Sweet Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him Feel Special – When it comes to any relationship, it needs love, communication, loyalty, and respect. The same applies for lovers; they need complimenting and appreciation every now and then. It makes them feel loved and wanted. Your boyfriend is no different case.Guys too need appreciation and respect from their girlfriends. The well-known saying states ‘actions speak louder than words’, however there are a few words which are better told than done.

This makes your guy feel special. Definitely your boyfriend has dozen of qualities worth flaunting like his smile, his personality, the way he winks, his cuddle, they way he cares for you, and many such cute things.

Sweet Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend To Make Him Feel Special

Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

So why not tell him all this and make him feel special. Send him small packets of extra love by telling him some sweet and cute little things you like the most about him. You may say the words face to face or text him. Here is a list of few inspiring words in case you fall short of words to describe your feelings to your boyfriend.

1. Good Morning, My king. Let’s Rule the World Together Today

Begin your day with a sweet good morning text or a short call. Let your boyfriend know that he is the first thing you think of when you start your day. If you are together, you both can rule the world. This will bring a sweet smile to your guys face.

2. Thank You

These two small words might seem simple but has a great impact when said with a hint of love. The recognition of having done something good for you means a ton to your beloved. He loves you so he cares for you, makes you food, takes you on a date, brings you chocolate and more. So be sweet and say ‘Thank You’.

3. You Are My Drug And I Am Addicted To You

Stating some cheesy love quotes will not hurt much. Google some lovely quotes to start or end your day with your boyfriend. This will add an extra zing to your romantic life! Show him that you can’t live without him just as addicts can’t without drugs.

4. You Are The Man Of My Dreams

This is the cutest phrase you can tell your boyfriend. Every woman has a Mr. Right or Dream-man. Let him know that he is well competent with the unreal characters which ponder your dreams. He will love to hear such compliments.

5. You Are My Best Friend Ever

You surely do have an implausible romantic chemistry with your boyfriend, but there is nothing better than being best friends too. It allows an understanding factor to rule your relationship with love and friendship. It’s a cute thing to say because it shows how complete you feel in his presence.

6. You Are The Most Handsome Man I Have Ever Met

It’s not only girls who worry about their looks and appearance amidst the crowd, but also guys who suffer from the feeling of insecurity about their charisma. You guy will definitely appreciate it when you tell him that he is the most handsome guy you have ever met.

7. You Are My World

What’s more delightful than hearing how important you stand in your beloved’s life? Tell your mate that he means the world to you. Be creative this time – send him a globe with a hand note etched with these sweet words. He will love the idea!

8. I’m So Proud Of You My Darling

Every individual like to hear this statement, but things are a little different if they are said by the girl to her boyfriend. This phrase means that he has surpassed your expectations. The phrase is a kind of validation and acceptance of their hard work.

9. I love your ____

The blank in this text can be filled with almost anything. Tell your boyfriend what you love about him. It may be his deep green eyes, his cute smile, his hilarious personality, or even his blonde hair. These words will boost his ego and keep him up for days.

10. You Make Me Laugh Even While I’m Down

It is very difficult to make someone laugh, especially your girlfriend. So if you enjoy your guys company and jokes, let him know. He will feel quite special when he knows he can make you laugh even in tough moments.

11. I Love You Like A Fat Kid Loves Cake

A classic line always sets in with a smile on his face. It is the most adorable sentence you may have heard when someone says ‘I Love You’. The second he hears you say this, his heart will melt and he will hold you in his arms.

12. In My Heart There Is Nothing But You

Let your guy know that it’s only him who stays in your heart. You need not be poetic all the time you express your feeling. Just say the first thing that springs up your mind when you are with him. Spend some romantic time while the sunsets above you.

13. I Miss Your Cute Smile

You missing your boyfriend will be a common statement. However, if you twist the phrase to emphasize that it is his smile that’s matters, nothing can be more romantic. He will take it as a compliment and love you even more.

14. They Say There’s Plenty Of Fish In The Sea, But I Have Found My Nemo

This is another way to tell you dream man that he is just the right choice for you. You may continue explaining to him that how sweet and caring he has been all through the relationship and you won’t let him go until eternity.

