Signs That Show She Doesn’t Care About You Anymore- Have you been reading your old romantic chats and trying hard to understand why the situation isn’t the same these days?  Do you feel that she is no more reciprocating your love and care as before? If yes then maybe she doesn’t have the same feelings for you!

The most heartbreaking truth about love is that people do fall out of love. It is such a painful thing for a couple in a relationship when one of the partners gets detached from the other one. However, it is probably important to understand some crucial warning signs so that you can move on with your life instead of grieving or getting hurt.

Signs That Show She Doesn’t Care About You Anymore

Continuing a one-sided relationship isn’t worth your efforts because it will simply protract your pain. So here are some signs that show she doesn’t care about you anymore and that you should move on with your life.

Signs That Show She Doesn’t Care About You Anymore

She Never Pays You Compliments

Remember the days when she used to compliment you on your looks, on the way you treat people, on the way you treat her or any such random thing? If that has become a thing of past, it is easy to understand that she isn’t attracted to you anymore. If she doesn’t notice the changes in your hairstyle, the change in your outfits or the way you look, she is simply not physically or emotionally attracted to you.

Communicating with Her Has Become Difficult

Communication is one of the most crucial factors that have the power of building and destroying a relationship. Every relationship becomes stronger if the partners effectively communicate and share everything with each other but if she is not interested in you anymore, she might not want to talk to you about the matters that are important to her. If communication has vanished between you two, you need to think about it.

She doesn’t put any Efforts into Making you Feel Special

You might remember the days when she would plan surprises, cook you delicious food and spare no efforts to make you feel special and if this isn’t the case anymore, it’s pretty clear that she is not willing to continue that bond with you anymore. If she has stopped doing anything special for you, you have to accept that your happiness clearly doesn’t matter to her.

She Doesn’t gives you Any Attention neither She needs Any from You

When a woman is in love, she wants all your attention. She wants to talk to you, wants to listen to you and wants to be an inseparable part of your life. If this thing has changed drastically, you might want to give a second though to your relationship. If she doesn’t care whether you are there for her or not and even doesn’t want to be there for you, you should consider it as a clear sign.

Your Relation Lacks Physical Intimacy

When two people are head over heels in love with each other, it’s natural to feel the attraction mentally and physically. In fact, physical closeness and intimacy is a prominent sign that she loves you and want to be with you. However, if you have noticed her creating a physical distance and making excuses to not remain intimate physically with you, you need to acknowledge the fact that she is no more attracted to you and doesn’t care for you as before.

You are no Longer her Priority

No matter what, people would always find some time for your priorities but if you are no longer a priority to her, she might start increasing the gap in the relation. Choosing to work instead of meeting you, cancelling plans with you for impromptu plans with someone else, avoiding dates or special plans with you for no important reason clearly signifies that you are no longer priority and that she isn’t into you anymore.

She often Gives Excuses to Cancel Plans and also for Avoiding You

Now that you are no longer a priority to her, to defend herself while not hurting you, she will give ample of excuses about being busy and not being able to be with you. If you are listening stuff like “I’ve been so busy”, “Something important just came up”, “I am sorry”, “we’ll surely make it the next time” etc very often, accept the fact that she is giving excuses and the plans she made with you are never going to happen.

She doesn’t Commit to Anything Related to Future

This one is extremely important. When two people are truly in love with each other, they often share their future plans and their future plans include travelling together, getting married, purchasing their dream home together, having kids and a lot more. But if she has stopped talking about her future with you and doesn’t share her future dreams or plans with you, it’s time to take the wakeup call.

She Doesn’t Put Any Efforts To Restore Your Relationship

A broken relationship cannot hide. Both, you and her know that the relationship isn’t working but the difference is, you might desperately want to put things together but she doesn’t. When she is not interested in you anymore, she won’t make any efforts to assemble the broken pieces.

She Denies or Refrains from Spending any Quality Time with you

Couples spend quality time with each other to experience the intimacy, feel the closeness and to strengthen their bond. But if, she always cancels your plans for this quality time, this clearly means that she doesn’t want the bond to get stronger or that she doesn’t even care about the bond you two shared. She would hang out with you only in groups or with friends so she can skip the personal quality time with you.

Her Body Language Might Clearly Suggest that She’s Not into You

When a person does no more care about you, the body language clearly shows it. Notice some facts about how you used to be together as a couple. Holding hands, sitting close to each other, leaning towards each other while talking, you placing your hands on her shoulders, etc are the signs that showcases love and intimacy between a couple. If she always maintains some distance from you, avoids eye contact, doesn’t let you touch her in public, becomes uncomfortable when you touch her or get closer to her is a sign that she not that into you.

Fights, Drama Disagreements Become a part of your Daily Life

This is a key signal that states that she simply doesn’t like you. She disagrees more than ever before to your choices, decisions, plans and everything you talk about. Fighting has become a hobby and those small cute arguments have turned into never ending fights. Fights that last days and weeks long and fights that prevents you from even talking to each other. When she unexpectedly dives into pointless arguments, gets annoyed without sharp reasons and when disagreements between you two start to extend, you know it!

She Has Started to Hate you

A true lover is the one who accepts you the way you are and probably she did accept you as you are and that’s the reason you were in a relationship. However, things change and if she has started hating you for the habits she used to love previously, there’s something off for sure. Does she start a conversation just to mark your faults or to point out your mistakes? Does she complain about some random stuff like your unhealthy eating habits, your way to organize things etc about which she was never bothered before? If yes then things have gone worst.

She’s too Busy for you

One of the best ways people nowadays follow to create distance from other people is stating that they are too busy. She might not truly be busy but she will pretend to be busy when it comes to you if she’s does not care of you anymore. Being busy is the common excuse for not answering your calls, not replying to your texts, cancelling plans, not spending enough time or simply not protecting the relationship. It’s important for you to know that a relationship doesn’t ruin because of lack of time but it ruins because the relation is no more a priority.

She Ignores the Basic Aspects of any Relation

There are some common aspects that define a relationship. Your girlfriend getting jealous when you mention other girls, when you connect with other girls on social platforms etc; she remembering the important dates like your meeting anniversaries, birthdays and more; if you think that she’s not affected by all these aspects and also she doesn’t like to be called as your girlfriend or spouse, you probably don’t want to be in such a relation.

There is a possibility that she doesn’t want to hurt you by bringing these realities to you and so, she isn’t saying it clearly but you need to understand that one sided love is not what you need to live a happy life.

It’s wonderful that you badly want your relationship to survive but some things are just not meant to last forever. It might sound painful but you have to move because you simply cannot force your feelings on someone who doesn’t have the same feelings for you.

No matter how hard you’ll try, no matter how much you change for her, or no matter how amazing you are, if her feelings have completely departed, things are not going to change. So don’t console yourself with false hopes and move on towards a better future.