Thinking of getting yourself inked? Confused about which design to choose? Is this the first time you are getting tattooed? Nervous about how painful tattooing might be? Puzzled about where you want to place the tattoo? You have found the right page to get all answers to these questions. If this is your first tattoo experience, don’t be scared or puzzled. Small tattoos are easily carved and done quickly on any body part.

If you already have tattoo masterpieces on your body then its turn for miniature design to enhance your beauty.

Unique Lock And Key Tattoo Design For Women

You may have seen tons of lock and key tattoo ideas; some might be bejeweled, some might have been chained, and some might include a heart or diamonds. This lock and key tattoo is unique indeed. Such a small tattoo that you may hardly notice where the key is. The tattooist has skillfully designed the tiny keyhole on the front neck and the key is placed on the index finger. What a stroke of creativity!

Gorgeous Small Lotus Tattoo On Finger For Dainty Look

Tiny surfaces like the hand, ear, fingers, etc. are perfect to sport dainty tattoos. The cute lotus tattoo on the finger adds a cool touch to your persona. Lotus tattoos can be engraved in many different ways. It can be colorfully designed to add more style and drama. The tattooist has created a tribal lotus motif in this design. The small lotus creates a spiritual mood and enhances your appeal beautifully.

Small Dragon Tattoo Design On Ear

Dragon tattoos are considered as fierce forms of tattoo works often etched on large canvases like back, sleeves, chest or thighs. This is the first miniature dragon seen to be carved on the delicate ear space. The winged dragon is considered as a spiritual symbol in the Japanese culture. You’ll love the placement idea of the dragon but remember it would pain much more than your back or arm.

Adorable Ring Permanent Ink On Finger

Are you ready to tie the knots? Are you ready to commit? This effortless and adorable ring tattoo is just what you want to tattoo. This is a very simple and small tattoo design with attention-grabbing effect. Ring tattoos are artful choices of unique symbolism and meaning. Finger ring tattoos are always visible and easily carved. It’s a bond between two souls getting united permanently.

Creative Finger Tattoo With Tiny Camera Design

Show that you love your camera. Show that you love being part of the picture albums with this cute camera inscribed on your finger. The small camera is outlined on the finger to give a feel of treasuring old memories – good and cherished moments. The creative tattoo idea will be the buzz of town. Passionate photographers also choose to sport camera tattoos.

Petite Dragonfly And Star Tattoo Design On Stomach

Dragonfly tattoos instill deeper meaning to tattoo art. They are inscribed in bright tones from the color palette. Dragonflies are symbolic representations of rebirth, change and transformation while the stars bring in hope and twinkle.

The tattoo art shows bravery and joyous nature of the wearer. The petite tattoo sits gently on the stomach for sexy look reminding of the pretty things in life.

Little Dove Tattoo Work On Foot For Lovable Look

Large tattoo tattoos are famous for leg placement as the tattooists get enough of space to carve out their imaginations. However, if you are not ready for an outsized tattoo yet, small tattoos are best options for you. A dove tattoo sized as large as a coin looks smart and signifies peace. Doves express your character as peace-maker and lovable. Birds provide innovative tattoo ideas with deep meanings.

Wonderful Small Crowned Heart Tattoo For Girls

As we see through the list of small tattoo options, heart tattoos can never be forgotten. They are gorgeous, cool and fascinating. Heart tattoos spread the message of love and hope. The crowned heart engraved on the foot symbolizes the king of body and soul. It means the heart is the ruling organ. Inject splash of color to this tiny tattoo for a fancy appearance.

Ankle Live Tattoo Design For Captivating Appeal

Text tattoos are interesting and very captivating. Some women sport proverbs and citations from popular authors while some like to flaunt inspirational words as tattoo designs. The tattoo on the ankle is delicately carved with word ‘Live’. The tattoo wearer lives life to the fullest, accepts its ups and down and also rocks the world with the captivating fashion sense.

Brawny Ankle Owl Tattoo Design For Tattoo Lovers

Owl tattoos are very endearing to ancient cultures. The spirit of wisdom lies in this tiny mystical creature that transcends man towards the mysteries of life and its wonders. The owl is an avian creature that is well known for its ability to see in the dark, silent flight and distinct calls. Sometimes they are considered as totems of death and evil.

Delicate Backpiece With Tree Tattoo Artwork For Women

A backpiece is usually large and intricate; filled with creative ideas, colors and patterns. However, a small tattoo print can make a great difference too. Enhance your personality with this delicate tree tattoo on the back.

The tree tattoo is placed off-center. The artistic tree pattern is unique and represents growth, hope, life and evergreen attitude.

Undersized Ornamental Mandala Flower On The Nape

Mandala flowers have known for their beauty and cultural importance. Mandala tattoo designs are inked in black color only. Only a few crazy women love to twist the ancient patterns with a splash of colors. The wearer here has placed a cute, sensual and petite mandala on the nape. The gentle artwork is worth praising. The undersized ornamental design adds a feminine appeal to the tattoo work.

