Things Every Woman Wants in Man – Women are quite picking in terms of their dating partners. They need a man who can treat them with respect and love. Men, who are capable of making their women happy, generally never fail in keeping their romantic relationship blossoming. There’s no specific analysis that can assure you if a man is going to be your perfect partner forever but there are certain personality traits that most women want from their partners.

If you are a man trying to figure out what women want, here are some of the traits that women value and need importantly from the men in their lives.

Things Every Woman Wants in Man

Have a quick look at these important things women would definitely look for!

Things-Every -Woman-Wants-in-Man-Be-Aware

Things-Every -Woman-Wants-in-Man-Be-Aware

Honesty and Trustworthiness

Women don’t need a man who is dishonest and lacks trustworthiness. Every woman wants to be with a man who can be trusted and is honest with her. When a woman gives so much of time, love and effort into a relationship, she expects her man to be honest and open with her. Trust is the building block for any relationship and a woman cannot commit to partner until she feels secure with her man. Thus, if you want to woo a woman, stay honest and open with her about everything.


So if you are involved in a romantic relationship, intimacy is must. Women love the men who can build strong romantic relationship and can make her feel in love all the time.

Intimacy goes beyond physical closeness and also reflects how close you are emotionally with your partner. Thus, women opt for men who can build a great emotional bold along with physical closeness.

A Great Sense of Humor

You can ask any woman and she’ll tell you how she is attracted to guys who can make her laugh. Men with a great sense of humor are awesome. Women are highly attracted to a cheery and fun loving man.

A cheery personality shows that you take life too seriously and enjoy every moment while looking at the amusing part of life. After all, life is too short to be spending while stressing over little things. So if you want a woman to fall in love with you, make her laugh and be pleasurable yourself!

Ambition and Passion

Who doesn’t like an ambitious and passionate man? There is something about men who are passionate and are willing to take challenges and prove themselves. If you have fallen for a strong woman, be ambitious and develop the skills because an ambitious man is magnetic to women.

It’s not only about a man being rich but it is about being in a relationship with a man who is passionate about his life, his dreams and his goals. Even a woman won’t be able to resist an inspiring personality and thus, if you want your dream woman, be passionate and inspiring to her.


Respect is the primary thing women want. Modern dating has become exceptionally hard because women refuse to settle and are willing to date men who think of men and women as equal. Gone are the days when women would compromise with their self respect to save their relationships.

The modern women want their men to respect them, listen to them and treat them with utmost sincerity. Whether you are in a relationship or not, stay respectful towards women and women will naturally get attracted to you.

Clarity and Communication

It’s no doubt that relationships are complicated. Being completely honest about what you want and what you cannot stand is necessary of you wanted to maintain a great bond. This is exactly what women want from their men; clarity and communication.

A lot of men refrain from communicating about their desires and their issues which can create a chaos. In fact, lack of clarity and proper communication can also lead to heartbreaks and bizarre end of a romantic relationship. Thus, women always look for a man who is clear about his needs and can communicate effectively.


Of course, no relationship can survive without love. Love is the thing that everyone wants. Every woman not only wants to hear “I love you” but wants to feel this every time she looks in the eyes of his man. The feeling of love doesn’t need more words as love simply reflects in the actions and gestures of any man.

A woman would not be able to resist a man who takes care of her, treats her with respect and showers all the love on her. Thus, if you want to make a woman fall in love with you, love her more than ever and make her feel special.

Great Physique

Well, if you are not loaded with those six pack abs, its fine. A woman simply needs a man with healthy habits and a good physique. Women don’t need a specific type of sculpted body but they always get attracted to a man who has healthy habits.

A man who puts some efforts in improving his overall health and physique is always desirable. Physical health and well being definitely attracts a woman and thus, if you want a beautiful girl in your life, pay some attention on your body and your lifestyle. Improve yourself and women will get attracted to you for sure.


Attractiveness leads to a lot of things. Attractiveness comes when a man dresses nicely, grooms himself in a great way and is a hygienic person.  Women always fall for the men who are groomed in the perfect way, dress as per the occasion and are hygienic.

No woman wants an unhealthy, messy and unhygienic guy. Thus, groom yourself perfectly, dress according to your body type and develop hygienic habits. It’ll not only help you get the girl you want but will also enrich your confidence and self love.


When a man acts childish in a relationship, women simply get frustrated. All the women want a matured and supportive guy who can understand her and can be with her. Boys who keep fighting constantly and are least sensitive are not desired by women. They need a matured person with whom they feel safe, dependable and sound.