Signs of Real Love in a Relationship- The profound meaning of true love cannot be described in few words. It is a mixture of extreme feelings and sense of belongingness two people feel for each other. However, if you have ever been in a bad relationship or if you haven’t been in any relationship before, how would you be able to tell if it’s true love? How will you know if it’s not infatuation but true love?

Especially, if you have opened yourself up to love again or for the first time ever in life, it is important to know if your feelings are not temporary.

Thus, before whispering those three magical words in your BAE’s ears, it is better to clear your doubts.


Signs Of True Love In Relationship

Here are some of the most prominent signs of true love on the basis of which, you will be able to know your feelings better:

You Trust Each Other More Than Anything

Trust is the building brick of any relationship and if it’s a romantic relationship, trust plays a very vital role in nourishing the relation. When there’s true love between two people, trust surely exists.

If you trust your significant other in terms of their decisions and the choices they make and if he/she reciprocates, this means you are involved in a very strong relationship.

Even if you indulge into small arguments, it won’t affect you’re the bond you share because you have this impeccable connection backed by trust and honesty.

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

Respect Takes The Primary Seat in Your Relationship

Just like trust, it is important to respect each other in sense of work, individuality, choices, decisions and much more. You value each other despite of your differences while embracing those differences.

This means, if you listen to each other’s opinions, resolve and settle the differences and work out tough situations in a calm way, you two probably are in true love. Everyone deserves respect and if you’ve got a partner that respects you, go ahead with your relation!

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

There’s no Room For Selfishness

When you start to develop true and pure feelings, it is natural that you will shower all your love and care without being selfish.

You can make several compromises, fight your anger, give priority to your significant other’s decisions when you are in true love and if your bae too has developed these feelings, you will be able to love each other without being selfish.

If you think about him/her before thinking about yourself, it is surely a sign of a dedicated and true relation.

You Want To Be Together in Happiness and in Sorrows

When you just like a person, you might not want to get involved in every aspect of his/her life but when you are in love with someone, you want to be a part of his sorrows as well his happiness.

If you are in a stage where you desperately want to be a part of his happiness to help him/her celebrate the happiness and also want to be a part of his sadness for reducing his/her pain, you are in love. You only feel someone’s pain and happiness when you are deeply and emotionally in love with the person.

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

You Can Be Yourself Around Him/Her

Love is simply beyond all the formalities and thus, a person who loves you truly, would accept you the way you are. You don’t feel the need of pretending or being formal when you are with the loved one.

You might want to put the best first impression when you start dating but as the relationship progresses, you should be able to feel comfortable and relaxed when together.

When it becomes ok for you to get dressed in messy outfits, not pretend to know things and to be your original self, you are in love and with the right person.

You no more have to think what he/she will think about you if you laugh like crazy, if you have bad eating habits, if you snort loudly or do anything else like this.

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

You Frantically Want to Surprise Each Other

When you start building romantic feelings for someone, you might feel like doing something special and unusual for them.

Surprising each other with some beautiful gifts and some casual treats is something you both would want to do for each other. You simple want to something amazing for thanking them like buying their favourite book or things and fulfilling their hidden wishes.

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

You See Your Future with Him/Her

One way to become extremely sure about a relationship is to learn where the relation stands in your life. Do you see your significant other in your future?

Do you wish to be together and have you started building your future dream with the same person? If yes, than you know it is true love.  If all your future dreams have him/her in it, you want them to be in your life forever.

If you see yourself waving him/her bye to the office, imagine him/her playing with your kids and growing up old together, you might not need any other sign!

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

You Can Make Sacrifices for Each Other

Making sacrifices for someone is not a common thing. If you are willing to make the toughest sacrifices for your relationship and he/she reciprocates, you have truly developed an honest bond.

The important sign of true love are working your way out together from tough situations, understanding each other in difficult circumstances, choosing his/her happiness over yours, accepting his/her success as yours etc.

When you are in true love, you become more mature, accepting and caring for each other.

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

It is a Natural Feeling

If you are in love, you will feel it naturally. Love can never be forced and it feels right when you are in true love. You no more worry about the physical appearance, about the annoying things he/she does, or about anything that you won’t accept otherwise. Thus, believe that you are in love because nothing feels as natural and right as true love.

