Spring outfit ideas for women: Spring is here, but as happy are you for the spring, you are equally perplexed with the iconic question, “what to wear for spring”. So to take you out of this depression, we asked our fashion experts to make a list of spring outfits for the ladies. With some bold prints, new styles, some comebacks in fashion, cheerful colors; we are here with the list of 22 stylish spring outfit ideas for ladies . Draw some inspiration from these and make the most of your spring with these looks.

Floral Print Halter Neck Maxi Dress

For instant spring time appeal, toss a floral print dress. Go for a halter neck maxi dress with prints of flowers that reminds you of spring. The fit at the waistline and two cuts in front make the dress look posh. Opt for pink lipstick to match the pink flowers in your maxi dress. Leave your hair open as, its spring time.

This floral dress is both, superior and stylish. This dress is ideal for a day out with colleagues or friends, when you wish to enjoy the beauty of spring and want to live free.

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Bottle Green Chiffon Dress

Chiffon is an ideal fabric for spring season. Grab a bottle green chiffon dress to brighten up the spring. This green chiffon dress will make you look classy and sophisticated. It is ideal for evenings when you wish to make a mark.

The tie up around the waist gives shape to the dress and helps to flaunt an ideal figure. Small neckwear looks beautiful with this dress. Choose something trendy but sleek. Opt for comfortable footwear in brown or tan with this chiffon dress

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The Unusual Pairing

Pair the unusual. Pair your blue print pencil skirt with blue strips formal shirt. Over it, go for a summer coat in blue. You can also choose to wear a denim coat. Arm candies are a must wear with this dress. So choose some silver bracelets, strings and a statement watch to wear with this dress.

A white belt will complete your summer look. Open toe boots are an ideal choice with this formal look. This dress is ideal spring office wear. Dressing up for office can be fun too. Ditch the boring office wear in spring.

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Red Short Dress

If short dresses are what you love, grab a red short dress. Short dresses are fun to wear and flaunt, but only if you are comfortable in them. Fashion is more about being in your skin. Choose a lighter shade of red rather than a bold one.

Opt for a dress that is fitted at waistline but is A shape. Tie your hair into a low ponytail. Apply matching lipstick. For your feet go black. Scrub and moisturize your arms and legs before you wear this red short dress.

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Bohemian Chiffon Skirt

Bohemian chiffon skirt is a fascinating wear for spring. Since the skirt already has so much of color, choose a black top with short sleeves to wear with the skirt. You can also pick a black crop top or black blouse as per your desire.

Wear simple diamond earrings for your ears. A small pendent will make you look like a doll. Style up, with some cool bracelets and platform heels. Keep your hair open to let them breathe the fragrance of spring.

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Red Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are the most comfortable wear for spring. Choose a sleeveless red maxi dress for spring family date, where you wish to make an everlasting impression. Red looks beautiful in spring season, irrespective of the complexion.

Add some beautiful earrings and black heels with this red maxi dress and you are good to go. Bold red lips look extremely catchy with this red dress. A hint of kohl will make you look charming.

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Draped Cold Shoulder Dress

Cold shoulder is everyone’s favorite today. Choose a blue draped cold shoulder dress for your spring outing. Blue color comes in various shades.Pick a dress of brighter hues of blue like the iconic electric blue dress.

Choose a pink lipstick and pink blusher that complements your skin tone, with this dress. You can also add eyeliner and kohl in your waterline.

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Metallic Shift Dress

A spring night out, calls for a metallic dress. Metallic dresses are little tricky to accessorize. Do not go over the top by over accessorizing your metallic. Since these dresses are a statement in themselves, so try to keep it simple and minimalistic with them.

Pair this metallic dress with some funky boots. For your hair, go for half bun and half open hairstyle. This metallic dress will surely make all heads turn.

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Mustard Ethnic Dress

Going back to the basics is all this spring fashion is crying for. Your spring will be incomplete without a mustard ethnic dress. Many ramp models have spotted these days, the ethnic attires that bring out the best of the weaving skills of small weaves.

Go for natural make up. You can add volume to your lashes by using mascara. To accessorize this dress wear round hoops in your earrings and you are all ready to bathe in the beauty of the spring.

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Stripped Dress

A Zebra strip dress is a great choice for spring. Drawing inspiration from beach umbrellas and lounge chairs, strips prints have climbed up the ladder of popularity. To style it perfect, wear a black hat that will give you a classy look.

Cowboy boots can elevate the style quotient of this dress. A little hit of pink goes very well with this outfit. This zebra strip dress fits well for your spring wardrobe, irrespective of the occasion you wish to flaunt it for.

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Sexy Sleeveless Bodycon Bandage Dress

Spring is all about love, so let some love pour in your life with the sexy form fitted dress. Bodycon dress is a great option for a dinner date when you are wishing for some wild and streaming fun.

