidated by the idea of women paying the bills or even splitting their bills but when you date an independent woman, get ready to spilt the bills as she is financially self reliant and wouldn’t need your money. Chivalry isn’t bad but you should keep in mind to not make her feel like she can’t pay for what she ordered.

Is not about money, it’s about her ability to pay for her expenses and that she doesn’t need someone to look after her. So don’t get intimidated if she is paying for her bills. Respect the fact that she is self supporting and doesn’t need your money. She takes pride in her achievements and don’t let her down.

She Likes her Own Space

It’s great to spend plentiful of time together as a couple but independent women also give equal priority to their personal space. Sometimes, they just don’t want to hang out with your friends or go on a date with you and want to stay along at home and watch their favorite shows. This doesn’t mean that they are not willing to be with you but they just want to do certain things by themselves.

Don’t get overwhelmed if she denies for a date or a plan you made as she might be tired or needs some time alone. The hectic schedules can make her feel that way and she might need some time to unwind. Simply let her be alone or let her do the things she wants instead of what you planned for her and it’ll keep her going.

She won’t Change for You

She is this independent and strong woman because of her personality, her choices and because of the way she is. Just because you have entered her life, it doesn’t mean that she has to change herself. If you don’t like her independence and space, she’s not going to change it for you. If you find her too honest, if you find her personality too intimidating, if you easily get offended by her choices, rethink your decision to date her as she is not going to change.

Independent women are quite stubborn about their beliefs and ethics and if you oppose her, it’s not going to work out. Date an independent woman only if you can stand women who refuses to accept the conventional dating stereotypes and rather choose a co-dependent woman.

Independent Women need Fearless Men

A personality of an independent woman can be intimidating for some men, especially those men who cannot accept women to be so self sufficient. Independent women don’t need such men and would rather prefer to date men who are fearless and accepting.

Women are always looking for men who don’t expect them to change and with whom they become stronger. They don’t need a man with the fragile ego or the men who get easily hurt if their spouse is more powerful. An independent woman needs the man who doesn’t mind her working, making her own decisions and living by herself.

For Independent Women, Work is a Priority

Independent women are not dependent on their parents or spouse for money. They work hard and earn their money. Don’t expect them to compromise their work just because you want to spend time with them. Independent women are ambitious and take pride in their work. They don’t work only for money but they love to use their skills and creativity.

They love being independent and have goals for career. They wants to build their identity and work enthusiastically for it. Just like men, these women don’t compromise with work and are highly professional. If you can’t stand a woman who’s deeply immersed into her work and has goals, it’s a bad idea for you to date independent women.

She won’t Become a Homemaker for you

Independent women don’t aspire to be homemakers. They are mostly working professionals and also have future dreams. While it is not bad to be a home maker, it’s certainly not a great thing for independent women. If you want a girl who wakes up before you, makes breakfast for you and does your laundry, an independent woman might not be a great choice for you.

She may or may not do it. If she’s also a busy person, she’ll catch up her sleep and you might have to share responsibilities and duties. No independent woman will give up her financial independence and become a homemaker for you because it is a decision they’ll regret. So don’t expect this from an independent woman.

She Believes in Marriage, but with the Right Person

A lot of men out there think that independent and self-sufficient women aren’t into marriage. This is not correct as even they dream to become brides. She’ll love to get married one day and will love her spouse but only when she feels that he is the ideal one for her.

She doesn’t want to get trapped into a marriage and get into a relationship where she has to change herself so she’ll wait for the one who understands her and accepts her the way she is. Independent women want her partner to be a great addition to their life and if they find the right person, they won’t refrain from getting married. This doesn’t mean that she expects herself to be the bread earner and him to be the homemaker; she just wants a man who is okay with sharing roles and responsibilities.

Independent Women are also Caring, Loving and Loyal

Just because a woman is independent, it doesn’t mean that she thinks shallow of men. Independent women are equally or sometimes even more loving and caring and will love the men with all her heart. She might not show her love in the conventional way like by cooking for you, taking care of your home or doing chores but she does love you.

Her way of showing and expressing love might be different so get used to it if you are willing to date an independent woman. She might take things slowly at the beginning but will certainly make you feel loved and treasured for sure.

A lot of men have the wrong image of an independent woman. They think of independent women as intimidating and proud creatures which is not right. If you’ve never dated an independent woman, you should know that they are actually the best women to date because they know their value and are filled with emotional maturity. Independent women are the stronger and better version of the loving and caring beings women used to be previously.