Thigh Tattoos : Thigh Tattoo Designs For Women – Latest Thigh Tattoo Designs For Women: Getting inked is one of the craziest trends nowadays. Women love getting tattoos on different parts of their bodies and one of those parts are the admirable and gorgeous thighs. Women who love carrying shorts, short dresses and attires exposing the thighs can go for unique and beautiful thigh tattoos. From quoted tattoos to beautiful designs, there are ample of variations for thigh tattoos.

If you are looking forward to get a high impact and flawless tattoo on your thighs, here are some exceptional designs you can consider:

Best tattoo designs for your dazzling thighs:

1. Rocking Mandala Thigh Tattoo Design

Mandala tattoos are the badass tattoo designs trending nowadays. If you are looking for a small design with a deep and traditional impact, choose the mandala tattoo design.  The mandala designs are artistic and geometric. Traditionally, the mandala tattoos signify your dedication towards Buddhism but there are some cool random mandala designs you can get on your thighs. The mandala tattoos also represents spirituality, the planets and much more. Get this beautiful design with array of patterns and shapes to make your thighs look flawless.

Mandala Thigh Tattoo Design

2. Beautiful Rose Tattoo on your Thighs

If you want a small tattoo that can cover your thighs with a touch of simplicity, here is a fabulous rose tattoo you will love. Rose is the symbol of beauty, power and elegance and shows all your qualities with this amazing rose tattoo on your thighs. The beautiful leaves and rose petals spreading down our thighs will simply make your legs look adorable while you carry shorts! Choose this simple and trendy tattoo design for your thighs.

Beautiful Rose Tattoo on your Thighs

3. Lace Black Garter Thigh Tattoo

 Women love lace and their love for a garter belt is simply unexplainable. Lace garter belts are simply gorgeous when carried on the rocking thighs. If you want a permanent imprint of the garter belt on your sexy thighs, choose this adorable and extremely unique tattoo. This pretty tattoo representing a beautiful lace belt with a classic small floral print is extraordinary. Love lace? Choose this amazing tattoo and make your thighs look adorable.

 Lace Black Garter Thigh Tattoo

4. Colorful Floral Thigh Band Tattoo

Floral tattoos are simply adorable. If you love more elegant and feminine tattoos, this is one of the best options to consider. Floral tattoos are sober, elegant and charismatic and of you are in love with the beautiful petals, tiny leaves and a minimalist design; you can choose this lovely floral band tattoo for your thighs. Use some pretty shades and carry this dazzling tattoo with all the pride!

Colorful Floral Thigh Band Tattoo

5. Single Line Quoted Tattoo

We all have some quotes that changed our lives. There are some personal beliefs, some amazing quotes or advices given by our beloved friends, parents or siblings we wish to remember and embrace for our entire life. The best possible way to show your belief towards these quotes is getting them inked on your body. Choose some flawless quoted tattoos for your hips if you don’t like to cover your entire thigh, choose this slim, sleek and meaningful tattoo on your thighs.

Single Line Quoted Tattoo

6. Elegant Feather Tattoo on Thighs

Feathers are gorgeous and this feather tattoo is simply a beautiful combination of ribbons, pearls and an artistic version of a feather. If you love feminine designs, this is the best possible tattoo option for your thighs. Choose the black ink and get this ravishing shaded feather tattoo on your hips to make a cool impact. This is one of the most charismatic tattoos that will steal your heart.

Feather Tattoo on Thighs

7. Pretty Elephant Tattoo on Thigh

Elephant tattoos are trending nowadays due to its realistic and unique design. The elephant tattoos can be carved in unique ways. You can either choose the traditional elephant drawing or can look for the elephant with mandala shapes. This is a very unique and exceptional way to get a classic tattoo on your thighs. The beautiful tiny lotuses in the elephant make it more catchy and interesting.

Elephant Tattoo on Thigh

8. Glorious Henna Tattoo Art for Thighs

Nowadays, you will see a lot of women carrying the lovely Indian henna tattoos. These designs are simply flawless and unique. The henna tattoo art includes ample of designs like floral patterns, peacocks, leafs and a lot of beautiful elements.  The Indian henna tattoo designs consist of mesmerizing curves and beautiful dotted patterns you can get carved on your thighs. If you love to explore traditional designs, here is one of the most matchless tattoos for your thighs.

