Signs that show she is the right woman for you – Admit it… you are so ready for love at this point of time. In fact, every good-looking woman passing by seems to be the right ‘love’ candidate for your beating heart. But then again, you can’t really make a flock of girls your love interest… after all, harems go perfectly with those rich oil sheikhs. But you’re not one… so you really need to zero in on the right one.

Well, no worries… the universe tends to be rather kind to love matters… and as we all know there are signs just like the traffic billboards that lead you to the right direction. So also there are signs that will guide you to the one who belongs to your heart.

Signs That Show She Is The Right Woman For You

So here are 12 sure-fire ways to spot the signs that show you that yes, she is indeed the right one!

Her Personality Draws You to Her, Like a Moth to the Flame:

It’s not really a chemistry formula but it is said that there is some weird concoctions inside our bodies that trigger off a happy hormone when we spot the right one.

It’s the right chemistry that makes the excitement bubbles inside ussparkle up so that you feel hopelessly drawn to her. You just don’t get that feeling with everybody else but this one, seems to have triggered off a love dance within your heart and body.

There is an instant energy overflow that fills you up with love and happiness and makes you feel on top of the world. In her presence you can do anything – from climbing the tallest mountain to dancing on top of the tables.

She seems to be dominating your every thought and your mind just can’t seem to focus on anything other than her. She ends up being your be all and end all.

Her Smile Makes The World Fade Into Oblivion

To you, her smile reflects the brilliance of the sun and suddenly, everything else pales in comparison to her. She may not be a Miss World but the minute you spot her, her smile radiates a power and reflects in your smile which ends up becoming a mile long…and you just can’t seem to peel your eyes off her. There’s something about her that draws you to her and nobody else.

Signs That Show She Is The Right Woman For You

You Are Drawn to Her Eyes:

In fact, when she walks into a crowded room, her eyes seek out for companionship but it’s not just anybody, you feel, it’s you! And when she spots you, her eyes pierce an arrow right into your heart, and for a minute the world comes to a halt.

And the moment of truth is when she walks across to you, and you can feel that there is nobody in the room but her. And for you, that is the sign so powerful that it shines like a beacon.

Her Hand Signals:

The minute you spot her and she sees you… watch her hands. Most women tend to play with their hair when they spot a man they are interested in. So if you do see her doing that, and it seems to excite you, you know there is an intensity that you feel towards her. It’s almost like a magnetic pull that draws you to her.

Time Stands Still When You Talk To Her:

Even the most mundane conversation seems so important. You want to prolong the moment and make the clock stand still for those brief moments. Her every word seems to be worth its weight in gold. For you, she is the wittiest and most articulate girl in the world. Ah yes, you can spend the rest of your life just listening to her talk, right?

Signs That Show She Is The Right Woman For You

Her Sense of Humour:

She makes you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine, and guess what, with her, you get a dosage of tonnes of it. It lightens the spirit and makes you feel like everything is going great, and even in a sticky situation, along with your gal, you can laugh your way out of turbulent times.

Besides this, a great sense of humor is an amazing thing. It makes life bearable and also lightens moments and problems. No wonder, finding the perfect soulmate with a great sense of humour is considered a boon, and if you do find such a girl, hang on to her for dear life. Yes, she is the one and having her in your life is indeed a gift from the Almighty above.

Her Mind and Her Choices:

It’s actually quite boring when a girl does exactly what her partner wants her to do in terms of eking out a career, ordering from the menu or even going shopping. In that case, no need to look for the right partner, get a robot.

Yes, you love her body but her mind too excites you a lot. And your right one can think and she exercises her right to think extremely well.  Her intellect challenges you and this inspires you to get better and better.

And when she knows what she wants, it hones you intellectually to the point, you get intellectually much superior. Besides, you also realize that your thinking woman can conjure up newer ideas and solutions that help you to become more successful.

Her Power To Think of Solutions:

She refuses to give up.In fact, you know that she is your ‘go-to-girl’ with any problem, and she willwithin minutes conjure up hundreds of solutions – some that make sense, others that don’t… but hey, that’s the fun of it…

To meet a companion who will rub shoulders with you in times of trouble, and most importantly, bail you out when you are stuck in a bad situation is indeed amazing. Don’t let this one go… she’s definitely precious.

You will find hundreds of friends during good times but in bad times, if you find somebody who sits with you and thinks up solutions to your problems, then guess what, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Her Ability to Bond with your Friends and Family Makes Her Magical:

Life is not only about your soul mate and you. If you are living in society, you need to gel well with the people around you which includes your family, friends and colleagues.

A good ambience makes life happier and when someone creates it for you in terms of bonding with the people who mean the most to you, you know this is indeed the right girl. She always makes the time to talk nicely to people.

Be kind to everyone and helps out when her help is needed. It’s not really a surface thing for her. She genuinely cares about everyone close to you whether it’s your aging parents, weird friends or even your cranky pet. Her sunny disposition makes her the right candidate to be a close confidante for everyone.

However, Strong She is, You Feel an Overwhelming Sense of Feeling Protective Over Her:

You know she can handle the turbulent times. In fact, you’ve even seen her work her magic during troubled times extremely well but still you feel very protective over her and want to shield her from all turbulence and problems.

You know she is strong but you have also seen glimpses of her vulnerable side, so you make sure that you stand by her strong and tall no matter what, and if that is not a sign that you really care for this girl then nothing else will really be one.

Signs That Show She Is The Right Woman For You

Saying Sorry is Not Such an Ordeal:

We are all human beings and yes, we have our moments of struggle too. So yes, your girl may have her moments of highs and lows. She may just sit and sulk for hours at times because some stray comment of yours has hurt her.

Since by now, you know her moods and you know that her stony silence is not natural and though you really can’t put a finger on what hurt her, you are ready to apologise just to see the smile back on her face. An apology is not the end of the world and when it is for the ‘right one’, it really doesn’t seem too much of an ordeal just to make things right.

When You Put Her Before Yourself.

Your girl is the right one when you start putting her first. …What she loves and hates, her problems and woes to even her likes and dislikes. You want her to be the happiest in the world and for that you are willing to march the extra mile.

Signs That Show She Is The Right Woman For You

Nothing is bigger than her and you are willing to sacrifice your happiness before her. That’s when love has conquered all egos and reigns supreme. That’s when you realise that this is the girl you’ve been waiting for all your life and you can’t wait to spend every waking hour with her.