Signs you are Forcing yourself to Love Someone – When you are head over heels in love with someone, it shows. You love to spend all your free time with them, you love hanging out with them, you love their habits and foremost, you respect them. when you are happy when around your spouse, it is a sign of a satisfying and fulfilling relationship but if you don’t feel like that anymore, it’s because you are no longer in love and you are forcing yourself to love them.

A lot of people continue the relationship to avoid disastrous fights and quarrels, some are afraid about the consequences and some people don’t want to hurt the person with whom they were madly in love with. These are the reasons that prevent people from admitting that they are out of love and are forcing to love their spouse.

If you’ve been feeling like this lately, it’s because you don’t love them anymore and it is extremely important for you and your partner that you admit to your feelings. Here are some signs through which, you can know if you are forcing yourself to love someone and should think about it.


You Always feel like you are Compromising

When the feelings are not mutual and natural, you’ll feel like the relationship is forced upon you. If you often feel like you are compromising with your choices, with your feelings and are struggling to keep up with the relationship, it’s probably because you are forcing yourself into it. It is important to know that happiness can’t be sacrificed and if you are the one who feels so, it’s time to rethink about it.

If you have a compromised your wishes and goals just because your partner doesn’t approve, you are compromising in your relationship and this won’t work for you on long terms. You’ll eventually end up hurting more of you already feel that you are compromising to make the relationship work. If you want to stay in a fulfilling and worthy relationship, you don’t have to compromise your happiness.

You are Always Hurt

When a relationship doesn’t work or if you are not into a relationship, it won’t bring you any happiness. Giving your all to someone and still not being able to turn the relationship into a dreamy and happy thing can break your heart and this is quite obvious if you are forcing yourself in a relationship.

When a relationship progresses, the expectations get high and when these expectations are not met, it results into heart breaks. After all, you are a human and you need something positive and stimulating in your life. If you are always ignored, don’t feel loved or if you hold back, you are not going to be happy. This is a clear sign that you are forcing yourself to love someone who doesn’t understand you.

You are Stuck with your Past

If you often find yourself thinking about how wonderful the relationship was in the past, it’s because you are not getting it now. You miss those days and those feelings because you don’t feel the same and this is the most important sign that you are forcing yourself and are trying to revive the feelings that might not happen.

When your relationship was beautiful, he/she were much in love with you and you were happy in the relationship. This has changed now and you can’t stop thinking about the days when you dint have to force yourself in loving them. You might feel vulnerable or lost thinking about it because you are clearly forcing yourself to make it work at present.

You don’t Want to Talk about Future

Gone are the days when you were super excited and willing to talk about your future plans with your partner. These days, you just keep trying not to talk about future with your partner and this is because you probably don’t want a future with them. You don’t think that you can pull it off forever with them because the spark has gone.

This is very normal when you don’t have feelings for someone, you simply can’t think about your future with them. You get second thoughts about continuing the relationship because nothing is the same.  When you are not sure about how long you can force yourself into a relationship that lacks love, you don’t want to think about its future and this is a clear sign.

You Hope or Want Them to Breakup with you

When you are out of love and when you are too scared to admit, you simply want it to be over. You expect him/ her to end the relationship so you can stop forcing yourself into it. Especially if you have been in a very strong and long relationship, it’s hard to accept that its falling apart and you are no more into it.

You don’t know how to express this to your spouse because it’s hard to tell them that it’s over. You keep dragging the relationship, without being completely in it and expect your spouse to end it. This is because you forcing yourself and don’t want to do it anymore.

If this is the case, be true to yourself and understand that it’s now going to work this way. End it before it hurts you more and give yourself some relief.

You Have Become Negative About Happy Relationships

For humans, it is natural to turn negative after something doesn’t work. If you don’t win a competition for which you were preparing since long time, you’ll feel hurt. If you are making so many efforts to make a relationship work and it still doesn’t work the way you want it to, it will hurt and in fact, it might turn you negative about romantic relationships.

If you are often wondering if happy relationships exist or if that will you ever find true love, it’s because you are out of love for your spouse and need to accept it. If you can’t be happy while continuing he relationship with them, don’t force yourself and walk out of it.

You don’t have to push yourself just because you are already in a relationship but instead, you can end it and find other ways to happiness.

You are No Longer Attracted to your Partner and don’t even Admit it

When the feelings are lost, you can try reviving your relationship but when you are no longer attracted, you can’t do anything but let it go. Either you are too desperate for a relationship or you are stuck in a relationship that was great previously but is no more the same way.

The worst thing about being out of love is that you can’t think of the time why you loved him/her in the first place an why you had started the relationship at all.

Just ask yourself that why are you forcing yourself into the relationship? Ask why you are continuing it even though you are just not into that person anymore. Be true to yourself and you’ll not only get some relief but will also be able to find the right solution.

You are the only One making all the Efforts

Do you think that only you are making all the efforts to revive your relationship? Are you the only one who keeps arranging dates, taking out time to make the relationship work and also keep failing miserably at it? Has your spouse lost the spark or make you feel like they don’t care anymore? May be it’s because you and partner both have lost the spark and you are both forcing yourself into the relationship.

If you strongly feel this, than may be your relationship has lost its spark and that you have to make the further decisions together. Don’t drag the relationship further just because you had a great bond previously. If it’s not working and if it’s not likely to work in the future, it’s better to end it up before it turns you into miserable people.

There’s no Closeness or Physical Intimacy

When your spouse texts you, you are not willing or excited to reply. You don’t care what the text is and this is a sign that he/she doesn’t excite you anymore. You don’t laugh on their jokes or you don’t like to hold hands or to get engaged in any form of PDA because you are forcing yourself to like them. This is a good way o analyze your relationship when you are clueless about how it is working for you.

Think about how good your physical intimacy is. Try to remember when you go close to each other and had fun while doing it. If you are not willing to spend the romantic nights with them or if they are always making excuses to stay away, it’s because you are forcing the relationship.

You don’t have to push yourself for closeness or physical intimacy if you are much in love. This only happens if you are forcing yourself in a relationship so take it as a sing and rethink about the future of your relationship.