Tattoo designs and ideas for women: Beauty comes to those who are ready to bear the pain for it. Wondering what beauty are we talking?We are acknowledging the attractiveness of tattoos and the lure they bring to the wearer. Besides all the enticing beauty is a hidden pain. But trust us; a tattoo is worth the pain you go through. The tattoo is a trend that is versatile and assorted in every aspect, be its varied designs or numerous colors or even the wide – ranging sizes it’s inked in.

Latest Tattoo Ideas For Women

Love for tattoos is universal but where we all suck is on choosing tattoo designs.There are numerous designs and styles of tattoos , few are given below :

One is always confused what to get inked because a tattoo is forever. One wrong decision and you have to bear with it for the rest of life.We asked some tattoo designers for the most popular tattoo designs for women, and there was no end to it. All designers agreed that every tattoo design is same yet so different.


It is the wearer to whom it signifies and holds a different meaning. While some people like having different tattoos, mostly love having a popular tattoo inked. Zodiac signs are one of the most common tattoo designs followed by names of loved ones.

Flowers tattoos too are high on the list of most popular tattoos. Semicolon tattoos, for good reasons also remained quite in demand internationally. Tribal tattoos are gaining popularity. The religious tattoo is also a big hit. The most well received are the angel tattoos.


Simple yet cool tattoos in form of images or numbers are inked by masses that they can relate to in their everyday life or some specific event of life that holds the greatest significance to them.


There are endless design options that you even can think of. Every year latest trends gain popularity. Tattoo enthusiasts are always on the search for new designs.

Shoulder tattoos for womenAll we need is a shoulder to rest on and to cry on. How wonderful the shoulder with a tattoo inked on it would be. Women indeed walk shoulder to shoulder with men. Shoulder tattoos are not only popular with the male genre but are equally inked by females.


A shoulder tattoo is nothing short of a glamorized style that attracts every viewer who catches a glimpse of it. The beauty of the shoulder tattoo comes out at it’s best in off shoulder cloths, tube tops, bikinis and beach dresses.


If you love baring your shoulder and you are an admirer of tattoos, this cool combination calls for having a shoulder tattoo, which is adventurous yet elegant. Have a party lined up, or wish to make some cardinal changes in your looks, a shoulder tattoo is all you need, which can work wonders.


You don’t need to have muscles to pull a shoulder tattoo. Tattoos look mesmerizing, sans the body type. Choose your tattoo design wisely and carefully, because it’s going to stay with you until the end of your life (unless you wish to remove it by laser or surgical removal) in the case of permanent tattoos.


You can also opt for temporary shoulder tattoos, that last you a fortnight. Picking a tattoo design is tricky, because of the vast variety of options. You can go for geometrical designs, flower patterns like sunflowers, roses or lilies, your favorite quote, even a paragraph of a religious hymn or just an artwork for shoulder tattoos.


Tattoos look amazing both in black and white ink and also lively colors. 3 – D shoulder tattoos are also becoming the trendiest fad.


Shoulder tattoos besides looks extremely beautiful and fashionable, give you a feeling of boldness and liberation. A tattoo is an extension of you. Make the most out of it.

Breast tattoos for women : After the rave about chest tattoos in men, the latest fad emerging in women is of breast tattoos. Unlike men, women were not earlier much open to breast tattoos.

But with newer techniques that call for lesser pain, breast tattoos are becoming the favorite tattoos of all the women who wish to stand out and make a mark of their own.


The benefit of having a breast tattoo is you can conceal it or flaunt it, as per the occasion. Breast tattoos bring out your chutzpah, dauntlessness, and boldness. They also let out a woman’s creative side.


It’s a proved fact that men love women having breast tattoos, for obvious reasons. Breast tattoos also let out the femininity of a woman.


So breast tattoos are a whole new world trapped in alphabets, numbers, symbols, signs, drawings, designs, figures, names, pictures or just anything and everything that can be possibly inked.


While men and women are principally same, they are yet very different. Same is with their tattoos. While men prefer hardcore tattoos, women look for more artistic ones. Some women prefer meaningful tattoos while the others like random designs. While some women prefer big tattoos, others prefer smaller breast tattoos.


Some women have a love for dramatic breast tattoos while some prefer subtle ones. The choice of tattoos is entirely on the wearer. There are some women having such bold tattoos, that can make any man sulk. If you are looking for some pivotal change in your looks, breast tattoo is the thing for you.


Breast tattoos are an expression of you; the rebellious part of you, for sure. Be the badass woman and get the most cardinal part of your body inked. All you need is a creative and trained tattoo artist.

Meaningful Tattoos for Women :A well-defined life is the real beauty of living. When you lend meaning to every aspect of your existence things becomes alluring. Tattoos can give a new dimension to your good self. You can vent out your ideology by means of meaningful tattoos.


In ancient time people used to get tattoos of their name as a part of their identity. That was, in fact, the birth of meaningful tattoos that later revolutionized the tattoo culture.


A meaningful tattoo depicts certain phase of the wearer’s life. Only people whose life is an open book, are straightforward and are extrovert go for meaningful tattoos because these tattoos carry a story that is very obvious to everyone who gazes at looks at the tattoo.


Meaningful tattoos are thus much beyond being a style statement. They, in fact, are a reflection of who you really are. A meaningful tattoo depicts certain essential and important phase of the wearer’s life. Like David Beckham has Victoria, his wife’s name, inked on his left arm.


To reciprocate her love, Victoria Beckham has five tattoos on her back that stand for her five-member family.  Similarly, Megan Fox has her husband name, Brian, as a tattoo. Miley Cyrus has a dream catcher tattoo, having four feathers, on the right side of her body which strengthens her believe that her dream catcher will protect herself.


The four feathers stand for the four siblings of Miley. Pink, the pop sensation has her dog’s name as her tattoo, ‘Sir Corky Moore’. When some life event, person, or word holds the greatest meaning for you, it’s the time to make it last real longer by having a tattoo inked of it.


If you wish the world to know something or know you better, it calls for a meaningful tattoo. Be the Braveheart and get inked a meaningful tattoo.

Flower Tattoos for WomenIf you are perplexed to have a tattoo or not, a flower tattoo will definitely make you yearn to have it. Flowers tattoos are the most beautiful tattoos that one can possibly dream of. Flower tattoos bring a smile on everyone’s face.


After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given to earth. You can well evaluate the grace and elegance a flower tattoo on a woman holds on. Flower tattoos had their birth in Japan, but today they are inked by women all around the world. The love of flower tattoos are increasing day by day.