You Feel Hurt and Not Angry on Your Spouse After a Fight

A true relationship survives through the toughest fights and intense situations and thus, fights, arguments and disappointments are quite common. However, when it comes to true love, when your spouse annoys you it doesn’t make you mad.

You feel hurt and irritated for moments thinking that how he/she could do that. This happens when you love a person truly and instead of feeling angry, you get hurt and cry.

If you too are unable to stay mad for longer period because you simply can’t survive without talking to him/her, you are surely in love.

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

You Both are Simply Inseparable

Well if you and your spouse truly define the term ‘couple goals’ you probably know you are going the right way. Love is about being together and retrieving all the pleasures of being together.

When you feel safe and homely being with your spouse, what can be more amazing? If time flies when you are together and time stops when you are apart; your heart and mind are longing to be with him/her always, cherish your love because you are simply in awe love!

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

You Become very Positive and a Better Person in Their Company

Being in a true relationship and loving someone doesn’t mean you have to lose your individuality. When a person makes you feel more positive, confident and lively, it is a sign that they are giving you your space and inspiration.

One of the most important signs of true love is to accept that none of you are perfect, but you can definitely motivate each other to be better and strong. If you are leading towards a better and satisfying life in their company, you don’t need more signs because after all true love is all about finding a companion with whom life gets better!

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

You Don’t Compromise with Your Personal Space

True love is all about embracing personal space while also maintaining a close and intimate relationship. When it’s just infatuation, you don’t want to be with him/her all the time but when you are in true love, you would love to enjoy your own space while craving to be near him.

The beauty of true love is that both of you develop a strong bond which keeps you connected all the time. No matter how far you are for work or for any purpose, love will keep you connected.

Thus, if your spouse appreciates your personal space while also maintaining a beautiful and cherished relation with you, you are in love and with the correct person.

You Emphasize on Forgiveness and Mercy

A true and honest relationship makes you more confident and matured with time. If your relationship is progressing while making you a kind and matured person, you are on the right track.

Arguments and fights are a vital part of any relationship but the key is how you handle these issues. As long as both of you forgive each other without planting any bitterness or hatred in your heart, the issues don’t matter.

You handle the fights and never think about it to make your relationship stronger and better. This is a sign that you want the relationship to work because it is true and pure love.

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

Everything Else Takes the Second Seat in Your Life

When you feel the breeze of true love, you simply want to gush yourself into it. After all, BAE means ‘Before Anyone Else’ and thus, you want to give him/her the first priority.

Remember, that this is not a forced responsibility or duty but you willingly choose him/her as your first priority. Money, Fame, ambitions everything becomes less important than your spouse.

But the best thing about true love is that your spouse will never let you make you compromises and will support you in every possible manner.

18 Signs Of True Love In Relationship - Check Love Signs

You Both are Flawlessly Supportive to Each Other

When you are in true love, there are no ill intentions. You simply want to support and encourage each other throughout your life. If your spouse embraces your dreams and ambitions, makes all the compromises; does all the hard work to let you achieve your goals, this is eventually what you need.

Everyone deserves a supportive and cheery partner who can become a support system and sympathetic and thus, if you already feel this for a person, you are in true love with him/her.

You Become Patient as The Relationship Progresses

If you have been with a person since a long time and have noticed a very stimulating chance in yourself, it is a sign that you are with the correct person. In general, troubles and issues can damage and sometimes, even destroy a relationship but true love can make people strong and patient enough to survive through tough problems. If in your case the issues have made you more patient and loveable, your relationship is a true and genuine.

Your feelings Don’t Disappear

The biggest sign of infatuation is that the feelings will start disappearing with time but true love always progresses with time. If you are infatuated, you will feel crazy and mad in love for weeks, or even months but after a while, you start feeling trapped in a relation.

You simply start finding reasons to stay apart and maintain distance. But true love is consistent and progressive. If you daily find new reasons to love him/her and if your love blossoms with time, it is true!

When you can plant your blind faith on someone, feel super confident about the relationship and feel your life changing beautifully, it is the magic of true love. If your unsaid emotions are embraced and you feel like on the top of world, it is possible that you are infatuated and not in true love. But, if you are feeling extremely happy and satisfied right now while finding these signs true and relatable you are surely in true love!