Glorious Henna Tattoo Art for Thighs

9. Pretty Red Bow Tattoo for Thighs

 Bows are stunning and they look amazing when carved o the thighs as tattoos. The colorful tattoo design includes a beautiful garter style bow. If you’ve always loved the elegant elements like bows, laces, flowers etc, you can choose this simple yet effective thigh tattoo and rock it under your mini skirt! Add some bright and dark colors to give it a natural look.

Pretty Red Bow Tattoo for Thighs

10. Stunning Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos for Thighs

A lot of people like to connect to their tribal routes while getting the tribal tattoos on their body parts. Tribal tattoos consist of some unique shapes with some interesting meanings. The Hawaiian tribal tattoos are highly inspiring and can be beautifully traced while using some unusual shades and designs. The tribal designs are generally tiny and small designs filled in large shapes. Go for a long and high impact tribal tattoo if you want to cover your thighs with an adorable tattoo.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos for Thighs

11. Super Swaggy Sunflower Tattoo for Thighs

Little flowers on your gorgeous thighs will simply look flawless. The rose tattoos, lotus tattoos are very common and if you want something dynamic and super swaggy, choose a stunning broad sunflower tattoo to cover your thighs with ink. This is an elegant and purely simple tattoo that will give a really happening impact when you carry a stunning short dress or a pair of shorts.

Swaggy Sunflower Tattoo for Thighs

12.  Stunning 3D Tattoo for Thighs

Want to get people confused with your awesome tattoo? Here is a tattoo you will love. A lot of women opt for floral designs, tribal designs, and some feminine elegant patterns and if you want something more creative and unusual, check this out! This is a super stylish 3D style tattoo that doesn’t appear as a tattoo design but simply looks as a carved design. This is an artistically designed super tattoo that will make you fall in love with your stunning thighs!

3D Tattoo for Thighs

13. Mesmerising Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dream catchers are simply amazing and dreamy. The mind blowing colors and stunning feathers of the dream catchers are simply flawless. Dream catchers are simply the most unusual tattoos people can get on their body. You can choose a single color or multiple shades like pink, green, blue etc for making your tattoo more colorful and catchy. The wide thighs give a better area for accommodating a beautiful dream catcher so choose this amazing tattoo design and rock your amazing shorts with style!

Dream Catcher Tattoo thighs

14. Precious Peacock Tattoo On Thighs

Want a cool long length tattoo for your thighs? Choose this world class peacock tattoo to make your thighs look extraordinary. Peacock tattoos are simply a piece of art as these tattoos include a lot of beautiful shapes and stunning colors. From your waist to your hips, you can get a huge colorful peacock tattoo and rock this flawless tattoo with style. The shade and divine impact of this amazing tattoo will simply keep you enthusiastic and energetic.

Precious Peacock Tattoo On Thighs

15. Fabulous and Feminine Mermaid Tattoo On Thigh

Have you been living watching the stunning mermaid stories and movies? If it’s simply your dream to become a beautiful mermaid, choose a tattoo that shows your love.  Get a pretty and colorful mermaid carved on your thighs and rock it anytime you carry a cool pair of shorts or a short dress. The colorful and bright shades, the pretty curves and a beautiful long length mermaid tattoo will make your thighs look simply adorable.

Fabulous and Feminine Mermaid Tattoo On Thigh

16. Sexy gun in the Garter Tattoo

Gun in the garter tattoos are simply sensuous and appealing. If you want something unique and exciting carved down on your thighs, this is the best idea to choose from. If you love garter belts and always wanted a cool tattoo describing your love for it, get a black ink or colorful shaded gun tattoo and show off your stunning thighs with grace! This is a classic tattoo design that can be modified in different ways using different shades.

gun in the Garter Tattoo Thigh

17. Dazzling and Simple Lotus Tattoo For Thighs

Lotus tattoos are highly famous among women. The lotus tattoos represent a lot of simplicity and elegance. To reflect your peaceful and cheerful personality, you can get a colorful and sober lotus tattoo carved on your thighs. The best part about getting a lotus on your thighs is that you can modify the simple lotus design into random bohemian or tribal form. You can either get a simple lotus or a stunning colorful lotus with leaves and some tribal touch. This will give a very exciting and refreshing look twist to the traditional lotus tattoo.