Not only celebrities but ever college girl to a working lady everyone is crazy for flower tattoos. The most common spotted of all the flower tattoos are the individual rose tattoo. Besides this lilies, peony, orchids, chrysanthemums, sunflowers, cherry blossoms,  poppy, hibiscus, and lotuses are commonly used tattoo designs.


Not only are flower tattoos extremely beautiful, they do carry symbolic meaning with them in every culture and country. Like in East Lotus is a sacred flower but is merely a design for rest of the world. Cherry blossoms flower tattoos equate to life. Hibiscus flowers designate royalty and gentleness.


Lillie tattoos stand for devotion. The color of tattoo too says a lot. A red rose in West stands for love, while a yellow stand for friendship, white rose depicts purity and a black rose surrounds within itself mystery and evil. The size of flower tattoos varies too.


Some women prefer bunches or flowers while others prefer individual flowers. Some go for big flower tattoos, other for small and medium flower tattoos. Whatever the size, color or variety of flower tattoo it may be, it’s simply a charm.


A flower tattoo can be your perfect accessory that can style you like nothing else can. Steel everyone’s attention with a flower tattoo.

Rose Tattoos For WomenAncient Persia is the seat of the rose tattoo where it stood as a symbol of masculanity. But with evolution, today rose tattoo is an insane women tattoo trend. According to Tarrot, rose signifies balance. Every color rose stands for a deeper meaning.

While the red ones are for passion, white roses depict purity, a purple rose stands for royalty, orange roses spark up enthusiasm, pink roses are a symbol of gentleness and the blue roses of uniqueness. In Western world roses are a symbol of love. Besides having aesthetic and cultural significance, rose tattoos hold emotional bond as well.

Women are generally proposed with roses and to savor this, many women get rose tattoos with that particular date on which they were proposed or the name of their partner who proposed them. Be it a symbolic one, or an aesthetic one; the rose tattoo is the most gorgeous and fantastic tattoo option.

From girls to old ladies, rose tattoos are cherished by all. It can be a small rose tattoo on the underwear line or a big rose tattoo that covers the entire back of the hand, rose tattoos are simply versatile. Not only are the gray roses tattoos extremely popular, the colored roses tattoos are equally worth a million stares.

Rose tattoos are also done in highlight and lowlight area and in 3 –D as well. A rose tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, it’s all about creativity. The most common being hand and shoulder, now rose tattoo has made its way on the leg, breast, neck, feet, upper back, wrist, ear, and even butt.

Interestingly, Cheryl Cole, the English singer, and dancer have her whole butt covered with rose tattoo. Rose tattoo by itself or mixed with other objects like a skull decorated with roses tattoo spotted by Italian swimmer, Federica Pellegrini is very popular.

Your tattoo can be a rose with a message inked with it like Amy Macdonald’s rose tattoo that has ‘forever’ inked with it. Rose tattoos are in fact the true reminder of what a tattoo really is.

The beauty of the rose is inked in the form of the flower and the thorns stand for the pain you undergo while getting a tattoo. You are beautiful as roses; a rose tattoo simply makes it more enchanting.

Heart Tattoos For WomenKate Moss, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus Julia Roberts, Melanie Griffith,  Nicky Hilton, Ruby Rose, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Aniston, Christina Milian, Courtney Love, Bella Thorne, Amy Macdonald, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Jackson.


Tila Tequila, Amy Winehouse, Goldie Hawn, and Kelly Osbourne not only have beautiful hearts but also have unique heart tattoos inked on their body.Heart tattoos are one of the top choices when it comes to tattoo designs for women.


Not only heart tattoos depict love and passion, they also stand for religion, a vivid memory, suffering, sisterhood, healing, patriotism, hope; depending on the type and placement of tattoo on the body.


Red heart tattoos, tribal heart tattoo, winged heart tattoos, heart and dragon tattoos, swirl heart tattoo, heart and dagger tattoo, black heart tattoo, cute heart design tattoo, hollow heart tattoo, bleeding heart tattoo, heart and arrow tattoo, interlocked hearts tattoo, heart and ribbon tattoo, gothic heart tattoo, lion heart tattoo.


Heart and anchor tattoo, broken heart tattoo, two hearts tattoo and the heart and the crown tattoo are some of the heart tattoos that are commonly inked by bold and beautiful women across the globe.


Not only cartoon heart tattoos but anatomical heart tattoos are graced nowadays.  The inclusion of a name, quote or even a symbol with a heart tattoo makes it more intricate and stylish. Heart tattoos are extremely classy and chic. No beauty shines better than a good heart tattoo.


A small heart tattoo in blue on the wrist or a colorful large tattoo on the back can be a great choice for women. Heart tattoos on ankle are also spotted by young girls.


Find your perfect heart tattoo and cherish it for the rest of your life. Make the best of your heart. A happy heart makes the life cheerful. All wonderful women, follow your heart!


Dragon Tattoos For Women :Angelina Jolie, Pink, Melanie Brown, Franka Potente, Ashley Dupre, Lisbeth Salander; all these beautiful women have one thing in common; the dragon tattoo.  Dragon tattoos are not limited to the celebrities and stars; they are inked by all and sundry.


Dragon tattoos symbolize spirituality, success, wisdom, well- being,  power, longevity, wealth, might, good health, riches, fertility, desire, and prosperity. Be it Asian, European or the Middle East; dragons have an influence in all cultures. So dragon tattoos have a spiritual and cultural significance also.


While in European cultures dragons depicted as evil and bad, in Asian cultures they stand for luck, victory and good fortune. In China, the land of dragons, this mythological creature symbolizes magic and mystery.  The word dragon itself in derived from Latin and Greek words, both meaning, a huge and giant serpent.


Winged or unwinged; colored or uncolored; dragon tattoos are much in rage among women. Even the color of dragon tattoo symbolizes different things in various cultures. While some women prefer dramatic dragon tattoos, cartoon dragon tattoos and realistic looking 3-D dragon tattoos are also in fad.


Some women love small dragon tattoos with intricate designs while some prefer the larger dragon tattoo with a fire here and there. The most popular dragon tattoos are the flaming dragon tattoo, the rising dragon tattoo, the horned dragon tattoo, the dragon and snake tattoo.


The tiger dragon tattoo, fairy dragon tattoo, the lizard dragon tattoo, the dragon skull tattoo, the butterfly dragon tattoo, the coiling dragon tattoo, the sleeping dragon tattoo, the dragon and the moon tattoo, dragon and the roses tattoo and the celestial dragon tattoo.


If the sky would dream it would dream of dragons. If you too are enchanted by the dragons, there can be nothing better than a dragon tattoo for you.

