Signs you have Fallen out of Love with your Partner – If you are here, it’s possibly because you are already in a stage where you are having doubts and questions about your romantic relationship. Possibly it’s because your relationship has come to an end and may be its time to accept it. But before ending a relationship that you have built with lots of love, you need to make sure that you’re 100% out of love with your partner and it’s not a casual repulsion or stress that’s getting you worried.

Unfortunately, some relationships don’t pass the test of time and become unfixable. If this is the case with you, before it’s too late, it’s better to accept the fact that the long cherished relationship has now come to end. So if you are having a hard time with your partner since long, here are certain signs that’ll confirm if you have fallen out of love with your partner.


You are Doubting your Bond with her/him

The reason you experience some qualms in a relationship after you spend certain amount of time with each other is that in the beginning of a relationship, everything seems very romantic and magical. Even though there are certain issues, you won’t notice it all during the initial phase of a relationship.

That happens when you certainly get occupied in a relationship for long. Thus, when you start noticing something unacceptable such as trust issues, certain intolerable habits or things that you deeply disagree with in your partner, you might wonder if it’s the same person you loved! If this is the case, you need to address this issue on a serious note.

You Literally Avoid Spending Time with your Spouse

Those weekend getaways, impromptu dinner plans, date nights, movie plans don’t exist because you are clearly avoiding spending time with your bae. When you start losing the feelings for your partner, it’s natural to that you’ll create distance and want to spend least time with him/her. When couples are in love, they want to be with each other and spend maximum of their free time with each other.

But if you are constantly cancelling plans with your spouse for no genuine reason and are avoiding his attempts to be close, this may be a sign that you probably don’t want to work it out and that it’s over.

Intimacy Between you Two has Vanished

Physical intimacy and closeness like hugging each other frequently, holding hands while walking, giving a random kiss or even making out are the sings of a healthy relationship between a couple. When this starts to fade, it’s probably because either one of the partner or both have lost their interest in the relationship.

If you are the one who doesn’t want to show any physical affection and are distancing yourself from your partner, this is a sign that you have probably fallen out of love and are avoiding the physical intimacy because the relationship has already shattered for you.

You Find  Your Partner Irresistibly Annoying

If you can’t control your anger for your partner and often get annoyed by any of their actions or conversations, it’s because you have already lost the romantic connection with him and are still continuing the relationship because of lack of clarity. A little annoyance in a relationship is indeed normal but when you start hating almost everything your partner does and keep judging everything about your spouse, it’s because you don’t love them anymore and you simply want to get rid of the relationship. Remember, when you are in love, even the worst habits are tolerable and when you are struggling to get out of a relationship, even the perfect habits seem annoying!

You Can’t Stop Fighting with your Partner

This point is directly connected to the previous one. A lot of annoyance and irritation can simply lead to endless fights. Though, a couple having fights is quite normal but when the fight crosses a normal range and when you just can’t stop fighting with your partner, that’s because you are out of love. Try to evaluate your relationship; notice how frequently and on what matters you used to fight with your partner.

If the frequency has become significantly high and if you fight on worthless and pointless topics, it’s because your partner simply annoys you and you are no longer in love with him/her. You’ll start judging and blaming your partner for everything if you are not in love anymore and thus, you should think on it before you start hurting your partners and your sentiments horribly.

You Refrain from saying I love you because it Hurts

Expressing love to someone is such a precious feeling. You say I love you to a person when you truly do love him/her and are desperate to show your feelings. However, when you are falling out of love with your partner, the most difficult thing to do is to say I love you to him/her. Obviously, you are going to feel guilty and shamefaced to say such an important thing although you don’t mean it.

In fact, whenever your partner says I love you to you, you simply reciprocate to avoid any embarrassment to explanation. If this is the case then you need to take it seriously and talk about it to your partner instead of giving false hopes to just avoid clarifications.  You won’t be able to hide your feelings for long and it might cause a lot more damage to both of you.

You can’t Imagine your Future Together

When you are not sure about the fact that you want the same person to be in your life forever, you surely won’t be able to imagine your future together. When you are uncertain that your relationship will work, for any reasons, you’ll probably not make any future plans together.

You don’t imagine getting married to your partner, you don’t want any joint long term investments, you are not planning any long term trips with your partner and are not unable to see your future together because you are not sure about being with your partner after months or even after certain weeks! This is because you might hesitate from accepting the fact that you have fallen out of love but your brain doesn’t!

You are Attracted to Other People

When you come to know that the one you have is not the one, you intentionally/ unintentionally start looking for someone else. In normal cases, it’s common to get attracted to some good looking people because there are plentiful of attractive and stunning people out there. But if you fantasize about other attractive people and also imagine you engaging with someone else, it’s dangerous.

Spare a minute and rethink why you are doing it and how often. If you are doing it on a serious note and if you might take up a chance if you are allowed to get along with someone else, it’s because in your mind, you are already out of your relationship and you don’t love your partner anymore! In fact, if that’s the case, you have started looking for another person with whom you can get romantically involved!

You are no more Open with your Partner and Often choose Silence over Arguments

When the need or desire of opening up in front of your partner diminishes, it’s time to understand that you have fallen out of love. Fights and silence are common for couples but when you don’t share important things with your partner, don’t share your feelings, you are not interested in discussing anything with your partner, it’s because you don’t love your partner anymore.

Also if you don’t speak up to your partner when you disagree with his/her decisions or thoughts, it’s because you probably want to avoid arguments. This means you clearly don’t care if anything ruins your relationship because you know it’s already over and you don’t want to work it out!

Your Partner doesn’t seem Special to you anymore

One of the heartbreaking truths of a downfall of a romantic relationship is that the person who meant the world to you doesn’t feel special anymore and you start feeling uninterested towards him/her. When you stop loving or caring your partner, it shows and the other person comes to know it soon. This might make him/her feel extremely secluded and hurt which can worsen the situation.

People in love feel very special about their partners and when this feeling fades away, it can break hearts. If you have started feeling this way about your partner, it’s time to make a wise decision to prevent yourself and your partner from more acute damage.

You don’t Want to put any Effort in Mending the Broken Strings

When you are noticing everything go wrong with your relationship and still are withdrawing from it, it’s because you want it to end. A couple that loves each other and faces troubles will make all the efforts to repair the relationship and revive the bond. If you are convinced that your relationship is not going to work and the reason is that you have fallen out of love with your partner, it’s because you have. May be your heart has gone too far and is unable to fall in love again!