Things a Girl should Not Do to Her Boyfriend – There’s no other feeling as precious as being in love. It is amazing to fall in love deeply and truly with someone but there are times when some women unknowingly start suffocating their partners out of insecurities. When a girl is much in love, she often forgets that her caring attitude might turn superfluous and can make her boyfriend feel trapped.

It is natural to stay concerned and always remain in touch of your boyfriend but when this care and concern crosses a border, it becomes annoying and might damage your relationship. So if you want to nurture your relationship with your boyfriend, here are the things you should not do to your man.


1. Call and Check on him at Frequent Intervals when he’s away from you

We understand that you are concerned about the safety and well being of your boyfriend but calling and checking on him constantly will surely annoy him. He is a grown up man and can take good care of himself and on the other hand, checking on him constantly will make him feel that you are insecure and apprehensive about him. If you want to be a matured girlfriend, text him once a while asking if he is ok and don’t bug him by calling and texting frequently.

Let him work, let him catch up with his friends and have some alone time without you. Don’t act like a paranoid and don’t call every hour or every two hours to stalk or check on him. This might also get interpreted as lack of trust and insecurity. Thus, for a healthy relationship, don’t annoy him every now and then with your calls.

2. Check on his Belongings and Phone

Sharing is a very important part of a healthy relationship. Couples who share their things are obviously happier. However, when you start checking on his belongings and especially the phone, you are invading his privacy. Don’t check his wallet, his closet, his documents or anything with a negative intension. Respect his privacy and create a balance.

There are plentiful of women who love checking their boyfriends’ phone. Scanning his browsing history, contacts, messages and such private stuff will only make you feel more insecure and curious. On the other hand, your boyfriend will feel that you don’t trust him and are suffocating him. Doing these things reveal your insecurities and lack of trust and thus, for whatever reason you are doing it, simply discontinue it.

3. Blackmailing him Emotionally

Men are emotional creatures too and a lot of women use their emotions as a weapon to blackmail their boyfriends which is a bad practice. Women do this to get what they want and to make their boyfriends do what they want them to do. Feeling emotional isn’t improper but when you are simply using your fake tears just to get something you want, it is strongly unacceptable.

Girls throw tantrums, avoid speaking to their boyfriend and behave arrogantly until their demands are satisfied and this is a very common form of emotional blackmail. Don’t force your partner for something you want and as a matured and understanding girlfriend, handle these issues while talking to your boyfriend instead of showing random outburst.

4. Trying to Change him

When you are in love, it becomes important to love your partner the way he is. Don’t forget that you fell in love with him just because of the way he is. What’s the point of changing him then? There are so many women who try to change their boyfriends in terms of looks, behavioural traits, personality etc. they control their boyfriends’’ life and force them to change and become an ideal boyfriend.

In the willingness to turn your boyfriend into the dream man, you might forget that he is a human being and you should always inspire him to be a better person and not change completely. Learn to love his flaws and try to help him become a better person rather than making him feel bad about his flaws and changing him.

5. Comparing him with Random people and Especially your EX

It doesn’t matter how many relationships you have been in before or how many guys you have dated because at the current moment, he is your boyfriend and he should be your priority. Don’t compare him or his habits with your ex or any random person.

Women often compare their husbands with a random person in gym, a hot guy in the club etc. not only you are comparing his appearance or behavior with someone else but you are also signifying that others are better than him. This habit can simply wrack your relationship and make him feel torn!

6. Holding Grudges and Bitterness against him

When girls fight with their boyfriend, they bring up the past events and a fight which simply means that she is holding grudges against him. The meaning of a true relationship is to let go of certain unimportant fights and get back stronger and when you hold bitterness against him, it will keep distorting your relationship slowly.

Forget that your boyfriend did some similar thing in the past and forgive him. Don’t keep score of how many times he has hurt you because it will make him feel bad. End the fights and don’t let the grudges create a negative space in your mind.

7. Not Offering him enough Support

Ask anyone and they’ll say they need a supportive caring and compassionate partner. We all know that life’s not easy and to make it through, we need a supportive person who can motivate and inspire us. Being unsupportive can become a huge barrier to a successful and healthy relationship and thus, it is important to offer him enough support and love. Have your partner’s back and let him feel that you’re there for him always.

Don’t make him feel bad for his dreams or goals also if he has failed many times. Don’t blame him for his choices and make him feel horrible about his failure. If you love him, come forward and inspire him to not give up. Become a strong and robust support system for him and he’ll adore you!

8. Not letting him Hang out with his Friends and Family

It is simply not okay to control your boyfriend’s life when it comes to his privacy and space. Men love hanging out and chilling with their friends and thus, it is important for you to let him enjoy his holiday with friends and have fun. You don’t owe him and you don’t need to control his life and thus, let him be!

Don’t restrict your boyfriend because this will make you look controlling and domineering. Ditch this selfishness and understand that he is your man but he also needs his family and friends at times. Once in a while allow him to spend his free time with his friends and make sure you don’t disturb him constantly while he’s hanging out.

9. Not listening to Him

The worst thing to do in a relationship is to avoid your partner’s concerns and issues. When you don’t listen to the worries and problems of your boyfriend, he might feel left out and neglected. Take the issues of your boyfriend seriously and give him an effective solution if you truly want him to be happy.

Listen to what he says, don’t avoid it and try to solve it for him. After all, partners are for sharing the problems and to make life easier. Always listen to him when he is willing to share something with you and always give a positive reaction to him. Become his ultimate partner with whom he can share everything and can stay positive.

10. Cheat on Him

Needless to say, the most important thing you need to avoid, if you are willing to have a long term and productive relationship with your boyfriend is cheating. Don’t and just don’t cheat. No matter what are the circumstances or in whatever situation you are, sort out the problems in a matured way and don’t cheat.

Cheating will completely destroy your relationship and will make your boyfriend feel broken as never. If you are having troubled relationship, talk it out with your boyfriend and avoid cheating in any circumstance!

11. Speak Ill about his Friends and Family

Family members are friends are precious for everyone and though it is hard to get friendly with someone’s friends and family quickly, you should be at least polite and respectful about your boyfriends’ friends and family members. Also if you are unable to build a bond with these people, avoid speaking ill about them in front of your boyfriend.

You can discuss your issues with your friends and family but keep you boyfriend away from it. It is obvious that he’ll get hurt to hear anything bad about the people he loves so much by you. He needs a caring and supportive partner and when you say bad things about his loved one’s it will make him feel very offended and wounded.