Simple Mix Tattoos For WomenThrough simplicity comes great beauty.  Real beauty lies in the undemanding essence of simplicity. Are you the one who scares from the thought of having big gigantic tattoos that are complex?  Not all tattoos need to be dramatic.

A tattoo is a thought trapped in an alluring art. A simple tattoo can do justice to your expression as well.  A simple tattoo eliminates the unnecessary so that the necessary can stand out. The art of simplicity is the puzzle of complexity.

To find a simple tattoo you need to go through a complex process of tracing the simplest tattoo that defines you in the best possible way. Many women nowadays prefer simple tattoos. Firstly it makes you stand out. Secondly, being simple, it takes lesser time and obviously lesser pain.

But these are not the reasons alone for choosing a simple tattoo. It’s been in vogue and it’s charming the whole world due to it’s simplicity. Simple tattoos are elementary but this does not in any way reduces its attractiveness. It’s extremely attractive.

Simple tattoos are easy to understand. When you are confused to have a tattoo or not, a small tattoo is a risk-free option. You will never regret having a small tattoo.

It can be the name of your loved one around your finger, an alphabet or a music note on your ear or behind your ear, an important date on your wrist, a small heart on your neck, a bunch of flowers on your toe, a small dragon on your shoulder, a small butterfly on the side of your palm; something that you wish to cherish for the rest of your life.

The glory of expression of the tattoo comes out best in simplicity. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Simple tattoos are the keynote of elegance. Never overlook the power of a simple tattoo. Life is simple and so be the tattoos. Out of clutter trace simplicity. Keep it simple.

Angel Tattoos For WomenThe word ‘angel’ has its origin in Greek, Latin and French words; all of which means the same that is, ‘a messenger’. Angels are a link between the God and the humans. They are the messenger of the God. They are also protectors of the region between earth and the heaven.


According to mythology some malicious angels initially lived in heaven but were thrown out of heaven due to evil deeds. So as repentance they took as servants of God. Their existence is a matter of debate but their charisma is universally accepted.


The Christian religion has many anecdotes revolving around angels. Though angels tattoos are linked with spirituality and particularly the Christian religion yet today they have an aesthetic value also. Not only the older generation but the youth is also patronizing the angel tattoos.


Angel tattoo is a trend among women. Angel tattoo signify an array of virtues like protection, spirituality, love, awareness, hope, divinity, faith, truth, trust, purity, courage, and power. Angels live among us. Sometimes they hide their wings but there is no disguising the peace and the hope they bring.


If you too have an unwinged angel who has been your guardian angel, to reciprocate the love, you can also get an angel tattoo inked with your human angel’s name. Besides this you can get cloud angel tattoo, memorial angel tattoo, angel devil tattoos, baby angel tattoo, warrior angel tattoo, fallen angel tattoo.


Christian angel tattoos and  Hebrew angel tattoos, just to name a few. Whatever the angel tattoo it may be, its wings are the real beauty. Though Bible does not talk about angels having wings, but lately, winged angels have gained acceptance.


The wings on the tattoo represent the free spirit of the wearer of the tattoo. Happy is the heart that believes in angel. Show off with an angel tattoo.

Skull Tattoo For WomenSkull tattoos are considered more as ‘a men’s thing’, but more and more women are taking up to skull tattoo. Skull is one of the most primitive tattoo designs that men of many civilizations flaunted. In that time it denoted ‘a big change’ or ‘triumph in life.


In medieval period skull tattoo gained importance in Christianity. Way back then they represented ‘eternity’.  Skull tattoos were also common in pirates who combined their skull tattoo with a crossbones symbol. Skull and the crossbones represent danger.


It is a common symbol used by many countries on poisons or high electric current area that can cause fatal injuries. So a skull tattoo is always associated with death and danger. In the contemporary world, skull tattoos are largely flaunted by biker groups.


They relate skull to toughness in their life. Skull tattoos with flowers are flaunted by many celebrities and stars today that are associated with their success and victory. In the present world, skull tattoos mean different things to the wearer.


It symbolizes the circle of life and death, rebirth, anger, rebellion, revolution, strength, power. Skull tattoo can be a reminder of someone who is not more when a date or a name is inked with it. Skull tattoo connotes both evil and virtues.


Everyone has a different explanation for her skull tattoo. Every skull tattoo, in fact, has a story behind it, which definitely raises curiosity in the onlooker.  Thus skull tattoo is the most curious tattoos. The sugar skull tattoos, the rose and the skull tattoo, the skull having eyes tattoo, the gothic skull tattoos, skull and the heart tattoo.


The skull, and Scorpio tattoo, the skull and dagger tattoo are some of the most popular skull tattoo designs for women. If you are a woman who is braveheart or a badass,  a daredevil or uncompromising chick; skull tattoo is definitely for you.

Finger Tattoos For WomenRings do not last forever. But there is something that can be adorned on fingers that last a lifetime. Wondering what it is? It’s the finger tattoo. The latest craze, the trendiest fashion slogan; a finger tattoo makes you fingers look amazing and makes heads turn.


Whether is the name of your parents, boyfriend, husband or child or a symbol, figure, number; whether it’s cartoon, dramatic, real; a figure tattoo comes in numerous options of shape, size, design, and colors. Choose what appeals you and makes a real sense for you.


Every finger has a different meaning and purpose and so is with the tattoo inked on them. The Finger tattoos are a big hit due to many reasons. They are not very prominent as fingers are not really big, so the tattoo is also small. Thus they are not much conspicuous.


Finger tattoos are very subtle. Hence when you are meddling with the decision to have a tattoo or not to have a tattoo, a finger tattoo is the right option. You can hide it under your ring or show it off, it’s all your call. A tattoo with the initial of your boyfriend’s name can make a lasting impression and will make him fall for you head over heels.


If you are a coffee lover, a small cup of coffee inked as a tattoo on your inner side of the inner finger is a great tattoo option that will make you stand out. Many women prefer having a tattoo on their ring finger rather than the most precious solitaire engagement ring.


A finger tattoo can add to your personal collection of the tattoo on your body if you are an art lover in particular and a tattoo lover in general. A wolf tattoo on your thumb looks amazing.


A delicate design of music notes on all fingers is also a great option for all whose life is music and nothing beyond. So all the wonderful women out there, go and have a finger tattoo and let the magic of your sexy fingers unfold.

Tribal Tattoos For Women: Tribal Tattoos are as old as the art of tattooing. History traces that the very first tattoo that ever was inked five thousand years ago on the human body was a tribal tattoo. Initially, identical tattoos were made on all tribesmen to show belonging to a tribe.


