Signs Of A Desperate Woman – Things Only a Desperate Woman Do  -If you are in a relationship where sometimes, everything seems awesome while sometimes, things fall apart; your concern about this relationship is valid. Especially, if your woman reflects some incomprehensible behavior and you could sense something fishy, we’ve got some clues for you here!

Some women are extremely controlling and desperate to get into a relationship. Such kinds of women are insecure and simply need some instant commitment from the man they want. Their behavior is unusual and quite weird. If your woman too is atypical and often confuses you with her behavior, she might be a desperate woman.

In fact, desperate women are hard to recognize as they are expert in looking normal and attractive. Nevertheless, if you are thinking about taking the next step in your relationship with the woman whose behavior is questionable, here are some signs and red flags you need to check before you make any decision because these are the things desperate women do!


She Unnecessarily Rushes Into the Relation and Wants you to Commit

The most prominent sign of a desperate woman is that she keeps rushing into a relationship and wants to take some steps forward quickly. Some women would also start talking about their wedding plans during the first date. Desperate woman always is dependent on her man be it her emotional well being or any other form of happiness.

If your woman is pressurizing you to take a step forward and move ahead in your relationship though you don’t think it’s yet the right time, you need to understand that she is desperate and is trying to get you committed. This unnecessary desire to pace up the relation is simply not normal and you need to consider it as a red flag.

She Avoids her Regular Contraceptives and Secretly Wants to get Pregnant

A desperate woman is always in search of a good husband and needs to build a family quickly. She needs a husband on whom she can depend emotionally and economically; to fulfill her needs. For this, she can trap you into a marriage or pregnancy, she might also come up with unexpected pregnancy and can make you commit forcefully.

To keep it as a secret from you, she might intentionally miss her medicines and get pregnant. This is the easiest way to trap a man and extort money. These cheap tactics are a sign of a desperate woman.

Her Entire World Rotates Around you and the People with Whom you are Related

A desperate woman will always make your life hers as is she had no life before you. She will make your friends hers, your family members hers and your interests hers. She will enter your life in a way as if you are the only person in her life. Most desperate women behave in this way because men easily fall prey to this tactic.

After all who doesn’t want a woman who can easily gel up with his friends and family and can be supportive regarding his opinions and interests? On the other hand, you surely don’t want a woman who doesn’t have her separate life or her space and wants to just get into your life.

She Dresses in the Most Revealing Way

One of the easiest and quick ways for a woman to attract a man is to dress scantily and wear highly revealing outfits. A desperate woman can unbelievable go to this length to drag the attention of any man.

If your woman is dressing provocatively out of the bedroom and is always trying to lure you by wearing such blunt outfits, you need to think about it for a while before getting trapped. She might want your compliments and grab your attention while showing some skin. So in case these trait matches with your woman, you need to think about your relation with such a woman.

She has had ample of Boyfriends Earlier but None of Them was Enough for her

A relationship fails because of 2 people and if your woman has had ample of relationships in her past and states that none of the relationships were up to the mark, it’s a clear red flag. She might keep complaining about how bad were her past boyfriends and relationships and how good you are when compared to those guys.

This is just to make you feel good and superior and emotionally trap you. This is simply her plan to get you and you need to understand this. When 2-3 relationships don’t work, it is normal but if none of her past relationships worked, it’s surely fishy!

She Chases a Rich Man and Does it Effortlessly

Plentiful of women use such kind of tactics and plans to fulfill their needs and to get a man. A rich man who can fulfill any wishes is the first target for desperate women and they don’t see it as a wrong thing.  Such kind of desperate women can do anything to trap rich men.

If the woman you have started dating recently is always craving money and seems to look greedy for money, you need to analyze her behavior further before taking the next step because she might be a desperate woman!

A Desperate Woman Falls for Every Man She Encounters

When a woman is highly desperate, she might not look at anything else and can fall for any guy that comes her way. She is desperate enough to get along with any man who can fulfill her needs and can give her a stable and steady life. Desperate women are desperate in all forms and would easily fall for a man who she thinks is a good option for a safe future which is simply bizarre!

She Tolerates Abusive and Unacceptable Behavior

For a woman with strong ethical values, it is not acceptable to tolerate any kind of bad behavior but a desperate woman can simply tolerate this on the initial phase to trap a guy. When a man treats any woman disrespectfully, it means that the man doesn’t value you and if a woman tolerates this kind of man, she is surely desperate.

Only a desperate woman can tolerate such rude and insulting behavior and would soon get out of this relationship. This is surely a prominent sign of desperation.

She is Always Free for You and Is never Time Bound when you Make Plans

It’s simply wonderful for you that your girl is such a dedicated girlfriend and always takes some time off her schedule to be with you but the truth is that a desperate woman is always desperate to spend time with a man. For this, she can do anything; she would change her schedule and plans to be with the man she likes. She will keep herself free whenever she is asked to go out and would never let the date get cancelled. It might seem like her gratitude and kindness but it’s actually her desperateness.

She would do simply anything to get into your life and then secure her life by your means. If women are not that desperate, they try to play hard to get or due to some genuine reason too, they can get busy. After all that’s how it works normally!

She Will Downpour your Phone with Calls and will Text you All the Time

In the initial phase any man would love to keep texting or calling his woman and spend those cosy nights communicating. However, this will no longer remain natural as she will become impatient and extremely suspicious of you. A woman who is desperate is always insecure and will keep your phone flooded with text and calls.

A confident woman never is insecure about where her man is and trusts him a lot while a desperate woman will always be insecure about her man as she wants him desperately and doesn’t want anything to take her man away. Especially, if the woman becomes aggressive and irritated frequently when you don’t answer her calls and texts, you need to rethink about your relation!

She Doesn’t Mind to Become a Side Chic

No genuine woman on the earth will accept to become a side chic. This is the trait that only desperate women reflect. Only a woman who is desperate for something will agree to such unacceptable and immoral requests.

To become a side chic is a choice only when she doesn’t want to lose the man because all her needs are fulfilled and that she also believes that the man might change someday and accept her which is unlikely to happen.

Most of the women plan to get settled by the age of 30 and sometimes, if this plan gets unsuccessful, they might turn desperate and start hunting for a guy whom they can pursue as a husband. She can change herself completely to fit into your ideal criteria and if you are suspicious of the behavior of the girl you have just started dating, it’s time to rethink!