Simple Ways to be a More Caring Person – You’re here reading this because something in you has strike and you are determined to become a more caring and loving person which is a great thing. Being caring is wonderful as it not only benefits other people but it also improves us from within. Being caring is an act of satisfaction and inner peace and it can also help you improve the lives of other people around you. In this competitive world, it is easy to become selfish and self centered but if you immerse yourself in the acts of kindness, you’ll be more satisfied and happy than ever.

To become a caring person, you’ll have to listen to others, develop a nurturing attitude and have empathy for others. While practicing certain things on daily basis, you can surely turn into a more caring and compassionate person. Here’s all you need to do:


1. Be Sensitive Towards other’s Feelings

If you want to be caring towards others, it is important for you to have a sensitive and positive attitude towards other’s feelings. You need to observe and learn how a person feel and then is when you’ll be able to show your care and love. Observe how people react to different situations and learn how you can help them de-stress.

When you talk to people, if you feel that they are stressed or feeling low, you can do something to cheer them up. You can hang out with them, plan a get together, cook for them or do something that you know would cheer them up. Don’t be self absorbed and make sure that you are there when they are feeling down.

2. Appreciate and Value People Around You

At your home, at work and everywhere you go, there are certain people you are close to and are deeply connected to. If you want to be a more caring person, you must appreciate and value these people as much as you can. Always appreciate, greet, thank and show your love to these people.

Thank them for the things they do for you every day, praise them for the way they stand strong during hard times, thank people who have done any favors o you and show them that their presence matters to you a lot. Your simple comments can bring a wave of joy in their life and thus, don’t forget to make them feel special and valued.

3. Don’t Let Selfishness Touch you

If you think that it is possible to completely overcome selfishness, you need to know that it is hard and will take time. If not completely, you can be less selfish at least. Instead of worrying about your own problems all day, take some time off and think about other people around you. Especially, if you had a fight with a close person and you feel that it’s their fault, keep yourself in their place and think.

Focus on how other people around you are feeling and try to act kind towards them. If you’ll become more aware about their feelings and their concerns, you’ll turn more empathetic and careful towards them. Take care of yourself and simultaneously, also look at how other people are feeling. This is the only way you can care for others and become less selfish.

4. Become Generous and Bighearted

Giving something let it be your time or your money can make you extremely caring. If you want to improve yourself and become caring, the first thing you’ll have to do is to give something and not be selfish about the things you have. In today’s busy and fast paced life, when you give someone your valuable time or money or any favor, you’ll become more caring and kind naturally.

Give money to the people who need it, do favors you can afford to do, give your time to people who need your company because giving is the ultimate path towards becoming caring and kind. You can’t sacrifice everything you have but you can give a share of it to someone who needs it.

5. Treat Other People the Way you Want to be Treated

This is the simplest way to understand and reciprocate your feelings. This trick seems highly simple but it also gives some magical results. If you desire to be more caring, you also will have to become thoughtful and kind towards others. You can imagine how you’d feel if someone behaves rudely or in an inappropriate way with you. Keep yourself in their shoes and try to understand their feeling.

This way, you’ll be able to understand the hurtful feelings and will naturally make an effort to improve yourself. Speak politely to people, show your concern, speak affectionately and make others feel good by your words. This will make a big difference in the way you behave with others and will make you more kind.

6. Help People who Need your Help

When a person helps someone, he/she seems caring and generous to others. To become more caring, you’ll have to show the caring attitude and you can do this by helping people. It doesn’t matter who the person is; your friend, a family member, a colleague or a stranger. Helping elderly people in their daily chores, helping a colleague with work, helping your friend in a project or helping a family member do any household task is a step towards becoming kinder and caring.

Lookout for people who need your help and find a better way to help them. Be polite, ask if they need your help and show that you care. This is the ultimate way you can be more kind to people around you and make every place a productive and cheery place. Also you need to be more observant because not everyone will be upfront and ask for help. Just observe people and you’ll know if they need your help and when you know they do, help them.

7. Give without Expecting Anything Back

It’s great that you have made your mind to give something to others but if you are giving with the intension of taking or receiving something back; it is not helping and is a favor. If you want to clearly help a person, you should not expect any favor in return and should always give away selflessly. Not only money, when you offer your help, any precious thing or any favor, it should be because you understand their needs and are not expecting anything back.

The satisfaction of giving away is impeccable and it will only reach you if you carry a selfless attitude about it. Clarify your intension and make sure that you are lending someone your time, money or your belongings because you genuinely care and don want anything in return. Not only it will enrich your relationship with people but also it will make you fill content.

8. Share your Food with Others

There’s nothing kinder than sharing food and offering I to the people who need it. If you have some extra money, buy a meal for someone who has nothing to eat. If you don’t have extra money but have an extra meal, offer it to someone who dint have anything. You can also share your meals with your classmates, your colleagues, a neighbor, a friend or even a stranger.

Also is not about giving it to the people who don’t have food; share your food with the people who don’t have access to nutritious and healthy homemade meals. Sharing your healthy and homemade food with people who don’t have great food or the money to afford such food is an act of kindness. Food is a basic necessity for humans and when you are offering food to someone, you are being caring and more humane.

9. Nurture Empathy towards Others

You can become empathetic towards others and be kind and caring. When you put yourself in others’ shoes, you’ll be able to learn how others feel. When you feel the same thing others feel, you’ll be able to do something to help them and this is why nurturing empathy towards others is important.

Become sensitive to the needs of other people, feel their pain, understand their troubles and believe what others say about their feelings. When you’ll understand more, you’ll be able to sense how they feel and nurture empathy.

10. Think about how your Actions make others Feel

Sometimes, during a fight or argument, it is normal to lose temper and say things you clearly don’t mean to say. You can also forget what impact your words can have on them and thus, it is important to be careful here if you want to be kind. The next time you have a fight, mind your words and don’t speak the things that can hurt others.

This thing also implies on your daily life. If you are doing something that is creating trouble for someone, try avoiding it. For instance, ignoring a special event because of work, not standing by people when they need you the most, leaving your kitchen dirty etc. Avoid such acts, try to be helpful, mind what you say and do the deeds for helping people.