Every tribe had it’s own tattoos. So the function of the tattoo was to be a membership stamp. One could tell the tribe of the men by merely looking at the tattoo. Tattoos were then also symbolic of victory in battles conquered, and all the victorious men had the same tattoo inked on them.


Such tattoos could tell the accomplishment of the wearer. Besides Africa, tribes of Europe, parts of Asia and South America and New Zealand followed such tattoo culture. Nobles too bore tattoos that stood for their ranks and positions.


The slaves of the ruler have also inked tattoos for identification. Except for this tribal tattoo also signified religion of the wearer. But today’s tribal tattoos are merely for decoration. Tribal tattoo designs have survived yesterday, are most sought after designs today and will be popular tomorrow as well.


Tribal tattoo designs have withstood the changing fashion of tattoo world and have emerged as the most quirky tattoo designs all around the world. Tribal tattoo designs may look old fashioned and archaic, but in fact, they are quite ultra modern and ritzy.


Majority tribal tattoo designs are in black, but with fashion changing every day, colored tribal tattoo designs are the mad rage. While men prefer bold lined tattoo designs, women generally go for thinner lined ones. To add a touch of feminity to tribal designs, women add other designs like flowers, hearts, birds, butterfly and the like.


Be it any part of the body, tribal designs look charming on the female body. Behind every successful women, is a tribe, so embrace a tribal tattoo. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Star Tattoos For Women: Twinkle twinkle little star, I wonder what you are. Stars have always fascinated the young and the old alike. We all wish to reach out for the stars. The easiest way to catch the shining stars is by getting a star tattoo.


It can be a single star or a cluster of stars, a hollow star or a colored star, a nautical star by itself or a star design coupled with another design to make a magical star tattoo. Your creativity and choose along with a trained tattoo artist can give you the most magnificent star tattoo.


A star tattoo stands for goals, protection, dreams, fullness, determination, regeneration, stability, balance, and is also a symbol of Hinduism and Judaism. North Star is a common tattoo among Christianity to represent the star that guided the Magi to the Christ.


So star tattoo also represents illumination and guidance. Nautical star stands for Navy and many Navy wives and girlfriends are choosing these design as their most treasured tattoo design.  In some countries, star tattoo is popular among military circles as it’s used to represent military services in those countries.


Star Tattoos come with star having a different number of arms. Women can opt for pentagram, hexagram, heptagram, octagram or nonogram. A shooting star tattoo is winning all hearts.


Wrist, finger, back, lower back, shoulder, bikini area, around nave, behind the ear, arms, clavicle, side of foot and thumb are the common areas where women get star tattoos inked. One can also incorporate other designs like a dragon, anchor, snakes, fishes, lion, etc in a star tattoo.


Lover of astronomy or not, a star tattoo is an ideal choice for any women who believe in the magic of her dreams. Even the smallest star shines in the darkness. Let your star tattoo illuminate your life. Look how it shines for you….
Tattoos For Women On WristThe most common place for tattoos on a woman is the wrist. The wrist is the most delicate part of the body. One should always ensure that the tattoo artist is a professional. One wrong move can be fatal when it comes to wrist tattoos.


Wrist tattoos are taken to bring good fortune and therefore the people used to take a voyage in high seas were seen spotting wrist tattoos. There was an era when gays and lesbians had wrist tattoos. Wrist tattoos in many communities are taken as medical tattoos which told about the health risks and diseases of the wearer.


Tattoos can be applied on the inner wrist or around the wrist. Wrist tattoos can be great motivators. The wrist is the part we see many times a day. A good quote on the wrist helps you keep going against all odds. Self-motivation works best.


Your wrist can be used to remind you the love of your life, every time to see it. Inking the name or initials, of the one you love the most is a great idea. A red heart on the inner wrist looks stunning. A zodiac sign is also a good option for wrist tattoo. Multiple stars in various colors drawn all around the wrist can serve a permanent accessory.


It serves as a bracelet as well. A tattoo of a flock of birds on the inner wrist is a symbol of freedom and independence. Flower tattoos on the outer and inner side of the wrist are the most feminine wrist tattoos. A cute unicorn tattoo can also be given a thought.


If you love boozing then, a beer bug on the wrist is the most bewildering tattoo. If you are a day dreamer woman, a dream catcher tattoo on your wrist looks lovely. Wrist tattoos have innumerable meanings. Your wrist is the smallest part but a tattoo on it will make it the most attention grabbing part.

Anchor Tattoos For WomenDuring the Ancient time, the anchor was a symbol of the Christian religion. They could not openly express their faith and so they used the anchor tattoo to hide their Christian crosses so that the Greeks could not identify them as Christians.


Anchor tattoos were initially inked by sailor because the anchor of the ship held great importance for the sailors. No matter how harsh the situation at sea was, the anchor protected them. It did not let them sink. Anchor tattoo was a sign of achievement by US Navy.


The ones who successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean by sea used to get this tattoo inked on their body.  In modern times, anchor tattoos are mostly used for aesthetic sense. Mostly it was the men who got anchor tattoos, but nowadays the women anchor tattoos are also in vogue.


An anchor tattoo denotes stability, courage, peace, confidence, strength, determination, inspiration and passion. Associated largely with masculinity, anchor tattoos are for every woman who has swum against the tides of her life and has kept things going.


There is no hard and fast rule as to where an anchor tattoo be placed on the body. Though anchor tattoos are associated with the sea and mostly inked by travelers are today everyone’s favorite.  It’s all about the wearer’s choice.


While some women prefer having big anchor tattoos on legs and on the back, some prefer very small ones on the wrist, toe, side of the hand, elbow, neck, near eyebrow and on fingers. Anchor tattoos come in various style, sizes, designs, and colors.


Women mostly prefer outline of the anchor and colored anchor designs as a tattoo. One can add a love symbol or a letter to the anchor design to make an enchanting anchor tattoo.


An anchor tattoo can be your personal style statement. You can use it to express who you really are. It also gives a bold feeling. Get hooked to a anchor tattoo ladies.

Quote Tattoos For WomenTattoo forms a permanent accessory of yours that stays with you for the rest of your life. If you love tattoo art but want to add meaning to your life rather than mere decoration, then quote tattoos are a thing for you.


Nothing can be half as appealing as a small quote on your wrist, a meaningful quote on your shoulder, an inspiring line around your belt area, a life enhancing sentence around your arm. A small quote rather than the most precious gold chain around your neck looks magnificent.


