Skin tightening oils,masks,herbs and how to use them: Skin is the most beautiful organ which frames our body.  However, with increasing age and exposure towards damaging conditions can prematurely make the skin dull and loose. There are so many factors working behind the elasticity of our skin. Our skin has an amazing feature of elasticity due to which, it can get stretched and can contract.

Skin Tightening Oils, Masks, Herbs and How To Use Them

Skin Tightening Oils, Masks, Herbs and How To Use Them

Here, our aim is to provide you some of the best natural options through which, you can tighten your skin.

With this, the question arises why do you need skin tightening?  We are young, beautiful and our skin is glowing then why to go for skin tightening?

Here are some answers for why do you actually need skin tightening:

  • At any age, skin can get damaged if it is exposed to sun rays, harmful chemicals, dust and pollution. Skin damage would gradually make it loose and saggy.
  • The skin loses its natural moisture when proper care is not taken. The climatic conditions and surrounding environment can simply kill all the glory of your skin.
  • Skin aging is the biggest reason which can make the skin loose, dull and saggy. Today may be your skin is beautiful but with in upcoming years, it can turn unexpectedly slack.

It is believed that our Indian herbs, essential oils and ingredients are filled with nutrients which can tighten the skin and make it look flawless. Today, we are representing all such herbs oils and ingredients which you can use for your skin and the correct methods of using them.

So let’s start with the powerful oils which can make your skin tight, bright and shiny!

1. Frankincense, Argan and Myrhh Oil

These are the top 3 oils which are promising skin tightening agents. These oils have anti oxidants and are natural astringents which will fight large pores and will cleanse your skin while tightening it. These oils will provide your skin the lost oxygen which is a very important element for your skin. The combination of these oils will enhance sin elasticity through boosting collagen.

How to use these 3 oils together to make give your skin a dreamy glow?

You will have to use these 3 essential oils as a skin tightening serum. It will make your skin free from cracks, dryness, flakiness and such skin damaging issues. For preparing this serum, take:

  •  1 spoon Argan oil
  •  5 drops Frankincense oil
  •  5 drops of Myrhh oil

 Mix these oils and prepare a serum. Store it in a tight bottle. Every day, massage your skin with this serum. Take the serum in your palm and with the tips of your fingers, massage it with circular movements. Perform the message very gently and slowly to let these oils get absorbed in your skin.

You can also try skin spa on the weekends which will give a magical shine to your skin. For this, take hot water steam, massage your skin with this serum, and cleanse your skin and close the skin pores with cold water. This little spa session will simply make your skin look more lively and bright.

2. Patchouli, Sandalwood and Bergamot Oil

The combination of these three oils will turn magical for you. When it comes to skin tightening, all of these oils have a balanced oiliness and limitless features which will cleanse, tighten and brighten your skin.  From wrinkles to cellulite, this amazing serum will fight all the skin issues. You can fight cellulite while massaging this skin enriching serum. Here is how you can use these oils for your skin:

In a bowl add:

  • 3 drops patchouli oil
  • 7 drops sandalwood oil
  • 4 drops of bergamot oil
  • 1 spoon Grape seed oil

Mix these oils and fill it in an air tight bottle. Message it on your skin on daily basis. You can either message the oil before bathing every morning or can apply it on your skin before sleeping. Not only for making you facial skin tight, but you can also use this magical serum to make that skin tight which has become loose and saggy due to weight loss, pregnancy or aging.

3. Lavender, Geranium and Jasmine oil

These are organic essential oils which rejuvenate the skin and fights sagginess. Even the stretch marks developed due to pregnancy or weight gain can be battled with this mixture.  These oils provide astringent which tightens the skin while stimulating blood flow in your body. This serum reduces pores and will give your skin a gorgeous youthful appeal. To make this skin tightening serum, take:

  • 3 drops lavender oil
  • 3 drops geranium oil
  • 4 drops jasmine oil
  • 1 spoon rosehip seed oil

Mix all these ingredients and fill it in a bottle. Use this serum on the skin you feel has become saggy and dull. You can also message it on your stretch marks, wrinkles, scars and much more.  Daily application of this serum will brighten up your skin and will improve elasticity of your skin. If you are facing premature sagging or skin aging issues, applying this serum daily on your skin will bring back you’re your skin to life.

These were the top oils which are a boon for your skin. With the help of these oils, you can make your skin look bright, tight and youthful.