15. Give Him A Cute Nickname

You call him by his name often, but there are times when you nickname your guy with something cute and sweet. Some cute names – honey buns, baby, Romeo, Tiger, prince or love – are just too adorable to avoid.

16. Seeing You Smile Makes Me Happy

This simple and sweet thing is very touching to warm his heart. It shows how his happiness affects you in a positive way. Tell him that you wish him happiness of the world and die to see his precious smile all day long!

17. Can You Listen To My Heart Racing So Fast?

Ask this cute questing to your boyfriend as he approaches close to you. It’s a stylish way of letting him know how you are emotionally affected when your guys get closer to you. Give him a hug and allow him to hear those racing beats to ignite sparks of romance.

18. I Love You

You may be wondering why ‘I love you’ did not pop up first in the list of sweet things to say to your boyfriend. This is because every girl knows how important is to tell your boyfriend that you love him so much. There are so many other things you can tell him that will also make his heart skip a beat for you. Try and say these three magic words in different ways to bring uniqueness to your love and passion.

19. I Trust You

Trust factor is an important factor in any relationship. Men work quite heard to meet the expectations of their partners and to keep them happy. They go out of the way to do that. Telling him how much you trust him creates a special bond of love.

20. I Love The Way When You ­­­­­­­­­______

When you go nuts over the things that your boyfriend does for you express the feeling in words. Tell him that you love the way he kisses and hugs you. Tell him that you like it when he picks you up for a date, or when he brings gorgeous flowers for you. This will make him feel well-appreciated and he will continue to do them more often.

21. Every Love Story Is Beautiful, But Ours Is My Favorite

This is another quote to express your love for the man of your life. Tell him how your love story is most beautiful. Real out various memories you have cherished in good and bad times. This will be a win-win for both of you!

22. I Am Nothing Without You

You boyfriend and his love is very important in your life. You need to tell him this sweetly. He will love it when you say that your life is meaningless without him in it. Use handmade greetings to express this feeling of love.

23.  My Bad Days Have Transformed Into The Best Days Ever Since You’re My Boyfriend

This is a sweet thing to say to your guy because he wants every day to be the best in your life. Even when things don’t turn out the way you want he is right there holding your hands. Thus, this is the perfect phrase you tell him when things seem imperfect in life.

24. The Best Day Of My Life Was When I Met You First Time

Being in love must be the best thing that has ever happened to you. As Dr. Steve Maraboli rightly said that meeting you was the best ever day in my life. This can get incredibly romantic as life without him might be so incomplete.

25. I Want To Spend My Whole Life In Your Arms

Those precious moments when your guy holds you in his arms makes you feel on top of the world. Do let him know that his arms are the best place you can ever rest in this world. Be calm, don’t get naughty just relax in each other’s arms and feel the difference.

26. I Can’t Imagine Life Without You

It’s always necessary in a relation to say sweet and cute things to your partner. You should let him know how much you care of him. Tell him that you cannot live without him and that life without him will be meaningless and unbearable.

27. I Am So Lucky To Have You

Guys love to hear when you praise them, appreciate them and compliment them in your cute little ways. Add an extra-special effect to your evening by telling him how lucky you feel being in a relationship with him. In case you have messed it up with him this is your chance to make things work the romantic way.

28. You’re Sweet like Candy

If you want to say that your boyfriend is so sweet don’t go the usual way. Sometimes just a few poetic words can do the magic. Saying ‘You are sweet like a candy’ will make him burst out in laughter.

29. You’re The Cheesy Dip To My Nachos

What are nachos without a cheesy dip? Nothing! This is another sweet way to tell how important your love is in your life. The more you get creative with words it works like an amazing stress-buster.

30. You Are Just As Imperfect As I Am!

No one is perfect on this earth. We have to accept each other with the flaws we have. Tell your boyfriend you love him so much just the way he is. You don’t want to change a thing about him. Tell him you are just as imperfect and can come together to make a perfect relation.

31. No One Understands Me Better Than You Do

When life gets stressful you need an understanding soul in whom you can confide. Let your guy know that you are very comfortable in telling him the odds of life or sharing great news with him.

32. You Make Me Feel Like A Princess

To make his lady feel like a queen or princess is the supreme motto in a man’s life. By sending such sweet text you give a reassurance to your beloved that he is doing the right job. This will make him feel happy and secured.