A watch can be replaced by a quote that reminds you the importance of time. There is no dearth of quote tattoos. You can be as creative as you wish to be. Quotes Tattoos definitely add beauty to life in more than one way. Every time you look at your quote tattoo it inspires you.


When you are down it lifts you up. It is the silver lining among the clouds that darken and dull your life. Quote tattoo can relate to your mother, whom you love more than your life. Quote tattoo can be to cherish your friendship. Quote tattoos also have a religious dimension. A religious hymn around your upper arm looks fantastic in every possible way. Quote tattoos are also a unique way to highlight a body part of yours.


A quote tattoo for sure grabs a lot of curiosity and attention. Everyone wishes to read what is inked.  Quote tattoos need not be in black alphabets, colors can lend magic to them too. You can go for thin alphabets or the bold one.


Calligraphy has a huge impact when inking a quote tattoo. You surely want the alphabets of your quote to look stylish. You can get a tattoo of any quote that holds the right meaning for you. Everyone has a favorite quote.


Something that defines you or you utter it million times a year. The best is, to get the quote inked onto you. Trust us; it’s sexy and crazy hit to have a quote tattoo.

3d Tattoos For WomenThe tattoo has become part of our lives. You come across people spotting beautiful tattoos. The tattoo is inked from the very beginning of civilization. Tattoo art has undergone a drastic change with the advent of science and technology.


From simple tribal tattoos we have come a long way to 3-d tattoo art, that surpasses all tests of creativity and falls high on the reality check. The 3-d tattoo looks too real and you envy not having one. What are you waiting for? Get inked a 3-d tattoo that looks superb.


Make everyone’s eyes undergo perception by flaunting the 3 d tattoos. They are not only extremely creative but downright alluring. They have amazing visual appeal. You will surely doubt your eyes when it comes to these 3 d tattoos. Not only the design alone but their appearance is just astonishing.


There are numerous 3 d tattoo ideas for women of all walks of life. Not only you can go for geometric design but figures, names, quotes can also be an ideal 3- d tattoo. If you are strong women and love adventure, insect 3-d tattoos are a great choice.


But a 3 d tattoo is a great work of art. An only expert tattoo artist can make it. It needs a very neat hand with years of practice. It is a great deal of precision and clarity. So all you need to do is find a 3-d expert artist.


Highlights play a pivotal role in the 3-d tattoo. The placement of 3-d tattoo makes it look more appealing. Upper arm, neck, chest, back of the hand, bikini area, sleeve, back, shoulder and leg.


The size of 3-d tattoo is also a very important factor that adds to it’s appeal and charm.Let illusion play it’s magic and let everyone is charmed by your 3 –d tattoo art, dear lady.
Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women: Arms tattoo are voguish today, but the most popular are half sleeve tattoo. Not all women like covering their full sleeves with a tattoo, some prefer it keeping half. Half sleeve tattoo come in two variations, it can start from shoulder and end at the elbow or start from elbow and end at the wrist.

Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women

A new trend that is becoming popular is, the tattoo is spread in the middle of the arm, equally on both sides of the elbow. Half sleeve tattoos are considered to be a man’s thing. But women have made way for themselves in the world of half sleeve tattoos and they flaunt it better than men.

Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women-2

Not all women have the courage to get inked a half sleeve tattoo. It takes pain, patience, and preserve to face the society that often labels women with big tattoos as bad. Half arm tattoos come with dreamy detailing that can make anyone awestruck.

Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women-3

Half sleeve tattoo is very circuitous and intricate. Half sleeve tattoos are a cool option for women who love to bare their arms. They look astonishing at beaches where you have a lot of flesh to flaunt. The best thing about half sleeve tattoos is, you can cover them up when attending professional events and show them off other time.

Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women-4

Half sleeve tattoos come in numerous designs. If you are a woman who loves adventure and zeal, a devil tattoo or a skull tattoo is the right choice. You can opt for gothic tattoo art. If you are a lover of art, go for geometrical patterns.

Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women-5

If you are a girl who falls for cartoons, a tattoo of your favorite cartoon character on your forearm will be the perfect tattoo for you. If you wish to show your feminine side, a mermaid, a floral or a heart tattoo can play the trick.

Half Sleeve Tattoos For Women-6

If history bewilds you, opt for tribal half sleeve tattoo. Pull up your sleeves ladies and let your half sleeve tattoo grab all the attention. Showcase the art on your sleeve.

Bicep Tattoos For Women: Ever attracted to a man’s muscles hid behind his glorious tattoo? Envious of it? Get a bicep tattoo lady. Wondering what are we saying? Are bicep tattoos for muscles? Who said bicep tattoos are for males? Gone are the times.

Bicep Tattoos For Women

Women today are getting bicep tattoos more than men. Whether you have muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger or not, you definitely can get a bicep tattoo. You don’t need to be masculine for it. All you need to have an inclination for it.

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There are varied tattoo designs today for bicep tattoo. Gothic ones have ruled the tattoo industry for long. Cartoon tattoo is being quite in vogue as a tattoo option for biceps among the fairer sex. Besides this, a religious hymn all around your biceps looks extremely sensual and sexy.

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A cute bicep tattoo will make you look sweet. A fierce bicep tattoo will bring out your boldness. A geometrical pattern in varied colors is also an upkeep option for tattoo art. Individual flowers or a bunch of flowers like the Roses, the Lilies, the Chrysanthemum, the lotus flower are also an ideal pick for bicep tattoo.

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A tiger face on the bicep of a woman can definitely make all heads turn. The name of your loved one on bicep will make him fall for you over and over again. If you believe in the power of dreams, a dream catcher tattoo is worth the pain.

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Bicep Tattoo depicts strength, willingness, determination, and power. It also connotes religion. Except this, it has an aesthetic sense. Bicep tattoos are one of the earliest forms of the tattoo.

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Tribesmen in ancient civilization inked tattoo on their bicep. But with equality of women echoing in all civilizations, bicep tattoos have made their way to women biceps. Hide it or exhibit it, a bicep tattoo is a real steal.

Sexy Back Tattoo for Women :An area of a woman’s body where tattoos look most beautiful is her back. The beauty of a back tattoo comes out at it’s best in backless dresses.  You love backless dresses or not, but if you are a woman, who is pondering where to have a tattoo on her body that looks extremely sexy, back is the place.

Sexy Back Tattoo for Women

The back is a larger area where a tattoo can be inked with great creativity. The area is the smoothest area of the body and thus a tattoo comes out the best on the back. It has been scientifically proven that back is the area of the body that does not show signs of aging as other parts do.