Simple Lotus Tattoo For Thighs

18. Mystic Owl Tattoo On Thigh

Well, if you are not one of those women who love floral and casual tattoos, here is something vivid, cool and extremely unexpected you can get on your thighs. If you are a day sleeper and love to stay awake at nights or if you simply just love something unique, this tattoo design is a perfect way to showcase your love! You can also add some interesting elements like keys, owl resting on a wooden branch, some interesting colors, owl filled with some tribal and amazing shapes etc. this is a completely unique and irresistible tattoo for tattoo lovers!

Mystic Owl Tattoo On Thigh

19. Free Bird and Floral Tattoo On Thigh

A lot of tattoos are completely random and you can get those tattoos without thinking much. The bird and floral tattoos fall in the same category. Bird tattoos are simply easy, colorful and a pleasure to eyes. It includes a lot of colors, some pretty looking shapes, some dynamic flowers and all of this together, makes the entire tattoo look fabulous. If you love to carry shorts and skirts and want to show off your stunning thighs, get this extraordinary tattoo and fall in love with your dazzling thighs once again!

Floral Tattoo On Thigh

20. Simple Tribal Tattoo For Thighs

Thigh tattoos are interesting and unique. Tribal tattoos can be simple and exciting and also look catchy. The dotted designs are cool and you can merge these dotted designs with the tribal touch. This is an awesome example of dotted tribal tattoo designed with some cool shades. For a unique design, you can merge some interesting shapes and designs to make it more contemporary. You can also alter the width and length of the design for making the tattoo design.

Tribal Tattoo For Thighs

21. Stunning Endless Knot Tattoo On Thighs

Endless knots are sober and highly catchy. If you do not like to get colorful or immensely catchy tattoos, this is a pretty design with an intellectual impact on the thighs. Nothing looks as fabulous and uncomplicated with its light and cool impact.  This tattoo will not only leave the viewers confused but will also make your thighs look bright and beautiful. So feel gorgeous with this unfussy and effortless tattoo design.

Endless Knot Tattoo On Thighs

22. Beautiful Girl Thigh Tattoo

Love portraying a cool little girl on your body? The thighs are the best part for this tattoo. The thigh area is quite broad on which you can get a perfectly adorable and stunning girl tattoo carved. This is one of the interesting and catchy ideas you can try this season. This tattoo requires a lot of detailing and attention. This spooky and tragic girl tattoo is something out of the box and interesting to get on your thighs!

Beautiful Girl Thigh Tattoo

23. Super Stunning Red Goldfish Tattoo

Women love those tiny and charismatic gold fishes. This is a beautiful little goldfish tattoo that will simply steal your heart. Small fish tattoos are available in so many interesting designs and the best part is, that you can get a small fish carved in the most exciting and unique way. This red small and flattering goldfish is a dream tattoo design.  It leaves a small impact on the thighs and grabs all the attention. If you want a purely feminine and cool little tattoo to rock your thighs, choose a pretty goldfish and make your thighs look fab!

Stunning Red Goldfish Tattoo

24. Flattering Black and White Sun-Moon tattoo

Sun and moon tattoos are extremely common. The tattoo artists come up with some unique and dynamic sun-moon tattoo designs every day. This is one of the best ways to explore your interests and get a meaningful and lovely tattoo on your thighs. Sun-moon tattoos are small and get incorporated on the thighs in a gentle way. The charm of black and white tattoos is also impeccable. If you love the concept of universe and want to reflect that through a tattoo, choose this amazing design.

Black and White Sun-Moon tattoo

25. Divine Horse Thigh Tattoo

Love the beautiful Hercules, traveler and Bucephalus? Get one on your thighs. Horses are simply charming and getting a horse tattoo is simply an out of the box idea. This is the most exciting and flattering horse tattoo design you can get on your thighs. The lovely floral addition, the prettily designed horse hair and the entire feminine glory of the tattoo will keep people wondering. This is one of the offbeat tattoo designs you must try this season.