This sleeveless multicolored bandage dress will accentuate your curves and bring the best out. Match this dress with black open toe stilettos. Go for bold pink lips with this attire. Your date is sure to fall for you.

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Denim Shirt Dress

Denim is one utilitarian fabric that works across wide spectrum of seasons. A denim shirt dress can give you an edgy style this spring. Shirt dresses are quite is vogue and are worn by almost all celebrities. A matching denim bags looks fabulous with this denim shirt dress.

Tie up your hair in a low ponytail. Wear white canvas shoes to have sporty look. For your nails and lips go bold by choosing a dark nail paint and lip color. This denim shirt choice should be the first spring choice for a casual day at work or a day at college.

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Striped Shirt Dress

These blue and white strips may remind you of the sailors on a sea voyage but this is quite in fad. Pick a split neck shirt dress in blue and white strips for your spring season. Shirt dresses are easy to carry and comfortable to wear.

Carry a matching blue doctor’s satchel bag to carry all you require. Nude heels and nude lips go very well with the split neck stripped shirt dress. A side braids looks with this dress.

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Off Shoulder With Denim Pants

If you wish to look plush and ritzy but do not wish to wear a one piece, here is a savior for you. You can wear an off shoulder stripped top with an ankle length denim pants. Choose a top that has intricate hemline.

Green and white strips are an interesting duo for spring season that reminds of the new follicle pluming. Flat cage sandals look smart with this outfit. To make your hair look interesting you can make them into cornrow hairstyle. Nude brown lips will compliment this attire really well.

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One Shoulder Dress

If you do not have a one shoulder dress, it’s not spring for you yet. Choose a mint green one shoulder dress for this spring season. The color looks extremely flaunting in spring.

Opt for a dress that has interesting and captivating waistline and ends a little before your knees. This spring dress is a great option for a dinner date when you wish to make a lasting impression.

Pull back some hair of yours and pin them up into a half tie. You can match some hair accessory with your dress to complete your look. Metallic sandals can make you look fabulous with this mint green on shoulder dress.

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The Orange Short Dress

Well, if you do not think of wearing orange this spring, think again. Orange is one cheerful color that will brighten up your complexion, no matter your skin color. Nothing can be half as good as a short orange dress. It’s elegant yet girly. Ditch the fits, this anti fit dress will make you look over the top.

Add some peach pink to your lips. Opt for nude stilettos with this orange short dress. A golden chunky arm bracelet will surely add to the oomph and make you look fancy. A golden clutch will be a cherry on the cake.

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Baby Pink Skater Dress

A color which is not just favorite of every Barbie lover but of any woman is, baby pink. Give a girl the right pink, and she will revolutionarize the world. A baby pink skater dress is a diehard classic for spring. Match the short baby pink skater dress with a metallic pink clutch and metallic pink T- Strap heels.

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Hot Pink Shift Dress

Short sleeve scalloped woven shift dress in hot pink color is all you need, this spring. Choose a dress that is loose fitted. Accessorize with a statement necklace, preferably in white color, that makes you stand out in the crowd.

To add some contrasting color, wear a turquoise chunky armlet. Nude platforms look mesmerizing with this hot pink shift dress. A light pink lipstick can brighten your spring.

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White Eyelet Dress

White and spring is an age old combination. Nothing can be more beautiful than a white eyelet dress for this spring season. Choose a short length dress. White makes everyone look fresh and rejuvenated.

White pearl earrings will look great with this white eyelet dress. Opt for tan color sandals with this dress. This dress is a great option for college or a shopping spree. Some silver bracelets look great with this dress.

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Lace Up Backless Dress

A lace up backless dress is a bold choice this spring. Be the mystical spring princess by opting for purple color dress. The lace up part will make you look sensuous.

Wear nude heels with this purple backless lace up dress to compliment your looks. Go for plum lipstick with this dress.

Add some liner and mascara to glam up your whole appearance. This dress is ideal for both, day and night outings. This simple yet sensual dress is sure to make jaws drop.

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Cocktail Dress

Spring brings out many celebrations due to the pleasant weather. So do not forget to add some embellished outfit in your spring wardrobe. A short embellished cocktail dress in turquoise color is a must try this spring.

The color is extremely alluring so are the embellishments that are rightly placed where they should be. The dress being off shoulder adds to the charm and romance.

Since this dress is made for special occasion do not forget to accessorize with some elegant diamond jewelry. Let your feet sparkle. For them, choose shiny and sparkly heels.

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Slink Side Split Dress

Fashionista’s obsession with side splits in age old. So join the race of latest fashion by choosing a dark red side split dress that will make you look high class and upmarket. Gear up your race for arm candies by adding an armlet on your upper arm.

Match your clutch and footwear by opting for white color for both. Choose heels to make you look fabulous. Cat eyes can make you look like a diva. Go for nudes as far as your lips are concerned.

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