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You rarely come across a wrinkled back. So ageless beauties even when you age, your back tattoos will look dainty and beautiful.  Be it a small tattoo on the back or a tattoo that is big enough to cover the entire back, both look sensual.

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The most favored back designs by women are a flock of birds, a heart, a butterfly, roses, devil and angel, skull tattoo, lilies, stars, a gothic creature tattoo, the tiger face tattoo, the snakes tattoo, the  small bow tattoo, a bunch of flowers tattoo, the dragon tattoo a geometrical pattern tattoo, and a vertical quote tattoo.

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The tattoo on the back can be anything; fierce, alluring, charming or elegant, but all for sure are sexy options.  It’s your wish to make your tattoo feminine or ferocious. Your back is suitable for all these tattoos and more.

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A back tattoo will surely grab every man’s attention. It adds to the much craved for oomph factor in your looks. Show off your tattoo as much as you can.

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It’s worth flaunting. So hop on and rush to a trained tattoo artist and unleash the women in you by getting a sexy back tattoo.

Sexy Side Tattoos For Women: You are sexy and you want the world to know it? Get a side tattoo lady, and let your tattoo art speak louder than the words. The best thing about a  side tattoo is, you can keep it secret!!. Not everyone gets’s to chance to admire it’s beauty.

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Let it be for the special someone and to make special moments memorable. But if you wish to show it off, there you go girl. There is no looking back and be ready for all the compliments. Side tattoo stretches anywhere below a woman’s breast to her stomach.

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It can cover the entire length or could be just a small individual tattoo design. Big designs look as feminine as the small ones. It’s all about the designs. A trained tattoo artist can work wonders when it comes to intricate designs.

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Thin and broad lines placed in the right pattern can make a catchy tattoo design. It needs perception, precision, and practice to make a good tattoo artist. Always opt for a trained artist, because one wrong line and there goes your tattoo art for six.

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A tattoo will last you forever. So it needs the right amount of investment. A beautiful tattoo art can make you look enchanting and seductive. While a wrong tattoo can ruin your appeal. You can pick your favorite tattoo design. There is a vast variety of options when it comes to side tattoos.

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You can add a personal and emotional touch to side tattoos by adding to them the name of your loved ones. You can also add some life inspiring, funny or naughty quote as per your liking. Some women prefer broader tattoo designs that move from side to navel.

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Bigger tattoo designs can opt in this case. A single butterfly with it’s beautiful wings tattoo can make you look bewitching. A rose and heart tattoo will make you look tempting. If you wish to look powerful, animal tattoos; like a roaring tiger face on your side can be the best tattoo. Pick a tattoo that suits your personality and makes you look powerfully attractive.

Arm Tattoos For Women: Arms are the most sought after places when it comes to tattoo art. Not only men prefer arms, but women too love having tattoos on their arms. There are many reasons for this. First, it causes less pain on arms in getting a tattoo.

Arm Tattoos For Women

Secondly, there is a large canvass, so one can go for larger and bigger tattoos. Thirdly, arms are the most conspicuous places. Nobody misses glances at an arm tattoo. Hide it you may, but an arm tattoo definitely peeps out at its best. Arms withstand the marks of aging better than other parts.

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So the tattoos retain their beauty on arms for long even when a woman ages. The placement of tattoo on the arm is the best in terms of reflection of light. The beauty of tattoo comes out the best on arms. There is no end in the variety of tattoo designs for arms.

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One can go for anything to everything. Arm tattoos need not cover full arms, they can be as small as a single flower motif or as large as covering the full arm, it’s all about the woman who gets’s the tattoo.

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One can opt for a nice twinkling pattern in numerous colors, an elephant face tattoo, the angle and the devil tattoo, a tiger tattoo, the sugar skull tattoo, a fish tattoo, a spiral lollipop tattoo, a pirate ship tattoo, the harry potter tattoo or just a girl face tattoo.

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Arm tattoo gives the liberty to mix many tattoos to form a big arm tattoo. Hearts and butterflies can be mixed to form a beautiful and elaborate tattoo. You can add the name of your loved one on a ram tattoo. You can add your favorite quote to make your arm tattoo more elaborate.

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3 D art is also gaining popularity when it comes to arm tattoos. Sometimes arm tattoos stretch from shoulder and make a peep from backless dresses as well. You can opt an arm tattoo that enhances feminity in a woman. It’s all about playing with the right designs. Bundle up and arm yourself with an arm tattoo.

Calf Tattoos For Women: Do you have sexy legs? Are not they being checked out? Feeling unimportant? Do not worry all you women out there. We will be your savior for life. Here a pretty little secret.

To have your legs all the attention you have ever desired, give the starers and onlookers, something worthwhile to stare at. Still wondering what cynical are we talking? My dear friend, leave aside everything now and shoot onto an old hand and skilled tattoo artist and get a tattoo on your calves.

Marchioness of Londonderry, Edith, was probably the first woman to have leg tattoos in the early 1900s. Since then, leg tattoos have become a part of modern culture and more women are nowadays taking up to calf tattoos.

Choose to have on one leg or both, similar tattoos for both legs, identical, same, related or totally different one. Fashion and style call for comfort amidst creativity. So pick your calf tattoo the way you like.

The calves have an immense amount of space to carve a big story in form of a tattoo. If gigantic tattoos are not your cup of tea, pick a small yet intricate tattoo design, that can be unique in every way possible. If you are a lover of short dresses, calf tattoos will be an ideal tattoo for you.

Besides, when the occasion calls for covering up the tattoos, you can easily do by wearing full-length dresses and trousers.  That’s not all. Our calves are the most flesh laiden parts of the body. More the flesh, less the pain. A tattoo design on calves can be worked beautifully to give an impression of longer legs.

You just need to ensure that you choose an elongated design that is vertical. In case you have skinny legs, horizontal calf tattoos can make your legs look fuller. Ditch your beautiful shoes, all you need are calf tattoos to be the sassy lass.

Upper Arm Tattoo For WomenCut sleeves and sleeveless is what every woman wears regularly, be it a home maker or a high-end professional, a radio jockey or an athlete, a doctor or an advocate. Every genre of the woman shows off her arms; flabby, muscular, long, short, light or dark, whatever they may be.

Without sleeve, clothes attract a lot of attention without making the female look indecent. Getting a tattoo inked on the upper arm is an amazing thing to do if you wish to bring out the prettiness of your arms out. It’s the place where tattoos get a lot of attention.

Besides this, if you wish to hide your tattoo under the layer of clothes, you can easily do it for upper arm tattoo, without looking too covered up or feeling hot in summers. An upper arm tattoo echoes well of your style and lifestyle. It brings out the boldness of a woman.