Think Positive Tattoo On Wrist For Quote Lovers

To ink text tattoos you need to select what words you want to inscribe. Do you want the text to be accompanied by other motifs? This tattoo design is best for quote lovers. Women who are role models for others need some motivation for themselves. This ‘Think Positive’ tattoo on the wrist is self-motivating. The cross sign instills faith in god and religion.

Small Swallow Bird Tattoo Sketch For Beautiful Appeal

Bird tattoo designs are a myriad of designs to choose from. Each bird signifies a different meaning to the wearer. The swallow bird tattoo is renowned avian creature that indicates return to our home. The sailors used to sport swallow tattoos. Women who stay overseas might wear the bird design.

Inspiring Double Arrow Tattoo For Girls

Arrow tattoos are quite stylish and can be placed on most body parts. Different designs of arrows represent different notations and ideas. An arrow can define forward movement through the struggles of life and the tough path. A double headed arrow without their stems denotes direction. The nape arrows look inspiring and adorable.

Funny Elephant Tattoo Art For Enlivening Appearance

Elephant tattoos have cultural and religious meanings. However, this funny elephant tattoo has its own unique relevance to the wearer. An elephant carrying an umbrella might signify relations to the royal culture where the king sits on the elephant on auspicious occasions.

It might be just another cool fashion statement worn to amaze everyone.

Gorgeous Blue Rose Tattoo Design On The Wrist

Rose tattoos are personal favorites of all women. Red roses denote love and ones sported with broken heart resemble breakup. The beauty of different colored roses can be as elaborate as you desire which describe different emotions and relations. The gorgeous small blue rose tattoo on the wrist is considered as the hope for miracle in one’s life. The blue roses signify fantasy, unattainable, and impossibility.

Small Fairy Tattoo Idea For Mystical Symbolism

Fairies are creatures of fantasy world. Every girl either wants to be a fairy herself or get her wishes granted by the dear fairy Godmother. The silhouette of fairy with wings and a trail of sparkling stars behind the ear look mystical. The dark black hue makes a bold tattoo print with designer look.

Fantastic Tiny Angel Wing Tattoo Work On Back Of Neck

You have seen angel with wing tattoo above, now its turn for just the wings. Wings sported on the back of neck lend the fantastic appeal. Wings allow you fly in the sky of freedom and independence. In many myths, we hear that wings have to be earned from our deeds. You may inject colors to add dramatic effect to the design.

Minuscule Stag Tattoo On The Back Of Neck

Stag tattoos have been discussed in many places. They represent masculine nature, power, strength, and fertility. The tattoo artist has created a minuscule stag print on the neck for beautiful appeal. It’s a tattoo that can be hidden easily under your hair.

Initialized Angelic Tattoo Outline For Modern Women

Angel tattoo designs are spiritual motifs communication with God. You can inscribe initials with the winged angelic tattoo to remember the ones you loved and their divine presence that really matter in your life.

This amazing angel tattoo is inked in style for modern fashionable women.

Stylish 3D Butterfly Tattoo Ink For Beautiful Women

One single butterfly is sported on the shoulder for a delightful sight. The butterfly with open wings welcomes change, transformation and rebirth. The amazing 3D art requires a lot of detail and precision in work. Butterflies give you inspiration and ideas for a number of tattooing ventures. You may combine them in a jet of colors or motifs like flowers, stars and birds.

Creepy Sinister Skull Tattoo Art Behind The Ear

Skull tattoos are placed almost on any part of the body. They impart a creepy and funky appeal to the wearer. The sinister look adds a feeling of chill and shiver depending on how scary you can get with the tattoo design. The little dark skull behind the ear looks awesome. Skull tattoos often represent foul play, death or evil spirit. However, such dark images may just mean something quirky to stand out in the crowd.

Beautiful Lettered Small Love Tattoo Design On Little Finger

Scripted tattoos are very cute yet lend lot of meaning to the design. Text tattoos can comprise a single word or poem or phrases that touch your heart or inspire you. Girls in love or the ones who value love in life can sport this beautiful tattoo. Its simple cursive fonts are impressive. You can add more fun to the design by placing hearts or heartbeat with the tattoo.

Delicate Sun And Moon Tattoo Art On Wrist

Sun and moon tattoos are popularly used for body art. The combination of sun and moon tattoo design holds different meanings. The tattoos represent unity and cooperation. The fiery of sun and calmness of moon unite together to give a thrilling prospect. The sun and moon tattoo art styles range from fantasy to realistic, large to small, and cartoonish to script. The delicate design on the wrist looks super cool.

Ideally you can wear any design of your choice, place it wherever you want to get a catchy and attractive appearance. However, talking of small tattoos, they are sweet, cute, simple and feminine. Small tattoos suit women of all ages including some fashion freak grannies too.

The designs compiled in the post would inspire your own thoughts and create more beautiful miniature tattoo works.Small tattoos are easy to hide or make visible. They are getting popular amongst young girls and boys recently. A small piece of ink on your legs or arm can give you a subtly stylish look without making bold fashion statement. Smaller tattoos are cool to showcase at parties, casual meets or even formal events. Tattoos make women in-trend in the society. Girls delicate personality can be beautifully enhanced with some amazingly placed small tattoo artworks.So these were the small tattoo designs for fashionable women of today .