Have you been thinking about him/her whole day? Do you have thoughts of staying with him/her all throughout life and look to make a happy family together? People are usually confused when they fall in love as they cannot understand clearly what is actually happening. It is extremely interesting to note that even scientists have proved that there is an emotion which can be termed as ‘fall in love’. Brain conditions have been studied in people who are in love and in people experiencing just infatuation, crush or even lust.

The brain of ‘in-love’ individual is different from others. Again, people who are in long-term, committed relationship will have a different mind setup and brain activity. Research reports have shown that there are clear indications that one is in love.

Mentioned below are 10 distinct signs, which show that you are in love:

1. You Think About The Person in all Circumstances and Situations

When you are in love, almost everything reminds you of the person in all situations and circumstances. You might be travelling and face an incident in which you too might have been involved some time. The incident will remind you of him/her.

Also, while going shopping, you might see some store or any item displayed and that might remind you of him/her. The smallest of details take you back to him/her.

You are sure to be hit by the Cupid’s bow if the other person is always on your mind. You might be smiling inanely at the things which relate you to him/her.

2. You Start Caring About Things What he/she Cares for or Loves

Being in love brings in strange feelings and you love them for sure. In fact, you start doing things that you would not have done previously just for the sake of the other person. This happens because you develop the natural tendency of engaging with the person about things that he/she likes and loves.

For instance, the person you love might be extremely fond of dogs. You will find that you have developed an affinity for dogs too unknowingly. The best thing is that no one imposes anything on you. It comes as natural. You might start liking a particular television show as the person you love likes it too.

Moreover, you will find yourself gathering more knowledge and information about your partner’s hobbies and interests so that you can be a part of it and know him/her deeper.

3. You Talk About the Person all the Time Knowingly or Unknowingly

When you are really into one another, but have not got confirmation yet, you tend to speak about the person all the time. Whatever be the context of conversation, you will make sure that you bring up the person in it. In fact, this sign is evident in the very initial phase of the relationship.

You will talk about the person with your siblings, your friends and even with your family if you are really frank and friendly with them. The talk might not have any romantic angle, but the special person will be mentioned again and again in different contexts.

4. You Keep on Checking Your Phone Obsessively

We are staying in a highly digitalised world now. And our phones have become our gadget of obsession. Whether you are in love or not, you cannot do without your smartphone without a minute. Your whole world seems to be in that smartphone. But when you are in love, you will keep on checking the phone obsessively from time to time, at intervals of 10 seconds may be.

Well, that is just to check if you missed a call or a text from the special person.In fact, if you don’t get a call or message for some while you might be seen checking the connectivity and the sound of the phone; though everything is working just perfectly. Still can’t believe you are in love?

5. You Keep on Re-reading the Text Messages Sent By The Special Person Again and Again

Whether they are text messages or conversations on chat messengers like WhatsApp or Facebook, you are sure to read them again and again over time. These messages from the special person might not contain anything special and there might be general talking and all, but reading these automatically brings a smile on your face.

In fact, reading his/her messages when you are feeling really down will definitely bring a smile on your lips and cheer you up.You might delete all other unimportant messages and texts just to ensure that the special one’s messages remain without getting auto-deleted after some time.

Many people also have the habit of writing down the messages in a diary so that even if they get deleted from the phone, they remain in the diary forever.

6. Time Spent with the Special Person Seems to End Very Soon

You will just not be able to get enough of the person even if you spend the whole day or the whole weekend with him/her. Talking hours on the phone or spending time together for hours will not feel like enough. You will wish you got more time with him/her.

You would want the days to be about 48 hours instead of 24 hours so that you could be with the person you love for longer span of time. In love, moments spent together seem to be extremely brief moments, which seem to pass by in a rush.

Saying goodbye while returning to one’s individual home becomes difficult. You know you would meet the next day after a few hours, but still you miss the person and would not want him/her to go.

7. You Feel Happy and in a Good Mood all the Time

Friends who called you grumpy at one point of time now see you to be in a happy and cheerful mood. You might feel a change from within that you have become lighthearted and jovial. And there is no apparent reason for the same.

There were things that put you down or made you mellow, but the same things do not affect you anymore. There is a scientific reason behind this as feel good hormones are boosted in the body when you are in love.

You will start feeling happy and content with the smallest of things. The smile on your face will be there all the time as you will feel happiness like never before.

8. You will Find Nothing Negative in the Person

This is another sign that you are surely in love. You will find the other person to be perfect in all ways. He/she will be the perfect person. Basically, this happens because one tends to emphasize on the positive qualities of the person and overlook the negative attributes altogether.

All the trivial events of the person are focused on if you are in love. This happens because central dopamine levels in the body are elevated when one is in a relationship. In fact, when one is in love, emotions of adjustment also develop. This helps in developing a strong bond with the other person.

9. You Love Talking to the Person about Anything and Everything under the Sun

Irrespective of the topic, you will love talking to the person for hours. Previously, you might not be interested much in sports, but for the person you love is into sports and likes various sports related activities; you start collecting information regarding the same.

The only purpose is to be able to talk to the person regarding the activity for hours at a stretch. You will see the most boring and mundane topics will start becoming interesting. You will be able to engage in the conversation and have fun in the same.

When you sit to think about the conversations that you had, you might be surprised yourself. It might also happen that your partner is an avid talker and you love listening to him/her and read his/her expressions. The entire thing is completely fun.

10. You will Make Efforts to Meet the Person in Whatever way Possible

Being in love increases the urge of meeting the special person and be able to spend as much as time with him/her. However, you might be extremely busy with work or studies or other stuff. But once you are in love, you will see that you are trying hard to complete chores quickly and make time to go and meet the special person.

You will start making sacrifices consciously or unconsciously just to be with the person you love, even if it is just for a few minutes. You will not hesitate in changing your schedule so that you can squeeze out some time to spend together. And most importantly, all these changes will not bother you. You will be happy to manage things.

Now, if you face any of these signs, do not hesitate in accepting that you are in love. And when you are sure, don’t delay the proposal. After all loving and being loved are feelings that are heavenly. Embrace love and make your life beautiful.