Horse Thigh Tattoo

26. Olympic Colored Small Thigh Tattoo

Olympic fan? Here is a super cool sports tattoo that will make you enjoy your love for Olympics games. These tattoos are simply to make you remember your love and your goals for Olympic. A lot of women and athletes get these colorful and tiny Olympics tattoo carved on their body parts. For a unique and dazzling tattoo on your thighs, choose this cool option and reflect your love for Olympics as never before.

Olympic Colored Small Thigh Tattoo

27. Tiny Arrow Tattoo On Thighs

Nowadays, the small and meaningful tattoos have replaced the huge and gigantic thigh tattoos. If you are the one who doesn’t love those huge shapes and immensely colorful designs, this is one f the best tattoo options for your thighs. The small black arrow tattoo has been quite famous nowadays due to its simplicity and a bright impact. Choose this dazzling tattoo and show your stunning small tattoo with all the grace!

Tiny Arrow Tattoo On Thighs

28. 3d Butterfly Tattoo On Thighs

3D butterfly tattoos are unique and simply adorable. You can choose from small to huge sized tattoos and make your thighs look flawlessly inked. If you want a purely feminine and naturist tattoo on your thighs, nothing can work as amazingly as the 3D butterfly tattoo. Get a small or tiny butterfly with the 3D wings or choose some colorful butterfly variations for a unique tattoo experience.

3d Butterfly Tattoo On Thighs

29. Stunning Queens Crown tattoo

Women are the ultimate queens and you can showcase your beautiful dream by getting a cool crown tattoo on your thighs.  You can depict the crown in the most impossible and dynamic ways. Choose some beautiful flower buds to cover the crown or choose some feathers falling beside the crown. Any of these ideas will make your crown tattoo look more gracious. You can also add more colors and some interesting elements like hearts, lips, flowers, and butterflies near the crown and make it exceptionally customized.

Queens Crown tattoo For Thighs

30. Stunning World map tattoo on Thighs

Well, if travelling the world is your ultimate goal, choose this beautiful tattoo that will keep reminding you of your goal. This tattoo can also signify different meanings and perceptions people have for the world. Conquering the world, travelling through the world etc can also be quoted along with this map. This beautiful tattoo comes with a black lining and classy shading that makes the tattoo look exceptionally stunning.

Queens Crown tattoo For Thighs

31. New Refreshing Dot work tattoo

We all are aware about the charming and traditional mandala tattoos. However, you can make these tattoos even more interesting by adding some dot work. The dot work is a beautiful kind of art in which, different shapes are framed by dots. Dots can simply make a tattoo look out of the box and unreal. From the traditional mandala shapes to the modern and elegant designs, you can gel up dots with different designs and make your tattoo personalized. This is a very interesting and catchy tattoo design you can try.

32. Awesome Kiss Tattoo On Thigh

Need something unique and tiny on your thighs? What can be better than a small and captivating thigh tattoo! This is a stunning idea you can try for reflecting your kinky and fun side forward. Kiss tattoos are just amazing and you can try it in different ways. This amazing black lips tattoo with a skull is quite a unique approach towards lips tattoo. You can instead try the traditional red lips kiss tattoo if you don’t like to use single black ink. This is one of the gorgeous tattoo designs trending this season.

Kiss Tattoo On Thigh

33. Brief and Gorgeous Heartbeat Thigh tattoo

Heartbeat tattoos are simply admirable. You cannot keep the eyes off these pretty and captivating heartbeat tattoos for sure. A lot of people get some quotes along with the beautiful heart. A lot of people like to add colors while some like to keep it immensely simple. You can design your heartbeat tattoo in your own way and make it look flattering on your gorgeous thighs. Try this fabulous thigh tattoo and flaunt your stunning heartbeat tattoo with all the grace!

Heartbeat Thigh tattoo

These are some of the coolest thigh tattoo design trending these days. The best part about thigh tattoos is that you get a wide space and great area to get fabulous tattoos carved. You can also choose quoted or immensely small thigh tattoos. Tattoos are simply the reflection of your choices and beliefs and thus, choose your tattoo wisely and show them off with your stunning shorts and mini dresses!