Signs Your Boyfriend is Serious about You – You’re here probably because you have started to think that he’s the one for you and because you also want to know whether he is serious about you. It’s great to love someone and when that someone loves you back because after all, we don’t want to face those tough heart breaks anymore. So if you are confused about where your relationship is going and what he is thinking about you, you can look out for some signs.

Especially, if you are into someone and want to know what they think about you without directly asking them, you have to look for some signs that’ll help you make a decision. So what are these signs that’ll help you understand his feelings? Scroll down and find out!


He’s always Honest and Open to you

You don’t want to hide things from your loved ones. Especially if a guy is very serious about a girl, all he will do is be honest with her. Truth and honesty are the building blocks of any relationship and thus, if he is willing to begin a strong relationship with you, he’ll always be open and honest with you.

If he tells you all about his past, about his present and everything that he wants in his future, doesn’t hide even a little thing about work, future plans or his goals and even about his biggest mistakes to you and trusts you to accept his honesty, it’s a clear sign that he is serious about you and is thus sharing the most important things with you. Men don’t usually open up in front of every other person and when he does in front of you, it means you are really special to him!

You are his Ultimate Priority

So there’s nothing like being too busy; it’s all about priorities. If he is genuinely interested in you and wants to be with you, he’ll manage everything else and will spend time with you. Of course he has work and family too but he will also make you his companion at parties and major events.

In fact, he is so serious about you that he doesn’t even ask you to be his date for his office parties and functions and just takes you along. It’s probably because you are his priority and he is serious about you. Also consider if he is always there for you and if he is, and is has always been there for you over the course of the relationship, it’s clear.

He talks About Future with you

When you are really into someone, you cannot simply stop making future plans with them and this is what’ll exactly happen to your bae if he is serious about you. If he always talks about his future with you or having children or shifting to a new location with you, it’s because he is serious about you. Ever noticed him mentioning his future goals that are associated with you? Well, it’s the biggest sign.

Also if he is open to discuss about his finances, his salary or his professional goals with you, it’s because it’s important to discuss such things with a partner and you have become the correct partner for him. If he makes his financial and personal decisions with your input, plans trips with you, and also speaks about getting married some day, it’s because you have become very important for him.

You are Close to His Family

Men don’t let their girlfriends into their lives so easily and if they are making you a part of their family, it’s a clear sign that he is into you. If you’ve met his friends and also his family and you are often a special guest at his family events, it’s because he wants you to be a part of his family and he is serious about you.

You can easily know if a man is really into you by his family and group of close friends. If he introduces you to everyone and also hangs out with you and them, it’s a sign that he thinks of you as a very important person and he wants to bring you to his world. He wants his family to like you and also makes all the efforts to let you like them as well.

He is Always in Touch with you

This doesn’t mean that he’s constantly bugging you over the call and when together, but it means that he is always concerned about how you are. If he calls to ask you whether you’ve reached at work/home safely, if you had dinner or how was your day, it’s because he cares for you and wants to know you are okay.

If he is always in contact with you, looks after you if you are sick and doesn’t get ghosted it’s because he likes you and very seriously cares for you. Also if he is going to be busy, he’ll inform you and will always keep you in a loop. If he doesn’t disappear on you and keeps in touch, it’s a sign that he is serious about you.

He always Keeps his Promises

When you are serious about someone, you’ll try your best to keep promises even in the most difficult situations. If he has promised to take you on a date, even if he is tired or busy, he’ll get back to you and take you out. Not because he can’t say no but because he wants the relationship to last and most importantly, he wants you to be happy.

He invests a lot of his time in you, you become even more important to him, he does everything to make you happy and doesn’t want to disappoint you; these are all the signs that show that you are his priority and he will always keep his promises because he likes you.

He is Happy around you

When you are in love with someone, time flies!   You’ll know if a man is into you by his actions and words. If he is always happy, smiling and doesn’t think of anything else when he is with you, it’s purely because he is very happy with you.

When you enjoy someone’s company at the fullest and if it makes you happiest, it’s a sign that you are into that person and if your man is cheery around you, he’s into you. If he doesn’t care if his phone rings, or he keeps talking to you for hours and can’t simply take his eyes off you, you don’t need to analyze more signs because this shows that he’s completely into you!

All he Wants is to Make you Happy

One of the most prominent signs that your partner is so much into you is that he wants to make you happy all the time.  When you really start to like someone, their happiness matters to you and if you are noticing him do things to make you happy, it’s because he likes you.

Does he surprise you with flowers at work or some random gifts? Does he wake you with a breakfast and take you to romantic dates? Then it’s because he wants you to be happy with him and with the relationship too. His actions are showing that he likes you and cares about you.

He Takes you Seriously and Listens to you

If you are wondering if he is getting serious about the relationship, take a note of how he treats you. Does he listen to you? Does he pay proper attention to the things you say? One thing to you can pay attention is how often he listens to you and takes you seriously.  If he is emphasizing on listening, understanding and responding carefully to all the things you say, then it’s because he cares for you.

He’s truly giving you massive priority and is serious about you. Rather than being distracted by any other thing, he gets involved in the conversation and responds you well. He is clearly showing that he is what you think or what you say is important to him. This is probably his best way to show his care for you!

He Respects you

One of the building blocks of any relationship is respect. When a person is very respectful to you and respects you in every manner, it’s because he has feelings for you and likes you. If he always values your thoughts, appreciates your decisions, listens to you, takes care of your feelings, provides you enough space and is always compassionate towards you, it’s because he likes you.

Even in the toughest situations if he is being respectful to you, he’s totally into you. When a person doesn’t like or love someone, they can put you down and treat you in a disrespectful way but when a person likes you, he’ll try his best to get your time, attention and love. He would in no situation be disrespectful to you.