Not all women prefer covering their upper arm with a tattoo. Some prefer delicate and small tattoo designs for the upper arm. You may like it either way, but upper arm tattoos provide a lot of scopes to play with. The biggest reason why majority women prefer upper arm tattoo, besides the attention it grabs is, you don’t have to unbutton yourself to get this tattoo.

So be it a male tattoo artist or female, you are always comfortable while getting an upper arm tattoo. And this is the biggest reason of fondness of this tattoo even in conservative countries where a woman’s dress decides her status.

The popularity of tattoos among women begins with upper arm tattoos. It was initially the bold women like undaunted DJs, bike riders, bar girls, models and actress who initially started the trend of upper arm tattoos. But today upper arm tattoo is a style staple for women of all classes.

There are innumerable designs and patterns in which an upper arm tattoo can be inked. So swim in the variety of upper arm tattoo, and catch the one that appeals you.

Thigh Tattoos For WomenNot all tattoos meet the worldly eye. Some are hidden and only a few special ones get to adore the beauty of these tattoos. Thigh tattoos are such tattoos. Thigh tattoo is the latest fad. Not many women are into it.

The primary reason is the high investment of time and money involved in thigh tattoos. Besides this, thigh tattoos are little painful as compared to other tattoos. But there can be no gain without some pain. Bear it, if you can, after all, thigh tattoos are the coolest tattoos.

If you wish to be ahead of your time and be a fashionable diva,  thigh tattoo is a must. Baring up for your boyfriend or flaunting your thighs in your shorts for a beach party, your thigh having a tattoo on it, is surely seductive. It always has mystery attached to it.

You can rock a bigger thigh tattoo or a smaller one. Girls with broader thigh should go for elongated vertical tattoo designs. To give your thigh a fuller appearance choose broader designs that are intricate and cover your entire thigh area. Design can be worked on to make thigh appealing and impressive.

Choose designs according to your physique. Body shape plays a predominant role in deciding tattoo design. Your thighs can tell a saga by themselves. Your thigh tattoo is a reflection of you. Pick a design that defines you, your style, your taste, your personality and your attitude.

A tattoo should be an extension of who you are. Always do some research before opting for a tattoo. It’s permanent. So it’s going to stay for your whole life. Choose wisely. People will be judgmental when it comes to a thigh tattoo.

But care you not. After all, it’s your life. Make the best of it. A thigh tattoo is highly trendy. Spice up your life with a thigh tattoo.

Upper Back Tattoos For Women:Upper back tattoos are the easiest way to bring some glam and style in your dull and boring life. A quote that is always on your lips, a flock of fluttering birds, a lotus unfolding, a sugar skull in red color, an interwoven butterflies in watercolor, a beautiful fairy or your name in Japanese are some of the tattoo designs that can make a woman’s upper back look really sexy.

A big tattoo will cause you a fortune. It also invites more pain. But trust us a filled upper back, is worth the hole in the pocket and the pain. Interestingly, the inking tats on upper back are lesser painful rather than any other part of the body.

Just in case you are still dicey to have a tattoo or to spend the rest of your life envying tattoo backs of others; give your thoughts some rest and hop on to a tattoo parlor. Opt for a small tattoo on your upper back.

And when you fall in love with it, which we are sure enough you will, you can incorporate your tattoo into a new bigger tattoo art by adding few designs around it. An upper back tattoo can stretch to the neck and can peep out of your low neck tops, making you look surely great and seductive.

You are sure to look simply attractive. Backless dresses bring the best out in an upper back tattoo. Upper back tattoo comes out really well. Not only there is ample scope on upper back for the tattoo artist to bring to life his art, also the upper back has a very smooth surface.

It is free from any bulges. This gives the tattoo a great finish. The skin on the upper back does not get wrinkled easily with age. This helps the tattoo maintain it’s original shape and gorgeousness.

Bring out the feminity with the upper back tattoo. All women are warriors and do not believe in showing their backs, but sometimes, your back is worth showing, with an upper back tattoo.

Lower Back Tattoos For WomenSalute to you all the wonderful ladies out there for being a tattoo enthusiast. Perplexed how we know you are a tattoo enthusiast? You are browsing the internet and reading this, assure your love for tattoos.

With the fashion of low rise jeans, crop tops, and backless dresses, lower back tattoos are in great demand. Lower back tattoos were initially popular with men during late 80s. The start of the year 2000 marked the rise of the era of lower back tattoos.

Way back then only celebrities got inked lower back tattoos. Later they become part of street fashion and now represent every free soul women who are a lover of art. Lower back tattoos are often associated to stand for women who are an undercover freak, who love being sexy but not for the whole world, but just a few.

A lot of wrong perceptions are attached to lower back tattoos. You are not a slut if you have a tattoo over your butt, ladies. It’s high time that women be judged by her tattoos. Tattoos are an art of expression. It adds aesthetics to the body.

One can bear one’s lower back tattoo as per the occasion and cover it up as per the situation. The lower back tattoos are surely inviting and tempting. Lower back is a flesh area. This makes it less prone to pain. So you can escape a lot of pain when you are getting a lower back tattoo.

Being flesh it doesn’t get wrinkles with age. So the tattoo has a timeless appeal.  Besides this, it is an area free from any features. So it’s lesser plain even.

Tattoos come well on such area. Except this, the lower back is a larger area and there is the scope of bigger tattoo art. They are also extremely erotic and feminine. Tattoo on the back might as well be a bullseye. Watch out !!!

Neck Tattoos For WomenA woman with a tattoo is unstoppable. Because she has fulfilled what she desired to accomplish. To stand out in the world that labels women through the tattoo art is itself an accomplishment, leave aside the pain bore for it.

However progressive we may be, but tattoo art has not gained acceptance fully in our societies. If you are a woman who believes in breaking all stereotypes and love art, neck tattoos are just the right thing for you. Let the world know what you stand for.

Rebel for you feel is right. Neck tattoo symbolizes courage, boldness, audacity, fearlessness, and valor. A neck tattoo is often termed to be risky. Like every other tattoo, you surely go through pain in a neck tattoo as well. But besides it, it has no health risks attached to it.

The neck is the most sensitive area. One wrong move can be risky. So always get inked by a skilled tattoo artist. Neck tattoo on the back of the neck, on the sides of the neck around the neck or on the front side of neck; all look completely fabulous.

Neck tattoos come in all sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. The best part of a neck tattoo is it’s always visible, no matter the dress you choose. Even if you wear collared dressed, a neck tattoo will peep out. So you never miss on making a style statement and being a heartthrob.