33. Words Can’t Describe My Feelings For You

Even if you cannot express your love or feelings for him in words you definitely can express this in words! This is the cutest thing ever said to your boyfriend. Reward him by being the best girlfriend ever. He will feel so proud and lucky to have you in his life.

34. To Be With You I Can Travel Distances To The Core Of Earth

Long distance relationships don’t work out long term due to geographical conflicts. There could be occasions when your boyfriend has to choose between life opportunities and you. Tell him that you are ready to travel across the globe and to the center of the earth to be with him. This will be an incredibly romantic experience of a lifetime.

35. You Are A Very Interesting Person

Your boyfriend might be intelligent, adorable, interesting to pass time with. Let him know what you think of him. Tell him he is a very interesting person you have met. He is knowledgeable in so many fields of life. What a good entertainer to be with!

36. My Friends Are Jealous That I Have You In My Life

Life shows its own ups and downs and sometimes becomes stressful. Take out sometime to say a few beautiful lines to your boyfriend that will make him feel special and loved. You may boast about having him in your life. Say how your friends are jealous of you.

37. I Want To Grow Old With You

Growing old together is a blessed feeling ever. Saying this gives a gesture that you are serious in your relationship with your guy. It gives him an assurance that you love him and want to stay together for rest of your life.

38. You Pick Such Thoughtful And Pretty Gifts For Me

Women go crazy when they are gifted by their boyfriend. When you love the presents he brings you, let him know so. This will be a win situation for you too as he will continue to impress you with more gifting ideas.

39. You Look Sexier When You Work Out

It’s so wonderful to watch your boyfriend sweat while work out. Telling him this will initiate a cute conversation with him. He will also feel proud and appreciated about his hard work and physique.

40. You Are So Sexy!

It’s the best complement you can give your guy. Gosh, I feel so jealous when all the girls check you out! You are so damn sexy! This will boost his confidence to the next notch.

41. You Looked Great In That Muscle Tee

This is another way of complimenting a guy about his muscular strength and great looks. Like we saw earlier creativeness in your words also matter a lot. This will also let him know that you are carefully and silently checking out his body and you like him a lot.

42. Can’t Wait To See You Again

By sending this text you will make your boyfriend eager to come and meet you. Let him know how impatient you are to see him, hug him, be in his arms and spend some romantic moments together.

43. You’re So Great At Everything

Do you know his reaction when you almost make him feel like a superhero? It’s obviously a great idea to make him smile. This sweet statement is something you should not delay in telling your boyfriend.

44. Our Last Date Was So Memorable!

When you both have enjoyed the last date, don’t wait to tell him this. Your smiles and appreciation during the date might be less indicative. Thus make it obvious by stating how much you enjoyed the evening and wish to spend such memorable evenings with him more often.

45. You Always Know The Perfect Lines To Make Me Smile

It’s the duty of your man to make you smile and keep you happy. This text is a really cute statement to let him know what a wonderful partner he is. He’ll keep doing his best to maintain that smile on your face.

46. You Have Amazing Sense Of Humor

Having a great sense of humor is a base of a strong relationship. Compliment your Prince that he has an incredible sense of humor that amazes everyone.

47. You Are A Source Of Strength For Me

Women at most times are soft-hearted. They can win the world if given support and encouragement. Your boyfriend can give you this strength. Making him aware that he is all that you need to feel confident is a cute thing to say.

48. I’m Not Going Anywhere

Once you have already told him that you can move anywhere in the world to be with him, now give him the security that you aren’t going anywhere. You will always stand up to him in good and bad times. This will bring a teary smile on his face for sure.

49. I Just Want To Cuddle You

A sensitive touch and some romantic words are enough to add light to your boyfriend’s life. Tell him how safe and protected you feel while he cuddles you in his strong arms.

50. Good Night, Darling

It’s time to end the day with a sweet good night message for your beloved. Tell him you can’t wait to see him the next day. Surely he will be there with a bouquet of flowers to wake you up next morning.

Your partner will appreciate some cute lines you’ve said to make him feel special. These sweet words will keep up the spark in your relationship. Telling him ‘I Love You’ is not sufficient. There is much to a relation like romance, actions, trust, and friendship that needs to be spoken out in your own sweet way. These comments will melt his heart and make him feel special.