Signs You Are in Love with a Wrong Person and You Should think on it! – Falling in love is quite unexpected and unforeseen because you don’t have any control over who you fall in love with. Your heart does. Also in the beginning, love becomes an obsessive addiction where two people can’t stand to be apart. But after days or even months of dating, people might realize that they are in love with a wrong person.

Such kinds of situations are common these days and most of the time, these situations end up poorly. This happens because couples rush into the decision of being together without ensuring that they are in love and are not just infatuated with each other.

So how can you know if you are in love with a wrong person because, by rushing into a relationship, you might miss a chance to be with someone better or with a person more compatible to you!


Few Signs You Are in Love with a Wrong Person

Simply have a look at these analytical signs and if you feel relatable, you need to take control of the circumstances and make a wise decision for a better future.

1. You Feel as if you’re Compromising your Self Respect and it Hurts!

Love is such a pious and pure feeling which uplifts you and if it starts to feel that loving someone is hurting you, it’s surely a red flag. True love is when a person starts loving oneself more when being in a relationship and if being with your partner makes you feel alone, depressed or humiliated, it’s not right.

Getting treated in a bad way, compromising your dreams or constantly suffering for the sake of love while hurting your self-respect is toxic and you should find your way out of the relationship. Note that it’s not ok to lose your self-respect for a person you love because if it’s the right person, he/she will protect your self-respect more than you!

2. You Don’t Feel Safe Emotionally and Physically

There are ample of people who don’t feel safe with their partners, be it emotionally or physically. Being emotionally safe is being able to share your views, dreams, concerns and feelings without any fear with your partner while knowing that your partner will respect and honor your perspective.

You don’t have to hold back your feelings or pretend about anything when you feel emotionally safe with your partner. But if, you are unable to feel this secure with your partner, it’s time to rethink about your decision. Also being in a physically abusive relation is the worst place to be in so if you feel physically insecure with your partner, withdraw from the relation immediately!

3. You Constantly think About Someone Else

When you are not sure about your current partner, it might happen that you keep wondering about any other partner, probably your ex.

When you think imagining about your dream partner while you are already in a relationship, it could be your heart’s way of telling you that you’re with a wrong person. Thinking about someone else simply means that you are not satisfied with what you have and thus, give your relation a second thought.

4. You’re Afraid That the Relation will End Anytime Soon

Is it only you who desperately want the relationship to survive? If so, then it’s not right because a true relation should have fair efforts and contributions from both the sides. If your partner truly loves you, he/she should make you feel secure about your relationship.

If you think that any of your small mistakes will end the relation, then you don’t have that compatibility and admiration needed in any relation and that you’re surely with a wrong person.

5. You Openly Can’t be Yourself with Them

When a person accepts you the way you are, then it’s true love and if the person is willing to change your habits, pressurizes you to fit into a certain character or wants you to be a person you are not, it’s not acceptable.

This means you have to pretend to be different, pretend to like the things your partner likes or enjoy the things she/he likes.

Trust us, such relations cannot last long because a person cannot pretend for their lifetime and will feel suffocated because of the pressure to change. Don’t compromise the things that are non-negotiable for you.

6. You Don’t see your Future with Them

Wanting a future with a partner is a proof of the strength of your love. Wanting to be with someone for life surely states that you love them and accept them wholly but if you can think of having a future with hi/her, it’s a sign that something is off.

Planning your future which involves your partner shows that you are satisfied with your relation, accept your partner the way he/she is and can’t wait to be with them. If you can’t feel this for your partner, you are probably with the wrong one!

7. Your Partner is not your go-to Person during Crisis

What would you do if something extremely good or bad happens to you? You would probably share it with the person closest to you. The reason is, you can share things and get enough support, feel relaxed while sharing it with the person you love.

If your partner is not one of those people to whom you turn during crisis, it states that he/she is not that supportive or might not help you the way you want.  For sharing such things with a partner, a deeper sense of trust and emotional compatibility is required and if you are still not able to build it with them, you are not with the person you need!

8. They don’t Want to Commit to you

It’s not always compulsory to label a relationship until both the partners are sure about how they feel. But if you are dating since a long time and still your partner is unable to commit and tells you that they want to see where your relationship goes, this is a real sign that the person is avoiding any commitment.

A sense of commitment comes only when two people are sure about spending their future with each other and are surely in love. If your partner refrains from commitment and while not giving any clarification, you surely need to get out of the relation before you get more hurt.

9. Your Relation Lacks that Sparkling Chemistry

Chemistry is rare and if your chemistry with each other has completely changes, you might want to consider it as a sign. Sexual chemistry persists when both the partners are attracted deeply to each other and if this chemistry is fading away, you deserve a better relationship.

A relation is enriched by passion, chemistry and intimacy so if you or your partner are not attracted to each other, you are already with a wrong person.

10. You Constantly Think about Breaking Up

Sometimes, when the pressure of dealing with an unsatisfactory relationship increases, you might think about breaking up and if this situation has become regular for you. You are not in a right place and need to know that your partner is not the one for you.

Also if you are constantly thinking about breaking up but are afraid of the circumstances or of hurting your partner, holding back your emotions is simply not going to help. This clearly states that you are with a wrong person and that you should exit this relation for yours and your partner’s good.

11. You’re not Happy or don’t Laugh when Together

A true couple stays together and laughs when together. The point of being in any relation is to be happy and satisfied and of you are no longer happy while you are with your partner, what’s the point?

If you are mentally somewhere else when with your partner or are constantly thinking of ways to escape, you are probably not with the right person and you should let go of the relation for yours and your partner’s better future.

12. Their entire World Revolves Around You and they don’t Allow you Some Space

Every person needs space and their time. If your partner keeps bugging you while you are with your friends, while you are working, are spending time with your family or are away from him/her, it’s simply destroying your personal space.

You should get your freedom and should be able to enjoy with other important people in your life and if your partner abstains you from that, you are with a wrong person who doesn’t care about your happiness and will suffocate you in a relationship!

13. Your partner is Constantly Fighting and Keeping Secret

Frequent fights, keeping secrets and constant disagreements lead towards the fact that there’s something fishy about your relationship. There’s no space for secrets and stressful fights in a healthy relation.

Although, small arguments and fights are common but they should not become a regular part of your life. If your partner keeps fighting with you and keeps secrets, it simply states that your relation is lacking trust and honesty and thus, you need to consider about getting out of this toxic relationship.