A tattoo on the back of the neck can be shown when and where you like. Hide it under your hair or show it off by tying your hair in a high bun or ponytail.  A floral crescent on the side of your neck, a geometrical design in front of the neck..

Ohm scripted on the back of your neck, vines of grapes around your neck are some ideas that can be materialized in form of neck tattoo designs. Your tattoo is significant. Let the world acknowledge it.

Foot Tattoos For WomenOur feet are the most essential body parts. Without them, we could not move a mile. They take us beautiful places and help us accomplish the greatest of tasks. They remain hidden most of the time. If you are a woman who admires your feet, shower them with love.

Have a tattoo inked on your feet. Foot tattoos originated in India and were later imbibed into their civilization by Europeans. From there they moved to become popular worldwide. Foot tattoos replaced ornaments in previous times. Not many women prefer having a foot tattoo because of the fact that one cannot show them off regularly.

But with more strappy sandals catching the fashion trends, you have a lot of choices to bare your feet and flaunt the admirable foot tattoo. Besides, during professional hours, where you are not allowed to have tattoos, foot tattoos are a great escape.

Cover then up and you are good to rock professionalism. Opt for broader lines and filled shapes when getting foot tattoos as foot tattoos are more prone to fading. There are also a lot of lymph nodes on foot. That makes it little painful to get a foot tattoo.

But professional tattoo artist can do his tricks and make you feel comfortable. Just a piece of caution, do not opt for foot tattoo if you have diabetes. Mostly, it’s all about the design you choose. Make a lot of investment of time when opting for designs as a tattoo is a permanent art.

Besides this with a change in age, body mass and an increase in height; foot tattoos remain unaltered. So blimey ladies!! You have no fewer reasons to opt for foot tattoos.

A foot tattoo can be inked on upper part of foot, sides of foot, near the ankle of foot, backside of foot, on toes or on fingers. Foot tattoos are exclusive and unique.

Christian Tattoos For WomenWe are credited to God, for giving us the benediction of this life. Without this life, our existence is impossible. To thank the almighty for this blessing, we should bear him on us, always and forever.

If you too are thankful to God, a Christian Tattoo is the best tattoo to get. Not only it serves religious fashion, it is an insane craze among the youth and the old alike. A Christian Tattoo is the only tattoo that has acceptance worldwide, unlike other tattoos which make people judgmental about you.

Though many disapprove tattoos due to the following verse in Bible, that reads, “You must not make cuts in your flesh for a dead person, and you must not make tattoo markings on yourselves.” But a liberal interpretation is given to it and it is said that it connotes mutilation and not tattoo art.

Christian Tattoos were spotted by Knights of St. John of Malta. To save their children from being forcefully converted to Islam, Croats of Bosnia and Herzegovina got the body of their children inked with Christian Tattoo. They were then used as marks of distinction.

Nowadays, Christian Tattoos are highly popular among women celebs, even the ones who are not Christians. There are numerous Christian Tattoo designs. From scenes of Bible to crosses and crucifixes, there is no end in Christian Tattoo designs.

The body part you wish to get inked plays the most important role in the selection of design. The best part is, not all Christian Tattoo design artist are themselves Christians. Christian tattoos have initiated a progressive trend in religious tolerance and the spirit of oneness of God.

Christian tattoos are taken to be spiritual tattoos that surpass religious barriers and are everyone’s favorite. Christian tattoos are officially God approved tattoos. That is enough a reason to get inked. If you are a woman who is thankful to Him, go for Christian Tattoo.

Spine Tattoos For WomenTattoo art is as old as the existence of human race. Initially used for identification, tattoo art is now the latest fashion among both men and women. In primitive times tattoo art was also used for religious, spiritual and healing purposes.

Women tattoo art started quite late as compared to men tattoo art. Women with tattoo were not accepted in society earlier. But with feminism echoing all around the globe, stereotypes were shed and now women are as free as men to get inked.

The tattoo art that has charmed the women folk since ages is the spine tattoo that runs from the nape of neck to the lower back. It is not necessary that the spine tattoo should cover the entire spine. The ending and beginning point depends upon the design the wearer wishes to ink on her.

Spine Tattoos look extremely provoking in beach dresses and backless party gowns. They also make the best accessory for the intimate times. Spine Tattoo art is documented to have originated in Europe among women, as a way of decoration and ornamentation.

Spine tattoos stand for determination, strength, support, and importance. Whatever a spine tattoo stands for, it looks sensual and sultry. You can get the name of your loved one inked vertically on your spine to show him how important he is in your life.

You can also pick delicate designs to make your back look tempting. Tribal tattoo art on spine is quite in vogue. A meaningful tattoo design will bring out the real woman you are. Always ensure that your tattoo stands for you. Add a personal touch and uniqueness to your tattoo by incorporating personal details into it.

A professional tattoo artist can play around with a tattoo art to give it exclusiveness and charm. Every tattoo has a story. Let your tattoo too hold one.

Cover Up Tattoos For WomenAre you pissed up with your worn out tattoo, a faded tattoo, a bad shaped tattoo, your ex-boyfriend’s name tattoo, a light tattoo, a tattoo that no longer holds significance to you or any other unwanted tattoo?

Dash off to a proficient tattoo artist and settle down to have a cover up tattoo. Tattoos are forever, but covering them up, conceals what you wish and reveals what you want to flaunt. Everyone can be in a bad relationship.

You would never wish to carry it’s burden with you with something that reminds of the relation, inked on you for the rest of your life. We are all humans. We err. So do tattoo artist. In all such bad situations, the cover up tattoos are life saviors.

Besides this hiding function that they are apt in the cover up tattoo also gives a fresh look to your tattoo. If bored by your tattoo, a cover up tattoo can add to the style inked on your body. A cover up tattoo completely camouflages the old tattoo. It serves as a great alternative to tattoo removal as compared to laser technology that is not only expensive and painful but has health risks attached to it.

Covering up a tattoo requires a skilled hand who not only understands the design but also understands the color competency. A previous tattoo is always in lighter color. So a cover up tattoo should be darker colors than the previous tattoo.

A cover up tattoo is not made on the previous tattoo but it is inked parallel to the previous one making a synchronization of tattoo art. A talented tattoo artist can also mix up both the tattoos to make an awestruck tattoo art.  A black cover up tattoo is the best cover up tattoo.

Besides this, shades of oranges, red and brown can also be a great color for covering up tattoos. A darker shade of the previous tattoo can also be a great color option for covering up tattoos. We are susceptible to changes in our lives. So are our tattoos.