Signs That Show He Is Madly In Love With You – You are dating a man who you think is interested in you but you aren’t very sure whether he is in love with you or not. Of course, the signs are there but sometimes, signs can be a little misleading too, right?

But don’t worry, there are some particular tell-tale signs that show you whether the man you are with is truly madly in love with you. So what are they? Well, if you close your eyes and thing about this deeply, you’ll find out soon enough what the signs truly say.

Signs That Show He Is Madly In Love With You

…Of course, this wonderful man does make you feel so special but you don’t want to take things for granted. You need to know for certain that this man truly loves you.

Signs That Show He Is Madly In Love With You

So is there a way to find out? Well, of course… just follow these 10 signs and they will ensure that you know for certain that the man you truly like is head over heels in love with you.

His Eyes Light Up when He Sees You:

Ah yes, those lovely warm brown eyes crinkle with happiness each time he spots you. His gaze is loving and unrelentingly intense. He sees just you and nobody else. That way he makes you feel as if you are the Queen of his universe and he is focusing only on you and nobody else.

They say the eyes are a mirror to our soul, and his truly shows you the love in his heart. The best indicator of true love lies in his eyes but it is up to you to pick up the signs whether the man you’ve been dreaming of as a probable soul mate is truly him. But take this as sign number one because the eyes don’t lie.

He Loves Spending Time With You:

No matter what time – call him your 4 a.m. friend or whatever – he just loves to dash over to your place and spend quality time with you. In fact, even if you pick up the phone once and say you’re depressed, before you can even put down the phone, he’s by your side, ready to offer you his shoulder whenever you need it.

For him, you come first and he doesn’t hesitate to show it. So every waking moment, no matter how, he makes it a point to be with you… how does he manage it? Well, that’s love for you… he manages to always make time for you.

He Makes Excuses To Come Close To You:

That’s right… It could be an impromptu cuddle or a bear hug to make you feel better, he always makes you feel wanted and loved, and more importantly, protected.  You did notice before that he doesn’t seem to be doing this with the other girls. But somehow where you are concerned, he just can’t help but give you a tight hug whenever you need it. Does it signify anything?

Well, for one it means that he loves to come close to you and show you a bit of tender love and care. It also means that somewhere deep down, he has a soft corner for you which he shows by giving you umpteen hugs, cuddles or even tossing your hair lovingly. This is a sign that he loves to touch you in the most loving manner.

He Shares His Deepest Secrets With You:

You know he is a very private person and he doesn’t share his emotions with any and everybody. Yet where you are concerned, he opens up to you and tells you about his deepest secrets, fears, beliefs, opinions, dreams and future goals.

You must have often wondered why he talks so much to you while he clams up like a closed oyster in front of the others. Is it because he trusts you? Or it’s just a good vibe he gets from you? …Or is it much more…Who knows… But this gesture of his is definitely a sign that he likes you a lot which can border to love. Are you listening?

He Laughs A Lot In Your Company:

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine, and he seems to be getting it a lot from you. In fact, even the corniest joke or PJ from you, gets a hearty reaction from him. Either he has a great sense of humor and finds everything funny. Or it’s you who tickles his humor bone to the extent that it elicits laughter galore.

But it’s a good sign because it means that you fill him up with positive energies. It doesn’t really take a lot to get a smile on a person’s face. But if you get him to laugh and laugh quite a bit, it says volumes about the person and your relationship that it puts you in a happy space. That, my friend, is truly a sign of things.

He Hangs On To Every Word You Say:

Confess, you are not really the greatest of orators. Of course, you are articulate and witty and everything today’s girls need to be. But nothing that gets the fandom to get up on their feet and give you a standing ovation, right? But here you have this wonderful good-looking guy looking at you as if you’re the best speaker in town. …

That everything you say means a lot to him.  If that doesn’t ring bells, nothing will. Seriously, not too many people bother to listen these days and when you find this one special person who actually takes note of your every word, grab him!Listening to your every word is an art, and he definitely has it!

He Notices Everything About You:

You’ve worn a new dress and though you’ve been flaunting it around, nobody seems to be giving you the time of the day. But in walks this hunk and the first thing he tells you is, “Ah, new dress! Wow, it looks good on you!” What?!!! The man actually noticed that you’re wearing a new dress.

Not only that, even if there is a minor change in you, he quickly notices it and is even quicker to compliment you on it. Nothing about you escapes his eagle eyes. In fact, you wonder if he’s the same with everyone else but then you notice, he barely looks at the others, leave alone notices anything about them.  So are the special one? Well, go figure.

He is Protective:

You are working late nights and the person who is most worried about this is not only your mother but also your special man. Not only does he call you umpteen number of times, he also makes sure that you give him the number of the cab you’re travelling back in.

And guess what, even at 3 a.m. he makes sure that he gives you a call to be certain that you’ve reached safe and sound home. Not only that, when he escorts you, you find him hovering protectively around you, holding your hand and herding you safely around. This is surely a sign of a man who cares about you and your safety deeply.

He Can’t Bear To See You Cry:

Your tears are precious and who better than him to value that. So you find that each time, you get all weepy and sob on his shoulders for dear life, he just melts. Without a moment’s notice, he drops everything and takes time to comfort you.

Your tears are precious to him and he definitely doesn’t like seeing you weeping. So he does everything in his power to make you smile again. Then, he sits down patiently wiping your tears and solving your problems. None of your woes are too small for him.

If you are hurt, he will be the knight in shining armour and whisk you away and sort out all your problems in life. This truly is a sign of a man in love, and if you do notice that in somebody you care about, go ahead, hold on to him for dear life, for he is indeed madly in love with you and definitely, the right man for you to skip to the aisle with.

He Loves Surprising You With Gifts:

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is, he will invariably woo you with gifts, cake and flowers. He treats you like a queen and no matter what, he’ll make sure you have the best. If your heart is fixed on that particular bracelet which you’ve seen at the ornate shop, sure enough, you’ll find that he makes sure that you get it, no matter what.

Gifts don’t really mean that he is wooing you with material things just for some ulterior motive. No… it just means that he deeply cares about you and because of that, he loves showering you with gifts.

…All these signs point out that this man really cares about you deeply and that no matter what, he wants you to be happy. Indeed, this is a sign that he is madly in love with you.