Signs your Ex-girlfriend doesn’t want you Back – When a relationship gets over, it is extremely hard and heart breaking for the couples to get over the relationship and begin a new life. In fact, the pain can get even worse when one of the spouses move on and the other one needs the relationship to work. Sometimes, one of the spouses finds it difficult to move on while the other one simply finds happiness.

If you recently broke up with your girlfriend and are unable to move on, you are probably thinking that your ex also might have the same feelings. These feelings might be true or false and before you start building hopes, it’s better to learn if your ex has the same feelings for you or if she has moved on.  Here are some clear signs that your girlfriend doesn’t want you back and that you too should get going!


She is in a New Relationship

When your friends can witness her with a new guy, when she has accepted the relationship and her social media status reflects “in a relationship”, it means that she has found love again and has a new boyfriend. One can only find a serious new relationship is she has moved on from her past relationship and thus, it’s time for you to quit expecting her back in your life.

If she isn’t dating someone and hasn’t yet involved in a strong meaningful relationship, there are chances that she might come back to you but if she has gotten into a relationship and seems quite happy about it, she doesn’t want you back. Just like her, move on to a happy and fulfilling relationship or give yourself some time and enjoy the single life again!

She Constantly Tells you to Move on

When a person has moved on from a relationship and knows that the other one has still not moved on, it hurts and thus, they keep wishing that the other one moves on too. You will be able to feel her willingness to simply detach you from her life and begin a new journey.

It might be hard to let go of her but it would become harder for you to keep waiting for her knowing that she has moved on.  Don’t keep wondering if she will ever come back if she tells you to move on genuinely. Hangout with your friends and do the things you love instead of waiting for someone who isn’t into you anymore and doesn’t want you back.

She Doesn’t Respond when You try to Connect

So if you have been trying hard to reach out to her and she is completely avoiding you, it’s time to gulp it down that she doesn’t want you back. When she ignores you, doesn’t answer to your calls and messages, blocks you on social media and basically, shuts communications by all means, it is clear that you should move on.

It is hurtful to get avoided by someone whom you loved or still love. However, it is also important to understand that the feelings of love should be mutual and if it’s not the case, you should let her go and put yourself back together and start a new life. If she comes back with minimal efforts, it’s awesome but if she keeps avoiding you, get going!

She’s Annoyed when you are Around

A casual or unplanned meeting with your ex will make you learn a lot of things. The way she reacts when you suddenly run into her in public will tell you how she feels about you. If she gets irritated and annoyed to see you suddenly, it’s a crystal clear sign that she doesn’t want to even see you and there are no chances of you two getting together back.

If you have done something unacceptable like cheating on her, her anger is valid but if you have done nothing like that and still she reacts annoyed when you are around, it means that she is done with the relationship and wants to move on. She’s probably done with you and thus, even you should not put your efforts in getting her back.

She Doesn’t want to Hangout with you at any Cost

This is possibly the biggest sign that she doesn’t want to spend even little time with you. While you are out there looking for the opportunities to spend time together, she declines all your invitations. You might not miss any chances to hangout like going for a coffee or a game or movie while she would miss a chance to avoid any of your requests.

If your ex doesn’t want to hangout with you and you have done plentiful of efforts to go out with her, she is probably increasing the distance between you because she doesn’t want you back. Take it as a clear sign that your relationship with her is over and don’t try to convince her more.

It’s a Long Time since you are Trying to Get her Back

Human beings need time to recover from any relationship breakup and it’s valid for both the partners to take some time off and understand their relationship better. However, if things don’t go well even after plentiful of trials and a huge span of time, probably, the relationship isn’t fixable. Trying to get back your ex is a great thing because you shared a great bond and you can completely restart it.

But if it’s a long time since you are trying to get her back and she doesn’t seem to respond in any positive way, you should move on and stop trying. If she wants you back, she would come back to you after some time and trials but if you are trying for months and days and you don’t see anything great coming your way, accept the fact that she doesn’t want you back.

She isn’t trying to Make Things Work

When a girl doesn’t want her relationship to break, she will make a move to make it better. If she likes you, she’ll make efforts and you’ll know. She will try to hang out with you, will offer movie or game tickets to spend time with you, and will try to reach you through calls and texts. You’ll be able to see her efforts to get back with you.

However, if you haven’t heard from her since long and she doesn’t even make an effort to connect to you, it simply means that she has lost her interest in you and doesn’t want you back. You are not as valuable to her as before and so she won’t try to connect with you. Accept it as a sign and try no more.

She doesn’t Care  if you are Dating Someone else

If your girl used to give you a hard time when you talked to other girls and now if she is completely okay with it, she isn’t jealous and probably isn’t affected if you are with someone else. If you have planned to get her back by pretending to date someone and if she is completely unaffected by it, it is a clear sign that she doesn’t want you back and thus, doesn’t care.

Gone are the days when she was jealous of you seeing other girls or flirting with other women. She is definitely over you if she doesn’t get jealous and acts perfectly fine if she sees you with another woman. She doesn’t have the same feelings for you and doesn’t want you back and thus, it’s better for you to give your time and affection to someone else.

She Returns all your Stuff

It is difficult to return the things to your ex post a breakup if you still love the person but if you don’t feel anything for the person, you don’t want to keep his things. If your girlfriend returns everything you gifted her back to you, it means that she has moved on and doesn’t want any of your memory with her. If she is giving everything back to you, it means that she is no longer attached to your gifts or you.

She Often says “It’s not you it’s me”

This is the phrase that a lot of people use while breaking up and even post breakup. This is a very strong sign that she is not into you anymore and doesn’t want you back. By this statement, she means that she is no longer into the relationship and you should not try to fix it. She would possibly say this because she has discovered that she doesn’t love you anymore and wants you to move on.

Don’t try to fix things if she is constantly saying this to you and understand that nothing can be fixed now. Also if she is the reason or the problem, you can’t change it because she has made up her mind. Now that she has accepted that she doesn’t want your relationship to work, any efforts from your side aren’t going to work and thus, it is apt for you to move on.