Best Herbs for Skin Tightening and How to Use Them

Apart from essential oils, the herbs are enriched with skin tightening properties which every woman must consider using. We have a rich set of traditional and powerful herbs which can not only boost skin’s elasticity but can also make your skin look years younger. Here are some of the best herbs to use for skin care:

1.) Aloe Vera

This is an herb which is nowadays used in every beauty product. From shampoos to lotions, from soaps to moisturizers, the aloe vera herb is used widely. This herb is extremely popular due to its magical skin brightening, tightening and cleansing properties. It is an anti bacterial herb which soothes the skin and cleanses it from the deepest layers.  In most of the cases, saggy or loose skin is the result of dryness. Aloe vera gel fights dry skin and provides nourishment to the skin.

How to use aloe vera gel:

Aloe vera plant is readily available in the market. Choose this herb and extract fresh aloe vera gel form the plant. Before bathing, everyday message your skin with the freshly extracted gel and then bath with warm water. This will help in smoothening, cleansing and tightening your skin.

You can also apply it on your face and body before sleeping. It will work miraculously on your skin for the entire night and will boost moisture. The antioxidants in aloe vera gel will make your skin look fresh, youthful and blooming!

2. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a very common name known for its skin enriching properties. This herb or extract is widely used in fighting skin issues like wrinkles, baggy under eyes, darkness and pigmentation etc. This herb provides intense repair to the skin and boosts blood flow. Regular usage of this herb has changed the skin of many women and thus, it has made a prominent space in our list.

How to use witch Hazel for skin:

Witch hazel is available readily in the market. Take some witch hazel in a bowl and with the help of cotton balls, apply it on your entire face, on your neck and to the areas you feel have become baggy. Let it work for some time and rinse. You can also apply it before sleeping and let it work overnight on your skin. Every day, use this liquid and apply it without forgetting. You will soon get visible results with your skin getting tight and brighter day by day!

3. Green tea

Green tea is an herbal tea which has a lot of medicinal and beauty benefits. Not only drinking but using it over the skin has some amazing benefits. There are different green tea masks and lotions available in the market and is used by a lot of women.

Green tea is rich with anti oxidants and can boost oxygen in your blood. This will naturally improve blood flow in your body and will brighten your skin. It fights most of the aging signs easily and makes your skin glow as never before.

How to use green tea:

Boil some green tea and keep it aside. Apply this tea extracts on your skin. You can use the tea bags under your eyes or apply boiled green tea using cotton balls on your entire skin. Keep the green tea overnight so that your skin properly absorbs it and fights skin sagginess. During summers, you can also pour green tea into the ice trays and massage your skin with green tea ice pack. This is a great medicinal herb which will work on your skin and make it tighter day by day.

Best Masks for Skin Tightening and How to Use Them:

If you think that essential oils and herbs are little tough for you to get, there are some easily available and cheap ingredients which you can use for tightening your skin. The ingredients used in these masks are easily available in your kitchen. Let’s have a look at some of the best masks:

1. Egg White Mask

Egg white is a magical ingredient when it comes to skin care. Egg white is blasted with nutrients and skin enriching protein which will enhance your skin’s smoothness and glory. This is one of the promising ingredients that boost collagen and improve elasticity of the skin.

How to use prepare and use egg mask:

Extract the egg white and apply it on your entire face. Cover the neck as the neck skin can also become saggy and loose. Let this mask settle for 30 minutes and slowly, peel the mask off. Egg white is easy to peel. 2-3 times a week, apply this mask on your skin and you will get desired results within few days!

2. Papaya Rice Flour Mask

Papaya is such a fruit which has uncountable benefits over the skin. It is not only rich with nutrients but also with water which is a very important element for the skin. Rice flour is another ingredient which enhances soft skin and makes it tight.

How to prepare and use this mask

Take 1 bowl papaya pulp and 1 small bowl rice flour. Mix both the ingredients thoroughly and apply this paste on your skin. Let this work on your skin for 40 minutes and rinse. Applying this mask regularly on your skin will nourish and brighten your skin above your expectations. Not only it will cleanse your skin but it will also improve blood flow for making your skin look fresh and glowing!

3. Milk and Fuller’s Earth Mask

Milk is such a magical ingredient. It has calcium, protein and number of nutrients which can make your skin youthful within few applications. Fuller’s earth has been used in different masks due to its skin enriching properties. The combination of these two ingredients can simply make your skin tighter and flawless.

How to use these ingredients:

Take 1 cup milk and 1 small bowl fuller’s earth. Mix these ingredients and apply it on your skin. Let this mask work on your skin for 40 minutes and rinse with Luke warm water.

This mask will simply open the skin pores and will give a bright look to your skin while improving elasticity. Regular application of this mask will reduce sagginess and you will simply fall in love with your skin!

These are the promising essential oils, masks and herbs which won’t let you down! For your flexibility, here are different ingredients you can try for your skin and change your skin forever. Either you do not want your skin to become loose or saggy prematurely or you want to just make your skin tight and shiny now, use any of these ingredients and flaunt your stunning youthful skin!