Signs that show he is ready for marriage: Are you and your boyfriend in a relationship for a long time and you ready to take the next step but not sure whether your boyfriend feels the same? Read on further to make sure whether your boyfriend clearly shows signs that he is ready to settle down with you.




A woman who is ready to settle down usually shows their intentions upfront but same cannot be said for men. Men are usually elusive in exhibiting positive signs, which shows that they are also ready to settle down. A woman usually fantasizes about her boyfriend going on his knees to pop the magic question and put a ring on her finger. But they increasingly worry about whether he feels the same about them.

Signs That Show He Is Ready For Marriage

Don’t fret, as we are here to help you notice those elusive signs, which show that he is ready to pop the question to you in the near future.

1. He prioritizes you before everyone

If your boyfriend is ready for marriage, he will certainly prioritize you before everyone and everything. He will answer you texts and calls immediately without unnecessary delays. He will also be ready to include you in his plans and activities.

Though he might still spend some quality time with his friends, he will always update you about his activities and keep you in the loop.

2. He expresses his feelings openly

Guys are elusive and fail to express their feelingsif they are not ready to settle down. A guy who is ready to settle down with you will always be ready to express his feelings to you.

You might be the only one with whom he might be vulnerable and be his true self; this shows his utmost sincerity and trust in you. This is a sure sign which proves that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

3. He introduces you to his best friends

When a guy is serious about settling down with you, he will not shy away from introducing you to his friends. He will also ensure you feel welcome within his friend’s groups and ensure that his friends like you. He will make sure to include you in most of their outings so that you feel welcome and have fun with his friends.

4. He wants to move in together

If your man asks you to move in with him or suggests about you both living together, this shows that he is serious about you. Moving in together is a big commitment since it takes your relationship forward. If you notice this sign from your guy, he is serious about his commitment towards you and it will take no time for him to pop the question to you.

5. He is concerned about what you think

A guy who is serious about taking the next step with you will always give importance to your opinion. If he considers you as his top priority, he lets you know that he wants you to be comfortable and feels genuinely concerned about what you think. He will ask for your opinion before taking a decision.

Furthermore, he will be concerned of how that decision will affect you, and whether it will be good for the future.If your guy starts to include you while taking important decisions, he is serious about spending his future with you.

6. He plans the future with you

Guys, who are serious about taking the plunge, don’t shy away from talking about the future. He is intent on planning the future with you and is ready to handle any complications that may arise. Moreover, he is keen on hearing your plans for the future and plans his actions around it. This sign explicitly shows that he is keen on building a future with you and would very much like to settle down with you.

7. He prefers to stay in with you

He is keen on staying in with you rather than going out with his friends. This huge sign is a reminder that he prefers to spend the time with you and cherishes you. This move is a pretty strong sign of where his priorities are and how he chooses to spend his time.

8. He is vulnerable around you

He is comfortable showing his emotional side to you and trusts that you will not judge him. He expresses his feelings freely without any apprehensions and is content being vulnerable around you without being judged. He not is fearful of wearing his heart on his sleeves and shows that you are very special to him.

9. He takes you to meet his parents

There is a popular saying which goes ‘When you marry a person, you not only marry them but also their family’. This proverb is certainly true and if he insists ontaking you to meet his parents then he is sure about where your relationship is heading.

Guys who are not serious about a relationship will not take the step to introduce you to his family due to stress and anxiety involved in the experience. By introducing you to his family, he wants to take your relationship further and ready to settle down with you.

10. You share responsibilities together

Rather than letting you bare all the household expenses, he is intent on sharing the responsibilities. He feels that it is necessary to contribute towards the household expenses and lets you know he is serious about commitment. You are both comfortable about sharing expenses and money talks don’t cause anxiety. If he’s talking money with you, it means he trusts you and showing signs of settling down with you.

11. He doesn’t feel ashamed to apologize

Everyone makes mistakes at some point in our lives and if that mistake has caused hurt to anyone, we should not hesitate to apologize. If you and your guy had an argument, he does not shy away from apologising to you if he had hurt you. By conveying his sincere apologies to you, he does not want to cause you hurt either by his intentions or by his words. Whatever problem may arise in your relationship, he does not run away but takes the effort to return things back to normal by having a heart to heart talk with you.

12. He talks about marriage and kids

If your man feels comfortable talking about marriage and kids, this is a sure sign that he is intent on sharing his future with you. Talking about marriage and kids is a big deal for a man as they are a bit anxious about commitment but if a guy is keen on discussing. This move shows that he comfortable of starting a family with you and he is ready to take next step with you.

13. He is punctual for his dates

This may sound a bit silly, but a man who is serious about you will always be punctual for meetings with you. He is not comfortable in making you wait for him and likes to be present before you so as to make you feel safe. He will not hesitate to drive for hours to pick you up and never lets you travel alone unless it is necessary. If he is held up in a meeting, he makes sure to inform you in advance and will make up for the lost date next time.

14. He misses you

This may sound very cheesy but this is a sure sign which conveys that he is serious about you. He misses you very badly when you are not around and is not hesitant to let you know that he missed you when you were away. He calls or texts you to make sure you are comfortable and cooks dinner to make you feel special. If a guy is serious about you, he asks to meet up often though you might be living miles apart.

15. He never makes you jealous

When a guy is into you he will never gawk at any women and never under any circumstance makes your feel threatened with jealousy. He is too busy to notice any other woman and you have his undivided attention. This is a sure sign that indicates that he has only you on his mind and does not have any time for unwanted attention.

16. He can’t get enough of you and surprises you

Does he love spending all his time with you? If it’s a yes, he is hopelessly in love with you and can’t seem to get enough of you. Guys tend to become very lovey dovey with a person whom they love and makes sure to spend as much as time with you.

He surprises you by planning a vacation where both can some quality time together. He cooks dinner for you or does grocery shopping on your behalf. Though they may be little things, it does go a long way in a relationship. This is a sure sign letting you know his true intentions and is not very far away from proposing to you.

We have recommended all the signs that show he is ready for marriage. If you happen to notice any of these signs, believe in him and give him some time to set his priorities. If you are anxious to wait, you can go ahead and talk about it with him to make sure what he has in mind. By giving him some time to sort his feelings, he will be popping the question to you in no time.