Sure Ways to know your Man is Cheating- If you can sense that your man is hiding a lot from you, chances are he is. Trusting your gut feeling is great but it is important to get confirmed when in doubt especially if you have been with your spouse for a long time.  You simply don’t deserve to stay in a relationship which makes you feel insecure and worried all the time and thus, it is important to eliminate the doubts and clear your mind.

Apart from feeling it in your gut, there are many ways to find out if your partner is cheating on you. There are some traits and a behavioral pattern that men may follow while they are cheating. In this case, you need to have a look at these signs which will help you find out if your partner is cheating. So if you notice your man behaving oddly, smell different and hiding things from you, you need to check these signs.


He Snatches his Phone Immediately as you Touch it

These days, mobile phones have become the ultimate secret keepers for everyone. This is the reason that when it comes to phone, your man will panic. Mobile phone is the communication source for guys and if your man snatches away the phone quickly as you touch it, surely there are some secrets in his phone that he doesn’t want you to know.

Many men tend to keep their phones on the airplane mode to avoid incoming messages and calls. If your man starts panicking, keeps your phone away from you or keeps it on the airplane mode when you touch it, it is possible that he might have an affair and is trying to hide.

His behavior with you Changes Suddenly

The key to find out either if our man is cheating on you is to notice his behaviour. A lot of men seem to feel guilty about cheating and thus shower some extra kindness for being unfaithful. If he keeps gifting things to you out of the blue, becomes very sweet or kind suddenly, he might be trying to compensate for being unfaithful to you. Remember, he might also genuinely want to make you feel good and so if you notice this pattern and smell something off, this might be a sign.

You Notice changes in his Appearance and the Way he Dresses

If your man dresses different on a fine day, you will surely notice it and if this becomes a patter, you have to know that things are fussy. If your man pays unusual amount of time while dressing up, pays a lot of attention to how he looks than regular, he surely is willing to dress properly to impress someone. Especially if your man is a conservative dresser and suddenly if he is purchasing designer stuff and spends hours grooming himself, you should get alarmed.

He Smells Completely Different when he Returns Home

Smelling a different scent on him? It might be some other woman’s perfume or a different shower gel that he might have used. When it comes to smell, you would know it because women tend to know and remember how their men smell.

If you smell a new body wash, a cheap perfume scent or any kind of new smell consistently, he is trying to wash her smell off him by cleaning himself. If he constantly smells different, it’s time to take some action.

His Relationship with you has Changed

When your partner gets involved with another person, his behavior and relationship with you will definitely change a bit. Especially the emotional attachment and companionship gets affected. If the affection drops sometimes, it might be due to lack of communication and stressful events but if arguments have become common and if your emotional companionship and compatibility has changed much, you must pay attention.

When your partner becomes self obsessed and doesn’t even make a try to build the missing connection with you, it’s time to take the next step. You might also notice him become angry and arrogant at times.

He Constantly Avoids Important Gatherings and Events

When a person is cheating, he would spend a lot of time with the person with whom he is cheating and this directly results into missing social events and gatherings. If your partner is cheating, he would want to spend more time with the girl and for that, he might miss the gatherings with their friends, family members or they might even miss business meetings. If he always gives reasons for being late for missing such events, you need to get deeper dig in this matter. Being always busy and always missing important events doesn’t make sense after all!

Your Man doesn’t Commit to Anything

Be it your future together or spending a weekend together, he doesn’t commit to anything. If you have been in a relationship for long and still he doesn’t show any interest in planning your future together, it’s simply odd. When a man cheats, he is in doubt and doesn’t commit because his plans might change at any moment. You’ll know if he is refraining from making constant commitments.

He’ll Show these Fishy Signs

His phone’s battery is always dying, he is unreachable almost every time you call him, he gives excuses for not meeting you on the decided day or time, he has plentiful of numbers that aren’t saved under any specific name, he talks about meeting the friends you don’t know and when you ask to meet them, he avoids, he doesn’t let you check his phone and not even the gallery, he deletes his text history or call history more than often etc. These signs show that there is a lot going in his life and you surely need to pay more attention to it.

He Refrains from Discussing Finance

There was a time when his credit cards and bills were open to you and suddenly now he keeps all the bills hidden. This is because he is spending a lot of money on someone whom you done know or on someone whom you shouldn’t know! Especially if the bills are about dinners, vacations, gifts for women or some unusual purchases for him, you need to talk about it. He trying hard to hide his finances and expenses reflects something odd that you need to sort out.